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Scarlett Johansson - "Cosmopolitan" August 2008

Scarlett Johansson -

Scarlett Johansson is August 2008′s Cosmopolitan cover girl.

The issue, which hits newsstands on Tuesday, has Scarlett sharing what she learned about love: “I’ve always been in monogamous relationships. … Monogamy can be hard work for some people. I don’t think it applies to everybody, and I don’t think a lot of people can do it.”

Ms. Johansson, 23, confirmed her engagement to actor Ryan Reynolds, 31, back in May.

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  • stacey strauss

    I love how much photo shopping they did

  • henry

    yeah they do look photo shopped it does look like something you would see on pro thinspo . com that site has all the celebrities photos shopped for thinspiration.

  • Rita

    Scarlett already has a rocking body.. but really, photoshop much???

  • hilary schwimmerman

    to the writters above yeah right all that photoshopping I wonder if she will sue this magazine like Kate Winslet did for the photoshopping of her…. pro thinspo had those photos with the shopping and without.. that is so sad that they do that .. josh stones ear ring in her nose is photoshopped out… you should check out those photos on that site.

  • fidel

    she does NOT have those types of hips. Since I’ve seen trainspotting for 10times (don’t ask why), the picture has been photoshopped to the MAX from the hip-area.

    She probably has 5 pairs of spandex under all that shit.

  • juls

    this girl is such an idiot. what a poser. five years from now she’s going to look back, read the s–t she’s said and wish to hide under a rock.

  • LuckyL

    She really does have a good body already and an hourglass shape. You should see her in candids. The next thing you know, you loons will call Halle’s hourglass shape photoshopped.

  • stellartes

    Glad to see my Scarlett girl as a cover girl and looking fab as ever!
    She has a great figure and if they did end up photoshopping it…hey it’s a standard procedure for all photos in the magazines…so people don’t get excited here over such a random thing.
    What matters the most is that she brings joy to some of us!

  • LuckyL

    They didn’t photoshop to the point people are implying is my point

  • Princess no one

    How many times do we have to hear about her issues with Monogamy…..just don’t get married if you have that much trouble sticking to one person…..and ya..the image is photoshopped to the max…so much for a magazine aimed at empowering young women.

  • Lil

    ekhm, remind me…since when she is monogamous – a month or so? :-/

  • hypocrite

    #10, moron. Read the quote. She said that she is monogamous while in a relationship but PEOPLE are not monogamous by nature. Hence why a majority of the population have divorced because of cheating.

    And she will keep brining it up until morons like you get what she is saying right. Stop acting as if the gossip rags you read are true. She never said she wasn’t monogamous.

  • Andre

    Uh, does anyone else notice how bad her FACE looks in this picture? She’s usually so pretty but not here!

  • hypocrite

    Some people will deal with sticking to a monogamous relationship but you can’t deny everyone thinks about someone else. It’s nature.

  • Marta

    this photoshop people have great sense of humor.


    LMAO! Are you sure that’s Scarlett Johansson? She’s not that thin these days – wishful thinking.

  • Sammy

    she’s not that thin??
    well people CAN work out lose the weight and get back in shape again YA KNOW. *rolls eyes*

  • Squtatoi

    Her face looks strange… Like someone morphed the original Scarlett with an uggo like Maniston or something. Ew.

    I hate when they photoshop or airbrush good looking women too much. Scarlett is pretty enough with just the usual light touch up.

  • Jo


  • Kelsey

    I really don’t think they used photoshop on this picture vary much.
    she always looks this perfect at events and stuff….
    anyways,she is so pretty!

  • jude

    Charlize Theron is prettier. This girl is overrated and average in the face to me. Scarlett tries too hard and I’m sick of her stupid monogamous quotes.

  • aeon

    She is only 23, damn I thought she was older.

    As for the photoshop, name one magazine that doesn’t photoshop its cover. Photoshop has been around for years and all magazine covers do it (including the so called models). I agree with one thing, either she lost a lot of weight or they made her hips smaller.

    Still I love her and I think she is going to be phenomenal actress as she gets older. IMO, she has more brain cells than the average stoopid actress (not just a pretty face).

  • aeon

    And another thing, do you know why actresses keep repeating the same quote?

    Because, journalists are asking the same question over and over and over and over and over again. Until journalists start asking some new questions then you won’t get new answers from these actress.

    That’s just my observation and opinion. stop asking the same question.

  • Princess no one

    wow….you really have trouble understanding what people say and how it is meant to be interpreted. I didn’t say she wasn’t monogamous I said she has issues with it…..and she said it before.

    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion…..but clearly you have a problem with people disagreeing with you.

    And ya, maybeI was wrong, she needs to repeat what she says coz people like you are going to twist it all over and over again, until finally getting it for real.

    As for actresses repeating their words, I don’t see most of them doing that except for few and that’s what made me say whatever I did.


    im sorry but she has a good body and thats about it her face is gross and so is her hair


  • onmyown

    I am hopeful, Generational age 30 and under will participate national political conversation. If ‘there is true change” to occur in our Political system, young voters will have plenty to say. Scarlet is one of us ! And while I do not always agree with her politics, and her too cozy e-mail to Barack Obama, I give her credit for her involvement and speaking her mind.

    ‘regretfully, according to Huffington Post, Mr. Obama dropped her like a bad habit, ejected her under the bus when rumors are starting to spread, “there is more to this relationship than just being an e-mail buddy “. It’s cold political reality – once you get to be a political liability, you are done. You are treated like a leper !

    Her learning curb on American politics will be painful – but I truly hope she continues to be involve.

  • Reggie1971

    Photoshopped or not, she has steam coming off of her in that picture. Yowzah!

  • scarlettJ is fake

    She is totally hypocritical!!! She ACCUSED Us Weekly for her alleged nose job and is crying wolf. From the link below you can see UGLY JOHANSSON DEFINITELY HAD A NOSE JOB: