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Zac Efron is a Toothpick Tease

Zac Efron is a Toothpick Tease

Zac Efron waves to photographers while spotted out and about in Beverly Hills with toothpick in tow on Tuesday.

Looks like it’s a t-shirt day, as Zac, 20, was spotted in a white t-shirt this morning and now in black!

Mr. Efron‘s new movie, Me and Orson Welles, has not yet announced its release date. Claire Danes and Ben Chaplin co-star.

10+ pictures of Zac Efron, the toothpick tease…

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zac efron toothpick tease 01
zac efron toothpick tease 02
zac efron toothpick tease 03
zac efron toothpick tease 04
zac efron toothpick tease 05
zac efron toothpick tease 06
zac efron toothpick tease 07
zac efron toothpick tease 08
zac efron toothpick tease 09
zac efron toothpick tease 10
zac efron toothpick tease 11

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112 Responses to “Zac Efron is a Toothpick Tease”

  1. 1
    jessica Says:


  2. 2
    vAN Says:

    gotta love those shirts x]

  3. 3
    FALALAL Says:

    THIRD :D .
    HE’S HOT!

  4. 4
    zac lover Says:

    zac looks so hot
    the sunnies rock
    xoxo zac lover

  5. 5
    jasmine Says:


  6. 6
    jainerodrigues Says:


  7. 7
    erica Says:

    he is so hot that hurts

  8. 8
    christy Says:

    omg hes so hot!! i luv him XD

  9. 9
    raider814 Says:

    you’re my hero, Jared!

  10. 10
    woZie Says:

    couldnt be hotter!

  11. 11
    Sophie_c Says:

    SO HOT.

    makes jeans and a tee sexy

  12. 12
    rc Says:

    Ugly shoes, but I like the tees.

  13. 13
    roxane Says:


    vanessa is one lucky chick;]

  14. 14
    zanessa Says:


  15. 15
    Malia Says:

    Looks like he shaved and went to a meeting?? Maybe with his agency? Wonder what his next project will be? Anyone know if Footloose is still in the works?

  16. 16
    lisset Says:


    okay so im dying to go to the premeire
    of hsm3… does anyone know if they
    are doing a red carpet thing in the disney
    in florida???

  17. 17
    Nikola !* Says:

    OMG =]
    so Sexxi !

  18. 18
    Jamie Lynn Spears Insider Says:

    #13, I think Zac’s the luckier person in their relationship xD

    Jack from JI

  19. 19
    Jennifer W Says:

    zac is so hot and very sexy. im not liking the sunglasses much because i want to see them beautiful eyes

  20. 20
    jb Says:

    Zac your so silly. Did you just pull that from the backseat of your car?? Come on you can tell us. Welcome Home! Hopefully the papz. will let you have some privacy soon.

  21. 21
    liz Says:

    omg!!!!!! no one looks that hot in a tshirt and jeans!!!!!!!! gosh! zac and v are the hottest people like in the entire world!

  22. 22
    Amanda Says:

    hotttieeee w/ a bodyyy hahah seriously tho he is gorgeouss

  23. 23
    Boji Says:

    Already, a new thread. Been too busy on Vanessa’s. Haven’t had time to post on Zac’s last thread. I’m having problems with JJ’s blog. It is lagging and takes me ages to get my post across.

    Well, the holiday is over and we wonder what Zac’s next project is. Unless he has time on his hands to do a bit of touring with Vanessa.

  24. 24
    kelly Says:

    what a hottie!

  25. 25
    ssonfire Says:

    i actually like his shoes

  26. 26
    Whaa Says:

    two in one day! i love it.

  27. 27
    shir Says:

    ohhh, is that a cell phone in your pants Mr. Efron? Or, are you just happy to see me ;)

  28. 28
    nicoleee Says:

    zac efron is the most georgous man alive[:

  29. 29
    kristin Says:

    i’m in heaven :)

  30. 30
    BABYGIRL Says:

    Zac is so hot! He kinda looks like Chace Crawford.

  31. 31
    lalalal Says:

    he’s so obviously gay. When is vananay going to recognize?

