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Kate Walsh is Porsche Pretty

Kate Walsh is Porsche Pretty

Kate Walsh and movie exec husband Alex Young go grocery shopping at Mayfair Market in Los Feliz, Calif. after taking out their Porsche 911 convertible on Saturday.

The couple spent a long time in the pasta section!

The former Grey’s Anatomy star was last seen on Saturday running errands in Los Angeles and grabbing brunch with two girlfriends.

10+ pictures of Kate Walsh being Porsche pretty…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate walsh porsche pretty 01
kate walsh porsche pretty 02
kate walsh porsche pretty 03
kate walsh porsche pretty 04
kate walsh porsche pretty 05
kate walsh porsche pretty 06
kate walsh porsche pretty 07
kate walsh porsche pretty 08
kate walsh porsche pretty 09
kate walsh porsche pretty 10

Credit: revolutionpix; Photos: Flynetonline
Posted to: Alex Young, Kate Walsh

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  • Liz

    ewww put on some makeup

  • mary

    What? No making out for the cameras? I’M SHOCKED.

  • shia

    Does Kate Walsh have a deal with JJ to take “candid” pictures of her?

  • ellie

    LOVED her in greys and shes just as wicked in PP


  • karoline phantom

    dont know who the hell she is,

  • karoline phantom

    dont know who the hell she is,

  • Brainysmurf

    Wow! I’m one of the first to see the new pictures! Kate looks really pretty and down to earth but why is she wearing that stupid hat? I don’t care I love her anyway. I’m glad to know there are still people who eat pasta.

  • jamie

    YES More Kate pics, even better Kalex!

    She looks so pretty. Love the dress. They are so cute.

    Thank You Jared.

  • Brainysmurf

    I just noticed they have a Newsweek magazine in their cart. I love that they have this magazine in their cart! They also have Bloody Mary mix, fresh tortalinni, eggs and it looks like Kate choose Barilla pasta too. It’s my personal favorite as well.

    I love Kate’s dress too, but I’m still not liking the hat. I love Kalex!

  • goldend

    she’s great, but what with the hat?

    is she the redhead from the blind item a CDAN? the one that is losing her hair?

  • jamie

    Jared, it is Private Practice star, not Grey’s. Thanks

    Also, I want to say that I think it is cute seeing husband and wife grocery shopping together.

  • jamie

    Kate likes hats she has worn them before. She has plenty of thick beautiful hair. Good Grief.

  • Anon


    It says FORMER grey’s star.

  • addielover

    more kate pics! kalex are sweet. love kate!!!
    thanks jj.

  • Jess

    Jeeze Jamie chill is Kate your mother or something?

  • zoe

    she looks cute but i agree with everyone else- the hat is not flattering. still miss her on grey’s though. she’ll always be addison to me.

  • jamie

    Thank you #13 for the correction. Sorry I did not see the “former” in front I just read the Greys part.

    #15. Uh no. I made a mistake sorry.

  • ace tomato

    She must have played a really endearing character on her show, because I do not get the perpetual comments about her being pretty. Not that she is unattractive, but having never seen her on any show or movie, I have to tell you she just doesn’t strike me as someone remarkably pretty or anything.

    It reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. I saw Friends a few times and could readily see how her personality/character made her a lot more attractive than just her looks on their own.

  • Ashley

    KW is a natural beauty. She does not have to wear a pound of make-up to look beautiful. I love the fact she is does not choose to wear caked on make-up everyday. Makes her more normal and down-to-earth.

    I do wish she would take off the hat so we could see her fab hair.

    Its great to see Kate and Alex pics. Thanks.

  • KATE WALSH the best!

    Thanks JJ!!!! Love kate!

  • p

    @ shia– i totally agree with you that jared has a deal with her publicist to put up these pics. it’s really quite obvious and gross.

  • BabyWonder7

    Kate doesn’t need to make deals. People want to see her pictures so Jared is kind enough to post them, just like all of the other fans of the other stars.

    I agree that Kate is a natural beauty. She’s gorgeous! The other stars are always caked with tons of makeup, so they’re all fake looking anyways. With Kate you never have to worry about her being fake. She’s gorgeous with or without makeup. She’s so down to earth as well. Thanks JJ for the pics. :)

    I’m loving Kalex right now. They’re so cute together and he’s so sweet to be shopping with her!!

  • Walsh is a cow



  • Walsh is a cow

    Natural beauty? VOMIT!


    I think she looks pretty good. And I love pasta too !
    And now I’m hungry….

  • eddie jones

    i still don’t know who she is.

  • katefan

    Love Kate, keep the pics coming Jared!

    It is obious # 1-3 is the same person!

  • Marie

    I laugh at all the obvious posts from the same person. They don’t even bother to make the posts any different !! Jealously just makes you look green !

    Kate Walsh is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses on TV, you may not agree, but your opinion is in the minority. Unlike some who shall remain nameless, Kate is blessed with good skin & looks radiant both on & off camera.

