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Selena Gomez Does the Waverly Wave

Selena Gomez Does the Waverly Wave

Selena Gomez waves hello to photographers as she pulls her own rolling luggage on her way out of a Los Angeles airport on Friday.

The 15-year-old tween star is currently filming the second season of her hit Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena has reportedly told Twist magazine, “I’m so excited that my character, Alex, gets a boyfriend! I haven’t met the guy who’ll play my boyfriend yet, but Alex likes jock guys, and that’s so not me. I’m more into the quiet, shy guy.”

Check out the video below of Ms. Gomez during an improv acting class held at a Young Actors Camp in Azura, Calif. It’s from her official YouTube channel!

Selena Gomez Attends Improv Acting Class

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Credit: Darren Banks; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • del

    go selena 1st
    melbourne, australia time 11:28am

  • karizza

    quiet, shy guy = NICK JONAS?!

    jk…or NOT?

    alright ill stop.

  • Sam

    2nd? Selena’s cool!

  • del


  • nicole

    dont like her

  • yes

    She’s a cocky little b*itch.

  • nina

    Atleast she’s not really milking her fame
    like some others.
    She’s actually a rather pretty girl.
    && her acting is really good too.
    As far as her singing – she’s getting there.
    Love her anyways.

  • alice

    she’s really pretty
    and she seems somehow more ‘real’ than miley
    i’m not sure if real is the right word.
    maybe less slutty?
    i don’t know.

  • Courtney Hudgens

    YEAH 5TH!

  • Courtney Hudgens

    9th I mean

  • Courtney Hudgens

    Yeah I dont really like her and I cant believe people thing she may be the next miley!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • DD

    woah. purity ring on wrong finger!

  • jelly

    I actually like her a whole lot better than Miley.

  • Kelly.

    i love her :)

  • jbfangirl7

    She’s pretty and seems to be so down to earth. wonder where she is going? probably Canada to be with Demi for the Burning up Tour.

  • k

    i don’t like her. i don’t know why, i just don’t. i like Miley better.

  • Jordan

    oooh wow. i prefer selena over miley anyday


    wtf, she’s a little wh*re and a b*tch! She isn’t the next Miley! Miley is soooo much better than this girl! eeew!

  • hahha

    She is stuck up. She really needs to disappear along with her “bff “.

  • Jay

    Agreed with #19 LOL.. but still, no reason to dislike her… She’s doing something extraordinary for her age.. More power to her!

  • =]

    Selena is awesome. You haters are pathetic.

  • dan


  • CC

    She’s cute. Love Selena!

  • jbmnlt

    wat! she is amazing!!! i have met her before, and she is soooo down to earth person!! xD i agree i choose her anyday over mileyy!!!!!!

  • katherine

    SO CUTE! go selena!

  • Whaa

    shes the best!

  • groovacious

    very naturally pretty.

  • GINA

    I don’t like her


  • Natalie

    she was so annoying on Hannah Montana for that one eppy, I wanted to punch that kid out… sorry was that too much? LOL!

    I can’t say I hate her cuz I don’t know her but i gotta say Miley is a million times prettier..

    oh and FYI.. Miley is EXTREMELY down to earth in person :)

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    In appearance, she’s cuter than Miley. In public, she’s quieter than Miley. She’s normal. Miley needs constant media attention.

    In short, she’ll never be Miley. Miley will never be Selena.

  • kharique

    Selena is cool
    DEmi Lovato is awesome
    But Miley Cyrus IS THE BEST=)

    all u miley haters suck!!!!!
    100x better than selena

  • selenaluvr



  • oh snap!

    this UGLY B*TCH, GO HOME

  • ieatpoopie


  • Joana


    I’ve met her too, quite sometimes, my dad workes for Disney sometimes, and she is as real as Heidi’s boobs.

    she was rude, is a real bitch, adn Demi is bitchy too. I met Miley in November for the first time, and she was nice, (I know shocker) and so was Kevin. but I don’t like Selena nor Demi’s attitude. they are both full of themselves, and Miley is not all sweet, but she lets you know sher is real. This 2 “BFF” are always pretending to be perfect. and I do know them personally, I’ve been to the WOWP set more than 4 times, and I ‘ve emt Demi at concerts, and some other events. they are stupid prats. They both like the same boy wow.

  • Ginny

    love selena; hate miley.

  • kay

    yea why is her purity ring on her right hand. unless thats not it.

  • Melody

    omg the second I read that she likes shy guys I like totally FREAKED!!! I love Nelena!! because I was like like Shy? quite?? NICK???? haha I now I’m a dork but yeah i think NIck and Selena Make the cutest couple ever!!! okay I’ll shut up I’ve had my nerd moment :))

  • mileywood

    ugh. i can’t stand selena. big whoop, so she rolls her own luggage. i know tons of celebrities that roll their own luggage. so why even bother pointing that out? and she’s horirble at improving.

  • Patty declemente

    dude the blogger above was deleted .. but he said something that was just what I was thinking. I saw those photos of her and Miley Cyrus on P R O T H I N S P O this celebrity site that has very racey photos of the two of them. yeah, I heard about that too…

  • Kiwi

    Who’s the guy.. ?!

    he was with her on the wall-e premiere too,

    WHO IS HE?!!!

  • jenn:>

    she better not be talking about NICK JONAS b/c they can not go out (EVER) i would be so mad

  • swe3t23

    WHY are we following her….where is the talent!!! She doesn’t sing or act….she sucks!!!! Her and her best friend Demi should go back to work on the PBS…the Barney show!!!

  • angel hair

    i love her shirt, i wonder where to get it. :/

  • Stephie

    thanks !!!

  • mileywood

    the guy is her cousin Brandon according to oceanup

  • efflip.

    Leave Selena alone. You people are such illogical fucks..
    You cant say shit about Selena because you arent her friend. MEANING one meet up with her does not mean that that’s how she acts.

    Shee’s cute. Atleast she acts her age.
    Miley though. What’s with the hair whipping? She isnt a role model.
    Those pics on myspace. role model? no.
    she should know better. Tons of kids are watching her.

    as for Selena. SHe’s doing a good job representing herself and others.

    Go selena.

  • mileywood

    to efflip: you’re kidding me right?! since when is it right for any 15 year old girl to be a role model? is this world so corrupt that we think it’s normal and okay to shove a 15 year old girl in front of a camera and expect her to be a role model and not make any mistakes? geez. she’s apologized for her mistakes. just accept it and move on. i’m pretty sure we’ve all made mistakes. if you haven’t, then you must be jesus.

  • Angeline

    I don’t know what to think of her…I don’t LOVE her…but I don’t HATE her…But I am starting to get annoyed with her and Demi. And I HATE all the hype about her, saying she’s going to be the next Miley. God, that’s REALLY ANNOYING.