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Cassie Kicks Off NYC Sound Tracks

Cassie Kicks Off NYC Sound Tracks

White-hot singer Cassie (in Pencey) strikes a few poses at the launch of Madison Square Garden’s new “NYC Sound Tracks” series at Metrazur Restaurant in New York City on Tuesday.

Cassie‘s second album is due out in September, with producers Kanye West and Pharrell. Her Official Girl video release with Lil Wayne is scheduled to drop next month.

On the personal end, Diddy and Cassie were reportedly trying to avoid be photographed together at the Marquee yesterday. Apparently the pair got into the same car despite slipping out at different times.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Diddy kickin’ it with Cassie — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures of Cassie kicking off NYC Sound Tracks…

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cassie soundtracks 01
cassie soundtracks 02
cassie soundtracks 03
cassie soundtracks 04
cassie soundtracks 05
cassie soundtracks 06
cassie soundtracks 07
cassie soundtracks 08
cassie soundtracks 09
cassie soundtracks 10
cassie soundtracks 11
cassie soundtracks 12
cassie soundtracks 13

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • allyce


    i think its cute.♥

  • xoxchriisyxox

    shes really pretty!!!!!!

  • Desireé

    she has a flat butt. lol, but she’s still cute!

  • ehh

    She’s cute. But I think she f**kin Diddy.

  • rysa

    oooh not good at all PRETTY FACE but no ASS, no boobs=(

  • jo

    cassie is so pretty

  • pimpim

    her face is great, but body isnt that good!

  • P

    I have no idea who she is, but she is very pretty. Her with Diddy, ewww gross. He looks old enough to be her father too.

    Jared – can you please identify other people in pictures. There are always people that go unidentified.

  • reny

    she is so lovely!

  • patrick

    Filipinoes are hot..

  • mariama

    she is always very hot, no matter here or on interracial chatting . c o m. i read many news about her, also her hot pics and videos.

  • http://buzznet cassy

    she is hot

  • wow

    What a stunningly beautiful girl, when I saw her in Kanye’s video I didn’t realise it was Cassie! P Diddy is just nasty, anything that moves he humps, remember when he was seeing Sienna Miller and all Sienna’s boyfriend at the time could do was watch her go off with someone else, but that didn’t last long either did it?!

  • Jashleybabes

    No ass…at all…Pretty face…no ass…Still, Diddy hit it…

  • vinky

    I agree with the flat butt thing,,,in my language we call it “ISISHWAPHA” bet u won’t be able to read that…LOL!

  • madonna

    She’s back, yo!

  • danz

    She’s pretty and her shoes here are hot!

  • Anita

    who makes those shoes, i want them!

  • jov

    She is beautiful but Diddy just messes up her image. I can’t believe they are still hanging out. I think he is possesive of her and does not want her to be around other men. Notice that everywhere he is, she is and vice versa. That equals something suspicious about them. I don’t know if they are sleeping together but the odds are that they have because Diddy would’nt keep her so close if something did not go down. He is just gross!!!!! And his personality stinks.
    Good luck to her on her new music.

  • jov

    Asian and Black mixes are so interesting.
    They get the darker skin but strong asian facial featurs and that incredible think black hair.
    I saw a really dark man with awesome dredlocks and his wife was asian and the two kids were a mix right in the middle. They were stunning! They had that caramel skin and jet black wispey think hair.
    Almost all mixes with asian gets those eyes. So stunning.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    who is she?

    what does she do?

    how many albums have she sold?

  • ghis-in-paris-france

    ” how many albums have she sold? “: It means you know who is she. Got a brain, please.

  • xcxcxcxcxcxc

    Cassie is way hotter than that stupid Beyonce who’s ass is full of cellulite , and has a cow stomach also way hotter than Ashanti who is just lame in music and beauty. Cassie and Ciara are two fine talented ladies that get often over looked. Recognize

  • xcxcxcxfdfdfcxcxc

    Cassie is way hotter than that stupid Beyonce who’s ass is full of cellulite , and has a cow stomach also way hotter than Ashanti who is just lame in music and beauty. Cassie and Ciara are two fine talented ladies that get often over looked. Recognize

  • lalalove

    #22, “[☆I n F a m o u s☆]” is only here to talk sh*t about everyone, and dub them haters when people tell the f*cking truth about Rihanna and her talentless ass.
    Yet, she’s here acting a fool.

