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John Mayer's Gig at Glastonbury

John Mayer's Gig at Glastonbury

John Mayer performs on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival on Sunday in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Nearly 175,000 people were expected to be on site for the three-day music festival which featured headline acts Kings of Leon, rapper Jay-Z and Britpop veterans The Verve.

Duffy‘s number one hit ‘Mercy’, George Harrison‘s ‘My Sweet Lord’ and Cream’s ‘Crossroads’, were all covered by John Mayer this year at Glastonbury.

John, 30, told the crowd, “You all having a good time today? Thanks for letting us steal the stage for a bit. I was watching the festival on TV last night and there really is something about the European festival vibe that’s great. I’ve finally figured it out, and I don’t want to leave now.”

15+ more pics of John Mayer‘s gig at Glastonbury…

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Photos: Nick Pickles/ WENN, Matt Cardy/Getty
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  • Ted

    Hey John nobody gives a cr@p about your music career and you know it. That’s why you have to get Jennifer Aniston to help you sell tickets.

  • LOL

    Douchifer are the lames, screwed up people in the world of Hollywood.

  • Funny

    What Jen fans don’t understand is….John himself is into Angelina and Brad of course his fans would be to. John and his fans never had a reason to hate Brad/Ange. Now all of a sudden because he hooks up with Miss pity-party there has to be hate for Brad/Ange. I don’t think so this John Mayer fan still like Brad and Ange just the way John does.
    If John has to fight Brad/Ange now that he hooked up with Jen-would be very pathetic and weak. It would show he has no spine or backbone because they never did anything to him.
    Jen fans need to face the facts. John Mayer fans love Brad and Angelina. I wish Brad and Angelina the best and am sure John does do to. I look forward to the arrival of their twins.
    As far as Jen she needs to get a life already at the age of 40. She is really beginning to look stupid. All of this psychotic junk comes from Jens psychotic vindictive fans.

  • uncrate


  • Dav

    Right on schedule. We knew they would come up with pictures the week-end Angelina movie was to be released. Look how long they went with out putting pictures out to come out with some now. If John is helping her play her pathetic vindictive game then he is not a man at all. He is already fighting gay rumors and losing this make him look even more gay in my book. Their are two many other hot Hollywood chicks than this old 40 year game player. Let her go find another guy to leak lies about how she is having the best sex with. Their has already been about 3 men already.

  • Ale

    This man is totally untalented, his music is boring his voice is terrible..In Europe is almost totally unknown…



  • Carry

    Nearly 175,000 people were not there to see John Mayer. All he can do is spew out other peoples stuff. I guess it’s hard practicing music from the streets of Hollywood.

  • [~I n F a m o u s~]

    Jay-Z was the headliner and had the best show of the night. That’s thread worthy

  • Maria

    So true Ale that’s why he had to call Jennifer Aniston over to boost up ticket sales for his tour. He has stooped so low and is a pathetic loser now in his stunt life. To bad he will always have to live in Brad Pitt’s shadow.

  • Madge

    Jay-Z was the man that night. Mayer’s career has always been hyped up. We don’t know who he is over here and don’t care to. Tis the true reason you see all the pictures of Manitson. John and Jennifer PR agent have to scrap up pictures and post them on line to make him relevant.
    Jay-Z don’t have to bother with pathetic washed up Hollywood publicity games like this Douchifer do.

  • clarice

    Yes, I agree with comment No6. I live in Europe and I had never heard of him until he became associated with JA..but then I’d not heard of JA until she hooked up with BP as ‘Friends’ was not my cup of tea. I did watch some re-runs after though out of curiosity and noticed two things. The first isn’t terribly important just relates to her physical appearance: Her eyes were a different shade in the initial stages of the sit-com they appeared to be light brown or hazel. The more important factor which made me stop watching was when they started mimicking accents which is the height of ignorance considering it meant people with accents can speak more than one language which I view as a positive. This and other rather dubious attitudes ran through other episodes and I cut the inane programme out. I guess it was silly to watch it in the first place as the whole thing was so incredibly contrived rather than about talent. As for John Mayer I listened to some of his music after his association with JA which just goes to show this alliance really did make him much more famous just as it had JA. If, JA hadn’t married BP her fame would be the same as Lisa Kudrow et al which means few paps following your every move and very limited film roles if any. However, if she were a diversely talented actress nothing would stop her but unfortunately for her she isn’t.

