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Rihanna - "Disturbia" Music Video Preview

Rihanna -

Rihanna dons a strange feathery headpiece as she continues to shoot her new “Disturbia” music video in Los Angeles on Monday.

In another strange (but very hot) outfit, the 20-year-old Barbadian beauty wore tattered pieces of tartan in various colors, fishnet stockings and bright red pumps.

This video is shaping up to be another hot hot hit!

“Disturbia” was co-written and feautres background vocals by boyfriend Chris Brown. The director of the music video is famed photographer/director David LaChapelle.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna on the set of “Disturbia“…

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rihanna disturbia music video set 01
rihanna disturbia music video set 02
rihanna disturbia music video set 03
rihanna disturbia music video set 04
rihanna disturbia music video set 05
rihanna disturbia music video set 06
rihanna disturbia music video set 07
rihanna disturbia music video set 08
rihanna disturbia music video set 09
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  • Alena Santos-mendez brown

    Omg its poser rihanna. Love disturbia my fav song i hope chris is in it .. He will make it more hotter. she trys to be the queen of pop but sorry riri brit brit still has that title in my eyes. keep tryin Ma

  • DeeDee1Whoa

    Oh, God! She is sooo hot! I love her… RIHANNA RULES! And the song is waaay better than Take A Bow that made it to No.1! Haters, prepare to listen her all day on radio, because this is the new Umbrella! Bum bum Disturbiaaa!

  • Lucy

    Yall need to stop hatin on rihamna first yall know beyonce wears the most make up next yall cannot say she not pretty cause she looks better that over half the girl in the game and last just because Chris want her instead of yall don’t mean yall need to hate her
    n e ways you go on Rihanna n do yo thang cause it ain’t nothing wrong

  • lior

    she is hottt i liove rihannaa and the music too!

  • Sheila

    I don’t know what it is with stylists these days.
    They try to make attractive, young girls look like tranvestites and men.

  • FOX


  • boo

    very disturbing.

  • guy

    When did she get so trashy looking?

  • sydney

    I fucking hate rihanna i hope that i never have to see her face again and if you go get her new cd then ur a fucking fag too

  • Chiara
  • NAVY


  • giselle

    I understand tat she wants to be different but being different doesn’t mean looking like crap, all ta time!!!!!!

  • Top_Notch

    You people have to be the most clueless idiots i have ever met. Its a Video shoot not a fashion show its a costume. Gosh were were these people when God was giving out brains.

  • lINDS

    I love the song, maybe her best yet in my opinion.

  • DiorCHick

    y’all are so retarded it’s a frigging video shoot for god sake y’all don’t expect her to wear someting like this on a regular…jeezzz….RIHANNA ROCKS!!!

  • DiorCHick

    i sooo agree with top notch

  • DiorCHick

    that’s an old tatt chiara she’s had that since fashion week in france it means freedom art and jesus in arabic

  • DiorCHick

    it’s an old tatt chiara she’s had it since fashion week in france ….it means freedom art and jsus in arabic

  • http://rihanna-ultimate anja

    i love the song
    disturbia ist very cool
    and im very exciting about the video
    she looks very a,azing,didnt she

  • http://rihanna-ultimate anja

    i love the song
    disturbia ist very cool
    and im very exciting about the video
    she looks very a,azing,didnt she???



  • Kla78

    Obviously she doesnt where these things in everyday life. ITS A COSTUME!!! it fits the song … RIHANNA IS AMAZING!!!!

  • JAMESSSSSS11123444

    OMG!! what has happened to her!! i think she’s gone tooooooo bad!! she’s like gothic now!!!! and that costuem is very “disturbing” !! lol this song is a message she is in disturbia!! u see her bet awards ?!! gothic!!! hhuuummm idk wass goin on w/ her remember the pon de replay days lol now wtf!!!! but i do like the song…….she might be psycho now???

  • dee

    i think she is so annoying….. dont get me wrong shes a beautiful girl but I think she is trying a bit to much to be “funky”!!! her voice is bad though

  • SHAI

    what the hell have they done to that girl, they got that girl looking like a crack whore .

  • anonymous

    Never paid Rihanna much attention until she started being with Chris Brown. But she is a very creative and decent young lady. Not a pop music fan, but I give her credit for putting out hit after hit for that crowd. Just great to see a young couple with money and power that’s not into drugs or jail…Her last video was so beautiful, but the guy directing this video is a strange one to me – David LaChapelle. He did very strange shootings for the MTV awards also. Anyhow, she all smiles in these photos because I”m sure that’s Chris she is staring down at…ah…young love !!!!!!! Wish she didn’t have so much influence over Chris’s music though – there’s enough RnB singers crossing over to pop, while no R nB singers left! But Chris is RnB to his heart, he’ll go for the gold, but will always know where his roots are.

  • ursula

    rihanna!! you’re the best!! and your song disturbia is very good!

  • lalalove

    “Disturbia,” indeed.
    Everything about her is just utterly disturbing!

  • Pete

    she’s uglyyyy

  • celebrity chic

    rihanna is blazing hot u guys just hating cause you can’t be her, this new videos is going to be #1 just as her other singles.

  • lolly

    the only picture that looks good is the 2nd one cause shes simply in a towel and not in some strange outfit, her make up looks good there too.

