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Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh Pleeeeeease!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh Pleeeeeease!

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Jake Gyllenhaal gets wild and crazy on his steed while flicking his wrist! Whoaaa boy!

What exactly are you doing Jake?

(The 27-year-old actor was practicing his horseback riding for his upcoming film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.)

Jake will be joining his sister Maggie at one of The Dark Knight premieres as a tribute to his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger. (Maggie worked with Heath on the new Batman flick.)

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  • Halli

    How the hell did he manage to get this role?

  • Shalala

    I KNOW!

    i dont like him

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • SayWhat?

    He is doin’ his Brokeback cowboy imitation…duh

  • Orange Clockwork


    So hot, so gay.

  • t

    love him

  • AL

    HAH! This needs to be an animation.

  • mike


  • polly

    sooo hot!!!!!

  • Liz

    Everybody looks silly when they’re learning to do something. Go Jake Go!

  • dexter

    He’s ugly.

  • abe

    fa go la

    never got the attraction of him…even if i was a guy..nope

  • crazy

    lol what’s he learning to do.. the fairy waltz?

  • Amy

    He’s obviously goofing around and playing fairy as a joke.

  • sari

    No one is going to see this movie. I like Jake G and while he does pick some good movies (Zodiac, Jarhead, The Good Girl, Donnie Darko) none of them have ever been a box office hit (except maybe Brokeback…maybe).

    Anyways, I don’t know how he keeps getting work.

  • Shar

    sari @ 07/03/2008 at 11:30 pm

    Because he keeps bending over like in brokeback. And that pic is not helping the gay rumors Jakey-Poo!!!

  • Ivana

    Agree with Amy…

  • jerrie

    He’s obviously goofing around and playing fairy as a joke.
    Not very politically correct of him, if that is true.

  • Ivana

    Agree with Amy…..
    He probably fooling around….. :-)))))

  • jojo

    He looks like a fag if I ever saw one!!! This movie will be a flop too, because Jake has lost all of his appeal since he hooked up with greasy Reesy.


    He’s making fun of himself. (-:

  • Anon

    I think he is sexy! If you believe he is gay, then you won’t mind when I have him share my bed. Since I’m a girl, I’ll be safe when the lights go out, right?

    Q.: What’s the hottest expression in the English language?

    A. “C.mere!”

  • oh dear

    This movie is going to suck BIg TIME!

    Jake is sooooo wrong for this part. If they were going to get a non-Persian, they should have paid Orlando’s asking price. At least Orlando already knows how to swing a sword and to ride a horse. Plus I can see Orlando pulling off the Prince’s fighting style moreso than Toothy Tile. Jake is just too bulky to be sleek and fluid. Just imagine Legolas with dark hair and a beard, and you have your Persian Prince. This movie is going to fail with Boy-next-door-with -a -bad-weave Jake as the lead.

    PS: Jake, it’s so not cool to play off gay stereotypes as a joke (if that’s what you are doing). Loser.

  • littletown

    Um just one problem with that Orlando can’t act.

    And I love how people think he’s making fun of gays just because of this pose. Give me a break. And if he is making fun of gays so what. Every group gets made fun of. But god forbib anyone have any fun at the gays expence. Please! Losers!

  • buckeyegurl

    Very unfortunate picture.

  • harold

    maybe he is making fun of mentally challenged people. He looks a bit spastic. Would that make you feel better?

    Either way, he looks stupid.

  • Idril

    People are so mean. Like you are never goofing around with friends… he is just having fun while working! Relax!

  • ruth

    Jake is an excellent actor and I have no doubt that he will be good in this role as well. Orlando Bloom may look the part but there is one slight problem – he cannot act! Jake is a cutie and I hope that he will find real and lasting happiness with Reese.

  • nikomilinko
  • vinky

    he looks gay…”talk to the hand”!

  • vinky

    he looks gay…with the hand and all “talk to the hand”!

  • rufus

    how u doin?

  • madonna


  • Li

    I liked Maggie (G) in 40 days and 40 nights. She played like the bestest friend ever to that girl. And all the guys in it were bonkers.

  • Sebastian

    so lickable!

    he always makes funny faces and stuff,he should marry Britney.

  • s

    Jake Gyllenhaal has lot of friends whose has drug addition and criminal like Robert Downey Jr. whose was in prison several times, Heath etc…
    He take part and make propaganda for criminal Gay Mafia with objetive to practice trade prostituition of children.
    Hallo Hollywood and addiction to get money!!! A child we can sell several times and drug only one time. It is very profitable!!!
    Dirty son of bitch!

  • solaris

    Ivana, Kako ste?

    I found a translation online (I am working on something), and I thought, Why not looking for Ivana’s language? I can not stay here too long.

    Ah, people. Don’t take every thing too seriously. Jake is just having fun with himself.

    And Anon, will you come to me, if I tell you I am gay? My bed is free for the moment. But I can not guarantee your safety ;-) !

  • melissa

    Oh give me a break! He is clearly joking around. Get a grip people.

  • falange

    what the hell, he’s quite obviously not gay and by being such a good actor in brokeback mountain he convinced people like ‘[☆I n F a m o u s☆]‘ and ‘ Orange Clockwork’ that he was.
    he’s hot also.

  • Ivana

    Hi Solaris, i am fine… :-))))
    Your Croatian is quite good. Keep going….

    If you are blue eyed and nearly handsome as Jake, i will come to you haha…
    Auf Wiedersehen :-)

  • cHRIS


  • cHRIS

    Don’t let the muscles fool you. Lots of gays are very muscular. But most of them….well I won’t say it.

  • Ivana

    What evidence??? This pictures…….
    C’mon…. He is fooling around, just watch video…. :-)))
    To prove that someone is gay, you must know that person very well…. Does anybody here know Jake very well ???

  • gameboy

    He is so wrong for PoP. Too old too pale and too bulky like someone else said. I am boycotting.

  • Patty

    Funny pics ^_^!

    OMG, Jake will attend a premiere with his sister?! I’m sure Heath will be very happy to see Jake there… He should attend all the premieres!

    Heath will be especially missed in those events :(…

  • cHRIS

    How do you know he is just “fooling around”? He might well just be being his real self, openly for a change. Don’t invent excuses for him.

  • defap

    Most gay men and most women think the same guy hot??? How funny. It is not possible. Don’t lie to yourself and the others.

  • Ivana

    Ok……Chris i won’t invent excuses for him :-)))))
    But still, i don’t believed he is gay. I have so many male friends who behave and look like girl and they are such normal guys..

    Just look Wenworth Miler, he look so male, so normal and still he is one of them… I guess there is no rules.. :-)

  • cHRIS

    His performance as a camping queen is so real and authentic, it can’t be faked. He has finally come out of the closet, in the UK, where he probably thought people might not notice since so many UK males are queens. Little did he suspect.
    And La Witherspoon didn’t arrive soon enough to be his beard. Just him and his horse.

  • cHRIS

    Calling Reese Wither, calling Reese Wither….beard needed, beard needed, right now right now. Emergency, emergency.