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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Jet Off To Vacation

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Jet Off To Vacation

On-and-off-screen couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens step out of their limousine and board a private jet at a Los Angeles airport on Friday.

The High School Musical twosome are jetting off for a little July 4th getaway! Maybe to join their HSM costar Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Jared Murillo in Hawaii?

DO YOU THINK Zanessa is joining Jashley on vacation in Hawaii?

15+ pictures inside of Zac and Vanessa jetting off to vacation…

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zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 05
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 06
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 07
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 08
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 09
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 10
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 11
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 12
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 13
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 14
zac efron vanessa hudgens vacation 15

Photos: Homero Tercero/WENN
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  • zanessa fan

    did u not hear wat vanessa said in an interview THE CAST ARE GOING ON HOILDAY AFTER HER TOUR!! This is zanessa time holiday!”

  • yenni

    yupi siiiiiiiiiiii zanessa te aaaaaaaaammooooooooooo mucho

  • yenni

    vanessa y zac son lo maximo

  • yenni

    zanessa viva forever ilove

  • nathalia do brasil

    adorei a noticia
    i love you zanessa

  • jessy

    zanessa is beautiful

  • caitlin

    i loooooooooooooove this couple they are awesome i want pics of them having sexy time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malia

    Hope they have fun and get to relax, wherever they go. They’re good people.

    Zac just did three moves back to back. Vanessa did her music album and two movies back to back, then her promotion blitz in NY.

    My wish is that the paps don’t find them until they return to sunny Los Angeles with golden tans and we won’t know where they’ve been.

  • Jennifer W

    zanessa together again and they both look amazing. zac and vanessa deserve a nice vacation together and i hope they have alot of fun and just relax and enjoy it while they can.

  • Malia

    Love this picture of Zac and Vanessa:

  • zane

    go ZANESSA!!! you deserve a vacation!!!

  • sadielady

    finally some zanessa

  • layla

    yaaaayyyy zanessa! <3

  • ..vanessa♥

    yeeiii zanessa sighting=)
    hope they don’t reunite to that pair of losers=S(jashley)

  • V-loyalist

    Good for them! They really deserved a much needed break after months of grueling dance steps and Vanessa’s consecutive album promo, at least before V heads back to do her State Fair tour this August she had already rejuvenated and got to spend some quality time alone with his MAN =). I just hope wherever they are heading off will not be track down.

    oh and someone said he is in SLO….not!

    A good evening to my fellow Angels! Had fun guys on the holidays!

  • kristin

    loove it! :]

  • dadad


  • Jayden


  • rosielee9

    Great to seeZac and Vanessa getting away for some alone time and big deal they took a private jet can you imagine the frenzy at the airport if they had shown up together, at least this way they got to travel together without the hassle of the pap’s in their faces so I say good for them.

    And why should’nt they get away they have both been very busy and soon there will be Vanessa’s tour and all the promotion work for HSM3 so to me it make’s sense for them to get away now before it all get’s hetic again.

    Nothing against Ashley but I hope that Zac and Vanessa are keeping the trip just for them to be together and relax,I know that they were together filming HSM3 and they had a great time but just some alone time with your special one never does any harm.

    As it’s been said to Zac will be 21 this year and Vanessa 20 so why would they need their parent’s permission they ( the parents) obvioulsy have had enough trust in both of them to let them make their own decision’s and that includes who they go on holiday with.

    And again for the people posting negative and nasty comments if you don’t like or want to hear about two people who have never done anything to you then don’t look at a page that involves them.

    Happy Vacation Zac and Vanessa hope you have a good one.


    INCREDIBLES couple..

  • narf

    Hey V-loyalist, how are you lady?

  • V-loyalist

    I want to say this is one great news of them for me today, where I’m at working and lots of things to do on a Saturday, It surely give me some additional strength :)

    Btw.. Is it just me or is Zac wearing something the “precious” one on his finger? I cant stop focusing my eyes on pics 1 & 15 if you enlarge it… not really sure though, I could be wrong.

    HI narf! I was sneaking a little post :) it’s 1 pm here so my time in here has lapse..LOL! Having a great holiday, fireworks and all? I’m sure you do since your mom and brother are there.

