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Jennifer Aniston is Smartwater Savvy

Jennifer Aniston is Smartwater Savvy

Jennifer Aniston‘s newest ad for her Smartwater campaign has been put up on the Hyatt Hotel on West Hollywood’s Sunset Blvd.

The caption reads, “I love the reflection of water (but what I drink is a reflection of me).” Head down to Sunset Boulevard if you want to see a seven-stories-high Jennifer Aniston!

The 38-year-old actress was last seen backstage cheering on her boyfriend John Mayer during his 90-minute set at the Rothbury Festival in Rothbury, Mich.

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Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • aeon

    Pretentious much….

  • ñññ

    umm I prefer no comment but she is 39 not 38 jj.

  • wow

    I know that Jen is the woman that everyone loves to hate but she does look great in these adds. Let the hating begin…

  • kidi

    Seven story high Aniston? No thanks. Her nose takes up two stories, no doubt.

  • kidi

    Seven story high Aniston? No thanks. Her nose takes up two stories, no doubt.

  • o

    she looks really beautiful in the ads

  • amle

    I love her ads for Smartwater.

  • Cammy

    Aniston pictured with four children of different ethnicities? Reminds me of someone…

  • Jen Fan

    Anything for publicity.How does she sleep at night selling bottled water.Anything to make money

  • ace tomato

    They did NOT put her in a boat with four international children.

    Oh. My. GOD LOL. Did no one think about that before printing it????

    Poor Jennifer. When it clicks for her that her ad says, “Look at me, I am with children from all around the world just like . . . ”


  • Orange Clockwork

    Hotter than Jolie, that’s for sure.

  • Jen Fan

    Yes she looks beutiful thanks to airbrushing

  • ace tomato

    LOL Cammy – I think we just validated each other’s impression.

    Holy shitake mushrooms, that’s a bad joke on Aniston. Who did that to her?

  • bobbi

    So if I am reading this campaign correctly, if I buy this water I will be drinking Aniston’s chin?

    These ad photos are horribly photoshopped.

  • Orange Clockwork

    And LOL @ you Angelina stans. You’ll reach to the end of the earth to find something that compares her to Jolie. I seriously doubt Jennifer is jealous and/or gives a damn about Jolie’s 573892020 children.

  • Terry

    Oh stop hating on her..She looks amazing and she is better looking and richer than you’ll ever be..

  • TITI

    hey haters you re talking about photoshopped photos & chin-nose surgery…but have you seen this homewrecker cun*t of jolie!!!!ah ah … an all made-up face…her old photos speak for themselves

    SO JUST STOP BEING SO HATEFUL & LET MISS JENIFER LIVE THE LIVE SHE WANTS because she s so natural ( contrary to you know who… )

  • mcp

    Why are those girls in the background and “pushing” HER? I guess the NAACP/Childwelfare people were not on set at this shoot. lol

  • okay

    In that photo of her with the prop kids she looks like she is saying “can you please hurry up and take the darn photo so I can get away from these brats”!

    I guess her PR rep had something to do with this because this is the only the second time since I noticed her that I have ever seen her around a kid. The other was the St. Jude commercial and that was quite painful to watch, except for the cute little girl. Even her smile with them don’t have any motherly instinct. I guess they are trying to say she likes kids too.

    Also, since this is her first real campaign for a sponsor has sales increased or is she just being pushed on the public because she has invested money in the company ??

  • jenn fan
  • Angel


  • whatever

    She looks beautiful!! I don’t see why Angelina fans are so threatened by her. I think her best revenge against vicious people is to live a good and healthy life and it looks like she is doing that.

    She is only responsible for her role in the things that happened, not what all of you choose to make up about her.

  • dits

    TITI @ 07/07/2008 at 4:44 pm
    Hmm I think you got it backwards, just look at some old pictures of X… deviated septum my ass LOL (and of course the other 16846 surgeries)
    Also, funny how you insult first and then scream (at the ocean(?)) to leave her and stop being hateful. :P

  • sshhii_baby

    Excuse me, but what kind of statement are they trying to make? When you have a grownass 39old woman laughing while little kids are trying pushing the boat. This is not a good reflection. Sorry!!

  • paddies are the best

    She is 39, almost 40 and so pretentious as usual. Shallow, boring, talentless and a square (inside and outside)

  • funny

    It’s funny how she is the champion for the average looking woman of America. I was watching “what not to wear” over the weekend and there was a few women on their that looked just like her and it just proved to me JA appeal to so many and why she can’t do not wrong in their eyes and that is because they see themselves in her. She looks like them. There’s nothing intimidating or striking about her. She’s safe or at least they think. That is why so many of them hurt for her when Brad moved on because for the first time the average looking girl bagged a hott guy. Of course not knowing that their innocent little jen jen slept with him on the first date and moved in 3 days later, which to me speak volumes for her insecurity & shallowness. Look at Tate Donovan whom she lived with & broke off her engagement to be with Brad, he was not that good looking. She felt the only way to snag Brad was to him tricks in the bed.