  • http://buzznet cassy

    hhhhhhh i just wonder how the music video is gonna turn out cause this are not really gud pictures….what happend 2 this girl?





  • http://buzznet cassy

    is this a up and coming SCARY MOVIE?

  • Ashanti

    I Luv Rihanna and The Song Disturbia That Song Is One Of My Favorite Songs and Im Alsoo Excited Because Chris Brown Wrote This Song For Her That Is So Cute I Hope The Video Is Hot Just Like The Song I LUV U RIHANNA AND CHRSI BROWN YAHHHH!!!!!!!! KEEP ON DOINY YALL THINGS BESIDE THE HATERZZZZ YALL KEEP ON HATING

  • Ashanti



  • Ashanti


  • Enid

    The stylist went for a glam rock/somewhat androgynous look which is interesting but quite unflattering and makes her look like a drag queen. Not a Rihanna fan but I do like David LaChapelle’s work. This could end up being a good video.

  • mongee

    everytime i look rihanna, well… she is uglier


  • rozelin

    I think Rihanna is very talented. Look how many awesome songs she gave us! Who cares what she looks like in the music video! I’m sure people thought Michael Jackson looked weird and creepy in “Thriller” but that went on to become a HUGE hit. The fashion is very appropriate for the song! Good job, Rihanna!

  • prisma

    She really does resemble Michael Jackson. She looks like a transgendered version of Jackson wearing red lipstick.

  • http://- Pcd fan

    Gosh, she looks like Kim Wyatt from PUSSYCAT DOLLS new video ” When I grown Up”, it’s not cutie!!!!!

  • caique

    ugly :)

  • lolopololol

    looks like some vampire outfit .
    HELLO it not halloween !

  • blu

    HATERS UNITE! HOA! You are all haters and are mad cuz no one wants to hear, listen, and/or talk to you so you vent on the web about someone that is doing something you never could. LIVE. So my suggestion to you. GET A LIFE. You don’t get mad a Brittany Spears for being a Skank. Yeah I know she’s bipolar but comeone. If you like her don’t jump on the band wagon to be liked cuz you will never see these people. Duh. She’s on set and it’s fake. I guess some people don’t know the difference between real and make believe. HaHa you are bipolar too.

  • Cynnpac

    So wondering y every fool on here took the time out 2 come all the way 2 this site look up the words “Rihanna’s photo shoot 4 Disturbia” nd clearly hate on what they stumbled across, plz tell me what was the point in wasting a good 13 mins of ur miserable lives 2 come and throw insults at a screen showing only pictures of Rihanna not at the actual person, is it because they wish they were in her shoes, attending all those shows with all of their favorite rappers, singers, actors, or is it because she has one of the hottest men in the industry rocking her stars on his light asz neck. Could it be because her success is still very much mounting or could it be that she is sexier than half the broads on the block flipping birds and popping gum, or could it be that she is actually what me, Webbie, nd Boosie call I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T driving her own cars and counting her own stacks in a house she owns with no co signers or mortage payments one she isnt evening sharing with her parents and younger siblings like most of u haters, lmao i think its all of the above 4 the ladies nd 4 the men who r hating well they’re just gay and finding it so hard 2 endure the fact that Chris Brown hitting what half of u can not even being as rich as Diddy, yall r what we call “LOOKIN BOYZ” LOL….u ppl make good things look so bad when really u guys r nothing more than green with envy and ultimately jealous of the fact that PPL R CREATIVE NOW, THEY R NO LONGER STEALING IDEAS OR RE-DOING WHATS ALREADY BEEN DONE….Rihanna has made it and will continue 2 make it and the faster u lames on here realize it the easier it will b 4 u lames 2 sleep at night….Hate on something worth it not on something thats positive and way way out of ur control and league…realize that either way she’s on top making her money and a place 4 herself in the industry, yall r probably the same ppl who support her and her man Chris giving them even more leverage in the game, the 2 of them 2gether makes a young, elite, powerful couple like B nd Hova…quit tryin 2 steal their shine or try to anyway, when u get to the top Amy, Brian, the devil (wow at the internet haters and lunatics), and diddy and Alex feel free 2 surprise the world with ur many inexuseable talents like the ones ur using to TRY AND EXPLOIT this yound lady nd her hard work dedication nd ACTUAL GOD GIVEN TALENT….do us a favor i mean us as in the real Rihanna fans (# 1 male fan righ here) read a book or go hang urself….cuz hating is so dead nd wack now….I LOVE U SO MUCH RIHANNA TOLD U THAT WHEN I MET U ON GLOW IN THE DARK…ur tru to ur game and this work keep it up and like ur CEO said GET THAT DIRT OFF UR SHOULDER and in the famous words of MAINO THE RAPPER “HI HATER” LOL

  • haha

    ^ way too much to read.
    Rihanna is still fug and untalented. Nuff said! :-)

  • Genii

    people are dickheads saying what is she wearing and she looks bad..her outfit probably has something to with the video DIPSHITS!

  • yikes is a mug

    yikes ur a cunt , fuck u, u stupid twat u wouldnt know pretty if it dancednaked in front of ur eyes, shutthe fuck up shes so fit and obviously ur not, go get a life and realize what good looking actually is.