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Lourdes Leon is a Headband Hipster

Lourdes Leon is a Headband Hipster

Madonna arrives at the Kabbalah Center for Saturday Service with director husband Guy Ritchie (pictured below) and daughter, Lourdes, 11 1/2, in New York City.

The three of them were stuck in the car for a little while because of the rain.

This past week, Madonna has been under fire for breaking up her marriage to Guy as well as the marriage of New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia. These rumors were vehemently denied by the Madge‘s rep.

10+ pictures inside of headband hottie Lourdes Leon

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lourdes leon handband 01
lourdes leon handband 02
lourdes leon handband 03
lourdes leon handband 04
lourdes leon handband 05
lourdes leon handband 06
lourdes leon handband 07
lourdes leon handband 08
lourdes leon handband 09
lourdes leon handband 10

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN, INFdaily
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  • Nicole

    Jared your captions are ridiculous

  • mike

    I feel bad for the little girl…love her though…

  • susan

    Her daughter looks terrible and Madonna better not break up her marriage. Guy is a nice and attractive guy.

  • http://MIVIDALOCA maria :)

    Jared, this headline is a little weird seeing as Lourdes is only 11 years old -_-

  • kristi

    It’s kind of sad that the only decent looking member of that family is the one they adopted

  • b


  • b

    lol, didnt see those comments!!!

  • Maria

    So is Guy and Madonna ‘s relationship solid? I hope so. i really like them together and Lourdes seem to adore Guy as her step father. He’s so loving and caring towards David too. Of course he loves his biological son, Rocco. I hope this family stays together and the rumors are just that rumors.

    Stay together Guy and Madonna. we love you!

  • Yolanda May


  • nunny

    oh please
    not another “i luv a-rod omg” fan
    #11 get a life
    and ppl need to lay off their marriage or any celebrities marriage..

  • Yummyinmytummy

    pretty girl, poor thing won’t have any privacy

  • a fan

    Just a thought but I think all children should be off limits when it comes to posting their pics. Some of them do surf the web and could be hurt by many of the comments posted.

  • sistahc

    Do you think it’s appropriate to wear a skull shirt to the Kabbalah centre?

  • sassy

    Madonna and her body actually frighten me, She suffers terribly from Exercise Bulimia. Her body looks horribly manly and her face haggard..and that’s with enormous amounts of plastic surgery and fillers.
    She really needs to relax her regimen..I mean what’s it all for at this point? More for her ego?
    Retire and spend this time with your family.
    And her choice ion clothing always amazes me..straight from the gym, but worse, no taste’s obvious I’m not a fan of the Man.

  • Liz

    When is Lourdes going to get that monobrow waxed? Seriously, it’s an easy problem to take care of. Come on Madonna.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    lol… it’s the Ashlee syndrome.

  • LT

    I agree, madonna is exercise bulimic…she can’t stop to the detriment
    of her body. her ego says she is not worthy with 1 ounce of fat…come on, give your body a break. stop torturing it! you are becoming too masculine!!!!!! unhealthy and a bad role model. don”t give it up…just relax!

  • Joseph


  • Johnny

    why does the girl have a mustache???

  • sweetstuff

    Kristi – LOL! I agree!!

  • MMR

    Lourdes Leon IS CUTE

  • po

    lourdes is cool!!!!!!…is just a girl. A fashion girl.

  • remember da truth

    Lourdes is so self-confident and pretty, she’s going to be a fantastic woman. No need to fix her eyebrows to satisfy people who would criticize a child.

    Madonna has a right to look haggard with all the harassment she’s been getting lately.

  • remember da truth

    Susan #4 — how do you know Guy is a nice guy? What right have you to say she should stay in the marriage if she’s unhappy? All those saying she looks haggard probably would too if they were supremely unhappy, as Madonna has been rumored to be for years. She has also rumored to be the subject of abuse from the man whose career pales to hers in comparison and he resents it. Rumors might not be true, but then rumors of his being nice might not be true. It’s not YOUR life, so you don’t know, and have no right to want someone to stay in a marriage that is dead.

    Besides, how nice can Guy be if a woman who attacks an innocent child thinks he’s nice?

  • chat

    Madonna is haggard and her body is manly looking, not soft like woman is supposed to look.

  • chat

    Guy will get him a nice loving woman who appreciates him. Thats what always happeneda when these reckless women abandon and cheat on their husbands and disrespect them. The husbands always find a woman that loves and respects them. Guy will find someone, you watch. And old ass haggard Madonna will just have her wornout manly body.

  • Lillianne

    wonder why M is wearing those raggedy satin shorts over and over and over? looks like the dog has been chewing on the lace

  • oliviadog

    It is only normal for a woman who dances as a part of her career too have a strong limbs…. the way you people talk, she looks like a body builder and she does not!

    One thing that continually surprises me about Madonna is that she never, ever, ever uses a purse or a bag to carry all her crap in. It just looks really stupid to carry shoes, cell phones, sweaters etc. in your hand.