  • bdj

    I checked out Jay-Z concert at Glastonbury on You Tube. It was a great set. Bee was rocking the house, now that is some support for your man. Jay-Z answered his critics and some. Mayer, nah!!!!

  • Eva

    Oh it’s clear he is a douche bag and she’s an old hag. I will never bother with her movies nor his concerts or that lame dvd.

  • JC

    All that big talk John did about the people in Hollywood to become one of them years later. What a hypocrite he was jealous of them the whole time.

  • Mayer the Douche bag

    This turd wants to be Hollywood’s it boy so bad he will try and pay his way into that position-even sleep his way there.

  • Janet

    I wonder how long will it be before he try to jump on Jay-Z back like a flee to get a boost up the ladder. Mayer is a little worm to play Jennifer Aniston’s little spiteful games.

  • Seriously

    #3 you’re insane. Mayer fans could care less about that pathetic love triangle.

  • Stef

    I wish they could have lined Jen up with anyone other than this guy.

  • Annie

    This is why he needs Jennifer Aniston. Without her he is nothing a big ZERO.

  • munroe

    Why would he do a cover of “Mercy” if Duffy was there at the same festival?

  • Hardy

    no we don’t know Mayer over here in Europe and it didn’t change we still don’t know him. I saw pictures of Aniston standing next to some man that is all. Really don’t care much and still not likely to give a listen to him.

  • june

    this guy is dissgusting my god he has notting interesting not even his music why is Jennifer Aniston with this duchbag? he makes strange faces when he sings and he has a big head bigger than his body , his head and body don’t match jen run away before is too late.

  • june

    i know the guy from the village in new york his head is huge dosen’t match his bodyyyy LOL

  • j

    finally a post on john without jen!

    i disagree with most people here. i think john is talented. people just forget that because all the media wants to cover now is his love life.
    why are people questioning his ability as an artist now that he’s hooked up with one of the more familiar names in hollywood?

    he might have done some crazy antics recently but that doesn’t take away the fact that he came up with brilliant songs way before all this hollywood drama.

  • Prez is mint

    john mayer is beltin. im frm england n iv known im since 2000 u dik heds. his music is mint. n ows about u all pull a-lister girlfriends, sell shiteloads o music worldwide n ONLY then u can support wat ur sayin u pathetic cunts.

  • too bad

    john is very talented. I like the song he did for the movie “The Bucket List”.

    he is a great songwriter.

    Jen is having her summer fling and is content to follow him around on tour although that never did Jessica Simpson any good.

    Jen can enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Riann

    He is a douche bag!

  • too bad

    I do agree with comment #12. I found friends to be a lopsided comedy. There was very little diversity on the sitcom even though it was situated in NYC. which I found very odd. NYC is very diverse.

    Lisa , and the guy who played Joey in my opinion were the true comics and the rest were riding on their coattails.

    I believe lisa was doing two sitcoms at the same time if I am correct.

    Jen was very bland and boring as is very evident by her movies. She looks the same …boring…

  • Pat

    That song say is so stupid. It reminds me of old people. I change the words to “gay because you know your gay” lol.

  • courtney

    I agree with funny#3 we John Mayer fans have always liked Brad and Angelina. We thought it was funny what he said about “finishing with Angelina” all of that B/A drama comes from Jen fan. This JM fan like Brad/Ange. I hope John is not helping Jen fight B/A or he will have trouble.

  • harrison

    i went to glasto and john mayers set was great. i also saw him last year the day after i saw prince he did a great show which stood up to comparison and ended a great weekend. very talented guitarest even if he does look like a turtle trying to squease one out.

    #30 WOW thats sooo funny maybe soon you can learn to tie your shoe laces then i’ll really be impressed…. PRAT!

