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Kelly Clarkson is TOAST

Kelly Clarkson is TOAST

Kelly Clarkson celebrates the 4th of July by grabbing lunch at Toast Bakery Cafe with two of her close girlfriends on Friday.

The 26-year-old original American Idol is currently recording her fourth studio album with many collaborators including Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic (“Apologize”, “Stop and Stare”). Sam and Louis also wrote and produced the song “Anytime”, which appeared on Kelly‘s debut album Thankful in 2003.

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Credit: drian Varnedoe; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • eddie jones

    kelly clarkson is a p i g pig, that girls a pig!

  • Yummyinmytummy

    I’d actually forgotten about her which is sad because she does have a great voice

  • Kasia

    i agree with the person above me
    i forgot about her too

  • yay

    she’s fine.

  • Godfrey

    looks like she’s enjoying herself =)

    and she is NOT a pig, its called normal.

    and i’m sure y’all won’t forget her once her fourth album comes out cause it’ll be huge =)

  • J

    well she’ll be back even though she never really went anywhere. people just feed in to what the media tells them. good to see her1

  • natasha

    how is she a pig?! haha no where near overweight.

  • shannon

    Kelly doesn’t whore yourself out for attention which is why it’s easy to forget about her when she’s not actively promoting anything. She doesn’t go to bars and make a scene in order to get her picture in the tabloids. Kelly just lives her life and goes about her business. and to the person who said Kelly is a pig I have to laugh and say get your eyes checked. Kelly looks healthy and normal. Not everyone needs to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful. It’s about time we had to real women in the entertainment industry instead of all these women who look like 12 year old boys in dresses.

  • Lillianne

    There are a lot of critical people on this website lately. She isn’t anywhere near fat. She’s a very short person so she’s probably 5 or 10 pounds overweight and it just shows more than on someone like Nicole Kidman. Her dress probably isn’t the most figure flattering either, but so what. Maybe it’s comfortable.



  • Jason

    The great thing about this girl is she’s not the kinda girl you’ll find on the cover of US Weekly for having been photographed going commando while getting out of a car.

    She’s nowhere near fat. This is a very loose dress and she looks just fine.

    It also says a lot that the people who work for her consider her more a friend to hang out with on the 4th of July than a boss.

  • tia

    I feel so bad for her cuz she is easily the most talented idol, but is totally overshadowed by carrie underwood, and possibly soon, jordin sparks. If it wasnt for kelly winning, there is a really could chance that Idol wouldnt have even continued.

    People forget that even though carrie has done really well, kelly is still the most successful idol of all time selling over 26 million cds worldwide!

    while I will admit that at the moment IM kinda over her, I do know that once her cd comes out, kelly clarkson mania will take over the world once more!!!!

    ohh. and shes not fat. shes what? a size 6? in the real world. thats not fat. people should be happy shes not a nicole richie.

  • pinkydoo

    I love her songs and she has the greatest voice. She’s cute. I just think she is not the best looking out of all the Idol winnners so that’s why she is not so popular. It’s a shame but you really do need a whole package to make it really big and have people like you more. I bet if she were taller, thinner and prettier people would swoon. I don’t blame anyone but society and the media.

  • mike

    love her. keep the good music comin kelly! Used to like underwood, but that bitch is conceited and just full of herself. GO kelly!!!

  • veronica

    i agree im kinda over her RIGHT NOW. but im sure shes gonna take over once her next album comes out which hopefully comes out soon considering her last album wasnt that good.

  • veronica

    and carrie is not conceited mike haha

  • tasty

    im getting hungry for some toast.

    and bacon….and eggs, and grits.





    im hungry now, thanks kelly.


    im hungry now, thanks kelly

  • n!na

    i miss her :(

  • Rick

    Give us hits kelly!!

  • walt3r


  • @

    Aww, she looks cute. Super talented girl, hope her next album is great.

  • j0sh

    incredible voice incredibly big tighs yum :D

  • veronica

    u guys are gross!!

  • Anakellya

    awww Kell looks cute & stunning (:
    can’t wait for her new album and future tours!! =D

  • Marc

    Carrie will never be bigger than kelly, because Kelly is a worldwide star, she’s huge in Europe and Australia, Carrie is only big in the US
    Love from spain

  • julie

    I agree with mike and marc. carrie is pretty but she seems like she’s full of herself. I went on vacation to australia, and they love her there. carrie doesn’t have that worldwide appeal. hopefully kelly can get more hits out there. she’s also a good role model for young girls…

  • MovieMadness

    So what if she has weight on her…how does it affect you and why do you feel the need to say it? I swear, Some people need their ass beat

  • Marco

    wow i love her!!! and she lose some weights!

