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Miley Cyrus is a Special Collector's Item

Miley Cyrus is a Special Collector's Item

In People‘s special issue on newsstands Friday, Disney’s tween queen Miley Cyrus opens up on what she has learned this year with regard to her Vanity Fair topless photo scandal.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star says, “I think knowing which people I can trust and being more aware of my surroundings. … It’s like Dorothy, I’m not in Kansas anymore.”

FYI: Miley will be performing on ABC News’ Good Morning America on Friday, July 18th!

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  • ..vanessa♥

    somene who spends his money in this crap , its nuts! poor W-H-O-R-E

  • jasmine

    who cares about this? lol must be a slow day for jared

  • dragon

    who gives a sh*t about this MEDIA WH*RE/HOOKER, SHE STINK HER ACTING MUSIC,


  • elljay

    EWW. sick. who would ever waste 2.99 or whatever on that piece of crap girl. i’m so sick of her.

  • yal


  • BeBenat

    Why Do You Guys Have To Be So Mean Just Give The Girl A Break What Do You Have Nothing Better To Do Then Just Sit Home And Make Fun Of People

  • mileyyygirl.

    ha im getting this because I LOVE HER. and i will always LOVE HER. and everybody who hates her just STFU because nobody honestly gives a shit what you have to say (:

  • dragon



  • Patty, loves ‘niley’

    i care bitchs ;) LOVEEEEEEE MILEY, SHES SO SWEET

  • liana

    <3s u miley! you rock!

  • mike

    love her….she is so sweet…at least use proper English if you’re going to criticize.

  • Sam

    Miley is definitely a good girl, with a good heart, who simply made some mistakes due to not thinking her actions through.
    Listen to her interviews, watch candid videos etc etc, she is REAL. That’s what I love about her.
    She is who she is, and not afraid to show that.
    She’s talented. She may not be the BEST singer out there, or the BEST actress, but it’s a combination of her talents that makes her so special.
    She’s unique. She’s fun and she’s funny.
    And to be quite honest, haters don’t know what they’re missing.

  • Jojo

    She looks like a cat??
    Hahaha. Good one guys. (Rolls eyes)
    She’s beautiful.

  • Mandy



    Jealous fuckers, just leave the girl alone, if you don’t like her, well too bad for you dumbasses.

    Why do you HAVE to come here and bash her?
    Hypocrits, think about what you are doing.

    I would LOVE to see the fucking look on your faces if you were famous and saw this here, people bashing you like crazy, you SUCKERS.

    You seriously have no lives whatsoever.

  • mcqueen

    I like Miley but u r all right… she does look like a cat

  • anny

    Miley Cyrus looks like a female beaver, why would someone pay money to read about her life when she’s only FIFTEEN

  • hahahah

    most annoying person that ever lived???



  • hanna

    Why would anyone be jealous of her? She acts so immature! Have you seen 7 things, she’s just trying to make Nick feel bad. You don’t see Nick making an immature video like that. She needs to grow up and it isn’t going to happen if she keeps hanging out with Mandy.

  • Jojo

    Trying to make Nick feel bad? WTF.
    If she wrote a song like ’7things’ it’s clearly because SHE was hurt, and is letting her feelings out through song.
    I don’t see the big deal.
    ‘Cry me a River’ anyone!?!? Same concept.

  • Jojo

    And she doesnt need to ‘grow up’ -she’s a 15 year old teenager for gods sakes. Let her have her fun.. and her awkward moments.

  • jbfangirl7

    Can’t wait. I am definitely gonna go buy it!! I’m still a fan of hers and always will be. <3

  • Mandy

    For god sake, now you’re blaming Mandy, saying she is a bad influence.
    Honestly, GROW UP.
    Nick hurt Miley, not the opposite, is it TOO HARD to comprehend?
    Miley is amazing.
    And she is got flaws like EVERYONE else.
    Thats what makes her a role model.
    Role models AREN’T PERFECT, role models are girls who make mistakes and learn from them.
    Seriously, some people… ouch.

