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Miranda Kerr is Top Hat Titillating

Miranda Kerr is Top Hat Titillating
  • Miranda Kerr is winter wonderful
  • Sharon Stone is the alpha cougar
  • Everybody loves Cindy Crawford
  • Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor heat things up
  • Britney Spears has overnight visit with her boys
  • Amy Winehouse punched a fan
  • John McCain prays for victory
  • Matthew McConaughey gets robbed and loses over $2K
  • Heath Ledger will be featured in next week’s episode of E! True Hollywood Story. It airs on Friday, July 11 @ 9PM ET/PT.
  • Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital today for further treatment after acting like jerk at the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend. The British rocker reportedly spit gum at the crowd, punched a fan, and used the C-word to refer to rapper Kanye West. A concert organizer told CNN that Wino lashed out because someone grabbed her breasts.
  • American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook, 24, has signed a record deal. Her first single, “15 Minutes of Shame,” arrives Aug. 11 and the album follows in the fall.
  • SNL member Chris Kattan married model Sunshine Tutt this past weekend.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is in talks to star in The Ivy Chronicles, Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Karen Quinn’s novel about a former high-flying Wall Street woman who, after losing her job and her husband, establishes a kindergarten referral service for well-heeled Manhattanites.
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  • CHRI$


  • LINA

    yea eww

  • me too

    yes double ewwe. can you say photoshop?
    lol at sticking her as* out as usual.

  • Serena

    the SJP movie sounds likes ‘baby boom’ with diane keaton

  • gossipgirl

    stop using the word “Titillating”..its getting old.

  • dunken

    georgious, shes so preddy, why you guys no likey??? shes hot

  • d-list

    omg…..they photo shop her dimples away

  • Ree

    dimples only show when a person is smiling .

  • jami

    OMG! Did you see the Amy Winehouse video? I have to say, I happen to love her voice & I am a fan of her music (not her behavior!), but this girl can’t even sing anymore. She is an awful mess. Not that we don’t already know that, but seeing this video is a sobering reminder of how screwed up she is. What a waste of talent. Such a shame.

  • @REE

    Her butt chin is gone,they photoshop that.

  • Jaye

    This is BADLY photoshopped.

  • em

    Miranda is a very pretty girl!

  • photoshop

    wow, can anyone say photoshop???

  • great look

    It is interesting that all the reporters male or female that interview her all say the same things about her, that she is down to earth, a nice person
    and that she has a happy and playful personality, must be what Orlando
    likes about her so much.

    I like the different look in these photos, very cool, and beautiful of course!

  • andrea v


  • !!

    She’s gorgeous!

  • @14

    Erm.. I have yet to see ANYONE ( a celebrity) being interviewed in a reputable mag by a male of female that has been slagged off… she is their cover girl in a magazine they are hardly going to call her names, she is on the cover of a mans magazine- so the interviewer will keep the fantasy alive for the sad men who w@nk over it , added to that I am in NO DOUBT that Ms.Kerr is fantastic at playing the sickly sweet contrived innocent good girl act- I have heard she is very convinicng, I think when things are too good to be true in a person- they usually are. When someone has to cry out “Im a good girl” and “im down to earth” the more you proclaim it- I think the lady doth protest too much, but who cares if she is as b!tch like as Ive heard and false then he will find out soon enough.

    When some people “go to work” they put their “nice face” on for all around, doesnt mean they are what they seem.. I cant blame her though having the childhood she did, being made into a lolita by her parents and posing noode underage has to scar and leave marks.

  • @14

    Or maybe Orlando is not very nice, and neither is she- like many have said- if thats the case then yep they go together. Their sweet acts maybe just that- an act..

  • what magazine cover…

    …isn’t photoshopped? It’s a shame – cause she’s beautiful without it.

  • Jess

    what is with you idiots?

  • jack

    Hey # 14, you are the biggest idiot of the lot. How the f#%k do you know about her childhood and what her parents did and didn’t do? really – where do you dig up that crap from – you know s$#t actually and you don’t know your head from your ass you poor sorry little piece of s#$t. How old are you? two?

  • dunkento@14

    omg, your pathetic @14 seriously how fucked up is your mind, you seriously have some mental problems, miranda is beautiful in the inside and out, wish you guys could meet her like i have, you would notice how loving and caring miranda actually is.

