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Halle Berry's Hollywood Bowl

Halle Berry's Hollywood Bowl

Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry arrive at the Hollywood Bowl for the Stevie Wonder concert in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 41-year-old actress is expected to be in attendance of the “36th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Warren Beatty,” which will be held today at 9pm. Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr., former President Bill Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda and others are also expected.

Last week, Halle Berry was crowned the ‘Sexiest Black Woman Alive’ by TV One Access.

10+ more pics inside of Halle Berry‘s Hollywood Bowl…

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halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 01
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 02
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 03
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 04
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 05
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 06
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 07
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 08
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 09
halle berry gabriel aubry hollywood bowl 10

Photos: WENN
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  • Bitch

    You can’t help but like Halle for Catwoman and X men. Theyre great movies. She look like Beyonce sometimes.

  • qboy

    goergous !!

    lucky halle .. i love her BF …
    there is sexiest black woman but she remains beautiful

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She looks pretty amazing for a 41-yr old =). However, what happened to her kid?

  • LuckyL

    Fresh faced and glam as usual. I wish tv/mags wouldn’t make loaded statements like that though. It just tempts the a**holes

  • Angel

    She is very arrogant bitch. Especially since she has got young boyfriend and baby.

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Wonder which one the baby looks like?. I can’t wait to see her.

  • Suzi

    Just amazingly beautiful. I love them together. I would love to see them with the baby.

  • ….

    I think that Gabriel is a beautiful man who will age quickly. He looks more than his hardly 30 years old.

    As a model, i wish he would have made the effort to actually dress up in par with Halle’s.

    Halle’s beautiful. She actually looks younger than him.

  • jaye

    wow gabriel looks alot better since being away from halle..he almost looks like how he did before he met her, I really do mean that with sincerity and they dont look that comfortable together either…she looks like a very mixed up person.

  • Why?

    Angel the only arrogant shitzter here is you, you seem a really jealous person, hope your ailment goes away soon. In the meantime I wish Halle her hot boyfriend and you all the best.

  • mariemjs

    the AFI were filmed already, I saw Robert’s speech on the website and it’s absolutely awesome…

    Or maybe they have another grand event to celebrate the showing of the AFI? No idea :D

  • remember da truth

    Angel, what do you base that on, besides projecting your own envy?

    I once had a manicurist, a former topless dancer, who married a millionaire. She drove a white Mercedes, he a black one. They went to Greece to get married. This was a very nice, hard-working woman who happened to not get paid as much as her husband for her 50-hour work weeks, or her side business of starting a boutique.

    But despite her hard work, and friendly attitude to everyone, all the other ladies in the shop could see was a sexy woman who married a glamorous, rich guy and now had more money than they ever would. The claws came out. When my manicurist was on vacation, I used another one who spent the whole time talking about my manicurist’s wedding and her car (“who gets married in GREECE?!? I mean, come on, what a showoff!”, “you know she parks that Mercedes right up front so everyone can see it? She’s always talking about her car”). I pointed out that I’ve never heard her mention her car, that all employees parked up front, and with no family and a second wedding for her husband, why not start the honeymoon with the wedding in an out of the way place? Better than in Vegas!
    But the woman was CONVINCED that this woman who was nice until she got married was now a bitchy, arrogant snob. I’d say it was the envy that changed the viewers, not the manicurist who was the same as always, and never quit her job even with all the money her husband had.

    You sound the same. I hope you find happiness so that beautiful women who are in happy relationships with handsome, rich men don’t bother you so much.

  • Helena

    Wow, that is a bad shot of her!

  • acki

    wow these two are soooo beautiful – and the baby girl will be the most beautiful in hollywood…look at them!!!

  • Not healthy

    Sheesh she looks like she is cringing at the thought of holding his hand because he looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than her and yeah being with someone like mad nut halle he would most definetly age very quickly.

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  • James

    umm why is she always carrying a suitcase /handbag with her…the bags that she carries around with her they look so ridiculous like she got to look so important ?
    Those jeans she got on must be killing her cause they are so tight belly hanging I bet..
    I have to say this Gabriel hanging round stupid drongo halle he has lost creditability

  • lizzie

    I like the fact that Gabriel looks protective of her.

  • James

    yeah yeah blah blah maybe he now bodyguard hahahahahaha
    he looks dutiful like he always had and se hissed cause she wants more and it aint gonna happen cause the man has brains

  • nikomilinko
  • Alexanderina

    Love them together

  • kaylee

    I just love those two. They are so cute and they always look so happy together. Thanks for the pictures JJ.

