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Pregnant Man Gives Birth

Pregnant Man Gives Birth

Thomas Beatie, aka The Pregnant Man, gave birth today to a healthy baby girl!

No other details were give about the transgendered man or his new baby joy.

Here’s some backstory: Beatie was born a woman, had his breasts removed, received male hormones, and legally changed his gender from female to male. He kept his female sex organs and married a woman, Nancy.

“I feel it’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human need. I’m a person and I have the right to have a biological child,” Beatie has said.

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  • amanda


  • black

    I feel like drinking warm coke………………..which is saying something.

  • rebecca

    i feel sorry for his/her child. it is going to be bullied for the whole of its life.

  • Maria

    Poor kid is going to be more fuccked up than his dad

    … slash mum

  • me

    This is not a MAN.

    And I agree with Rebecca, I feel very sorry for this child as well.

  • [:

    i think i just barfed.


    i think i did the same as # 6


  • Angelove

    Come on Jared, the fake Angelina pics and now this. Logging off now.

  • blackjak

    this is sick…what the hell seriously! That kid is going to be lucky if she doesn’t have mental problems.

  • blackjak

    no angelove this guy was really pregnant…it was all over the news

  • the oc fansite

    urgh, that picture’s pretty disgusting!

  • chilly_powder

    wonderful! I hope they are a very happy family… that kid is going to be super loved and I agree with him/her:

    “I feel it’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human need. I’m a person and I have the right to have a biological child,”

    totally true!

    Congratz to them!! :)

  • soso

    I hope the baby turn out ok

  • Paul

    congrats to them, I hope the child doesn’;t have too hard of a life

  • eli

    that dude (or woman) has some serious mental problem

  • eli

    that dude (or woman) has some serious mental problem

  • Idril

    I worried about this children’s life… Sometimes science creates huge nonsense.

  • LuckyL

    I’m over it dude. I am comfortable with everyone, but this is totally unfair to the child. Sorry, once you’re a man, you’re a man, you don’t slide back and have babies. You adopt.

  • fofo

    thats weird dude i thought this was a joke when i first heard about it.

  • fofo

    thats weird dude i thought this was a joke when i first heard about it.

  • Helena

    Congratulations! But people twist the story and make it seem like he IS 100% male.

  • Hammad

    this is insane i feel really sorry for the child….

  • Disgusted

    This is absolutely a sin! What do you think God is thinking right now? This is not how God set things up!

  • bejeebus

    that poor child….to be born to two such delusional and selfish human beings. they started wh0ring the child out before it was even born…where will it end?

  • chantall

    dude i agree with rebecca 2 its hild will be taunted and teased i hope it doesnt commit suicide but he isnt really a man hs like kinda a girl in a way..

  • techgeek

    I wish Mr. Beatie and his family all the best! Congratulations on the birth of a healthy child!

  • athena

    I wonder if it was a cesarian delivery? Wow, just think how strong they have to be as people to go through this ordeal for 9 months and knowing that it will not be over until their child is old enough to understand what has transpired. Well, they seem to have some kind of balance, so, I think the kid grow up okay.


    that is a WOMAN!…I don’t care what anyone says. He was born a woman so naturally he can still give birth…don’t see what all the hype was for

  • !

    congrats! I hope the baby is ok and i hope is happy!

    But I don’t care what any one tells me that is not a man! It is still a chick.

    Either way babies are always a blessing!

  • Jeff

    And we wonder why this world is so screwed up. Sure, both men and women can desire to become parents, but only women are equipped to carry a baby and give birth. You can’t have it both ways. This shameful person has said in the past that she always thought she should be a man. so she tried to. but then she wanted to be a woman again, even if it was just to give birth. this is the beginning of the blurring of the lines between male and female, and it’s just another way we’re trying to play God. the next thing you know, we’ll be adding animal appendages to our bodies to make us run faster! what an IDIOT.

  • LuckyL

    Helena @ 07/03/2008 at 2:47 pm

    Congratulations! But people twist the story and make it seem like he IS 100% male.
    He identifies as male. So we should still call him a “halfie” and insult him, or only accept it when someone wants to do things like this, and he shouldn’t complain then if we use that term to fit his current agenda?