  • http://justjared zanessa rocks

    aww i bet there going to florda or the bahams

  • http://dscsdcvsd haonanh

    iiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeeee zanessaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Ashleee

    Aw they look so cute but i messaged vanessa hudgens on her music page like a month ago and she said zac and her are a publicity thing now but they are cute

  • FFA

    For Ashley’s sake, I hope they don’t show up in Hawaii. They’re more in-demand than Jashley, and them going there would take the attention away from Ashley. And I’m pretty sure one of the reasons Ashley went back to paparazzi-infested Hawaii is for the fabulous photo-op. Don’t want to be forgotten amongst all the news about her bff and her bff’s boyfriend afterall.

    Zac and Vanessa are always talking about what a private couple they are. Well, I’ll fully believe it if they jet off to some place quietly and leave us with only guesses as to where they go.

  • narf

    Had a good holiday V-loyalist, thanks. Glad you were able to sneak on tonight.

    I am off to bed, have a good afternoon. Nub ya!

  • V-loyalist

    Good night Narf..sweet dreams. I’m off as well.

  • lovin

    hawaii part II zanessa pics =]

  • liz

    i hope they go to like mexico or something! but not hawaii, cuz they would just be asking for it! they need to go somewhere private, but i don’t think they will go to hawaii since ash and jared are already there! have a great vaca z and v!!!!!!

  • http://justjared angelica

    i hope they have a very good time, they need this well deserved break! love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misty11

    have a great hollyday vanessa and zac get some rest you two.

  • Mary

    los amo!! son hermosossssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    So cute :)

  • Megan fox rocks

    love zanessa , they r so cute

  • beverley

    I sincerely hope that NO-ONE finds them,they deserve a private vacation so much,they’ve both worked non stop since December.

    Look forward to seeing them when they get back,relaxed,tanned and happy !!!!

  • zanessafan

    OMGGG YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hmmm i dont think they will go to hawaii, maybe somewhere different?!?
    <3 zanesssaaaa

  • troy

    I have to say I love the fact that after repeated pictures of both Zac and Vanessa catching commerical flights they take a private jet ONE time they are evil incarnate. It’s ridiculous.

    I guess people don’t understand that the operative word in “private Plane” is “Private.” As in they don’t know what everybody to know where they are going.

    As far as wheither they are joining Ashley and Jared in Hawaii it’s possible; Zac’s surfboard and beach apparel point in that direction. After all Hawaii is not the the only place in the world with beaches and surfing. I’m \thinking Austrailia possibly.

    As far as the “Wildcat Vacation:” Vanessa mentioned in her Extra interview I got the impression that was going to happen AFTER the promotion for “HSM3″ was done. It would be their last hurrah if you will. But I could be wrong on that.

    As fun as it is to speculate as to where those two scamps are sneaking off to, like our excellent and everwise Narf and others have said I personally hope we NEVER find out where they went. These two have been working virtually nonstop for the past six months. They’ve more then earned a little private downtime.

  • zanessa/jashley

    Oh FINALLY. Zanessa !! YAY :D

    Hm…any thoughts on where their goin’ ? I hope they have a great vacay. Glad their still together :D

  • nadine

    Yeah!!! Zanessa is back!!! They’re soo cute together, I love them!!!! ZANESSA 4-EVER!!!

  • nadine

    Yeah!!! Zanessa is back!!! They’re sooo cute together,I love them!!! ZANESSA 4-EVER!!!

  • me


  • Laura


    I think they might be going to Hawaii. Who knows though? :) Hope they have fun and don’t get bothered by the paps too much anyway. x

  • lisa

    Can’t see if it’s really Vanessa…

  • zanessa forever

    Zanesssssssssssssa is back

    i love them so much

  • midnightwonder

    I’m glad they could manage a much needed vacation together. I hope they will not be bothered by fans or paprazzi. After all, as many of you have pointed it out, they were working non-stop in the past few months so they deserve some privacy and rest.

    On the sidenote, I love Zac’s shorts and Vanessa’s trousers! Watching these pictures of them I have an itching of going to the beach ASAP.

  • zanessa forever

    i love them!!!!!!!

    zanessa summer 2oo8!!!!! =)

  • Helena

    You fans are weird. Do you just wait for sightings of these two all day?

  • Kirsty

    Alone time for them, hopefully no paparazzi =]

  • sarah

    aw they look so CUTE and ADORABLE
    zanessa rocks !!