  • oh snap!

    beautiful couple i wanna see their gorgeous Nahla!

  • bet

    Gorgeous , stunning buety.

  • shannon

    goregeous couple and the fact that thier still togehter says alot compared to u haters!

  • tom c

    She’s only half black. Her mother is Caucasian.

  • Angel

    To posters #10 and especially #12: This has nothing to do with jealousy or envy, just people have right for different opinion. What both of you were writing to me shows what kind of people YOU are – you have a problem #12 writing whole novel for who?! Maybe I had opportunity to meet Mrs. Berry and witness her arrogancy. So you are attacking me because of my comment. Please, you have right to your opinion and I have right to express what I think of her….so peace with you and do not foam like wild dogs on person you know nothing about. PS. Take a mirror and have a good look.

  • observed

    Gabriel doesn’t look very happy in photos. Sure that when they go out together black people (mostly black men) get angry and make mean faces & rude remarks at them. That’s not right.

  • Game

    The sexiest black woman is HALF black. So stupid. Such an insult to black women.

  • GAME

    The sexiest black woman is only HALF black. Such an insult to black women. So stupid.

  • jonas

    36th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Warren Beatty already happened… lmao then again it’s not like jared ever has his info right. i just come for the pics but have to suffer with the lame regergitated articles.

  • MOMOF3


    First of all, your comments are not only envious but borderline ignorant. Secondly, you are incapable of putting together a proper sentence. Lastly, arrogancy is not a word sweetie. Stop surfing the net and hunker down with a good book. Perhaps a dictionary?

  • hypocrite

    lol at the old guy behind them trying to act hip. Loser.

    Halle lookin great even though she has that bitch attitude goin on.

  • MARY

    awww, cute couple.

  • marisa

    they said that they would not be selling their baby pics and it looks like they meant it. good for them to keep the most precious part of their lives private.

  • remember da truth

    Angel, wishing you feel better is NOT an attack. And there was no foaming except your ranting about someone.
    No, you’ve never met Halle, nor have you spent much time reading and learning, or you would know there is no such word as “arrogancy”.

    Again, I ask you to back it up, but you can’t, so go back in your miserable hole. Express your opinion all you want, but yeah, #10 and I can sit there and laugh at what it shows about you. Our opinions? They show we can appreciate a beautiful, talented woman with a great-looking rich guy, who obviously loves her.

    Haters try desperately to make up things like Gabriel not looking good, just to make themselves feel better. Happy people are glad to see them having a fun night out. Choose who you want to be, but deal with the consequences of what it shows about you.

  • what

    godsakes you lot are so idiotic….If there is a reason why people are not fond of Halle well look at the way she is and her attitude they cannnot help but say what they assume speak impart judgement with!!

    There is no need to spend time correcting what others think unless there is another hidden agenda….So for what it is worth Halle has never really been an honest person and she has used her charm and preyed on Naivety for most of her life…so now that is my opinion…

    So the Halle conglomerate stop trying to control unrepairable damage……Yes she is hated and yes also by white people…I know I am one…I do not admire her and its for all to she has scammed the
    biggest bullshit ever..As for her baby oh come on that is Gabriel’s request . Halle would have showed off this poor child ages ago if she had her way…So dont try to hoodwink the public with this utter crap of ”Oh yeah they really meant it about not showing the baby’

    Curiosity always gets the better of people…but it is really silly to think that it is so important to see her kid…..Just place more importance on the childs life like having that wacko for a mother then reflect….yeah not a look is it

  • admit whats obvious

    poster named “what” (#38) is jealous of Halle Berry. You poor person. You’d murder her if you could.

  • crazilikafox

    Being jelouse and envious is a mental illness….#33 and #38 and who ever else is “suffering” with this illness…… I want to send you a GET WELL SOON card!!!!! lol…lol…lol

  • http://- Rach

    Damn, her partner is fine! I’m sure he could do better than Halle though..she’s so overrated.


    What I want to know is….where’s the baby at? And why are they hiding their bi-racial child?…….Halle’s looking “just ok” in this pic but, she sure hasn’t lost enough weight to get back to that great figure she used to have. And why is she alway wearing loose clothing (dresses and tops)…..They sure as hell don’t look happy…..could the honeymoon be over (oops! that’s right they’re not married)……just give it time….he’ll probably find a young, shapely black gal (he likes black).

  • Barbara

    OMG, he’s stunning, she’s gorgeous, what a couple….don’t let him go….. love the Macy’s commerical….

  • better pix, less fruity

    Better pix on X17, Gabby looks less fruity and Halle looks less drugged up.