  • Taylor

    He is getting farther away from music.
    I use to be a fan but I got very sick of his ego and this stupid publicity game. I don’t think it’s a accident that he and Jen are releasing these pictures the same time Angelina Jolie move is coming out.The stupid game they are playing is getting old. Now I find him to be a very annoying little jerk. Somewhere he lost it.

  • sonia

    i used to be a john Mayer fan before he hooked up with Jen old fug, hag, self, i got tire too, i don’t want to have to be reminded about her every time i want my fix from him, so I’m out, until he moves on, somebody keep me informed when that happens, will ya?


    You all know jack shit…John Mayer is fuckin great. You all probably losers who enjoyed jay z

  • Vanessa

    I agree he became a douche bag. His music soured.

  • Jak

    ….And I will agree that he has gotten pathetic.

  • WOW

    I like John he won at least one Grammy, i’m just so disappointed that he hooked up with Jen, what a joke. he had a good career without her and she is riding HIS coattail . when’s the last time she won an award?

  • bet

    I love john . He is the best. He has the best music.

  • Sam

    John Mayer is a good musican. He has some very good music
    out and has won awards for it. Should he and Jen change the
    date of the festival so they don’t get their picture taken the same
    day as Angelina. What difference does it make? They are single,
    they date, they may or may not be forever but it has nothing to
    do with anyone else. Everyone dates several different people
    before they get married and some of them just live together. I
    think they look cute together and seem to be having fun. It’s
    none of our business.

  • Rudy

    Yes as a fan of JM it’s been disappointing as of late.

    And as someone earlier stated, his life has become a stuntlife!

    His latest cd/dvd to come out on 7/1, John’s commentary on the dvd, he sounds like a huge prig.

    John, pull your head out of your ass and come back to reality. Stop playing games, your fans are getting pissed and tired of the game.

    Show us some respect and blog about the Dela thing instead of George Carlin, what was he ever to you?

  • Jill

    I agree Rudy John has been very disappointing lately. I want to know what happened to Dela. You can tell Jen has a lot of desperate fans that don’t even know one thing about John Mayer they just glad their old hag got a man, Any man and they don’t care if it ruin his career are not. Hey John will Dela come back? why don’t you blog about that. I got a feeling Dela got tire of his sh#t to.

  • gina

    john mayer your a song writer and a great guitar player. jen and you look great. you both look in love. i don’t beleive your using her for your career, everyone is just jealous!!!!!!!!!!! have fun

  • LORA

    i used to be a john Mayer fan before he hooked up with Jen old fug, hag, self, i got tire too, i don’t want to have to be reminded about her every time i want my fix from him, so I’m out, until he moves on, somebody keep me informed when that happens, will ya?

    I feel the same way. : (

  • Todd

    Same here. He seriously downgraded his career. He can’t be taken serious any more. I heard more about Jen during his overseas tour than the music.

  • Amie


  • jade

    #38-WOW–John has won 5 Grammy Awards. He is a very talented
    guitarist and songwriter.

    Just because some of you don’t like Jennifer Aniston,is that reason to cut John down?

    I like John and Jennifer together. They look great together.They are happy and that is all that matters!!

  • Angel

    From the New York Post:

    JOHN Mayer might have broken Minka Kelly’s heart when he left her for Jennifer Aniston – but he had the decency to call her before the news about them hit the press. A Kelly pal said, “Minka [above] received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologized to Minka, ‘Sorry, but I’m really in love.’ ” She found that interesting as, “during his relationship with her, John mentioned, ‘I don’t really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.’ ” Mayer’s rep declined to comment.

  • Todd

    You can tell desperate Aniston fans a mile away. They are so glad the desperate hag got a man. I sorry it’s ruining his career. I just don’t get the feeling she gives a f–ck.

  • sonia

    bet @ 06/30/2008 at 2:53 pm I love john . He is the best. He has the best music.

    i agree, but i can’t stand to look at his fugly girl friend all the time, tell her to stay out there, they like her more than we do.