    @14 get some help…..

  • @19

    Well I guess not beautiful enough, she IS photoshopped.

    And to #14 I didnt know you thought that being airbrushed is a great look, man you have a weird taste in beauty. Fake beauty that is, but thats Miranda cabbage face Kerr for yah, more fake than her little girl voice and vain personality.

  • photoshop much?
  • sam

    So @19, you know Miranda do you? You know she is vain? – how do you know that – have you actually met her? Have you bothered to see how beautiful she is in real life without makeup? how beautiful are you? I pity you and @14, you’re both pathetic and sad sorry miserable individuals and radiate ugliness from within. I bet you two are so beautiful – not! Jealousy is such a bad motivator.


    I think she looks great


  • @sam

    We’ve all seen how fugly she is without makeup, here’s just one example out of many:

    Any beauty she has comes from makeup artists, hairdressers and photoshoppers. Nothing to be jealous of.

  • @27

    Did you mean to post a picture of Brandon Frasier or was that a mistake?

  • djeelew

    miranda is so pretty, i dont understand these hate comments. hey @sam are you a bit jeoulous cause you look like a fat cow????? MOOOOOO

  • Envious much?

    I’m sure most of these b*****s would kill to look one-tenth as dee-lectable as this girl. Fat ugly females are always jealous of these gorgeous slender chicks. LOL – what a pathetic bunch of losers! Careful – your insecurities are showing!

  • stupid much?


    Oh, what a typical response from Cabbage Patch’s team. Anyone who sees through the “smoke and mirrors” (as she herself even said in the above magazine interview) must be a fat jellus hater! Can’t face the truth like #27 posted? Can’t face the truth that she is disliked for WHO she is as a person? Can’t face the facts that she’s disliked by people who HAVE met and worked with her? Nope, sorry to disappoint, not fat, jealous, or insecure, just intelligent enough to know that beauty is only skin deep and Miranda Kerr is certainly no beauty, inside or out.

  • @31

    Oh, what a ‘typical response’ from a member of ‘Team Let’s Bash Miranda ‘Cuz She’s Gorgeous and Successful.’ Like I said, pathetic bunch of losers.

  • fridA

    miranda kerr is so hot, orlando is not worhy for this lovely lady… she is amazing

  • tim@stupid much

    um excuse me stupid much, i am actually a photographer assistant for henry clarke (vogue magazine if you dont know/) and i have been on shoots with miranda, she is a down to earth, fun loving person who is a very smart and intellectual individual, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about, keep telling yourself your not insecure, fat or jealous but your only fooling yourself…….

    miranda is beautiful inside and out, you would know yourself if you actually met the girl……
    jealousy is such a bitch…..

  • protest too much?

    Ha ha, oh look, it’s team cabbage patch, back to protect their meal-ticket. Wonder why they would need to do that if they’re so secure with how “lovely” she is, why worry about what some anonymous posters on a gossip blog say? Probably because there are plenty of people in NY, Sydney, and probably London now too who know the truth and have experienced first hand the entitlement, lies, and manipulations. They just can’t stand that despite all the hard work with smoke and mirrors that not everyone will buy the bs.

    And “smart and intellectual”? ha ha ha ha ha. Oh thanks for the laugh. Sure she’s “smart and intellectual”, if you consider blank, vacant stares, monosyllables, and talking about nothing but herself as “smart and intellectual. Yup, she’s a regular rocket scientist, NASA is holding a place open for her for when she’s done modeling, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    Waiting for the fat, jellus hater comments….

  • get a life

    yea well obviously there’s two sides to every story you fuck, you say here comes the cabbage patch team, there is no teams you dump fuck, there are people who like her and people who dont…I am just standing up for because nearly everyone who goes to these sites doesnt even know anything about her and are just here to be gossip whores who have no life.. sorry its the truth.. miranda kerr is a very smart, beautiful and a very friendly person to everyone she meets, this is going to be my last message on here because obviously you dont know her and your mind is closed to any possiblity of miranda being a nice persons… no fucking clue!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel sorry for you miserable fucks
    get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lacewing

    How joyful to hear someone taking up for Miranda for a change, good for you Tim! I think Miranda is beautiful and in interviews she always sounded very friendly and funny. I think her voice is sweet and I love her accent.
    I have not been on this board for awhile because I got tired of reading the same ugly hateful post, but I had a few minutes to kill and enjoyed reading something nice and someone standing up for a person they know.