  • Mandy

    She has got flaws**

  • ..vanessa♥

    JOJO go to sleep! nobodys with you.. haters of miley rock here!

  • Mandy

    Vanessa, I’m sorry but you’re so fucking stupid.

    Miley hater bashing her on here.
    Get a life, honestly.
    So fucking retarded.

  • Sarah

    Why would you spend money on that. I bet that issue of people won’t sell nearly as much as the Jonas Brothers edition.

  • iluvmiley

    All you haters are all Jonas Brothers obsessed fans!
    It’s so obvious now….so some of you guys trying to say that you don’t like her for whatever lame reason you put together in your mind need to stop fronting. Your just mad because she went out with Nick and they broke up and that she “may” have exposed him for what he did ( which I don’t even believe the song is about him anyways..but that’s what ya’ll believe so). I don’t care if you think he’s some heavenly angel sent from God. He shits, he farts, he lies ( yeah everyone has lied), makes mistakes just like all of us. So don’t put him on no he can’t be touched. He’s a boy and we all know how boys can be. Yeah, he may be “nicer” than most boys but you don’t know ANYTHING about the situation so to say that he never did anything to Miley and that she’s a liar or whatever is complete BS and you know it. He could have hurt her bad!
    And as I said no one still knows if that song IS about Nick…..unless it comes out her mouth you have no background to say shit! It’s more likely that Sturges loser that she dated. He’s the one that was a fake and used her. He also is the one that leaked those stupid pics of her and him . So I personally believe she released “7 things” as a bitchslap in the face for him!
    Why would she release a song about Nick like this when she knows she’s gonna have to see him in the future at events and stuff…seriously?
    Can you say beyond awkward!!!

  • LINA

    love you miley


    Ok wtf is wrong with you people?If you hate her so much WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WASTE YOUR TIME READING ABOUT HER?Seriously stop bashing this poor girl she’s had enough and you people say she’s immature?Go look at yourself in a mirror you’re bashing a 15 year old.Btw I care bitches and alot of other peolpe care,and if the Jonas Brothers and High School Musical can have a magazine all about them why can’t Miley?Get over it it’s a done deal don’t waste your time telling us you hate her cause you know what SHE DOESN’T FUCKING CARE!

  • Mandy

    Yeah, these people that come here and bash her HAVE NO LIVES.
    Thats it.
    And I do believe its about Nick “Iluvmiley” cause… um.. the dogtag in the 7 things music video, she has one, but its to symbolize Nick in the music video, the picture, and well just all the hints she gives, and on AT40 she said “I don’t know if I’d ever date ANOTHER celebrity… I’m not sure…” and the laugh she did just gave it all it was about Nick, hehe.
    YOU CAN’T put him in a pedestal.
    He is human and makes mistakes just like EVERYONE ELSE.
    Seriously, I’m a huge JB fan but you psycho fans are seriously retarded, have issues.
    He is not freaking perfect, and yes he hurt Miley really bad.
    Otherwise she wouldn’t write 7 Things which was not even for us to listen to at first, she wrote it just to let her feelings out, and later it entered on Breakout because it sounded good on the recording.
    So get over yourselves.
    Nicholas Jerry Jonas is NOT perfect, nobody is.
    And you Miley Haters just get over your fucking retarded minds and get out of here.

  • ahh

    she looks ugly.

    but i mean shes ok.

    but i like her.



    go miley fans!

