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Jude Law & Lily Cole are Radiohead Fans

Jude Law & Lily Cole are Radiohead Fans

Jude Law enjoys the Radiohead concert in London’s Victoria Park late last month with his rumored new love interest Lily Cole.

The 35-year-old British actor later was seen taking the 20-year-old model to dinner in Covent Garden. Reports claim she went home with him, and did not leave his Maida Vale apartment until the next afternoon. What, what!

Relationship history: Jude divorced Sadie Frost in 2003 and then ended his engagement to Sienna Miller in 2006. He was last romantically linked to Rod Stewart‘s 28-year-old daughter, Kim Stewart.

DO YOU THINK Jude Law and Lily Cole are dating? Or are they just friends?

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • anne c


  • bejeebus

    if by “dating” you mean “f*cking”…then…the answer would be YES.

  • Helena

    They’re both Radiohead fans…hey at least they have taste!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jude sure does like ugly women.

  • mike

    love jude :)

  • Sandy

    This picture surfaced after he started taking her out as welj as appearing at the radiohead concert. She’s a smart girl who is posed
    to start Cambridge University and a very bright girl with high grades andobviousy very pretty. If you are on the same level intllectually age is not of any importance. She obvioucly has not gone through the same things in life that he has but he is a very nurturing and caring person and a gentlemen and I see nothing wrong in their being together. On top of what I found out about the other girl who was at the house juliette Lewis ,whom I suspect he knows through lots of people in the industry and that’s why she looks familiar, she’s been in movies we’ve seen and in the movies for many years. She is now separated from her husband.

    Attaboy Jude, keep us ual guessing and play one against the other. why not? this is your time to plough the field so to say, you’re
    single and I think the next real relationshp will be a long one. Best of
    liuck enjoy life. You’ve given me so much pleasure I an only wish you even more. Right on Jared. Keep up the good work.

  • =@

    f****** POSER! i said this when Brad Pitt was seen at a Radiohead concert, now its like lets jump on the bandwagon, the latest celebrity trend, sooo unorignal.

  • =@

    he realll looks like hes enjoying himself.. NOT

  • barbie

    They both have really beautiful faces.

  • Robbo

    She looks like an ALIEN- and not even a hot alien, an ugly one.

  • Shakira

    If it was a 35 year old woman dating a 20 year old man, it would be “stop the presses” or “cougar alert” or something stupid like that. Not a person mentions the age difference nor is it of any consequence, nor should it be. People find love in many places and at many stages of their lives. Age is irrevelant.

  • Pole

    I think they’re just friends. They’re working on two films together and they are not exactly lookin romantic in that photo are they? If I was hooking up wtih Jude I’m sure it would be very visible .-D

  • ta

    he gets more and more sexy day after day, love jude :*

  • sheryl

    Luv ya, Jude, babe! :)

    Yeah, Pole, I’d have a hard time not smiling my face off….and keeping my hands off…:)

  • Riley

    i so hope for Jude that he is not dating her. Because i’m sure he totally deserves better than that little ugly trol Lily Cole.
    i love Jude Law, he’s a great person and actor. but this is a little too far over the line, i mean come on. he’s a grown man, he should know better right? how old is she, 22?
    ofcourse it’s HIS OWN descicion to make, but oh well.

  • jami

    He looks so HOT here!

  • Pole

    Actually she’s 20. She also apparently dated Marilyn Manson. If she and Jude are dating I don’t see it lasting. Also I wonder who the brunette was he went out with a short while ago? I got much more of a “date feeling” when I saw the photos of Jude with her.

    @Sheryl: I hear you ;-) I don’t think I’d stop smiling ever!



    What a perfecly beautyful bone structure this man has!!!

    Mimi = D


    christmas has come early for jude’s fans. you’refeeding our jude appetites almost every day. that man has a perfect face…..don’t know whether they are friends or friends with benefits….that’s for them to know and for us to wonder….


    The girl is UGLY- fug! He can do better than that!

  • show the luv

    Where’s the picture of the sexxy Bradley Cooper ha?! He is a huge fan and I know he was there, you know he’s dating Cameron Diaz (was) so if Spiedi can get creds so can the hawt one. Just for me a pic of the hot Bradley Cooper!

  • elle

    Thanks Jared ….all we need is a little smile of him C`mon Jude smile a bit for us, you sweet thing!!!