  32. 32
    aw Says:

    He’s looking good. I love the toothpick.

  33. 33
    elliott Says:

    ah, suits him well.

  34. 34
    lalalal Says:

    #30, no offense, Zac is cute, but I def think Chace is better looking. More mature in appearance, I would say (but I guess that makes sense since he’s older)

  35. 35
    rockstar Says:

    I think I’ve just fainted. xD
    Two posts of Zac in one day. :]

  36. 36
    Emily Says:

    Lucky Vanessa

    He’s soo HOT
    Love him so much!

  37. 37
    sabina Says:

    i love zac but no one cares if he has a toothpick in his mouth post some real news!

  38. 38
    katie Says:

    Zac IS NOT GAY

  39. 39
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    Boring same every thing just another shirt

  40. 40
    athena Says:

    I really need to see him without the sunglasses. I’m happy he’s taking time for himself and isn’t running the NYC streets with Vanessa. She’s going to be on Regis and Kelly Live on Thursday. The show airs at 9:00am…can’t remember the station.

  41. 41
    amy Says:

    hottt!!! :D
    I can’t wait to see zanessa out and aboutt again in L.A when Vanessa comes back from NYC! :DDD
    andd HSM3!!
    lovee zac and zanessa!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  42. 42
    monica Says:

    hey zac, long time no see! haha

  43. 43
    zerfonluver Says:




  44. 44
    nett Says:

    Zac is HOT!!!! Looks like he’s missing his lovely sweetheart.

  45. 45
    nett Says:

    Love Zac and Vanessa so much! Hoping for ZANESSA pics soon JJ.

  46. 46
    BAbbbycat Says:

    where is he?

  47. 47
    Ilovedavidcook Says:

    OMJ! he looks soooo HOTT! this is like a field day for zac and vanessa! damnnn…. again he looks like chace crawford and look at those muscles and that black shirt! gahhh. x_x
    zanessa = most gorgeous couple :]

  48. 48
    kay Says:

    wow he is really lookin fine today. love when cute boys start growin up

  49. 49
    `r o o T H A A A . Says:

    D A Y Y U M R Y T E .
    H E ` S
    F O Y N E E E E
    H A W T E E
    W I T H
    H U G E
    H E A R T.
    G O D B L E S S
    X O

  50. 50
    krista Says:

    zac on access hollywood

  51. 51
    yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Says:

    ohhhhhhh my goddddddd
    i love him he looks heavenly
    he’s sooooo hot!
    omg i can’t stand him! i love it!

  52. 52
    alessandra Says:


  53. 53
    Zloverbrianna Says:

    Aw. He’s so amazingly gorgeous.
    I just wish he’d crack a smile…
    :) That would be golden.
    He doesn’t seem to be happy…
    Poor guy…

  54. 54
    zanessa/jashley Says:

    2 Posts of Zac !?

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you Jared !!! :D Looks like he threw that shirt over his white one :D Hey Zac, can I have that toothpick ?
    krista @ 07/02/2008 at 1:10 am #50

    zac on access hollywood
    Know what’s funny, is that when the interviewer asked Zac who he follows in acting, Zac said Matt Damon. Funny how Vanessa’s FAVORITE actor IS Matt Damon. Haha…cute. Better see Zanessa reunite soon. Yeah, he doesn’t look that happy…maybe cause his girl is all the way in New York…I bet that when she comes back, he’ll be smilin’ in no time :D

  55. 55
    Esther Says:

    Well Zac looks good I think everyone is right he misses his sweetheart but no worries she’ll be home soon to be with him . Until then he needs to hang on with all the annoying paps surrounding him oh well at least he knows how to handle those annoying people.

  56. 56
    midnightwonder Says:


    I found it quite ironic as well, although I thought he wanted to follow Leonardo DiCaprio’s path in the business. Maybe I was wrong. Or maybe he hasn’t got one exact answer to this question.

    But apart from that, Zac looks really hot in these pictures.


    I am also wondering what happened to the ‘Footloose’ project. Maybe it was postponed or something. I don’t think that it was totally cancelled because he and Kenny talked about it so much in various interviews. And although I don’t like the idea of him making a remake I would be disappointed if he didn’t do this movie.

