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Doctor: Angelina Jolie Is Doing Very Well

Doctor: Angelina Jolie Is Doing Very Well

Angelina Jolie‘s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann, announced at a press conference that the expectant mom and the twins are doing well.

Sussman shared the news with media at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France on Wednesday. He said, “[Angelina's] hospitalization at this stage of her pregnancy is strictly normal for someone who underwent a caesarean in her first pregnancy.”

Asked when Angie is expected to have her twins, he replied, “This is something you can’t program, you never know for sure. I can’t give you a date. Let’s say the birth will happen in the weeks to come.”

Sussman added, “Everything is normal. She is very well, and she’s okay. She will stay in the hospital until the birth. I will stay with her. … Brad and Angelina want everyone to know that everything is going well.”

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • C a m i l a

    Wonderful News!!!

  • ang


  • ang

    who cares

  • Turkiye

    i love angieeeee

  • aeon

    wonderful news.

  • loveAJ

    God bless Jolie-Pitts.

  • gh

    sooo cutt:)

  • guli

    This is great news!!!!!! Thanks Jared!

    TURKIYE–hello there…I’ll be in Bodrum in a few days :lol:

  • Shar

    You care if you are 1. reading her post, 2. Clicking on the article, 3. take the time to leave a comment. Fcuking idiots!!!!!

  • aeon


    What are you talking about, the regular loonies? You are here.

  • glad angelina is OK

    I’m glad all is OK for brad and angelina!

  • angel

    love her,wish her healthy babies

  • Patty

    It’s great to know Angie and the babies are alright! God bless her and her lovely family ^_^!

  • guli

    #14 guli @ 07/02/2008 at 2:03 pm This is not ME and Jared has been alerted!!!

    Oyy the idiots started playing their games again. They lost their minds knowing that Angie and the twins are fine and they will be arriving soon… Poor pathethic trolls!!! How long can you hate people you don’t know???

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Good to see that she’s alright =).


    Angelina is the best /// I just want to repeat this from the last thread because I see that haters are crazy:

    To ANISTON FANS: Well, soon, very soon Maniston will be on the cover of the tabloids with her sad sad sad story about break up with “I don’t know his name, he is not famous in Europe” boyfriend!! And then all you are going to be on her new thread saying all those evil things that only you can say about “I don’t know his name …” and Brad and the rest of the world, because they all, including us Jolie fans, are responsable for the fact that Maniston is a liar, a terrible actress, a selfish person etc. Maniston who has 40 years is not responsable but the rest of the world is, she is only (as allways) a victim! OK? Are you happy now? Now, grow up, do some charity work, don’t be like your fake idol selfish!!

  • thelookoflove1365

    # 2 sista @ 07/02/2008 at 1:58 pm my sister this my sister that…well i am speaking from my own experience…………once you have a c-section u will always have a c-section and i didnt hear it from my sista z…..bla who cares.old news

    why did you change name demme? and yes it happened to my sister and no, not in Africa. You don;t have to beleive it and who cares?. The point is that it is possible, with doc’s advise and presence during childbirth!

  • Ameena

    Wonderful news, I hope the media will back off and let them enjoy the birth of their babies in peace.

  • Bri

    those baby’s are going to be sooo beautiful!

  • Paul
  • s

    why call a conference to say everything is ok? i don’t get it….

  • a realist

    I saw a pic of Brad, Zee, and Shi, going in to the hospital to visit Angie.

  • Angelina is the best

    Best wishes to all J-P fans and also to Angelina and her twins!! This is great, I think that it is a good thing that they did this press conference because they want to stop all those journalists that are probably calling hospital and asking for informations!

  • Helena

    I’m sorry, but did we need a press conference with a man saying that she’s doing very well? I thought they were meant to be very private people, but it seems that they know that the press will eat up everything they do.

  • bla blah

    why call a conference to say everything is ok? i don’t get it….
    Maybe because there are dozens of press and paparazzi now hounding the hospital??

  • Orange Clockwork

    This is just ridiculous. I long for the day where the two of them fade into oblivion.

  • angel

    jen hens go take you pills

  • Miapocca

    So Dr sussman can just go to foreign country and practice medicine or is he actually french…???

    why do they need to annouce anythign is between them and their children or whatever..bu starting this confernece nonsense they are giving in t o the psycho fans and the paps..guess they love the attention whoring after all…

  • angie

    this hooplah is getting me annoyed. Nun Sister Mary Romano has a mouthful on celebrity prayer list

  • Now

    Now hope the media can leave them alone for a few weeks.

  • wondergirl

    okay….he basically repeated what was already reported. why even bother with a press conference if you’re not even giving any updates. in other words, who cares.

  • Ingrid

    …and the point of this was? I mean, if something wasn’t right, it would be OK, but a press conference just to say that she’s fine? Are we really that desperate for Brangelina news?

  • Angelina is the best

    Ingrid @ 07/02/2008 at 2:20 pm

    Dear Ingrid and the rest of the haters – you have my comment here, so please, just wait for Maniston sad break up story with “I don’t know his name …” boyfriend and please, stop saying evil things about one mom who is going to give a birth soon! Very evil!

  • LuckyL

    I’m sooooo glad I checked one more time. Soooo excited. lol

  • Kate

    Who cares?? I am truly beginning to believe these two are nothing more than shameless attention seekers……but at least now the world can sleep peacefully knowing this valuable information.

  • LuckyL

    LOL, how are they attention seekers when it doesn’t matter where they go, the press seeks them out? They purposely try and find privacy! THE HATERS ARE PULLING AT STRAWS


  • angel

    so babaywatch still has atleast two more weeks

  • jjb

    Here’s a vid of the French doc press conference & Brad/girls entering the hospital:

  • Angelina is the best

    Jolie is pathetic @ 07/02/2008 at 2:24 pm

    How desperate are you?!? You have no life or what?


    It doesn’t seem normal to be hospitalized – but ok.



  • LuckyL

    MOLLY @ 07/02/2008 at 2:27 pm

    It doesn’t seem normal to be hospitalized – but ok.

  • LuckyL

    better for the kids @ 07/02/2008 at 2:28 pm

  • Belle
  • LuckyL


    Angelina will FOREVER BE more exciting, more beautiful, and more brilliant than you’ll EVER BE.

  • angel

    guys we should expect this from one or two losers,so obsessed,if you donot care ,donot fuc*ing come on her threads on different blogs,period

  • sheila

    Who cares, your life must really suck .Why not spend your time and energy on things that enhance your life,things that bring you joy.If you despise this person so much go to a site or thread of someone you like and write positive messages. All this negativity must have a negative impact on your relationships with family and friends. Try being positive and see how you life improves.Negativity attracts negativity. I’ll be praying for you

  • LuckyL

    ALOT OF YOU, need to learn to love yourselves and celebrate your own lives so you can celebrate other’s fortune and achievements. Hatred and insecurity is VERY unattractive and pathetic

  • LuckyL




  • Trace

    I think people tend to forget that having twins is considered a high-risk pregnancy. Not only that, but Jolie will most likely require another C-section because her first pregnancy was by C-section. C-sections are considered major surgeries. Plus, they have to juggle caring for their 4 other children in the process of trying to have a healthy, uncomplicated birth. I can’t imagine the pressure that this couple is under. In addition to all the worries that an average couple would have, they have to deal with this crazy media frenzy! I think they gave a press conference just to get the media off their backs. I mean, c’mon, she just checked in the hospital, and news already spread like wild fire hours later that perhaps she had already given birth. I think they do want their privacy, but honestly, the media is not going to give them that privacy so they figured they may as well issue a statement.