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Kanye West to Harper's Bazaar: You Suck!

Kanye West to Harper's Bazaar: You Suck!

Kanye West just published another blog entry to vent to his fans. This time, he’s frustrated with fashion mag Harper’s Bazaar for assuming the painting on his ceiling is a winged version of himself (see left). Here’s what Kanye had to say in his “Harper’s Bazaar… I Don’t Have A Painting Of Myself As An Angel” blog entry:

“To put it short as Kanye-ly possible (don’t mean to speak in third person)… Harper’s Bazaar came to my home, took pics, asked a lot of questions and then assumed the painting in my dining room was of me as an angel. This isn’t true and it bothered me greatly because people think I’m so so so cocky that I would have something like that. I’m sure it was an inside joke to everyone from the magazine in my home that day. People would come over my house after that and say, ‘I heard about this pic of you as an angel!’ I would have appreciated if Harper’s Bazaar would have put in some type of blurb to clear it up. I wanted people to see my home because I spent 2 years gutting it and was proud. I’m just a regular guy with cool stuff in his crib but instead I was made out to be Ben Stiller‘s character in the movie Dodgeball with the huge pic of him wrestling a bull in his office. Why didn’t they write that my house had no pics of me, no plaques or awards, just art. I guess it’s bittersweet, you spend half your life trying to become larger than life and the other half trying to just live a real life again.”

DO YOU THINK Harper’s Bazaar owes Kanye an apology?

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  • Esther


  • parisgirl

    I love Kanye’s music and I even kinda like his flamboyant personality to an extent… but he needs to stop catching feelings and going on rants EVERY time something doesn’t go his way

  • Hello

    No, it was an honest mistake. He already set the record straight. So its time to move on.

  • oh snap!


  • shelly

    people that get too full of themselves often fall from grace eventually. He should count his blessings and move on. It’s almost embarassing that someone with his talent acts so ridiculous. As they all say, it will come and bite you in the asss someday

  • Tess

    Well they do.

  • Jill

    Kanye, get over yourself.

  • lovey

    Isn’t the article about a year or two old? Why blog about it now? (Please correct me if I’m wron!)

  • eddie jones

    aww poor negro

  • j

    i think kanye’s talented and really hardworking. but he also comes off as annoyingly self-centered sometimes.

  • kendra

    yes. i think harpaer’s bazaar should do something to clear it up


    i personally love kanye and i do NOT think hes cocky.

  • :)

    eddie jones

    your a prick

    enough said.

  • Seth

    Yes, they need to publish a correction. Apology should come fromtheir hearts. and if they do’t have it then don’t bother. but a correction is needed.

  • Seth

    Yes, a correction is needed. Aology; only if they have it in their hearts. But if it is an honest mistake what is the problem with publishing a correction/apology.

  • susie

    Yeah, sure.

  • MIKE

    Yeah because people will believe everything they read…lol

  • nysro

    The magazine doesn’t owe him anything. The picture does look like it could be him in the painting, and everyone knows he conceited enough to actually HAVE THE PICTURE…

    He needs to shut the fuck up, before he loses the fans that arn’t tired of his complaining about everything.

    Kanye needs to seek out some medical help for his paranoia.

  • Allie Hampton

    Most mags will print a teeny (We mistakenly reported that Kanye West’s face was….blah blah blah) – i actually look for those, so I’m not sure if everyone will see it. But that will probably happen.

    I’m surprised he wasn’t upset that they probably thought all black people look alike (“Ooh a black angel, it’s a dude, must be Kanye” – ergo problemo) I can see from my teeny screen that that isn’t Kanye. But hey, it just wouldn’t be the world as we know it if he didn’t have something to bitch about, eh? ;-)

  • kasia

    I love Kanye and his music. He is such a talented guy, but sometimes his attitude is sooo fcked up.

  • kanye is an idiot

    NO, NO, NO!!! Kanye is SO full of himself, I can’t stand someone who constantly is comparing himself to the best things of this world. It’s so pathetic how he constantly make himself sound as if though he is better than any other artist. GET REAL KANYE!!!

  • chantall

    omg i cant stand Kyane y not post 50 cent or someone else thats kool kanye is a self centered gay piece of crap

  • Rita

    He still hasn’t explained what it is really..

  • anon

    Next time don’t have a fashion magazine over to your house. WTF is Harper’s bazaar doing in Kanye West’s house? What’s next, Elle Decor?

  • Nikki

    Wahhh wahhh… He should have corrected the magazine crew, he obviously didn’t mind that they thought it was him, but now that it’s out and everyone knows, well, tough cookies.

    I thought he was one of those guys who doesn’t care what anyone thinks… apparently we all control Kanye with our opinions!

  • alpal

    why does this fool make always make bitchfits in the form of blogs whenever he’s not happy? god he’s such a drama queen, if it weren’t for his music, he’d be nothing but an angry woman in need of some midol.

  • hotbitch

    I wish he’d just STFU. This shit is sooo old that no one cares.

  • Shaun

    No, they don’t. I wouldn’t be suprised if the angel really was Kanye and he’s just denying it so he doesn’t look any more conceited than he already does.

  • xoxo

    I love Kanye. He needs to stop caring so hardcore about “the haters.” If it’s not true and he’s better than that, cuz he is, then BE better, turn his nose up at it and be above it.

  • Sebastian




    cocky bast·$%%&

  • lms

    A couple of years ago, Kanye’s home was showcased on either a MTV Cribs special program or Fabulous Life Of segment hosted by Robin Leach. Comments were made during the program regarding the art.

  • not me

    I have seen this with white people, they have problems when black people are portrayed as saints, angels or even god. They think all those good people are only white. May be that is why magazine people thought that is a picture of Kanye himself. But if these people visit black churches in Chicago or elsewhere they will see black jesus and angels.

  • mrs jones

    Love Kanye, think he’s a good writer/blogger. Find it interesting he doesn’t have awards and pix of himself, how could Harper’s have missed that?
    YEAH–they owe him an apology. I admire him for trying to correct his image. Of course we don’t know celebs, they could be anything in private and we just see their public personas, but it seems his mom’s death has changed him. Dr. Phil?????

  • Nike aire Yeezy


  • maddie

    This was in the magazine last year or very very early this year! HAS HE ONLY JUST NOTICED????

  • joy

    stupid monkey


    Yes i think they owes Kanye a sry. Doesnt have to be a real big one but a phonecall telling him that they are sry wont hurt. Will it?. Eddie jones, you are they weakest link, Goodbye

  • stefanie

    Harper should apologize to their readers for wasting magazine space on a tired blowhard like Kanye.

    What a big baby.

  • sUSAN

    No. I think he’s petulant, needlessly divisive and his fifteen minutes of fame are way, way over.

  • Debbie

    I cannot think of a bigger asshole negro than Kanye….other than Diddy that is.

  • mickey

    Kanye West is a moron. I love that he says he is not cocky by while being cocky.

  • Occha

    Didn’t he say that it was him during his mtv cribs tour thingy? I can’t remember…

  • su

    eddie jones you’re an a*****e

  • loloa

    what the heck it was a blog to FANS, sites like jj decided to post it somehwere so ppl can complain about him being cocky. if u dont like west why read a thread and comment about him. if ur not a FAN why do u even care.