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Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling heads to Blueprint furniture store in West Hollywood after leaving a hair salon on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 27-year-old Notebook actor was seen holding hands with a mystery brunette babe (inset) in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. It’s obviously not his ex, Rachel McAdams. So who is it?!

Gosling has been busy filming his new movie, All Good Things, in the Big Apple.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Ryan Gosling’s new girl?

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99 Responses to “Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend”

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  1. 51
    agreeing with #49 Says:

    not to mention people from the RMO board have posted fake sightings in here and have later admitted to it (of ryan with various women, etc etc) so I choose never to believe a word I read on here until there is evidence of a photo. it’s a shame that both ryan and rachel have a plethora of psychotic fans who would go to great lengths to trash talk someone they’re a “fan” of and say they respect.

  2. 52
    Mariah Says:

    They aren’t as good of friends as you all think they are. Now that the relationship is over they are on friendly terms for the sake of friends they have in common and to not make it awkward for everyone, but all this “close friends” business is not true. Do you think they are actually going to tell the press the extent of their relationship? They tell the press what the press wants to hear. If you think they are in contact and seeing each other often – that is not true.

    Emma is probably right – I saw and heard the bad things from Rachel’s point of view so the way I view Ryan is probably not how his friends would view him. Rachel really loved him – at one time. He was a great boyfriend to her – at one time. But it’s over with and they have moved on.

  3. 53
    scottdavis0676 Says:

    I’m not too familar with this guy as an actor, but as an outsider looking in, he is really unremarkable looking. To me, he is the eptiome of a “glorified nerd.” He is rail thin, pasty, has a pointy nose and doesn’t stand out from the crowd what so ever. Hell the guy who just took my order for coffee is much better looking than this schmuck. Maybe I just need to see him in action to appreciate his other qualities, because all the photos I see of him are underwhelming!

  4. 54
    kris Says:

    not to point fingers or rag on you Mariah, but why would a friend of Rachel (who is a private person, like you have noted) come in here and start airing her personal business? Even just a little bit. I am pretty sure a friend would not do that… especially on a gossip blog of all places.

  5. 55

    Oh my god! Does every Ryan post have to turn into some McGosling ***** fest??? People complaining about members of the boards that they obviously belong to also, complaining about Gosling and MacAdams not being together, people ragging on Gosling for being a womanizer and a druggie and an *******, people praising MacAdams for brushing her teeth that day, analyzing every sighting of them together or with other people and only believing the ones that show them together, obviously holding out hope that they are BFFs and are just waiting for the day that they find each other again and on and on. How annoying!! What will it take to make you all STOP??

  6. 56
    Mariah Says:

    Fair enough #54 – I’ve probably said too much, and I know I’ve said enough. It’s hard not to read what I read and get involved at times.

  7. 57
    mwah!! Says:

    Oh get over your righteous self STFU McG!! Who the hell really cares??

    This is a tabloid trash blog site, like all the 100′s of others around, and if sites like these are gonna post things, that may or may not be true, then why can’t the readers post things that may or may not be true??

    Hell besides all the other crap out there, believe it or not, people get a kick outta reading trash like this, so if it aint hurting anyone..who cares!!… believe what you wanna, and read what you wanna…thats why they come here to read this stuff…if you don’t like it…take a hike!!

  8. 58
    susan Says:

    what is the tatoo he’s got on his left inner arm?

  9. 59
    JL Says:

    I doubt Mariah knows them. She is just spreading bs about Ryan just like Angelina’s fans do about JA. People get way too obsessed with celebrities and feel this odd need to defend/protect them.

  10. 60
    DVR Says:

    I think McGosling fans and even just Gosling fans are crazy. Definitely a step down from fans of Brad & Angelina – but crazy nonetheless.

  11. 61
    re: dvr Says:

    DVR – rachel’s fans are much much worse but Gosling fans are crazy too.

  12. 62
    DVR Says:

    The problem with Gosling’s fans, is that he can do no wrong. If it’s pro-Ryan…they will eat it up. If it’s anti-Ryan…that means everybody is lying and they are out to get him. The problem with some of Rachel’s fans is that they are still die-hard McGoslings or they think she is the greatest thing to ever step on a movie studio lot and she can do no wrong. Every movie of hers is destined for box-office gold and she SHOULD get Oscar after Oscar after Oscar and it’s everybody else’s fault if the movie doesn’t do well or if she doesn’t get praised like she should.

  13. 63
    tattoo Says:

    susan, this is the tattoo he has:

  14. 64
    Diana Says:

    The girl could be anyone but I think she kind of looks like Navi Rawat, who played Theresa on “The OC” but I guess we’ll find out who it really is soon enough…

    By the way, he looks hot.

  15. 65
    anonymous Says:

    People need to stop with the whole McGosling deal. Rachel and Ryan are friends, maybe not as close OR maybe really close since Rachel has a sister that is together with Ryan’s best friend. Plus, does it occur to any of you that they are both very mature people? Just because there’s a sighting of Ryan or Rachel doesn’t mean it has to turn into a chaotic conversation.

    Yeah, a slight mention of R/R is fine, but it’s just sad that there are people who get so pissed off when someone they dislike (because of some stupid reason) gets mentioned so they go insane about it = chaos.

    And some people of course need to stop with the whole ‘I know him/her in real life’ Why the heck are you in here? Be a good person and just don’t say anything about their private life IF you really do know what’s going on between them…..

  16. 66
    Shannon Says:

    Damn…lucky girl….lol….it seems like they both Ryan and Rachel have moved on except the fans. I guess it will take time for people to except it.

  17. 67
    sam Says:

    McGoslings=looney!!! Both the fans that are all freaked out about them moving on and the fans that ***** about others (like you #65 – don’t pretend that you are not a McGosling). I can’t imagine what their fan sites are like. I feel bad for both Ryan & Rachel.

  18. 68
    Ari Says:

    It’s the girl who plays Theresa in the Oc XD

  19. 69
    Ren Says:


    i want RACHEL MCADAMS to be his girlfriend..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 70
    anonymous Says:

    # 67-

    Yeah, I liked Ryan and Rachel when they got together, but now that they are over. I’m not whining and going apesh-t (like some people) about it. That’s them, their decision. They don’t affect MY life. I’m just a fan.

    I love them both still, even if individuals and unfortunately, some fans are not like that, they either hate Ryan or Rachel just because they’re over…..

    And I never pretended that I wasn’t a McGosling, but again, I’m okay with them not together or together. It’s the people that annoy me when they get angry when one is mentioned.

  21. 71
    Mariette Says:


    sent from: [FID513521]

  22. 72
    quincy Says:

    He is foine. Me likey!

  23. 73
    dre Says:

    the girl from cloverfield? i forget her name but the one who was stuck in her appartment?

  24. 74
    April Says:

    Thats Angel Picard-Ami! I went to school with her!!!
    Shes so hott, I’m jealous

  25. 75
    Rachaelfan Says:


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