  • Linds

    He/she/it should have left the birth thing to the wife…the child will be so confused…

  • Jessica


  • LuckyL

    It IS a FEMALE’S ABILITY to have a child though. Biology doesn’t talk about psychological, soft-science desires.

  • alli

    i don’t see the big deal. yeah it’s not what we hear everyday but the way i see it as long as two people love each other it doesn’t matter how they bring a child into this world.

  • ciara

    i am sorry but the child will be taunted by children for life i hope she healthy though but i hope she is home schooled or she will have a horrible school experience

  • Jo

    You spout the typical liberal leftest tripe. Get some morals and some brains. “EVERYTHING” is NOT “OKAY”.

  • Megan fox rocks

    how the hell you call her a man and she have a puss*y

    people who had dic*k is men not puss*y

    u gay people have no mind

  • Megan fox rocks

    how the hell you call her a man and she have a puss*y

    people who had dic*k is men not puss*y

    u gay people r CRAZY

  • Newman

    I was born female and am male now. I have never wanted to have a child as a woman would. When I first heard about this transman becoming pregnant I was very angry. I knew it would be too confusing for people who aren’t trans themselves or know anyone who is. I was angry that it would make transmen into a joke or worse, be seen as “it”s. Well, the comments on here pretty much support my thoughts. It’s 2008 and people are reacting the way people have in the past to gay and lesbian couples having children–”the poor kid,” “she’ll be so confused”, “teased, taunted…”

    Well, why? As long as people react without thinking things through, there will always be misunderstanding and anger and hatred.

    I stopped being angry about this transman because I realized even though he and I have gone through similar experiences, we are very different. Who am I to tell other transmen what to do or not do?

    I have always thought we have a special gift to have lived in both genders that weunderstand the differences as well as the similarities between men and women.

    This is something that men and women have very strong feelings about. Trying to be logical and rational is almost impossible.

    While I respect other people’s rights to have differing opinions, I think it’s fair to say non-trans people have no idea what this particular transman thought about BEFORE deciding to go through what was required to change genders and what was required to become fertile again.

    These were not snap decisions.

  • Hydrochronix

    no matter how hard she tries she will never be a man especially now that she’s had a baby. she’s a transexual or whatever.not a man.

  • Mary

    She-He may be the last transgender that is ever permitted to keep their ovaries and womb and, hopefully, the American Medical Association is all over this story like flies and will make certain there are no further freak pregnancies in America. Simply cannot imagine the life this child will live with these two narcissists who have done this for fame and fortune.

    If Oprah has this pair on her show one more time, she deserves to have her show ratings completely bottom out!

  • Kathleeneire

    Sorry, but if THIS was well thought through…it NEVER would have happened. Well, that is, if the people making the decisions weren’t completely bent and consumed with their own wants and desires. This child will be a joke and they could care less.

    The comments that are against this mockery of marriage, sexuality, parenting, childbirth etc are NOT ignorant comments…they are comments based on having a clear concept of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG…..and THIS, my confused friend Newman, is WRONG. Now take your muddled mind, spirits and (now) body elsewhere so the NORMAL people can discuss this rediculous circus in peace.

  • yep

    its not a guy
    who thinks shes a guy
    annoying as FCk.

  • Kathleeneire

    Mary, You are a genius. I hope the AMA does exactly what you say. If a person wants to sign off on being a male/female…then they should also have to sign off on all the rights and abilities available to said gender.

  • knothead

    They can’t possibly document this as the first male to give birth. He/She was born a woman so the fact that she chopped off her boobs and changed her gender on paper to male does not mean she is a male.

    When I guy born with a penis carries a baby to term and then gives birth he will have bragging rights.

    Until then, Don’t even go there !!

  • E


  • miamiangel

    Congrat to this man and his family! And, shame on the negative comments posted by nasty readers. The nasty comments really show why the child of this man might face a hard future by some people.

  • yolly


    you should get yourself an education. then try a career in preaching. dummy.

  • jules

    I agree with #46. Th is is not a man who gave birth, but a women trying to be a man. He/she couldn’t even decide what they wanted to be.