  • Caian

    Kelly Beautiful!!

  • ANNE

    So cool to see Kelly out and about!!! Love getting new pics of her.

    She looks so cute! I love her. Can’t wait for her 4th album.

    Great singer and the best Idol!

  • Yolanda May

    Hey Kelly
    Get yourself a MACROBIOTIC CHEF and drop the weight.
    You are headed to Kirsty Alley town.

  • Léo

    I Love Kelly she is beauiful and very funny at this Picture =P

  • shannon

    I am so over Kelly but people should leave her alone. She is still pretty. Her obsessed fans who hate on everyone especially Carrie Underwood are another thing entirely. They the nastiest fans around. You should see what they post elsewhere about Christina and Carrie. The ones who do it the most are very old. I could not stand them and walked away. Hah!

  • Nicole

    Carrie doesn’t have worldwide appeal because she sings country and Kelly sings pop. Pop music is more of a worldwide genre. And Carrie comes off as conceited because she isn’t as bubbly and open as Kelly is. Kelly has a good personality for the business, and Carrie is learning to be more open. She is improving with her personality. They are simply just 2 different people singing 2 different genres of music. I don’t think it’s right to compare the two. Why does matter who is more successful if they are both great singers and put out good music for their fans. I can’t wait to hear Kelly’s new album. I know it’ll be great.

  • chewy

    quote”Not everyone needs to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful. It’s about time we had to real women in the entertainment industry instead of all these women who look like 12 year old boys in dresses.”

    You have to be beautiful to be considered beautiful and Kelly is kind of homely. She looks like a fat ugly 12 year old boy in a dress.

    Plus, someone said she sold 26 million CDs. That sounds like an exageration to me.

  • kyle

    Actaully she has sold 26 million CDs worldwide, so no its not an exageration. And “my december” was amazing, it just wasn’t as commercial as “breakaway”. It for sure shows the artist side of kelly.

    Love her!

  • kacau

    prezas that, Kelly is beautiful

  • jane

    Ok I have to say something about all this talk about Carrie and kelly, both are good but different styles. i think Carrie gets more publicity than kelly, if kelly doesn’t came up with a good album nobody really cares about her life and that is what it makes an artist famous now days, Madonna became Supe famous because she was always on the news, everthing she did was controversy , but she was never a good singer( m y opinion anyway). I think the most talk about idol is Clay, the tabloid loves him, almost everthing that happen on in his private life makes news , Carrie also make news for other than a good album, but not Kelly

  • chewy

    I guess the 26 million must be counting singles.

  • Addicted.

    Why should we even care that Kelly or Carrie is bigger? I love Kelly way more and I care about ehr life, because i’m a huge fan. Anyway, I don’t care if she’s fat, and she isn’t, if she’s still gonna make more amazing albums then I’m okay with it. And she has a great personality so why hate her because she is not that thin than other girls like Nicole Richie?

    And, I’m from the Netherlands, so Kelly ís famous worldwide. And I don’t think Carrie is really famous in my country.

  • Rafael


  • Ukjared

    She looks great. Good to see she lives a normal life. I really like Kelly and hope she tours soon in the UK. I missed her last time. My girlfriend went and said she was fantastic. Lots of love Kelly from your UK buddies.

  • jake

    i hate when people compare KELLY to carrie! they just dont compare at all carrie is country and KELLY CLARKSON is a WORLDWIDE POP STAR theres just no comparison.

  • Vivi

    it’s good see her!
    she is cute!

    can’t wait to have her back with the new album!!!
    Get ready Kelly

  • Tes


  • Will

    <3 loveeer

  • menotyou

    Yeah, she’s a bit chubby. Thank god her voice is what makes my heart melt, not her jean size. By the way, this is coming from a size 2-4 and my worth is a lot more than what I can fit into. Kelly is amazing, I’m a fan, and while it would may be nice that she fits into the “mold” just to keep the haters off her, I am glad she does her own thing. That keeps her real and it keeps me a fan. So, keep enjoying yourself Kelly, be normal, and screw the ” I must be a size zero” mentality.