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Celine Dion Has Swimsuit Style

Celine Dion Has Swimsuit Style

Celine Dion shows off her impeccable style in a stunning one-shoulder Hermes swimsuit while on vacation in Antibes, France on Sunday.

How regal!

The 40-year-old Canadian chanteuse was seen talking on the balcony of her hotel with an unidentified female and reading a magazine about kids.

Her son Rene Charles, 7, spent some time looking out on the balcony as well with a pair of binoculars.

10+ pictures inside of swimsuit stylish Celine Dion

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • valy872

    Why don’t you stop writing all these bad things about her??..
    she’s a wonderful person and she’s not ugly at all… she’s a beautiful woman, and she as an amazing body too… omg, just look at her, she is 40, but she has the body of a 20 years old!! her son is also a beautiful child… let’s go celine… YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  • lovesimpsonsis

    She has a nice nad toned body, but she looks kinda old….eww

  • LuckyL

    I really wonder why they’ve let that child’s hair grow wild. Did they secretly desire a daughter?

  • LuckyL

    And she looks 10 years older than she really is, with all that money

  • Ellina

    I think I’ve never seen such an ugly swimsuit ! My grandma wouldn’t wear it !

  • Sara

    CUT HIS FREAKING HAIR!! He looks like a homeless hippy.

  • anon

    Not pregant. It’s her bathing suit cover up. It’s the same pattern so it looks like it is her bathing suit and a bump.

  • Kathryn

    Although Celine is not a stunning beauty like some other stars, she is a wonderful singer and her beauty comes from within. You can see it and hear it when she sings.

    Although she has aged a bit, she still looks good. She works very hard and that ages a person.

    She is a wonderful person and contributes to many worthy charities.

    Her son could use a haircut, but that is her business. It will get done when the time is right.

    As for her husband, so what if he is older, she loves him and he loves her and they are happy so what is wrong with that.

    Another good thing about Celine, you don’t see her pictured at parties or events high on drugs or booze or hear about her doing time in rehab centers or jail, you don’t hear about her messing around with every man in town and producing babies out of wedlock.

    She is a good person so just leave her alone.

    If you don’t like her, don’t look at her or listen to her. How hard is that to figure out?

  • sandie

    She looks okay; she has never been a pretty woman and will never be, so for her age, she looks fine and better than most young women. Haven’t you all seen so many fat and out shape girls out there? It’s unbelievable!

  • John

    Why is there so many ignorant people on this blog? What’s the big deal with a boy with long hair? He wants his hair long, so let him. When he’s tired of it, he will get it cut. As simple as that!!
    I think Celine looks great. She doesn’t play that stupid game of hiding if she’s not wearing any makeup… You might be surprised to see how bad Madonna and Mariah look without any makeup… and it’s probably the reason why we don’t see them – EVER. Celine’s got a better body than many 20-30 year olds (who are probably the ones saying she doesn’t look good…). Keep it up Celine!

  • Milton

    I think, she is a beatiful woman !!!!

  • Amanda

    why even bother to post if its going to be a nasty comment(s) about a beautiful woman and more importantly a WONDEFRUL caring mom her entire life is devoted to RC she would stop singing tomorrow if he asked her to and she’d stay home with him.She is an unbelievably dedicated mother! stop bashing her and her handsome little son you need to get a life!seriously!leave Celine and RC alone it’s his hair he doesn’t want it cut,she has asked him he refuses so BACK OFF people it’s NOT YOUR KID!!YOU have NO say in what he looks like so GET OVER IT HATERS and get a life!!!

  • chrissy

    I think that Celine is gr8.. its funny that there r sooo many haters here but they still take the time 2 look at the pics and then leave comments… I went 2 go c her in concert last night in Geneva Switzerland and she was Fab!!! Go Celine. great woman and great artist. and 4 all those who say she looks old… remember she has been in the business since she was 12 and has had in total only a 3 year break… she dnt lk that old its jus she’s been around 4 so lng we expect her 2 b.

  • Jill

    Her daughter’s hair is a stringy mess. At least trim it OR wash it. Yuk. And Celine forgets that she is the Mom !!!

  • MARY

    Celine is always cool, she has the most beautiful voice in the world, so strong that can move mountains, she is pregnant too, and it’s true.

  • hurtful words

    The “her daughter, I mean son” jokes are so old…Move on. It’s not hurting you and doesn’t seem to be causing him any pain either. Get over it. Celine looks beautiful. If anything is going to hurt Rene-Charles, it’s the way you people talk about his mother and him. You ever think about him reading what you are saying? Either way it goes though, they vacationed in Anitbes, FRANCE with his long hair and her bikini and seemed quite happy. Where did you go?

  • patricia

    she looks beautiful, u haters. i bet when u r 40 u won’t look half as good as she does. by the way her son is gorgeous, and it’s not her fault that he has long hair, he’s the one who doesn’t want to cut it. because she is a good mom she respects his decisions.

  • bradley

    omg people are so ignorant

    her son hair is long…big deal! once my kid doesnt kill and does wrong.. he’s fine…his hair is so ,old age mentality
    peaple make such a simple thing into a big drama scene

    Celine looks amazing
    her swimsuit is something stunning in the fashion dont hate it if you dont understand it
    and im sure the jealous ones…sorry i ment haters want one just like that one on her

    and because celine doesnt adore make up and prefers to not be superficial doesnt make her just adds to her genuine and amazing personality
    people are so roped in this “p0rn star” look,,, big silicone boobs, fake lips ,big hair made from dead people or horses hair.
    Celine is beautiful , classy , real , genuine , pure, talented.

    And im sorry you hate her … just because shes more human than u.and achieved more than you ever will , and has given so much back to humanity , and her voice is powerful and not altered or enhanced by computers,….dont hate people that are true and great

    Frickin…bow down and RESPECT them .

    and let ther inspire u to do more with ur life …other than bring nice people down….

    so all in all…


  • Chris austin

    i dont understand why that person would say that her sons hair is Gross.

    Lol…if u had gorgeous brown hair with natural blond tones .im sure u wont say those nasty things

    im sure u hair can grow and u dye it alot just to make u look somewhat normal.

    or maybe u have roots burried in the afrian culture and u hair dont grow and now u have hair envy

    get a life people….its her son.
    hes only a few years and he has millions to fall back on,.

    so get ur lazy arse off ur chair and get a life..and make something of ur self
    try and make some money doing something other than being bias on the net

  • jonny

    fuck you celine haters i love you celine you look great for your age!!!



  • winston smith

    Wow, “she” does a good job tucking.

  • winston smith

    unhealthy for a kid to be with their parents?!! I’m glad my parents were protective and didn’t just let me hang out with anyone. who else should kids be with but their parents?