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Jennifer Garner is Very Vandalia

Jennifer Garner is Very Vandalia

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, 2, are a smiley bunch while soaking in sunny Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

The 36-year-old actress is looking to expand into the role of a film producer. With producing partner Juliana Janes, Garner recently signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros. for their Vandalia Films production company. Here are two of the film ideas in development:

Arranged, which was written by [Allan] Loeb and is being revised by Grey’s Anatomy” scribe Krista Vernoff. Story chronicles a modern-day arranged marriage of an unlikely couple whose fathers are friends from the old country. Gary Winick will direct, and Mark Gordon Co. and Scarlet Fire Films will also produce.

3 Days in Europe, a romantic adventure following a couple as they face danger and excitement on what was supposed to be the perfect Valentine’s Day vacation. Vandalia Films has partnered with Hugh Jackman and John Palermo of Seed Prods. to bring the graphic novel by Anthony Johnston and Mike Hawthorne to the bigscreen. Eric Gitter and Peter Schwerin are producing for Oni Press through their Closed on Mondays Entertainment banner, and S and Garner are attached to star.

Check out the rest of the films in development at

10+ pictures inside of Jen and Violet looking cute as buttons…

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  • salma

    how cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    2nd! so cute<3

  • http://vfdsvgsd lolol

    look who is hoing herself again.

    lol whenever she is out with Ben,she pretends that she hates papz,but when she is withpout as usually happens,she is all smiles.

    hey HA! what do you call this?is she telling papz whenever she ia planned to go?

  • PR

    To all Hollywood celebs: Jennifer is the epitome of how to handle the paps. Maybe you have to be genuinely happy to do it. She’s a trooper–but who wouldn’t be proud of such an adorable baby!

  • maria

    JG really loves poping her kid out.why can’t she do all these outings as an anonymous as celeb parents usually do while they are in L.A?

    she seriously is an attention wh*re.someone needs to give her whatever she wants.she is getting pic almost always.can’t she play with her kid inside their house.their new house has a he** big yard.

    and she really tries hard to tell people,look at me,look at me!!I’m pregnant.

  • La-la-land

    Well said #4.
    I love Vi.
    She’s so full of life and happiness.
    And congrats on Jen’s new role as the movie producer.
    Lastly, glad to see Vi was only holding a doll instead of a check book.

  • La-la-land

    She’s preggo?
    Wonderful news!
    Both she and Ben carry such wonderful genes, just look at Vi,
    They should keep popping, the more the merrier.

  • Star magazine

    according to them it is over.Ben and Jen are over.

    and this whole dressing like a pregnant woman isfor fooling people.

    She really is whore and she needs help.poor V!!she should see paparazy almost everyday.because her mother is making a non existance career from her sad!!

  • loveperez

    lolol, I don’t think that’s what she does at all. Why do you obviously dislike her so much, and how would you feel being followed around all day (which I’m sure no one would want to do)?

  • Belle

    I don’t think so.
    Supposed Jen wasn’t worth this much, than the paps won’t follow her around and the venues won’t pick her photos up.
    She’s truly a talented actress and a very good mother.
    Very down to earth and refuses to let paps dictate her life.
    No wonder, no wonder Tom Cruise set her as his #1 choice for bride.
    I’ll do the same, even though I am not gay.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    poor ben affleck.

  • Kym

    Doesn’t her kid walk? They r always carrying her!

  • Layne

    Shut your pie holes Haters! It’s a happy family and your negative comments hold no water and are just plain dumb and superficial. Not sure why you do it. Probably have sad, miserable lives yourselves.



    CARE OF VI..

  • Frida

    Jennifer is gorgeous and so is Violet.

    Maria #5 Are you stupid or something? Just because she’s famous and has paparazzi on her ass she can’t go outside and play with her kid? And who says she’s pregnant? just because she’s wearing a floaty dress? Seriously, get over yourself and stop wasting time on hating people you don’t even know.

  • its just an opinion

    Maria can hate on people she doesn’t know just the same that you are madly in love with people you don’t know. Get it? It’s just an opinion. Deal. I’ll spare you my opinion as it will probably cause you a great deal of stress.

  • LuckyL


  • Adoring Fan

    Jen and Violet are so freaking adorable. Love them to pieces!

  • US voter

    # 5
    maria @ 07/02/2008 at 5:52 pm

    JG really loves poping her kid out.
    what does poping mean?

  • US voter

    Jen Jen is pregnant.