    Thanks for the photos Jared. Kate looks good. Sweet that they always go shopping together. Cute relaxed married couple :)

  • JR

    Some of you immature posters need a reality check . Just because Jared doesn’t post any photos of your fav star, doesn’t mean you should bitch when he posts about others. Good grief – grow up & get a life ! Esp. poster #23 – you are very bitter if you still hold a grudge over Greys storylines LOL Talk about failing to separate fiction from reality !!! Thank god Walshaholics show more maturity.

    I love the Kate & Alex pics. Thanks JJ. Can’t wait to see all the upcoming Kate projects – PrP, 2 movies, ESPNs, that Comedy Central show etc etc. Girl is in demand & no wonder :)

  • mark

    She looks like a man for me!

  • Sam

    I quite like the hat. Sure it is different, but I love how Kate always looks so casual at weekends. I certainly wouldn’t put make-up on just to go shopping, & unlike other posters who may need it, Kate certainly doesn’t. Her and Alex are very preppy, & I love that they always do the boring chores like shopping together.

    What episode are Private Practice filming now ? 4 or 5 ?
    At least if there is another strike, they should have a few episodes already filmed unlike other shows that haven’t started back yet.

  • Natasa

    Mark , you need to get you eyesight tested !

    Kate Walsh is a gorgeous woman, with an envious figure & a fantastic face. I’ve seen many compare her to Katherine Hepburn/Rita Hayworth/Catherine Deneuve. All classic beauties & brilliant actresses. I adore her :)

  • amy

    i love kalex. so cute xx

  • mark

    Well, I find her old and she makes me think to a man, it’s my opinion, like it or leave it, I don’t care.
    You’re the one who should test your eyes, be realistic, she’s pale, her jaw is manly, her eyes look like my grand mother, she may have a good body but her face is horrible.
    Sorry, not everybody can like her.

  • Katiieee

    Yeehhh you’re right, some people don’t like her!

    But there is many, many people loving her!

    Lovvveeeeee kate

  • the fly

    Mark, your grand-mother’s eyes must be very pretty then. And I don’t think she looks “old”, she looks her age which isn’t “old” for me. At least, I hope so, since I am not that young myself !
    I think It is quite refreshing to see an actress who seems to be ok with looking her age. She looks like a 40-year- old woman, a healthy, happy 40-year-old woman. And I think she’s beautiful !

  • S.

    More Kate in the morning! Thanks JJ.

    They are definitely one of the cutest couples around. Kate is a real beauty, she can go out with no makeup, and she is one of the few actresses that can be trusted to give the right answer to the press when she is confronted with the messes created by others.

    #31 So right. I bet they are in a biter because they are fans of the shows that ABC has been put on hold waiting pending a strike decision, but that would require having a brain to understand the implications. Since there is no sign of a brain from that quarter, I’m going withe the simpler explanation that the bitterness comes from looking every morning in the mirror.

  • Mindy

    Her hair is too pretty to be under a hat, it’s her best feature.

  • S.

    #21 The pictures get picked because she has fans. Not only many of them, but the ones that are vocal, are colorful enough to get her noticed, and even be given a nick name by one of the paparazzi sites (Bauer). What other star can claim the her fans that have a nick mane given by the paps?

  • Neil

    Sweet photos. I love Kate. She is a mighty fine woman. And I also love that Caddy ad she’s in. The sexiest ad ever.

  • Kit

    Very cute. I like the hat. Not enough people wear them. More hats I say !

    Can anyone become a ‘Walshaholic’ ? I can pledge allegiance !

  • xyz

    I think they are shoting episode 4 of PrP now. Sides for episode 5 were not released yet.

  • Kevin

    It’s nice to see Kate (the only reason I ever allowed myself to watch Grays with my wife) being a normal person. I don’t really mind the hat except I don’t see her red hair.

    Not really getting the idea that she has a deal with Jared. Sure, Kate was on twice in one day, but it had been a long time coming. If I recall Jennifer Garner is on this site almost every day and no one seems to mind. Anyway, who cares. I love seeing Kate! Best actress on TV.

  • NataĊĦa

    Such a great couple! They look really natural and down-to-earth.

    Thanks so much for the pictures!

  • moviewatchingfamily

    I’m glad she isn’t all made up all the time. It’s called real life folks

  • Ellen

    She’s beautiful. It is refreshing to see a down to earth actress in Hollywood.I love that there are no airs about her or her husband.

  • me

    I think Kate looks cute. I love Kate/Alex. What a sweet couple both nice and successful.

    I love that Kate is being offered other things. I cant wait to see her movie in 2009 and the comedy show. When does the comedy show come on?

    Thanks JustJared.

  • Ashley

    not a fan of the hat but it’s always great to see pics of Kate, thanks Jared

  • KateFan in France

    I like that they always seem to do the shopping together. They are a sweet down-to-earth couple. Thanks JJ.

  • Lemon

    The words “pretty” and “Kate Walsh” shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Ugh.