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Angelina Jolie's Obstetrician Call For Press Conference

Angelina Jolie's Obstetrician Call For Press Conference

Brad Pitt arrives at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France, carrying his children Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2, on Wednesday, July 2.

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie checked into the Lenval Hospital, where she is expected to give birth to her twins.

But she may have already! Angie‘s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann, called for a news conference for later this afternoon.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Jolie-Pitts!

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  • Shar

    The girls ar soooooo adorable!!!!!

  • kristina

    is that really from today??? it likes like a picture i’ve seen before. anyway I can’t wait for their arrival congratulations!!!

  • http://justjared saahirah

    the girls r soo cute!!!!!!

  • Shar

    Damn, a press conference, I saw that as breaking news on People too. Everyone must be wanting to know about her for them to make a press conference.

  • alenah

    Cute kids…hope the news is going to be good :)

  • Paul

    hmm wonder why a conference?

  • MovieMadness

    Cute kids, but people need to back off. What the hell is so special about a celebrities newborn? I personally don’t care to see them…

  • Paul

    hmm wonder why a press conference?

  • jessica

    omigod this is ridiculous! overrated power couple….

  • besane

    This could be a picture of the siblings getting the first glimpse of the babies, or just coming to see mommy. Eagerly awaiting like everyone else :)

  • sharon

    Brad looks so gorgeous,Shiloh is so beautiful and Z is so cute. Can’t wait for the new conference. The waiting is killing me.

  • besane

    jessica @ 07/02/2008 at 10:55 am

    And here you are contributing to the power couple’s thread and increasing Jared’s hits :)

  • Mrs. Smith

    Thanks Jared!!!

    It does a heart good to see those two beautiful girls, and gorgeous Brad too, so early in the morning.

    I’m so excited, I could hardly sleep last night, and I’ll probably be glued to my computer today.

    My prayers are with Angie for a safe delivery. Hoping for one boy and one girl.

  • kidi

    Awaiting the exciting news about the J-P twins. Good luck to them.

  • Shar

    besane @ 07/02/2008 at 10:57 am jessica @ 07/02/2008 at 10:55 am

    And here you are contributing to the power couple’s thread and increasing Jared’s hits

    Lol besane, they can’t take that 1 Brangie news totally trumps all 7 of Jen & Pee-boy’s fake PDA news. :)

  • Susan

    Hoping Angie and her twin are in good condition. God Bless them..

  • dana

    I’m starting to see more Angelina in Shiloh.

    I’m thinking the press conference is probably just to tell the media to back off. I’m sure it’s a huge disruption for the hospital.

  • vidstr1

    Have a safe delivery Angie!!!

  • Saraicita

    Shiloh is so gorgeous :-)

  • loli

    Nice!!! That’s my city! That’s where I was born, where I grew up and where I live!
    I’m so proud that they’re gonna have their twins here. And I know the Lenval Hospital, I might go there these days to realise my dream: see Brad!!!!

  • soopx

    Love this Amazing family.I’m waiting for the conference.Maybe they took little daughters to see new little babies.Brad is such a hands on father.Thanks!Jared for posting this thread.

  • adfa


  • guli

    Awwww–they are so adorable!!! They are going to visit mommy :-)

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • Lisa

    I hope it will be news of the birth! And I hope everyone is healthy. It is odd that they are having a press conference is strange.

  • yes


  • bampzs#1

    OMG!!!! What’s a great news this morning? I can’t wait!!!!!
    The Girls are sooooo CUTE!!!!!

    Wishing the best for MOM and BABIES !!!!

  • lady g

    Thanks Jared.

    Wish Angie a safe delivery and healthy babies.

    Princess Zee is giving the paps the look. The girls and daddy are going to see mommy…. awww

  • besane

    Shar @ 07/02/2008 at 11:00 am
    besane @ 07/02/2008 at 10:57 am jessica @ 07/02/2008 at 10:55 am

    Lol besane, they can’t take that 1 Brangie news totally trumps all 7 of Jen & Pee-boy’s fake PDA news.

    lol indeed :) Were there really 7 news? Jeez. You know, her romcom got kicked away to cold cold February, no red carpet Mayer parading in the near future, so she’s desperate for attention. Sad, really.

  • soopx

    Little Shiloh and little Zahara are so cute.Hi all Bampzs=?? Fans.Good morning to all of you.

  • Angelove

    LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!!!

  • go angelina and brad!

    wow, I am sending them good thoughts for healthy babies and a safe delivery.

  • alia

    I’m so EXCITED! Yay!

    Shi and Z look GORGEOUS…I cannot wait to see the twins! (((happy dance))) :D

  • sshhii_baby

    I wish for a safe delivery. Im so happy for the whole family

  • Victoria Beckwith

    France has the best healthcare in the world, so I’m sure Angelina and her twins will be very well looked after.

    Angelina will love the French attitude to post baby bodies too, she’ll be skinny again before she even leaves the hospital with her new arrivals!

  • christyjolie

    she mut have had them already! they must be bringing the girls to meet there sisters!!!!! omg! omg! Im dying to here there names!

  • Mrs. Lenny

    The girls are beautiful,and so is Brad. He is a wonderful man. I wish them well. Birthing twins can’t be easy,but Im sure that she will do fine. I feel a little sad,I guess,because if she is trying to have them vaginally and is having labor pains,being in labor and going through isa task. We are praying and pulling for you Angie. Hopefully you will be holding your babies soon.


  • OH NO



    Awwwww, Shi has her baby too. LOL Sooo cute. Z is probably like, ‘Baby sis, you are about to get a rude awakening!’ lmao…

    Bringing over from the last thread:

    Top 3 Entertainment stories on Google’s Home News Page:

    Angelina Jolie’s Baby Watch: 1142 news articles

    Will Smith’s New Movie: 526 news articles

    Kitt Kittredge American Girl Movie: 267 news articles

    Angelina is the biggest star in the world. The ‘Wonder Twins’ are kicking Will’s asss…he better be glad they don’t have a movie out. lol

  • julia

    Beautiful Girls and Beautiful Daddy! So sweet, Off to see Their Mum,,

  • alia

    cannot wait to see the new additions to this beautiful family!!!

  • cushions

    NEVER EVER has their been a more whiney, contrived, yammering pregnant woman on the face of the earth. This is so ridiculous it’s worth watching.

    Not to worry pillows don’t feel pain.

  • raye

    Thanks for the new pics! Brad is a busy Dad, hope Angie will have a safe delivery and the babies are healthy.

    Shiloh is so gorgeous and Zee is cute! They are both so alert, can spot the paps or the camera immediately.

  • passing through

    Awwwww….there’s my little Z…giving the ratzi her patented “Get the fcuk away from me!” stare. That child is just too precious.

    Shiloh…in this picture, from the side, I actually see more Angie than Brad. That’s a first for me…

  • happyforthem

    No way that anything is wrong – he wouldn’t be taking the girls to the hospital if that was the case. Chill out!

  • alia
  • a fan

    Ok you don’t have to be a fan or you don’t have to like this couple. But a child being born is a blessed event. Don’t like the couple? OK but the children are innocent in all this and EVERY child deserves to be truly welcomed to the world. My prayers go out to this family. Take away all the fame and they are just another family waiting to see the new additions to the family. Many of you are asking why so much attention to this family. The answer- because there are many like me who are fans and we want to know.

  • passing through

    ROTFL…is Shiloh wearing pearls? Okay…I doubt t they’re real pearls, but ya never know…


    Shiloh, she is sooooooo cute

  • sonia

    brad must be over the moon with his expanding family, i am so happy for brad, he looks nervous, i am praying for them.

  • alia