    Now, should I dub you a “hater”, [☆I n F a m o u s☆] ?

  • anyway

    A couple of days ago I saw her pr of ile with nice pics on ‘ri ch ki ss . c om’. It’s a profes sional site. She has pics, blog and fri end circle there. And more she’s a certi fied mi llio naire. It see ms she’s very serious there.

  • Sam

    #24 You may think that Cassie is hotter than Beyonce, which I whole heartedly disagree with but Cassie does not have the talent nor enough drive for the music business, Beyonce works her ass of to be the best singer she can be and it shows during her concerts. Cassie is nothing but one of Diddy’s puppets…..

  • toshtosh

    the shoes are givenchy and of course she’s hotter than Beyonce. Who isn’t? she’s fat with fake hair!

  • toshtosh

    the shoes are givenchy and of course she’s hotter than Beyonce. Who isn’t? she’s fat with fake hair!

  • Timothy

    She is prettier than Beyonce? I don’t see it…Cassie has no real curves, she looks like a prepubescent teen. Beyonce has curves and does not have to sleep with her boss to get ahead. Beyonce is her own boss and is just as sucessful as her husband. No real man wants to have a woman that walks behind him, I want to walk side by side with my woman. Cassie should just stick to “modeling” and I use that term loosely.

  • Melody

    Damn Timothy you are so right!!!!!!!!!! The girl has no ass or tits and because of that they are saying that she is prettier than beyonce? So what if beyonce uses weaves that has absolutely nothing to do with her talent. She is a gorgeous woman inside and out and Cassie is just a girl, once diddy is done doing sexy time with her she will end up in obscurity.

  • dragon

    she looked better when she first debut, now she is a talentless wh*re that is sleeping with DIDDY her music is awful

  • jose

    HAHA Black girl with a FLAT ass!

  • hellomoto

    cassie = hawt

  • Mika

    She’s very beautuful- very striking and well balanced out facial features AND a nicely trim body. Who gives a sh!t if she doesn’t have (a lot) of boobs and ass? If she HAD and ass you cows would be screaming “OMG her ass is too fat!! OMG are those boobs? WHAT A SLUT.” etc… Just give it a rest. I think her body is perfect for HER, and if she doesn’t have TNA that’s because she wasn’t meant to.

    And i think she’s way way too young for Diddy. At least experince wise.
    What are you doing with that geezer, girl?! You’re not going to be young forever so you may as well enjoy it. When women get older they don’t get quite as much action from the young ‘uns as older men tend to.
    Live out your youth WITH other youth while you can :)

  • liana

    Cassie is so pretty
    She does NOT have a flat butt
    She is WAY prettier than Beyonce
    And dont go round saying she slept her way to where she is because you have no hard proof of that
    She has talent and looks, something that is now quite rare

  • sweetstuff

    She’s pretty and thats about it really. I really dont know how she can profess to be a singer as she lacks vocal ability (search on you tube for her performance on 106 & Park where she disgraced herself).

    The fact remains that in the entertainment industry its not really about talent just about looks, this rule can be applied to Rihanna and Ciara although what goes in Ciara’s favour is that she can dance.

  • Saida


  • Italian Stallion

    Go Danilo! Fuck all these chicks… you’re the proud of Italy! :-))

  • CA

    Ummm…who is the hot tall goofy drink of water? Kinda looks like her brother? Who told him it was ok to wear old smeakers on the read carpet?

  • Italian Stallion

    Who is he?!? C’mon…

    The tall guy is Danilo Gallinari, the first round pick of the NY Knicks in the ’08 NBA Draft!!!

    Go Italy!

  • Shali

    She is not filipina.. Her father is filipino, her mother is African-American, West Indian and Mexican.. The mixture is important to mention because I personally have never seen a filipino (straight) look like her.. She is gorgeous!

  • elijah

    cassie is a beautiful talanted mama