    But I was also wondering what he’s next project will be. I assume he goes on press tours in the rest of 2008 with HSM3, MAOW and 17 Again. Geez, this guy was quite busy recently. I hope his next filming will be next year because he deserves a rest. And one or more vacations.

  57. 57
    Karen Says:

    As far as Footloose goes, I would imagine his “people” have tried to talk him out of doing that at least for a while—if it is still a possibility—
    because I’m sure those who lend their knowledge are concerned that he might only get to be known as that “song/and/or/dance man. Some people do get used to seeing actors do certain type movies and then the actor gets rather typecast as Hollywood gets seeing an actor in a certain light too. Hollywood is notorious for typecasting actors.

    As far as him saying Matt Damon is someone he likes to watch, I thinkg that is a good choice. Damon has done a little bit of everything and I think that is what Zac is striving to do also, He has said in the past that he really liked the Bourne series—some of my favorite movies too!

  58. 58
    Kanani Says:

    it looks like he’s steo wearing that white shirt from this morning, its just underneith, he doesnt shower :o haha dats so stupid! i love yooh Zac, i kant wait for Vanessa to come baq n see piks of ZANESSA, Finally, been waiting for like months for paparazzi piks of them so glad today was like O SHAAA they have arrived haha :)

  59. 59
    JJ king Says:

    does anyone know what brand his jeans are?

  60. 60
    midnightwonder Says:


    I totally agree with you. It might be a possibility that his team suggested him not do ‘Footloose’ because he has been already stereotyped as heartthrob, triple threat and “musical guy”. That is why I’m very much interested in MAOW in the first place.

    I know that he would like to make action movies at some point in his career and my immediate idea was something like the ‘Bourne’ series. I think he would be great in a movie like that. He has style, strength and humour, moreover, he is very determined so I think he would be able to film an action movie. I can’t wait until my dreams come true.

  61. 61
    joanna Says:


  62. 62
    abbie Says:

    I love him so much!!! He’s so freaking hot!!

  63. 63
    ZanessaFan Says:

    Hottie alert!

  64. 64
    saahirah Says:

    so hot as usual

  65. 65
    elisabeth Says:


  66. 66
    sunglasses? Says:

    anyone know what sunglasses are those? im guessing tom ford but couldnt find the exact same ones

  67. 67
    alex p Says:

    killer jeans and belt…
    and he looks a lot like jared leto

  68. 68
    hkzarla Says:

    Jared, thanks for the pictures on Zac and Vanessa. I am from Hong Kong and my three kids love HSM 1 and 2. I love this young couple. Hope they stay happy. By the way, can’t help but notice. Both of them are not wearing their “friendship ring” anymore. Are they still together as a couple?

  69. 69
    maria Says:

    Zac and Vanessa are both not wearing their rings.

  70. 70
    frederique Says:

    HE’S SO CUTE AND HOT! He looks a lot older!

  71. 71
    dadad Says:

    VOTE 4 HSM

  72. 72
    lyn Says:

    I notice that vanessa and zac have not worn there rings but I did notice when vanessa was at the airport or something in NY she had hers on it was on one of the other posts.

  73. 73
    lil Says:

    he’s cute, he’s hot he’s mine! ‘wink” “wink”.

  74. 74
    go sox Says:

    Zac hasn’t worn his since his emergency appendectomy, but Vanessa does wear hers fairly often, unless she’s wearing a big fun fashion ring. They are indeed still together, just not wearing the rings that everyone obsessed over.

  75. 75
    smdwh2 Says:

    I can’t wait to see him in Me and Orson Welles. Out of all 3 films this is the one I want to see most.

  76. 76
    iheartzdae!!!! Says:

    don’t forget to vote for both (z&v) for the teen choice awards!!

  77. 77
    Andy Says:

    Really hate his shoes

  78. 78
    zezynha Says:

    Ele ta um gato!