    So sad but yet she is deemed as a role model to her fans. She didn’t even date him. She skipped straight to bed and moved in and yet you guys make it seem like it was some great love affair/romance between them. It was a rebound relationship for Brad and a hope to get higher in the food chain for Jennifer, basically a relationship of convenience. The PR staff and the media is the one who sold you the lies of a great love. If it was love they would have gotten to know each other before moving in, it was a business deal right from the beginning. They even spoke of each other as so, rather than a couple in love.

  • Scary

    Jen near kids scares me,her fans have have attacked Brad’s kids,wishing they die,so to see her with kids is scary.I wonder if her fans are going to comment on these kids hair.SCARY

    I hpoe she’ll talk to her mother and give her money from smart water sales.Whatever her mum did she should forgive her and not let her live in conditons like that.Please Jen soften your heart and let your mother in.

  • sshhii_baby

    TRUST!! NO true JP fans feel threaten by this woman. Good God! Natural and Jennifer DO NOT!! belong in the same sentence. She is as “natural” as that water she trying to sell. HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHH

  • Hugh

    She looks like a female Jay Leno.

  • Jose

    I always thought she was an unfortunate looking girl, but I have to admit she looks pretty good in these ads.

  • Ha!

    According to the website (because I was curious after reading the comments), those kids likely represent the children of America. Proceeds from sales of the water go to a non-profit organization targeting the nutrition and health of children in the U.S Not internationally.

    Sounds like a decent cause to me. The pictures look good.

  • bet

    She look gorgous, stunning, fresh face, cute, sexy, the hottest body in hollywood.

    To funny

    How is average looking woman , have that kind body. The body jen have is rare. I can understand the body of your idol is very scary not even average looking women does not have that body, becuase it is too ugly and scary.

  • bet

    She always look good. gorgous body to die for, pretty face and cute smill and fresh face.

  • heather

    What is the point of this ad? That she is “reflection” obsessed? Whatever. Boooooooooring.

  • bet

    Jen is the best…………………………..

  • ace tomato

    I don’t think she looks bad in these ads – she looks nice.

    It’s the four kids of different ethnic orgins that made me laugh. I mean, COME ON, you can’t think it won’t strike anyone else as imitating the Jolie-Pitts?

    I think they did it on purpose to get buzz from people noticing that. If so, great marketing.

    But I learned all I need to know about bottled water from Lewis Black . . .

  • bet

    Ha !

    that is good cause.

  • funny

    There is nothing rare about Jennifer Aniston’s body! Her body is nothing more special than a woman who has a trainer, eats good, has lipo ready available and have not beared children looks. I don’t get this cry about her body, it is nothing special. If that is the only thing you can give her credit for then that says a lot about the truth to my comment.

    By the way who is my idol because I don’t idolize men or women????

  • mona

    Since when is Aniston the only one that gets younger?
    she’ll be 40 in Feb ’09..she’s 39 1/2 yrs old..Jared!

    I saw that poster & it looks cheesy. Last thiong what we want
    to do is look at someone in boots & coat in 105 muggy weather!

    Smart Water is a total rip off of our hard eaned money

  • Meenal

    I like the reflection of water
    But what I drink is a reflection of me

    Who came up with this shite?

  • Shrink

    Why is it that a woman whose husband left her for a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder and a media addiction and then proceeded to trollip all over the world collecting children like charms on a bracelet, is the bad guy? Is it because Angelina is :”prettier” with her purchased boobs, nose, and upper lip? And then you people call Jennifer the shallow one? It seems to me that because some of you assume that Brad “upgraded” and are fooled by Angelina’s PHOTO-OPS ( do you really think that recent trip to Iraq actually helping ANYONE but Angelina?) you are the shallow ones. Have some more Kool-Aid!

    And the ones who say Jen speaks to the average homely woman? Oh please, she is not average.

    I say you guys love it that Pitt dumped the cheerleader and prom queen (you remember you hated them in High School) That makes all you goth, freaks and weirdos feel like finally you have prevailed. by putting the blonde haired blue eye homecoming queen in her place. Stupid.

  • Gia


  • we get it

    Shrink you need a shrink.

  • Gaia p

    TRANNY MUCH?… She could be jay leno’s tranny brother

  • aeon

    # 43 we get it @ 07/07/2008 at 5:34 pm Shrink you need a shrink.

    Seriously and then some. What was that it was saying?

  • aeon

    # 40 Meenal @ 07/07/2008 at 5:29 pm

    You feel me, exactly what is that supposed to mean? what a cow?

  • bet


    may be if you drink smart water, you will probably look like her. Ha ha ha in your dream. Any ways drink smart water ,it is good for your health.

    I rather have pretty face like jen and have stunning body like her. that with nice face stuck to uglies part of body, like skiny vainy arm, skiny chiken leg, No butt and no waist at all and all over vainy arm and vainy leg.

  • aeon

    # 40 Meenal @ 07/07/2008 at 5:29 pm

    That was supposed to read:

    You feel me. Exactly, what was that slogan supposed to mean?

  • sshhii_baby

    Jennifer Aniston a true blonde hair blue eye cheerleader? hahhahahhhahahahha

  • bet


    If you are the same person , you look the same in every picture. Looser. You loones will say anything to just complain about her. Let see your idol picture , if her look become different in the differen piciture. are you saying that you idol look like Nicole in one picture, and then on the other picutre she look like Julia. Is that what you mean looser?