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Mark Ronson & Daisy Lowe are London Lovers

Mark Ronson & Daisy Lowe are London Lovers

Cute couple Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe walk out of Notting Hill Arts Club together on Friday in London.

The Brit Award-winning producer, 32, and model Lowe, 19, started their night at the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, where Ronson was performing with pal Lily Allen.

The couple, who have been dating since April, then moved on to Soho club Paper, before hitting up NHAC.

Lowe is the daughter of former Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, husband of Gwen Stefani.

15+ pictures inside of UK celebrity couple Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe

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  • Jamie Spears Insider

    They look good. Daisy looks like she has good abs =).

  • Xool

    He’s a perv…his sister’s Hohan’s main d-ke and his bastard girlfriend’s a ho.

  • Sammy

    ok um no….she looks and probably acts OLDER than she originally is. and plus dating a 32 year old. hahahaha im sure Gavin is gettin a real good kick out of that.

  • lottie.

    wtf is she wearing.. i dont get the “hype” around her AT all.. she looks like a panda.

  • Logan

    Her mom was a part of that swingers group with Sadie Frost and Jude Law. There were n ude pictures last year of an underage Daisy, one where some guy is kissing her nipples. I used to love MR, but he is kind of gross by association. Plus, while I think he is a good DJ, I think he gets way to much credit musically. When he is on stage It looks like he can barely play the guitar and since he doesn’t sing….

  • WTF

    He’s practically a pedophile.

  • Sarah m

    At #4, the last time I checked, pandas were cute.

    So you’re saying she’s cute, right?

  • annagrey

    I think she is famewhore. She is only looking to associate herself with famous people to become more of a celebrity. Her mother must of taught her well. She would have never had modelling jobs if people weren’t interested in that whole paternity mess.

  • sassy

    she reminds me of a young Phoebe Cates…the Ronson’s are all hype.
    not sure I approve of a 32 year old dating a 19 year old….but then again, men mature at such a slow pace…
    okay, I’m prepared to get blasted by at least one guy now.

  • Sara

    hehe he has short trousers

  • the_boyfriend

    He’s a hot mess here.

  • gracee

    i knew i recognized her! she was in that special addition of teen vogue not too long ago… and she was with William from Blondelle at the time. Hm, she sure moved on fast! She also did a mag cover w/ will and they were both practically naked.. well she was topless anyway..with will like.. yeah you have to see it for yourself. hahaha

  • gracee

    ** it was I-D magazine or something, i dunno maybe it’s a british mag? But that’s what it said on the cover. You can find it on blondelle official website (but theyre no longer together allegedly)

  • Taylor

    13 years older? sleezy

  • Taylor

    He’s always walking in front of her….iow, she’s always one step behind


    Click below to read about Daisy and Gavin Rossdale.

    Daisy, on the other hand, was the result of a teen-aged one-night-stand with singer Gavin Rossdale, whom Pearl describes as her onetime “best friend.” Any fond feelings she might have had for the Bush frontman — now husband to Gwen Stefani — appear to have dissipated after Gavin reportedly ceased communication with Daisy, his former goddaughter, after her true parentage was revealed.

    In May 2003, he called and said he needed to meet me. The following day he explained to [me] that a paternity test had been at the back of his mind for some time. Because he and Gwen planned to start a family, he felt it was time to get his house in order. He could not have been sweeter about the whole thing. ‘If it turns out that she is mine, then I think we need to look at getting her some counseling. She’s just a child and this could be very disruptive for her.’

    We decided we would not tell Daisy, then 14, what was going on unless Gavin turned out to be her father. As far as she was aware she was going to have a mouth swab for a routine check. I rang Gavin the next day to find out when he was free to take the test. There was no answer, so I left a message. At first I wasn’t concerned that I hadn’t heard back from him, but as the weeks passed without any response, I knew that something was wrong.

    I told Gavin I felt I had no choice but to pursue the matter of Daisy’s paternity through my lawyers. He was not happy. Rather than agree to the test, he told me he never wanted to see me again and hung up.

