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Jessica Simpson Practices Being An Aunt

Jessica Simpson Practices Being An Aunt

Jessica Simpson carries out one of her friend’s sons after having lunch at a Santa Monica restaurant on Wednesday. One of said friends being hairdresser BFF Ken Paves, of course.

This past weekend, Jessica, 27, met beau Tony Romo‘s parents over dinner at an Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisc.

“She scooted up next to him during the meal,” the restaurant’s general manager Doug Belfanz tells People. “They were acting like a couple. They were laughing. It was just a big family being out.”

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  • jo

    vanessa hudgens also wore the same print shirt

  • claudia

    tell me why she looks extremely pregnant.

  • claudia

    tell me why she looks extremely pregnant.

  • mike

    LOVE HER! <3

  • Mandy

    Nose job?

  • Jessica

    What were they doing in Janesville?

    It’s such a boring town!

  • emeline

    she does have the same dress thing too.

    she looks nice!

  • XxMANAxX

    Ken, do your job and get her roots done! It looks disgusting.

  • Danielle

    I feel sorry for the Cowboy fans. I listened to a radio interview Jessica did yesterday and she said she fixed her schedule to where she will be able to attend all the games. YIKES! Winless season.

  • VAnessa

    i live in janesville but unfortunitly i didn’t get to see them…..darn..

  • Gemini dolly

    Jessica was in Janesville because Tony participated in a golf tournament there and tagged along. She also got to shop with his mother at Old Navy.

  • tia

    thats an ugly little boy. and i think its scared of her.


  • nicole

    maybe she’s pregnant. Pregnant women should restrain from dying their hair, hence the roots. The dress is probably covering the bump and weight gain.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Hmm. Interesting. I never thought I’d say this but she may be pregnant.

  • meikeeeeeeee

    she looks so nice ! i love her!

  • missme

    Ken Paves has a child? HOW??

  • Katee


    A) Shes pregnant
    B) Shes fat
    C) Its the dress

    I will go with C for now

  • Helena

    The baby looks pissed off. You would be if Messica Simpson was holding you.

  • madonna


  • Kate

    This desperate who re is trying to change her image since Pam A call her out. even though that’s what Pam is herself that’s y she is right about Jessica. Jessica sure let John Mayer use the he ll out of her then dropped her. Dumb ho Bi #ch.

  • Antonio castillejo abedules
  • C a m i l a


  • C a m i l a


  • Diann

    Kate, I agree with you she has been very desperate to be in the media lately. She is a dumb tool and all the other stuff. Papa is desperately trying to change her image. So Papa signed Tony Roma up to stay with her. Jessica is trying to latch on to the cowboy fans in hopes that they will buy her cd. If I were them I would not accept this thing.
    I heard someone else say it best so I can’t take the credit but “The PR teams are the ones with the talent” these monkeys don’t have an once of talent at all the pr people build up a phoney image to sell to the public.

  • LOL

    She is were homely dresses to change her image but she don’t forget to hang her sloppy dress out in ever picture. She is so retarded.

  • LOL

    Stupid slug acts like a politician making it’s round kissing babies. I hope her country album flop like Ashley’s did.

  • kara

    That kid looks like he wants to get out of there -FAST!!!! Ashlee , hold on tight to your baby!!!

  • THE girl

    hahahah… She is so whatever…she looks so pregnant… Tony should run away from her….She is so pathetic.

  • badiggio

    I may be wrong but this looks a lot like the pic of her holding a friends kid from a couple of months ago.It wouldn’t be the first time her pr team has released favourable pics more than once and trying to pass it off again at a later date.

  • myself

    That baby looks like Mason, the baby she and Nick babysat one season on Newlyweds.

  • Tina

    She has such an ugly face and her implants are sagging. That poor, used little boy.

  • lj

    She has no idea how to hold the kid. Ken Paves is right next to her, can’t he ever do her roots? I doubt if she can tell chicken from tuna yet. She’s an idiot and a media wh*re. Notice the mom is trying to stop the paps and what does messica do? Mess up.

  • Sara

    Jessica trying to change her who re image. She is desperate.

  • Kait

    That is NOT how you hold a baby–way to pose for the paps, jess.

  • Dee

    This is the same little boy she was pictured with several months ago. It is her godson.

  • Amanda

    love jessica!

  • Quiniviere

    These are the same pictures that were out a while back because Jessica is out on the down low with Tony on a vacay at the beach. That is one sick couple. What in the hell he sees in her I will never know. Old, used, and abused. She screwed up wearin that dumb t-shirt now she has the country music people hating on her like they did the dixie chicks. Ever
    hear the Chicks on the radio anymore. You don’t ride into Nashville and then offend the female vocalist of the year and expect anyone to take it too lightly. She majorly is a total screw up. I cant wait to see what she does to Tony’s image and his brain while he’s trying to focus on his game.

  • THE girl

    Jessica you succkkkkkkk….get over it,,,get lost… tony get rid of her…Leave her before she gets you CrAZyyyy…. begging you…