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Vanessa Hudgens Jumps Through JFK

Vanessa Hudgens Jumps Through JFK

Vanessa Hudgens arrives at JFK airport in New York and makes a few phone calls as she lands and picks up her luggage on Monday.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star’s sophomore release, Identified, drops today, July 1. Vanessa‘s CD will go up against John Mayer‘s “Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles,” which is will be released the same day.

Vanessa will be stopping by TRL on Thursday to premiere her new music video, “Sneakernight”.

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    now all you haters, hate

  • victoria

    she looks cute

  • manderzz

    she’s sooo pretty and I love her tan !!!!!

  • Allya

    Nice, but I don’t think her CD will top John’s. Where The Light Is is pure good music.

  • chtit’s

    i love you v !
    i love her scarf and her hair !!!
    can’t wait to see her with zac :)

  • Sam


  • maiane


  • Luke

    I can’t wait for the Where the light is.

  • suzy

    love her can’t wait to see her on trl.

  • Sweet princess


  • Sweet princess


  • sweeta


  • kristin

    absolutely gorgeous…as usual. :]

  • Monessa

    I LOVE U BABY V!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Looking good as usual!

  • Boji

    Who cares about John what’shisname. Vanessa’s here and that is all that matters. Love her, love her album,love her style,love her bf and her bff.

    She’s looking good. Nice purple scarf and she looks natural. Can’t wait to see her on Regis and Kelly and TRL.

  • my name’s


  • Monessa

    BABBYY V!!!!!!!

    Me AnD BaBY V WeRe JusT MeAnt TO Be!!

  • 1st

    yay 1st

    i love vanessa

  • lola

    yeah, she’s back !

  • Claire

    Love her ,go vanessa!!

  • dadad

    yay!!! she’s back!!! i love you vanessa!!!!!!

  • Alicia

    I luv V so much!!!! And Zac 2!!! I wanna be their neighbour!

  • suzy

    she looks cute.

  • Jasmine


  • naomi

    What a way to wake up! With pictures of our V. Looks great and casually stylish as usual. Must be exhausted though.

    So proud of her and her album. She and Zac are acquainted with John Mayer so I’m sure they both wish each other well.

    Looking forward to seeing her a lot more, though knowing her, she’ll be finding ways to dodge the paps.

    At least we get to see her on TRL, Regis and Kelly and hopefully other shows. The summer is looking very promising.

  • bernadette

    god i love this girl so much!!! adorable!!! wishing her gudluck on her cd..

  • gossipgossipsossipppp

    yayyyyyyy !!!! she’s back in LA :D
    an’t wait to see her on TRL and on regis and kelly on thursday , im so excited !!!!!!!
    she looks veryy pretty and natural in the pictures , i looove her !!!!!

  • Mari

    She looks cute. It is funny that she is in full make-up while traveling. She was so waiting for the paps! Her song about sneakers is stupid but then again she is young. Is her relationship w/ Zac fake. I am in my late 20′s so I am not a HS Musical fan but that is what my nieces tell me.

  • smdwh2

    I am going to buy her CD today for my daughter and 2 nieces we all love her, can’t wait to see her on TRL

  • Alexa

    Tellement belle !!
    How much beautiful !

  • corus2

    nice scarf and make up. but I can’t stand her music *sorry*

  • adam

    OMG, that most be so embarrasing to show that video on TRL and then talk about it, because the lyrics and the video is probably the most stupid thing ever.

  • PIT

    she looks great to have just traveled across the country and just finishing up a tough filming schedule in Utah. I notice she has a certain ring on her right hand again now that she is not filming — I knew it would come back. My “gut feeling” is that Zac went home to his parents for the 4th of Jully holiday week. He has not been there since the Christmas/New Year’s time frame and he has said repeatedly if he gets more than a few days off he likes to go home for some “home cooking”.

    anyway – I am sure we all wish you well on this New York visit – enjoy yourself Vanessa – you deserve some time to celebrate your album. we are proud of you.

  • http://buzznet cassy

    #32 i feel the way that u do,i really like her,but her music sucks

  • misty11

    i love her too and hopefull freerecordshop will have the cd soon i living in the netherlands i want that cd for myself and my kids
    she look beautiful

  • babyG


  • naomi

    Dear adam,
    The so called stupid song is #66 on itunes chart and the stupid video has had 1,462,475 views on the official site since June 14 (only 16 days) and has the following youtube honors;

    For the month of June;

    #25 most discussed-overall
    #4 most discussed-music
    #31 most viewed-overall
    #8 most viewed-music
    #26 top favorites-overall
    #12 top favorites-music

    has been favorited 8,871 times and rated 7,810 times. These are discounting the 20 other youtube videos of sneakernight floating around.

    Music critics have consistently selected the single as an outstanding track in the album and the video is #5 most wanted video in Blender magazine.

    Wow, that most be so embarrassing that people can’t seem to stay away from it and are actually buying it – wierd people.

  • BabyVsupporter

    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!! She looks STUNNING!!
    All you haters stop hating:@
    You ain’t gonna change the fact that she is POPULAR and she has loyal fans, that will stick with her in her worst and best days =D
    Baby V 4ever!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • genevieve

    ehh, whether she is with zac in the city or not, shes there for her album! he would be nice support, but we all know she wont be there for long, and will be coming home soon to see zac. everything is good, shes sporting her ring and literally glowing with happiness, lets just take that all in for now.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so pretty and sweet love ya

  • yets

    im happy that she’s back!!!
    hope to see zac soon.
    pls buy her album.
    God Bless V.

  • V-fan-forever

    Yay, finally :) Vanessa I love you. You’re soo stunning, gorgeous, beautiful

    She would totally deserve it!

  • zanessa

    i have a question why pepole who have kids looking at this i mean her fans are kids not there mothers it is wierd i mean you say we love you vanessa but get alife it is for teens not for a woman who is 42 years old no offense but to me it is stupid anyway we do love you vanessa and you look beautiful as always

  • mhay

    im so excited for her.

  • zanessa

    why pepole who have kids looking at this it is stupid her fans are kids not there mothers get a life you say we love you vanessa but it is for teens not a woman who is 42 years old it is stupid!
    but anyway we do love you vanessa and you look beautiful as always!

  • Cindy

    Vanessa looks so pretty as usual , even after traveling 3/4 of the way across the country. Love her. Hopes she has fun in NY.

  • adam

    naomi, should your post actually change my mind about her song Sneakernight ? I dont care how many have seen that song at all. The song sucks, thats a fact, you may like the song if you are 8-12 year old.

  • kristin

    #46… I’m not even going to type your tag name- you don’t deserve to use it. That was EXTREMELY rude. I had no idea that there was an age requirement to be someone’s fan. I’m sure Vanessa is appreciative of all her fans- young and old. If I were you, I would apologize to everyone on this thread that you insulted- that would however require an awful lot of maturity (something that comes with age, which you obviously abhor) so maybe that won’t be happening anytime soon. I’m 19, btw, is that an acceptable age for a fan? Just let me know.

  • BabiiVFanforeva

    OMG!!!!!!!NESSSA’S BACK!!!!!!!!!
    Omg…Love her…she is so gorgeous…what a way to end my night…yay…im gonna have nice dreams… :D …been waiting for updates on her forever..!!!!!
    She is so cute and omg I really miss seeing her and zac so much :)
    I so want to buy it…but like its not out in Australia..where I live yet :(
    Anywaiis I can’t wait to see her on TRL!!!!
    YAY NESSA!!!!!