    Two weeks later I received a letter from him implying that I was trying to ruin his life and pointedly accusing me of messing up my own. I was angry and hurt. All I wanted to do was discover my child’s heritage.

    After two months of wrangling between our respective lawyers, Gavin finally agreed to the test. My lawyer rang six weeks later to tell me the news. I wasn’t that surprised. Although she hadn’t said as much, I knew deep in her heart Daisy was longing for Gavin to be her father. There had always been a connection between them – he had come to her school sports days, parent-teacher meetings and watched her act in plays.

    He came to her parties when he was in town and always bought her a present – he had played a major role in her life. ‘Are you sure?’ Daisy beamed when I told her the result. ‘Certain,’ I said.

    Later that day I emailed Gavin. There was no response. When Daisy eventually succeeded in speaking to him, Gavin appeared more concerned with venting his anger about my behavior than engaging with his daughter.

    All this was very hard on Daisy. She spent most days in tears but it is a testimony to her maturity and strength of character that after she overcame her initial hurt she got on with her life.

    Meanwhile, Daisy persevered with Gavin, determined to forge some kind of relationship, and things did get better. From time to time, he would ask her round to his house.

    It had never been my intention to ask Gavin for maintenance for Daisy – after all, Danny had taken care of her for nearly ten years. However my solicitor suggested I consider getting Gavin to help with Daisy’s future. After the paternity test I was loath to contact him again, but I could see my solicitor had a point so negotiations began. It took more than a year, and a day in court, to agree a reasonable settlement.

    I was sad about losing Gavin from my life. There was a time when he had been my rock. I’d look at Daisy and see so much of him in her: the way she walked, talked, her height and frame.

    It’s been a traumatic time for us. I lost my best friend, Daisy lost her godfather and doesn’t have a dad. And she’s lost self worth. Because when someone rejects you like that, you wonder what’s wrong with you. I really don’t care if I never see him again. He’s been incredibly vile. He saw Daisy at first, but he was always rude to her, he made it feel like it was her fault. It was her 18th and there was no present, no phone call, nothing.

    And when he had his baby with Gwen, Daisy’s half-brother, he didn’t even tell her. She’s never seen the baby. Not to take responsibility and not to let your daughter even meet her grandparents and see her heritage is pretty sick.

  • Sebastian

    he’s so talented! his the Toxic creator! as in Britney Spears song.

  • halli

    Big deal. I don’t know much about him but that Daisy is one big ass ho!

  • Delilah

    MR is very talented and kinda cute…even with those pants :)

  • susan

    They look disheveled, but somehow still fit and look like they belong together.

  • Helena

    He’s hot and she’s legal. Seriously people, move on.

  • Flippo

    Yeah remember people they’re in the UK, everything is legal by 16 so she’s been legal for a while…

  • http://ew yuucck

    Oh my god! ronson is a sick disgusting pedo!! :( cant he find a woman his own age? :( Ew ew EWW!

  • Seriously

    I think Mark Ronson is hott!

  • bejeebus

    they don’t look like they are satisfied with the usual sorts of wholesome entertainments…..

  • parisgirl

    I usually think Mark is cute but on those pics, he looks a hot mess lol

  • kix hates golddigers

    they look retarded…

  • lily

    where’s the ginger?!

    and…daisy looks nothing like gavin.

  • rachelSun

    Thta is one side of the story. That story is not consistent w/ what Lowe said before. she said she did not think Gavin was the dad until Daisy was a teen and she saw a resemblance. Because she was seeing other people then. In other words, she was sleeping around was mistaked as to who the father was but once Gavin got w/ gwen she wanted a paternity test? This woman is not as innocent in all this as her so-called version is making her out to be. Maybe that is where the bad blood and resentment actually comes from.

  • evie

    Her mother was part of the “Primrose Hill” set along with Jude, Kate etc. She loves the attention, she’s not stunning enough to be a high earning model. Ronson looks like an idiot here, he is completely overated. They are suited both famewhores and trust fund brats. His sisiter is Lohans girlfriend and not very good D.J , just well connected.

  • sherose

    leave them alone they look so cute together

  • sherose

    leave them alone they look so cute together!