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Ashlee Simpson Has July 4th Curves

Ashlee Simpson Has July 4th Curves

Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz spend their July 4th at a friend’s barbeque in Hollywood Hills.

The 23-year-old singer, who toted around the Jimmy Choo “Saba” Leopard Pony Hair Handbag, grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch the next day at at Chili’s and then made her way to Blockbuster to rent a few DVDs.

The couple has been fueling speculation they are expecting a boy as they have been visiting Los Angeles boutiques and frequently buying blue-colored clothing.

10+ more pics inside of Ashlee Simpson showing off her July 4th curves…

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ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 01
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 02
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 03
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 04
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 05
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 06
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 07
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 08
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 09
ashlee simpson pete wentz july4 10

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  • Angelove


  • Spiff

    I think she has a dent in her forehead from the overuse of those damn headbands…

  • jam

    this ho’s looking more and more like freakin phoebe price all the time! eww

  • dom

    awww their dog is so cute! shame about those two

  • Angel

    Ugly couple…by the way she has no pregnancy style and charm like Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani….


    Who are these try hard hippies?

    I’m so sick of all of these no-name celebrities like Branjelina or whatever it is.

    Where is all of The Lovemeister and Forkzi?!!!

    P.S. Girls can be A listers too.

  • Ida

    I’m geting kind of sick of all the maxi dresses, dosen’t she have other things to wear?! She looks good in the tho…

  • LOL

    These are the dumbest things in Hollywood. They are just ugly!
    He is so gay.

  • anny

    They’re very unusual looking, that’s kinda cool

  • Janie

    They have to get Ashlee’s big belly in the media everyday to prove Pete’s not gay. To bad it does not prove anything except she’s dumb.

  • stylepolice

    Her hair is always so flat and greasy. And hat smirk of hers annoys me to no end. They both bug me with their smugness. Anyone else feel annoyed by her raspy laugh. What a complete no talent. Pete on the other hand seems to have some redeeming qualities, but when he married her, he lost all credibility.

  • Barbo

    Why does everyone star follow each other in fashion? Give us a break with those headands. They look great on some…on others not so.

  • Lauren

    Ewww, I cannot stand that fake orange hair color!

  • Aimee

    Can’t stand these maxi dresses that these pregnant celebrities are wearing like Gwen Stefani and Angelina.

    Enough of the headbands already. Ashlee looks terrible. Hate the orange hair! Her husband is such a queeer!

  • Monica

    OMG – she looks like crap!

  • LJ

    Aww..that dog is so cute..

  • Kate

    Wow – she looks terrible. I thought she was very cute before but not now!

  • Mo

    What happened to her? She was so adorable but now she is ugly!

  • unflattering

    Whoever decided pregnant women, or any woman, looks good in a maxi dress is deceiving them. It was tried in the 70′s and the hippie girls wore them to cover their hairy legs. Nuff said.

  • sparkle_moments

    I find she looks really cute she can wear that and I like the hair color on her.
    And I like them both as a couple, too.
    But I wish she wouldn’t be such a fashion slave…

  • Helena

    Someone needs to tell her that she can wear other types of clothing. What a twit. Did someone actually convince her that pregnant women should only wear maxi dresses and headbands?

  • Ingrid

    She is so blatantly copying Gwen Stefani with her maxi dresses. ZzZ. She also rips off her music, too. Gwen is original, you’re NOT!

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    They’re trying very hard to remain hippies =).
    NLUS Team

  • jengirl

    i also thought she was phoebe price at first glance lol. she looks pretty cute anyway. i like her hair but maybe its time for a change, that’s always fun.

  • it’s the truth….

    Aren’t their 15 mins up yet? She got pregnant because her career is going nowhere. Funny how her cd is a flop and a week later she’s pregnant. Just like everyone else in Hollywood- she’s a follower to the end. What annoys me about her is she has zero style of her own. Mmmm.. maxi dress, that’s Gwen, head band-Nicole Ritchie. In less than 5 years both of them will be forgotten. Look at her sister. No talent. A baby seems to be a last ditch effort for these stars to stay in the public eye and Pete really needs to stop with the “Gay/Not Gay” I kiss boys bit. 14 minutes and 15 seconds….

  • jmc

    Jared, why don’t you ever refer to Pete as Ashlee’s husband? Every time I see a post about these two, it always just, “Ashlee and Pete did this…” You phrase it in such a way that it makes them seem like friends or something, and not romantically involved.

    Your distaste for this couple is so evident due to the way you position them in your posts – love ‘em or hate ‘em, the kids are hitched. You can at least do Pete the honor of referring to him as Ash’s hubby, just my 2 cents.

  • Gertrude

    Unlike Jessica’s boyfriends Pete loves the fact Papa Joe tips off the paparazzi.

  • RachelSun

    They are a cute couple. Ashlee’s album was good. Pete is a good musician and they will be great parents.

  • LuckyL

    LOL at the faux Holy Virgin

  • The.alias

    Ever since Ashlee got with that Pete fellow, she’s been just plain…weird.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Did we do Woodstock all over? That is the ugliest dress ever. What is it with her and showing those breasts in dresses from the compound? I know she must be able to afford things from chic maternity stores. Would someone show her the way? And cover those breasts?

  • Stephanie

    love the hippie style. anyone know who made her SHOES!??!! hott

  • THE girl

    Only thing I like about this pictures is the Dog…Poor dog….I feel sorry for him… with these two..weird couple…teenager trying to be cool…poor baby that’s inside her not to cute belly.

  • Evie

    What astounds me about this whole discussion is the fact that every one of these comments is about the way this couple is dressed and/or how cute their dog is. The very fact that these two people are famous in the first place is the real problem. Ashlee Simpson continually struggles to maintain good vocal health because she has no training whatsoever. She continually chooses to make her voice sound “breathy” which automatically makes it go flat. She has no musical ear and plagiarizes her songs….just like her airhead, airy singer sister. Pete Wentz plays in a pop (NOT punk) band that never ceases to write predictable melodies and sound terrible live. Technology has enabled anybody with money and celeb connections to make “music” (aka pornographic noise). Real musicians are going unnoticed. I can’t even imagine the hell these producers have to sit through when recording these people…the mixing process must be a real treat. Back in the 60s when Ray Charles or The Beatles went into a session, there was no such thing as overdubbing. You had to know your shit before you just decided to “lalala” skip on into a recording studio with a pile of cash, and pay a professional to waste their time listening to you play karaoke.
    Where did music go?….because I can’t seem to find it.

  • Evie

    Anybody listen to The Roots???

    Their song Rising Up (on their latest album) has got the best line in it….

    “Yesterday I saw a big girl cryin’- I walked up and asked her ‘what’s wrong?’- she told me that the radio’s been playin’ the same song all day long- so I told her, ‘I got somethin you been waitin’ for…I got somethin you been waitin’ for….”

    I’m cryin’……I’m cryin’ and I’m not big or emo. Music and poetry are dying. Soul is almost a foreign language. Everybody should turn off the T.V., turn off their radios, and start going online and listening to stuff they’ve never heard before. Develop your taste. Don’t let the the media develop it for you.

  • http://hntrjuilytghnrjdlvtghrjkdl fall out boy

    Ashlee Simpson is annoying and I hate her. I never used to mind her, but now, she is just a husband cling-on, bitch housewife, and only does things for her rep. Please!

    Like come on! Pete Wentz is so not like her……..he’s hottt. I think that Ashlee’s marriage etc, is a desperate cling to popularity. And it’s not working!!

    Pete, however, is the hottest person in the world who was waaaayyyy cooler before he got married.