  • *Sarah*

    They both look so cute and lovely :-)

    By the way, I’m pretty sure that the reason Jen’s often seen carrying Violet in close up photos is because she doesn’t want to risk letting her walk with all those paps around. I certainly wouldn’t want to let a little toddler loose near all those men, they don’t seem to care what they do as long as they get the shop, the poor little thing would get trampled on! This way, Jen gets to protect Violet and comfort her.

  • *Sarah*

    *shot, not shop!

  • Adoring Fan

    Maria #5 and that idiot * infamous* # 11, your hatred for Jennifer Garner has clouded your senses. Why don’t the two of you get together and try to some help. Bring all your friends, maybe you can get a group rate. Have a nice day.

  • tete

    This kid is pictured more than anyother kid in holywood. I think Jen Garner using her for carrier advancement. The funny thing is the kid doesn’t look that much cute anymore.

  • Adoring Fan

    Hey JJ, Jen smiled a couple of times in these pics, but Miss Violet did not crack one smile. She hasn’t forgiven the paps for what they did to her papa. She may look more like her mom but she is definitely her daddy’s little girl.

  • kelly

    I like these two, beautiful Jen and cute Violet!!

  • janie

    They are both adorable!

  • reggie

    Why DOES Jen smile for the paps when she is with Violet…but not when Ben is around?show me one picture where she and ben and vi are all out and jen is smiling.

    btw, i think she is pregnant..violet wont be the spoiled one anymore. maybe that is why she is not smiling.

  • Adoring Fan

    I love the Garner-Afflecks because they rock.

  • Adoring Fan

    The reason you don’t see Jen smiling anymore when Ben is with them is because the paps are being rude and obnoxious to Ben. Would you smile if someone were insulting your partner? OK.

  • sweetie

    Jen has a million dollar smile. She is one of the few actresses who looks gorgeous with hardly any makeup.
    Violet is so adorable. She looks just like her mom.

  • wed. night

    When will you people get it through your heads that the paps follow her around?

    What do you expect Jen to do???? Stay holed up in her house all the time? Do you never go out? They don’t have a live-in Nanny, and last I checked it is against the law to leave a 2 year old home alone.

    I hope the guy in the pic is their new security guy, I think they need one for Jen and Violets sake.

  • anna


    so true she don’t smile with ben LOL.

  • Alison

    I wish Jennifer would stop posing with her daughter for the paps everyday.

  • buckeyegurl

    You haters are fcuking morons. Obviously taking pics of Jen makes them $$$, therefore, they follow her around and take pics, so they can make said $$$. Seems like common sense to me. And like someone else said, they do not have a live in nanny, so she takes her baby with her. Its called being a MOTHER. I realize that is shocking to some people.

    Love Jen and Violet, and I really hope she is preggers!

  • buckeyegurl

    Cute dress, btw…

  • zoe

    whats with all the hating? jennifer is down to earth, genuine, talented and pretty. she looks good here. better than her normal clothes to be honest…

  • beautiful

    Jen has been looking so good these days I love it :)
    V will always be cute!

  • STFU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you die a very painful death :P

    the Jen is awesome!

  • video

    there is a video of this at

  • all the haters must be

    2 fucking lame and sad people… with too many names!
    so screw them :P

  • chariya

    She is pregnant?????

  • diane

    Can that child walk yet. it looks like the same picture all the time

  • getalife

    Violet is one ugly kid!

  • ^^^^

    and you must be one ugly person!

  • getalife

    No, actually I am not. But thanks for inquiring.

  • Adoring Fan

    How old are you getalife?. You act like a l2 year old. Only kids call other little kids ugly. Grownups have learned to behave better. Go do your homework.

  • bloggers

    Hey, if I can get over despising Ben and Jen, so can YOU!

  • Janice

    hey Jared! waaaaaaay too much coverage of Jennifer Garner and Violet. What is this, like the sixth post of them in the last four pages of Celebrity Babies?!!!! Crikey!

    Jennifer G and Violet are not that interesting, in fact I am thoroughly sick of seeing them. Can you please post someone else and their baby for the next 20 pages and lay off JG? Thanks!


  • kty

    WOW. my favorite mommy and daughter tandem…Vi is growing really fast, and Jen is as always very cheerful especially when paps around. so adorable…….more power and keep smiling…i wish Ben have pictures with them more often, i missed him!!!!

    Katie Holmes should see mommy Jen and baby Vi, to get tips on how to properly take good care of her daughter:DDD