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Madonna: We're Not Getting A Divorce

Madonna: We're Not Getting A Divorce

Madonna finally speaks out on her own accord, denying that she is divorcing director Guy Ritchie or having an affair with Yankee star Alex Rodriguez.

Madge tells People: “My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce. I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy Oseary, who manages both of us. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study.”

She adds, “I have learned over the years not to take accusations and the many false reports about me very seriously. I also appreciate how fiction and fact seem to be perceived as one and the same by people who read both newspapers and the internet.”

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  • jam

    haha..i love madge loads but this marriage is SO over

  • yeahhh

    leave her alone, people!

  • jam

    and why should we leave her alone?

  • chantall

    dude this has been going on 4eva either get a divorce or dont!!! seriously i dont care anymore!! love madonna though

  • You/Me

    There is almost always a grain of truth to what the media puts out in situations like this. Ten bucks says Madonna encouraged a flirtation with Alex because it flattered her and now she has to do some fast talking to get out of a sticky situation.
    Alex Rodriquez is an A-HOLE, and it’s about time he got f*cked at his own game. Madonna is not going to leave her husband for his stupid a*s.




  • GwynFan

    The media needs to BUTT OUT OF Madonna and Guy’s marriage. It’s NO ONE’s business if they’re divorcing or not. And the fact that she has to defend her marriage is just sad. Gosh, the media is so cruel and sinful. Gwyneth also had to defend her marriage from the accusations it was over.

    Sometimes the media is right, but there’s always a 50/50 chance a marriage is over…sometimes the media is right. Other times they’re wrong. But the media shouldn’t speculate such an awful thing. Clearly the media doesn’t take marraige seriously. What schmucks!

  • Linda

    The stories are probably rubbish but she didn’t exactly strongly deny her marriage is in trouble, if she was totally happily married she would not say, “we are not planning on getting a divorce”. But then again this is Madonna, she does like to play the media at its own game and she probably doesn’t feel the need to justify much.

  • Jay

    So umm.. why is A-Rod going to her house during the LATE NIGHT? TO read her fucking kids a bed time story? GTFO.. she’s lying.. I could see why Guy Ritchie is barely seen with her.

  • Madge is a playa

    Madge and guy probably have an open relationship. A-rod thought Madonna was gonna be his new wifey.

    Don’t hate the playa hate the game.

  • liz_k

    Madonna and Guy “are not planning on getting a divorce”. They ARE getting a divorce!!!

  • liz_k

    Madonna & Guy “are not planning on getting a divorce”. They ARE getting a divorce!!!

  • mia

    You go Mo!!!!!!!! That’s a way to tell them that you and yours are doing just fine and to stop trying to destroy your beautiful family. Marriage is a wonderful, sacred thing and may you and yours continue to be blessed.

  • mike

    People just love drama…people need to leave her alone…it’s her life…not ours…LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!! <3

  • Angelove

    In an interview Angelina Jolie said 95% of what you read about a celeb is NOT true. That’s gotta suck.
    So when the clebs themselves come out and are quoted saying something (and if somebody misquotes them they can be sued) then that is what I believe
    I’m glad to hear they are together and probably laughing at this whole thing.

  • Tess

    Madonna should have stayed out of A-Rod’s marriage. She broke up that mans marriage while hers stay intact. Karma will deal with Madonna. I believe he is staying with her for the money. Guy seems so detached from her. It’s a matter of time before he regains his dignity and leave her. Money will only go so far.

  • http://comingsoon hollywood1hugefan

    Madonna should have stayed out of A-Rod’s marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://comingsoon hollywood1hugefan

    Madonna should have stayed out of A-Rod’s marriage!!!

  • remember da truth

    Tess, are you for real? Or are you 15??

    You can’t break up a marriage if it’s a happy union. And how is being friendly with someone, even flirting with them, supposed to break up a marriage? If that’s all it takes, it’s not a real marriage anyhow.

    A-Rod’s wife has displayed childish behavior in dealing with her crumbling marriage. A-Rod might be a complete jerk, but holding your head up and behaving with dignity is not how his wife has behaved, talking to the media constantly, blabbing all the dirty laundry. That is not the way to act.

    If you couldn’t hold onto your man, and build a strong enough bond to keep him, don’t go blaming someone else for the result. I get so sick of anachronistic, misogynistic terms like “homewrecker” and “someone stole my man” kind of complaints. Either you have a bond, or you don’t, and no third party ever breaks up a solid union.

  • LuckyL

    Excellent and #19, spot on thanks. Tired of all the children

  • Lu

    Damn girl, @ almost 50, and she still got game. Go Mo! Play on!!!

  • chat

    # 21
    Lu @ 07/06/2008 at 6:00 pm

    Damn girl, @ almost 50, and she still got game. Go Mo! Play on!!!
    By her being almost 50, and married with minor chilldren is the reason she SHOULD NOT play on!

  • sabrina

    i love this! so much dramz. now maybe people will leave them alone. go M!

  • jane

    ok, i’ve heard this “open marriage” argument before. not just on madonna and guy but also on will and jada. i think it’s all fine and dandy in the real world…but it just seems to me that in hollywood, with these huge stars, SOMEONE would spill the beans and brag about “bagging Madonna’s man” or getting Will Smith in the sack…….is it just me??? i just don’t think it’s likely.

  • You/Me

    jane @ 07/06/2008 at 6:28 pm

    I think the whole Will/Jada open marriage thing is a sham. A clever one at that because if they claim open marriage then the media won’t come up wth fake stories about them breaking up or cheating or whatever. In a weird way it “protects” them from false stories because 90% of the tabloid stories are about marriage/relationship troubles.
    Two things have be believing this:
    1) Jane is right, someone would have come forward saying they bagged Will or Jada
    2) I just cannot see Jada Pinket-Smith letting some other woman lay her hands on Will. She is fierce and seems to have a healthy dose of self-respect.