  • samie


    love you miley, keep rocking on :]

    100% support for miley and everything that she does :D

  • Miley fan!!

    miley is awesome!
    and beautiful!
    stop being stupid little imature bitches!!
    if you dont like her dont read this stuff!

    but anyways finally she gets her own issue of people
    the dumbass GAY jonas brothers who were nobody till she had them on her tour even got one before her
    thats sad!
    well at least she finally gets her own issue

  • iluvmiley

    No YOU go to sleep vanessa. Your the one who’s probably a 14 year old faggot brother fan! Trust me I can tell this site is infested with faggot brother fans like rats feedin off of 3 year old cabbage. You are right this is the place where haters “rock”…wtf….I leave ya’ll to live your pathetic waste of a life hating on someone you DON’T fuckin now!! While that person is feeding off your hate and making millions soon to be billions off your ass! Because you might not be smart enough to realize it ( well obviously cuz your a dumbass) but she IS making money off your shitty ass because even if you and all the haters out there are giving her bad press it doesn’t matter cuz press is press and frankly if it’s good or not is not an issue. She still has millions of fans who by the way aren’t only little kids she has fans in the ages of 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 and on and on to the age of even 40 (which i find a bit weird but whatevs). If you don’t believe me take your little bastard asses to two little sites i call Youtube and Myspace (I know you will though cuz you obviously ain’t got nothing better to do then focus on someone you “hate”). You don’t know how many guys who are actually straight and in the ages of 17 to 25 that make videos about her or sing or dance to her songs or comment on her music myspace. So NO ONE is forcing you to pay any damn attention to her…you do know you don’t HAVE to click her posts, don’t you? But go ahead you fucktards and make my day.
    I’m done with this childish site and it seems quite clear to me that this Jared guy is obviously like 15 and gay.
    and trust me i won’t ever come back!!! thanks

  • girl

    God, all of you are the most immature people I’ve ever seen.

    First of all, these collector issues are crap.

    Second, that main picture is completely photoshopped.

  • tia

    More Miley Cyrus. Just what the world needs.

    Im feeling a little robbed miley, havent seen any leaked myspace photo’s in almost a month! what is the world coming to?

  • Bianca

    I care miley is a good singer and actress and yes she made a mistake but hopefully it will be in the past she’s human too you know it’s not like you don’t make mistakes so all you haters get a life!

  • Liz

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Miley, no one cares.”

    Well, not everyone.

    But almost.

  • lol

    I can’t wait for the day when the 10 yr olds who comment here grow up, if they ever do. hah and disappear miley cyrus! you’ve already done your damage.

  • Noplotunoriginal

    Miley Cyrus collector’s item huh? So her overpriced concerts, dolls collection, over-rated TV show, all the ‘what the hell is she doing’ private pictures and ‘Vanity Fair photoshoot scandal’ isn’t enough, so we now need a collector’s item as well? I’m sorry but she needs to stop bringing up the whole Vanity Fair photoshoot issue, because quite frankly I don’t think that people really care about that anymore, I don’t see why she isn’t just letting it go already.

    I would suggest that she just write another song about her mistakes that she’s made and how she’ll plan to make more in the future.

  • hater

    i dont know why all these little miley lovers defend her. like we would even care wat u think . miley is a immature talentless bitch. who ever likes her needs to get a life

  • Mandy

    lol haters…
    You can say whatever you want.
    You could NEVER even DREAM to be half talented as she is…
    So go on, bash her, if you think thats gonna do anything better for ya, but let me tell you, Karma rocks suckers ;)

  • marissa


  • Charlotte

    You’re so right Mandy !
    Anyway, I will buy it.

  • Erin

    Miley’s a slut, and since you’re so smart ‘iluvmiley’… try to figure in how I’m NOT a huge Jonas fan.

  • miley fan here

    leave me alone… is what miley would be saying right now cuz yous dont give her a break im sure girls and boys that miley would be really appreciating her fans right now not the hater fans.
    love yall xoxoxoxoxo

  • zanessafan

    she looks gorgeouss. :D

  • HH

    YEY! I love Miley. I hope it comes to the UK too.
    People leave her alone, give her a break, everyone makes mistakes.

  • HH

    How is she tryng to make Nick feel bad.
    1. She never said it was about Nick. – that was just your assumptions.
    2. She can sing what she wants
    3. Songs exaggerate
    4. If you actually listen to the song she says nice things about the guy too and says she loves them.
    Give Miley a break!

  • francesca

    heters suck, miley rules, i am gonna buy it