  • sharyllee

    Jude and Lily are so beautiful!! leave them alone. They are singles.. Love you, Jude!!!

  • CEE

    Just when I thought him and that Kimberly Stewart girl were a weird combo, rumours start an even weirder one, lol…..

    Still think he matched best with Sienna Miller, but that’s just looks for ya eh?!! :)

  • M

    She looks like a mannequin…at least in this photo she does…everything’s too perfect.

  • Sara

    oh, i wanna go home with *
    sexy & sexy & sexy & sexy
    always ;)

  • Sara

    Love you Jude

  • Annie

    No, I dont think they are dating. Just a feeling. But man, he is so beautiful. Mimi: yes, what a beautiful bonestructure.


    Oooops! Forgot about the question!…mmm, seriously dating? Too soon to tell, we’ll see what happends! Besides if I think too much about it , I feel a bit, sort of, kind of,…jealous, Lucky lady!!!

    Mimi= D

  • Naz

    dey arent even sittin in the same row

  • houbabouba

    @Shakira: soo true.. thats why iam glad that people like ashton & Demi are around!
    @M: She is a model actually- one of these puppetfaced gangly high fashion thinnies
    And I say they are totally fu- dating. And its not going to last.

  • Brenda

    He’s such a DILF!

  • annagrey

    Jude is going through a mid-life crisis or he has been over the last few years. He was just caught making out with Kim Stewart 2 weeks ago and now this person is coming out of his house. He needs to give up and go back to Sadie. She has been waiting for him all these years.

  • laurie

    He is so gross what a piggy man wh*re

  • Regina

    First Agyness Deyn and Lily Cole, you people sure love to call the unique, special ones ugly. Sorry, but Vanessa Hudgens is DULL!

  • erica

    Jude enjoying a radiohead concert and (Ok wait for it) remaining sexy while doing so.

    Love you Jude !

  • weehew

    Gawd what a beautiful lady! Angelic face.

  • j

    pervert-looking Jude and alien-head Lily
    why not?

  • Daphne

    He looks gorgeous despite the photo red-eye. That neck is incomparable.

    Apparently Lily Cole is in the film Rage with Jude, as well as being in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus with him. May be they’re just friends? Rage is in pre-production(?) so may be they are rehearsing. I am just guessing.

  • Blackworm

    #34 annagray:

    You’ve got a point. Who knows? Maybe that will happen.

  • alina

    aww cute! lily cole is super adorable.

  • ericap

    Jude, I love you!

  • phoenix

    Am i the only one who sees a similarity between her and Chritstina Ricci?

    Whatever. She’s to young. What on earth do you talk about with a 20-year old girl?

  • Yolanda May


  • sheryl

    Wow, Phoenix, that’s a pretty condescending statement. Let’s see…perhaps a 20-year-old woman who has been accepted to Cambridge University to study politics and English might be able to hold up her side of a conversation.

    And anyway, it’s all over the place that these two are dating, but it’s not a verified fact.

  • rien

    Lily Cole is a clever young Lady. Yes, she is only 20 years old girl. But she is not an IT girl. What to talk with a 20 years old girl? Well, If she is clever, you can talk about politics, art, music, football, may be cooking, literature, films, flowers, religions, society, her jobs, her friends, her problem….not everybody watch telly the whole day! You will be surprised how many normal girls around, and with them you can talk about everything.

    Ah, Jude is Jude. I appreciate him more and more, that he does not look only for beauties. Lily might not be beautiful – I have different opinion -, but she has something more. Ever heard that beauty is relative? She might not be for us, but who knows what Jude saw in her? You would be very happy if a man could see who you are, and not only for your physical appearance.

    And Ladies, if there is something that Sadie Frost does not do, is waiting for Jude at home. Anybody knows about Jackson Scott, Alex Zane, Kristian Marr, Andy Jones…I am loosing track here … they were all after Jude . So Sadie Frost, sitting, nicely, faithfully, waiting for Jude to come? I don’t think so.

  • good

    oh my god……… Lily – -

  • dulce mirita

    I hope that Lily only could provoque on Jude anything but fatherly feelings, since he’s quite a nurturing man…Jude,nurture me¡¡¡¡

  • http://eh ewwww

    oh god yuck. hes old enough to be her dad.
    he should find someone his own age oh wait. older women are full of sh-t. it mus really suck for girls if ur most valuable asset is your youth
    eh wot? >_<