  • icon in the making

    Madonna really looks nice in that picture, her hair looks great. Notice how I skimmed over the marriage divorce shite talk, because that’s all it is!

  • sigh

    Good. I’m glad they’re still together, and I hope they stay together for the rest of their lives. I can’t imagine Madonna with any other man now.

  • LOL

    What’s so funny is-if it was not for all of this talk Guy and Madonna would be in seperate places.

  • Yolanda May

    OKAY….and I hope your 8th grade education level gets you through this.

  • Mariah fatty



  • Mariah fatty


  • if it works for them

    Good to hear that. They should stay together. Guy looks good as a husband and a father to her kids.
    I support their union and hope it lasts as long as they live

  • Carrie

    It’s not the media’s place to peer inside any of these marriages. All children need (both) parents to grow up psychologically healthy and emotionally strong; hopefully, their relationship will grow and mature with time and they will make the East Coast their primary residence until their children have graduated from high school.

    This is their seventh year of marriage, i.e. “seven year itch”, and a lot of humans go through it. Also, Madonna is turning FIFTY this year and, since she is 10 years his senior, she is independently confronting MID-LIFE CRISIS right now and should have thought more profoundly or deeply prior to adopting the youngest child.

  • mina

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings lol.

  • sandy

    It is so overrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  • betty

    I bet Vagde is enjoying this is in the the news and all hehehe…

  • Blackworm

    I feel very sorry for Madonna’s children and A-Rod’s children too for that matter. They have not asked for any of this.

  • Celeb watcher

    Guy seems like a decent fellow. There are children involved. The reason you should leave her alone is for their sake. Let Madonna and Guy work out their own issues, if they exist. Or not. It isn’t your business!

  • remember da truth

    Lourdes is already accustomed to split parenting. Most kids in this day and age are.

    This isn’t the first time A-Rod has been accused of running around, so obviously there are serious issues in his marriage that Madonna has nothing to do with.

    I want all parties to be happy — which means whatever it means to each of them. The kids aren’t made healthy by unhappy parents staying together just so the kids don’t have to go to separate houses to visit happy parents.

  • Cami

    I agree with the Madonna should have stayed out of A-Rods marriage. She breaks some one’s else marriage then walk away with hers. I hope karma catches up to her.

  • kiki

    #19 and #20 you say you are tired of ppl refering to a woman as a homewrecker because you can’t break up a perfect marriage. well guess what? i get tired of ppl saying crap like that. any woman that would bring herself low enough to whore herself out to a married man with kids (especially) is pure trash. all the men in the world and they have to choose one that’s married. i mean is it an ego thing or something. explain it to me. don’t get me wrong. the man is just as much to blame if not more because he made the vows. but, i really can’t believe ppl actually feels that kind of behavior is justified and that stepping in on someone else’s marriage is acceptable. i don’t care what’s going on with a couple because whatever is going is between that couple. it’s not all the other woman’s fault but she for damn sure isn’t blameless. btw, what the hell do you mean if you can’t hold on to your man don’t go blaming someone else for the end result. if a man what’s to cheat on your ass he will cheat and there won’t be a damn thing you can do to stop it. everybody knows what a womanizer he is and so did she when she married him. you should probably watch what you say because karma is a bitch. one day you just might find the love of your life and have someone do this to you. i bet then you will be singing a different tune.

  • kiki

    # 19 are you 15?

  • gnmc

    Yaii!!! Stay together, Richie’s!

  • anonymous

    I bet she will get divorced, how can he stand being married to that hag!

  • remember da truth

    Kiki, if he’s a womanizer, then it’s still not the other woman’s fault!

    And a woman can throw herself at a man, and if that man is committed to his wife, nothing will happen.

    You sound like someone who was so detached from her husband she didn’t notice he was bored, unfulfilled, and felt you were no longer his partner and so cheated on her. Don’t get angry at a woman who gives your man what you won’t or can’t.

  • remember da truth

    No, Kiki, I’ve been around and seen all kinds of relationships. Seen enough bitter hags who have pushed their men away to recognize that anger and irrationality in you, too.

  • remember da truth

    No, Kiki, I’ve been around and seen all kinds of relationships. Seen enough bitter hags who have pushed their men away to recognize that anger and irrationality in you, too.

  • kiki

    i’m not going to get into name calling with you because i am to mature for that. i won’t argue because you have all the answers. you know why ever marriage break up and if the man cheats then it must be the wife’s fault. it’s really sad to see that in the 21 century people still won’t hold men accountable for their own actions. i mean, if he cheats then it must be something the wife is doing or not doing. god forbid any man takes responsiblity. fyi, not an old bitter hag or whatever else you called me in your very childish rant. never even been married.. too young. you say you have wisdom and has been around but all of that means nothing without common sense. that’s what you seem to be lacking. only sad and pathetic women go after men that are already taken. it’s all about respect. respect for yourself and other people. . don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

  • jashli

    you talk like you have all the answers. remember da truth, you do realize your argument is completely one sided, right? Arugments like that are not only inconsistent but also invalid. ppl who only see one side of things are ignorant. you are making a broad generalization about ppl marriages and why they break up. men, including women, cheat for all kinds of reason. there is never one reason for anything. you claim to be so old and mature but your post says otherwise. you sound like one of those women that get their self-esteem by inflicting pain on other ppl and then try to justify it with nonsense. your are ridiculous and it’s women like you that give us all bad names.

  • Mai Salomone

    Artikel war sehr interessant, vor allem, weil ich