  79. 79
    Kada Says:

    I hate that I love him so much

  80. 80
    abbie Says:

    I love zanessa

  81. 81
    zacluvr Says:


  82. 82
    sammie :] Says:

    wow, he got a lot hotter in utahh. :]

  83. 83
    Malia Says:

    Better yet, when is 17 Again going to premier? It was originally August 15th.

  84. 84
    mido Says:

    omg!!! no comments !!! hahaha

  85. 85
    ryan Says:

    god hes so freeking hot.
    Zac is the hottest guy EVER.

  86. 86
    midnightwonder Says:


    ‘Seventeen Again’ will be premiered in February/March 2009, around Vanessa’s and Ashley’s movies. It is kind of sad but we and they have to deal with this change in dates.

  87. 87
    anonymous Says:

    what shoes are those??

  88. 88
    Graff =] Says:

    Yum :P

  89. 89
    sarah =] Says:


  90. 90
    wICKED WENCH Says:


  91. 91
    whatever Says:

    did anybody notice that they both are wearing their rings that they in hawaii

  92. 92
    omg Says:

    you mean that they are not yeah you are right
    that’s kinda strange

  93. 93
    dory Says:

    why does zac suddenly look tall. or maybe because he’s so slim that he looks like he has a long body…
    he looks so hot and sexy…

  94. 94
    Ashley Says:

    dory, yeah, long body and short legs. he’s sorta outta proportion

    his hair is cute, no more top-knot ponytail lol

  95. 95
    v.a.h. Says:

    Forget the whole toothpick tease shizz, Hes a tease full stop ;]

  96. 96
    katherine Says:


  97. 97
    miss zanessa Says:

    i wIsH i weRe thE tOotHpiCk lOl XD

  98. 98
    justin Says:

    anyone know what glasses these are? i know no one will check back on this post, but if anyone does, could you respond here and email me at thanks!

  99. 99
    Karen Says:

    Zac, as changes come into your life over the years always stay just the way you are inside right now. Your parents did something very right.

  100. 100
    Karen Says:

    Ok, once again about the ring thing:

    Zac has not worn his since he and Vanessa went to the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was just a week later when he had to have his emergency surgery and after that we did not see the ring. SO, it is a definite possiblity the ring may have been stolen or lost during that trauma. Vanessa, on the other hand has had her on and off since then. When she left for SLC she was wearing it. When she did the press conference with Kenny Ortega and Zac and the others she was wearing it. When she and Zac were at the Jazz/Lakers game and they were so cozy neither had the rings on even though we know Vanessa had her ring where she wore it at other ocassions in SLC and they were obviously being a couple this night. So, what’s going on? I think they are probably trying to send a message to their fans to say “Our feelings are not defined by whether or not we have these rings on so don’t get so freeked out each and every time we go out”. I’m sure they are aware of how much the fans noticed this and the rings could no longer mean the same thing to then because of the pandamonium it caused witht he fans. I’m not surprised it came to that.

  101. 101
    hkzarla Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your explanation on the ring thing. What’s more important is for Zac and Vanessa to keep their relationship strong and build good foundations on friendship, trust, loyalty and love.

  102. 102
    mrs.joe jonas Says:


  103. 103
    sadielady Says:

    YUMMY !

  104. 104
    Nickelback fan Says:

    No. 102 just because you may not like Zac dosen’t mean you can criticize what he is wearing, and i believe that if he likes wearing skinny jeans and he may feel comfortable in them, so don’t start hating what he is wearing because it is him who is wearing them not you.

  105. 105
    ashleighh Says:

    Heyyy, has anyone noticed that
    ness is wearing her ring but he isnt?
    any one no anything?
    would be extremely gay if they werent together :(
    who noes only time will tell lolol

  106. 106
    zanessa4ever Says:

    aww you can totally see it in his face that he misses vanessa

  107. 107
    Amelia25 Says:

    He always looks amazing.

  108. 108
    ellen Says:


  109. 109
    Lisa Says:

    Oh my god. He’s so damn sexy!

  110. 110
    KT Says:

    does anyone know wat brand of shoes he is wearing?

  111. 111
    KT Says:

    does anyone know wat the brand of his shoes are?

  112. 112
    Karina Says:

    hot !!

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