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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Peace out!

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Peace out!

Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish hold hands as they shop around the Beverly Center for antique rugs in West Hollywood on Monday.

The couple also stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond.

On Saturday afternoon, the peaced out pair had a barbecue at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.

Abbie, 25, starred with Ryan, 33, co-starred in the film, Stop-Loss.

15+ pictures of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish peacing out…

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ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 01
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 02
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 03
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 04
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 05
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 06
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 07
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 08
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 09
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 10
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 11
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 12
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 13
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 14
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 15
ryan phillippe abbie cornish peace 16

Credit: Respicio-Young; Photos: JFXonline
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  • huh?

    Why does she dress like an amish farmer’s wife?

  • J

    she really has a terrible sense of style. I have yet to seen her wear something nice.

  • Jill

    Abbie doesn’t carry a purse??

  • Diana

    I used to be in love w/ him…

    then he disappeared for awhile and raised a family :(

    Now he’s back, but not as young and handsome.

    That’s such a shame.

  • tr

    its not just a peace shirt, it’s an OmniPeace shirt.

  • M

    She always looks so dowdy. Can’t believe he’d choose her over Reese. Strange.

  • lexie

    why would u date someone who was cheating on thier wife with you? doesnt it make u think he would do the same to u?


    Er, hello?? She’s pregnant.


    that’s why she stopped dying her hair blond too.

  • UHH

    uhhh she does kinda look like she might be PG.

  • Boston

    They wont last.

  • movin in

    They are wonderful normal down to earth people shopping for their new home and yes they will last. They have been together for almost 2 years now people. For the haters Ree Ree is nothing but smoke and mirrors for image she wishes to portray but she is UBBER ruthless and and all about fame and money. GeeZZ looks like shes getting jakey poo jobs like video games characters so it looks like he will be as sucessful as her but she will never allow that to happen. Wait and see??

  • ace leblonk

    so you should really check out the pictures of Ryan on this website, pro thinspo before they have to take them down. Ryan is in the full buff and the photos were taken of him on his property with out any clothing on. Just like Jennifer Aniston they wont be on the internet long.
    this site came out of nowhere.

  • Mary

    holy cankles…jesus…look at those things…if she’s not pregnant, she needs to lay off the salt.

  • annaversary

    Ew. Sorry but Ryan down graded :D

  • Patty declemente

    I am responding to the guy who just posted that he saw those photos on that website p r o t h i n s p o that he wasn’t wearing clothing. I saw them too he has a little schmeckle…. lol.

  • chris

    I am sure in my own mind that he felt overshadowed by Reese’s success and sought solace with a woman who wasn’t so terribly succesful that she would make him feel inferior. So he left Reese and dropped down to the level of Abbie who sure isn’t any 20 million dollar a movie actor. But she is more his speed.

  • movin in

    The look like a normal couple shopping for their home and would like to do it in peace. It is wonderful to see them out and about it is kinda funny the big spread about Witherpoon and G movin in but I bet it is really Abbie moving in but the REE PR machine is always churnin.


    I like the way she dresses, like a lady.

    They are an incredably cute couple.


    I like the way she dresses, like a lady.

    They are an incredably cute couple. Reese was not the right woman for him apparently. Remember they married because Reese was pregnant with Ava.

  • eira

    i cant believe he divorced Reese for this weird looking girl.

  • Krista

    adulterer and his mistress how cute

  • Sammy

    Somebody fill me in here. Is Ryan just short is Abbie really tall ??

  • diane

    Awww. The hoebag homewrecker and his mistress…excuse me if I don’t gush.

  • Blackworm

    She’s got to be pregnant.

  • how sweet

    She is lovely, a really good and well respected actress considering she is only 25, she was fantastic with Heath Ledger in Candy, with Russell Crowe in A Good Year and also Clive Owen and Cate Blanchette in Elizabeth and got rave reviews for Stop-Loss. Reese has moved on with Jake, and so why shouldn’t Ryan, they look great together, both talented and gorgeous, good luck to them.

  • wtf

    Does she think that dressing like a nun will make her look less like a homewrecking ho?

  • june

    Adorable couple..wish them the best..

  • Susan

    It often amazes me how people talk of “downgrading” and reference this with statements about physical appearance. I don’t know about you, but while I appreciate physical attractiveness as much as the next person, I certainly don’t fall in love because of it. Looks fade, its the person inside that grows more beautiful. Ryan has been seen smiling around Ms. Cornish. Clearly he’s happy with his choice and that’s what matters.

  • kathastic

    i actually think she’s really pretty!
    they make a good couple

  • Anne

    GUSH, i’m really tired already with abbie homewrecker cornish

  • I know

    Ewwwww! I guess they are out about because Reese and Jake are in the UK with the kids, I guess Ryan is Ok with that.

  • Anne

    Are reese and jake in the uk with the kids? Where have you seen that?

  • just me


  • yl

    oh my god, those legs *lol*
    he must be the biggest a**hole on earth, if he always grabs such women.
    and don´t talk about great personality, now. such a good looking man would definitely chose a women, that is beautiful AND has ja great personality, because he just could.
    or everything is just fake, however;)

  • yl

    and suddenly as i was talking about him, never caring of her, there are pictures, on which he holds her hand und smiles at her *lol*
    what a coincedence!*lol*

  • lurking

    How long do you think a man has to stare at that long chin, forever?

  • bridget

    I hate to be rude..but..every picture I see of Abbie,she is dressed really frumpy,like a bag lady or midwestern farmers wife from 1940!! C’mon’re young..lighten up!!

  • yl

    and she seems to be oblivious of her horrible style.
    she dresses like a 500pound heavy woman. ok ok, i know, she IS a bit too heavy, especially her legs *lol* but hopefully not over 200punds ;)
    ryan could step behind her und none could ever see him, neither the top of his head, nor his shoulders or arms on her side *lol*





  • Bizarre

    Ryan had the nerve to say in an interview that it was “bizarre” seeing Reese and Jake together….like it’s not BIZARRE for Reese to see Ryan prancing around with the mistress who broke up their marriage?!?!?

    No idea what the big deal is about Abbie either…she’s am Amazon woman with huge cankles, mosey brown hair and a horrible sense of style. As much of a jerk as Ryan is, he is hot and could have any woman…why did he pick this beast?

  • yl

    she´s got a michael jackson nose, a mouth like this little dark haired boy of “little house on the prairie”, the ingles adopted, warts in her face, fat legs, a head, bigger as any head should be and dresses like a fan of an irish singing familie, which ist well known in germany.
    WHO should find that whoman attractive?!*lol*

  • diane

    I’m glad Ryan found someone.He is such a good dad

  • yl

    oh dear, always so many mistakes in all of my posts. well, but you although understand what i´m talking about;)

  • yl

    oh dear, so many mistakes in all of my posts. well, but you although understand what i mean;)

  • nikko

    I can believe he choose her over Reese because she’s not as famous as he is. Reese is a top star, w/ a acadamy award. What has he done, nothing. He was too jealous of Reese so he had to find a nobody so he could look good.

  • yl

    but he could´ve been getting a beautiful nobody, nut such an ugly thing;)

  • yl

    not, not nut, sorry *lol*