  • remember da truth

    Oliviadog, what an interesting observation! I’d never noticed, but you’re right.
    Maybe she feels it would offset her balance, carefully managed through yoga, with a bag over one arm? Or she’s simply accustomed to other people taking care of such mundane things as carrying her stuff!! LOL!

  • Tess

    She breaks up another couple but her lame paid for husband stays with her. You ever notice his face when he holds little David, looks like he is not into him at all. Never any thing loving. He also does that to Madonna. I think he got a women in England he is in love with. He just stay with madonna for his pay check.

  • joan

    I agree with the earlier comment about that child”s eyebrows!! Everytime I see her, I think they are filthy rich & her child looks that in the public eye. She is going to be So embarrassed later on in life!!!
    Wondering why no one in her family or all their helpers could not pluck her eyebrows. Now there are a ton of pics showing her looking like less hairy female Chewy. At least maybe she can be in a Star Wars film. Mom or step-dad probably knows George Lucas.

  • http://lorlopeck angela

    another generation taking the torch from madonna, sad and ugly to think of

  • icon in the making

    Seriously digging Lourdes style! Fabulous.

  • groovacious

    Lourdes is gorgeous and she’s gonna be a bombshell when she’s older. And man, look at her style! Lil girl is already a fashionista!

  • Yolanda May

    A-Rod is hot!

  • soc
  • Bekka

    Does anyone know where you can get that shirt that Lola has on??

  • http://comingsoon hollywood1hugefan

    She LooKs Cool!!!

  • Layne

    Headband hipster? Corny. The kid is 11 for heaven’s sake.

  • Layne

    Grow a brain. Madonna is exercising to get into shape for the STICKY and SWEET tour. She has to be in top form as it’s going to be a gruelling schedule, a new city every night….she has to have stamina and strength to do all those moves every night…..duh…..

  • kristi

    Way to tell it like it is chat! ha!

  • Heavenly

    Ew! Don’t call an 11 year old a hottie! That is pedopheliac!

  • not me

    Lourdes is a gorgeous girl. She is developing into a beautiful, confident young girl before our very eyes. God bless this child and her family.

  • Tracy

    She has to be in top shape to grind on some boy young enough to be her son. Its pathetic. She is so desperate to be relevant, she used to be the queen. Now she is just sad.

  • chicachica

    You’re right Tracy.
    Back in the day, Madonna may have been relevant and hip. But now what is a 49 year old, nearing 50 doing galavanting around loosely with men? let alone doing a “sticky and sweet” tour. A couple of sites have indicated weak sales on the cd. She’s diminished into Webster’s definition of “tacky”. She could literally have anybody she wanted just based on her money not looks. She appears to be a control freak who merely revels in destroying the happiness of others. Guy probably realises now that he’s just been along for the ride all this time, like her side piece. His hindsight has possibly kicked in and he perhaps recognizes that a woman like that rarely settles down; that it’s all about the thrill of the moment, not about consideration of the feelings and decency and respect of others. Some have said that Madonna is very strict with her daughter. But all of the filthy videos, songs, and propaganda she’s done over the years, ranging even from pre-Dennis Rodman til now is not exactly a stellar legacy to leave behind for a young impressionable girl. It’s also really sad for A-Rod’s wife and daughters. Based on how Madonna conducts herself with men and her nympho ways, it’s a wonder if she ever asked herself whether she’d want that for her daughter? Rather sad to see someone who may be remembered in pop history for years to come not for talent but aborrent and really trashy.

  • Layne

    #46 – So what she grinds on some boy young enough to be her son? The ones seeing it will be the ones who shelled out the money for her concert. She will make millions from her concert tour so who cares about a little bumping and grinding? Oh wait – you do – must be from the bible belt with such narrow views.

  • Dana

    Weird post No. 47. She wouldn’t be going out on tour if she wasn’t going to be making a whole lot of money. I was at her last concert and it was packed to the rafters. Her daughter knows business is business and Madonna conducts herself as a respectable married woman who attends church regularly with her family. The garbage in the gossip web sites and magazines is just that – garbage. But I see you believe everything you read – gullible like many others. You believe the A-Rod stuff?- hahahaha

  • chicachica

    @ “Dana” too late for her to consider herself to be a “respectable”‘ woman. That word isn’t something that she knows. Obviously neither do you twit- if you paid to hear her trash!!!!! It takes trash to know trash- FREAKIN HO

  • Dana

    You sound very jealous of her success #50. Never too late to be respectable and as soon as she had kids, she set a very good example for them. She’s very disciplined, not running around boozing or taking drugs. She emphasis church for the whole family, physical fitness, wrote a children’s book, adopted a darling little boy from a country she is single handedly saving from the ground up. You just have no facts – all you know is what you read in your weekly trash tabloid or on celebrity web sites.