  • frendzy

    miranda is so pretty, i would kill any of you haters to have her body, hahahhaha

  • frendzy

    no but seriously,

  • kidrock

    she is hot, cant beleive shes going out with orlando bloom, jealous much… dammm you orlando, dam you to hell

  • Fried Eggs
  • @ #34

    A photographer who worked with Miranda has posted here before. His observations differ from yours:

    @terry @ 05/07/2008 at 8:43 pm
    I have met her actually, in a professional capacity, and I can stand by what I think and say here and now: she is a manipulative woman, she turns on the sweet act- yes she does that very well, but I have heard lots about her in the business that I am in, and some is rather bad, and before you say I am a liar and jealous I am a 35 year old man, I always read the “models” threads on blogs and comment, and here I am.
    Miranda Kerr though in my opinion isn’t to blame. At the end of the day, I would say her parents have brought her up the way they have. I maybe in the business but I am totally against children under 16 used in swimwear and totally unclothed shots- that is far from normal, it has conditioned a probably once verysweet and innocent Miranda Kerr into an ambitious cunning woman who is just desperate to climb the fame ladder, it is a shame. She has stepped on a lot of people- some my friends and collegues to get where she is now.
    While Miranda is a decent model, the thing is she hasn’t that little bit extra to make it to the ranks of Gisele Bundchen for example(who is simply delightful by the way), but I guess Miranda won’t see it like that, nor will her agents and her parents who are also pushing her to go higher, and I think it is a crying shame because when this girl doesn’t reach that status she will have and feel such a huge let down that will be hard to rise from and admit you were out of your depth.
    Tony.P NY based fashion photographer

    Post #44 from the Miranda’s Beautiful Besos thread:

    Post #50 & 57 make excellent observations, as does #61. I’m inclined to believe Tony more than you. He was here first and he doesn’t sound bitter or frustrated, or like he’s on someone’s PR payroll – just honest in his observations.

  • @41

    You mean the love between her and Jay in those pics? lol.
    Not sure the point of the video but most of the ones with her and orli boy are laughable with the most recent ones taking the cake. Have you seen the one of him reading a magazine at the dinner table with her?LOL.

  • to tim

    Tim, WTF do you think people are jealous about?
    It’s an open joke about her fauxmance and how she needed
    him to get some cheesy department store job. Really, I mean people
    are now watching the Ducati tape for drinking games. Randa makes a fool or herself and you take a drink. A good time is had by all. Nothing to be jealous of here folks.

    BTW: Can one of you ask randa baby if she can get me a discount on one of those toaster ovens she pawns at DJ’s? I need to get Adrinna Lima a wedding show gift.

  • oh lookie this

    Oh… if he is SO INTO HER then why oh why oh why- is he reading a magazine at a public restaraunt table- that is bad manners to anybody – but your girlfriend? Thats just “dont talk to me”/not interested in his company behaviour- seriously I would be insulted.. this pair has according to Miranda- been together for 5 months… this picture looks like 15 years!! LOL Even my parents who have been together for 30 years wouldnt do that! Too funny.. oh and kids- dont try and fix it- you cannot unsee what has already been seen ;)
    seriously who would be jealous of being treat like sh!t?

  • @45

    No way!!! He is a rude prick! what does beautiful miranda see in this jerk? He makes a fool of her!! I H8 BLOOM!

  • @46

    ==He makes a fool of her!! I H8 BLOOM!==

    Maybe he does but she asks for it by insisting on this joke of a showmance. Please, girl, give it up already you aren’t fooling anyone.
    Bloom is doing her a favor anyway by letting her use his name.You can’t say that isn’t true because she won’t stfu about it and even the company she works for acts like he is the one they hired.

  • @43

    I think Fried Eggs was referring to the song choice and “can you feel the the love” with much sarcasm. The creator’s video info seems to imply she is not a fan.
    Yep, Miranda you seem to be One of Those Girls!

  • look

    This is what a good looking miranda would look like- she is a UK soap actress called Kara Tointon, she appearsin eastenders, she is what I think – a better looking “version” of miranda, she is much better..

  • look