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John Mayer Hits Up Hazelton Hotel

John Mayer Hits Up Hazelton Hotel

John Mayer leaves the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, Canada and heads to his concert scheduled for later that day.

The 30-year-old musician performed at The Molson Amplitheatre as part of his summer tour.

John‘s new 2 CD set, “Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles,” features five acoustic songs, eight songs with the John Mayer Trio, and nine songs with a full eight-member band. “Where The Light Is” has a total of twenty-two tracks and was released last week.

The next stop on John‘s tour is at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY, with Colbie Caillat opening for him.

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  • doug

    John will always be remembered as the urinater.

  • John fan

    He looks stressed.Run John Run before she before she suck life out of you.

  • LuckyL

    Picture 2 is a nightmare. This guy is the second skeletor of Hollywood.

  • jude

    He looks haggard! Take a rest or better yet take a hike!

  • http://!!! queenbee

    …John Mayer is soooooo lucky…..look below at the beauty he gets to wake up to when he wakes up in the morning….

  • http://!!! queenbee

    ….Frankensteins nephew escaped…

  • deb

    your right he does wake up with a beauty, john you and jen make a beautiful couple, lot of luck to both of you, I’ve never seen jen so happy, wether it last or not you’ve made jen a very happy woman, and at least i’ve never seen her have so much fun!!!!!

  • lizzie

    It breaks my heart that he has turned out to be such a dick….but I guess that comes with the lifestyle.

  • terissa

    QueenBee thanks for the giggle before work, I really needed that. LOL
    OMG, that picture of Jen sure looks like Amy Wino.

  • DEE

    your gorgeous i wish i jen between those sheets, love those hands of yours. you make a beautiful couple……..

  • Sara

    Notice how this douche bag is looking so hagerly and stressed out. since being with Jen.
    To bad he to hire Jen to ride his tour bus to pull in fans. Most of his fans have left him.

  • tess

    hottie, hottie you and jen are so hot!!!!!

  • julia

    He is incredibly unattractive.

  • Talor

    Jen must be sucking the life out of Herman the monster. Jen should send Perez Hilton a thank you letter for sending John to her. Perez proved he made out with John, John had to front a beard.

  • rien

    Doug (#1), only a question. Do you ever hear his music?

    How did they find me here?
    What do they want from me?
    All of these vultures hiding right outside my door
    I hear them whispering
    They’re trying to ride it out
    They’ve never gone this long
    without a kill before

    Vultures – John Mayer

    Or may be for you, it will be better:

    “I’m never speaking up again it only hurts me.
    Id rather be a mystery……..” John Mayer – My Stupid Mouth

    He will be remembered, yes, for his music.

    So, before you said anything, listen to his music, and forget his stupid mouth. There are stupider musicians, not only their mouth but also their music.

  • DEE

    he look hagerty b/c they can’t leave there hands off each other, don’t you think????? silly

  • Tess

    Yuck a dumpy Douche bag.

  • Hal

    He looks beat down b/c he has lost his friends and fans. He can’t keep any thing to himself. She even has to take over signing autographs.
    You can tell this is not going to last. Jen is too insecure to let him live a life of his own.

  • nikomilinko
  • Anne

    Just as soon as the gay rumors go away he will dump her.

  • Anne

    I agree with you DEE on some points and not on others. I imagine if a man is prone to making out with men it will be harder for him to make out with a chick. I think it would be a trial and hardship. I think that is what we see.

  • James

    I think he’s one damn lucky guy to wake up Jennifer, albeit I think she could do better.

    It’s funny how the Jolie-Pitt fans have no problem with the 11 year age difference, yet Mayer-Aniston’s 9 year difference is forbidden.

  • Anne

    “I’m never speaking up again it only hurts me.
    Id rather be a mystery……..” John Mayer – My Stupid Mouth

    ^^May be he should write new songs because his old songs don’t fit his new s#ck Hollywoods ar se image. I heard Clay Cook wrote the songs on his first album that helped launch his career.

    That “I’d rather be a mystery” that was never John Mayer must have been Clay Cook. John Mayer has beg for Hollywood publicity every since he started. That continuum stink big time. This “Where the light is” is a big joke. He was too lazy to work on a new album so he pushes his old concert footage. Funny they are hawking it here where Jen’s PR people front Jen the most. His DVD must not be selling if he has to hit the Internet hawking it.

  • Gregg

    Ahhh look it’s Jennifer Aniston’s tour bus. Wonder where it will stop next. Who is that weak looking man standing at the door.

  • Alice

    He looks like a vulture the way his neck is bent like that. Looks like Jen’s ugly son.

  • Cathy

    I got a good idea take that DVD and shove it up Jen’s …. To bad you have to resort to this. You look like a weak man these days.

  • pinkydoo

    Yeah, he looks a wee bit tired. I’m sure he’ll be taking a vacation after the tour ends. Where’s Jenn?

  • Linds

    Colbie Caillat should watch out old pathetic insecure Jen will probably sabotage Colbie’s set.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    dude needs a stylist. and a new fcuk-buddy.

    a day in beckhams closet would would do him good.

  • Linds

    Yeah, he looks a wee bit tired. I’m sure he’ll be taking a vacation after the tour ends. Where’s Jenn?

    John Mayer fans hate Jen-so they are keeping her hidden much as possible. They don’t want pictures of her to hit the Internet while she is on tour.

  • clarice

    He still looks like a cross between night of the living dead and zombie flesh eaters. The zombie-guy loves publicity but pretends not to. Whenever he tries to sound intelligent it comes out like a 14year olds version of depth.

  • sam

    Look at his neck and shoulders. He does look like a vulture and bet he walks like one to. Guess living like a douche bag will do that to you. Why would any one want his dvd. Hours of some ego maniac screwing his face up.

  • Pam

    Jen downgraded with this one. Orlando would have been better. Heck any other man but this one. He is so embarrassing.

  • LOL

    Jessica road Johns tour – so that does not make Jennifer and John’s relationship better than Jessica’s. He seemed a little more proud of Jessica b/c he keeps Jen hidden. He doesnt want any one to see him with her. He is embarrassed of Jen but was proud to be seen with Jessica. Jen is following in Jessica’s footsteps.

  • Larry

    I heard that Minka is in “Where is the light DVD” now if that isn’t a playa. Juggling one chick selling pictures of another one of his chicks on DVD.

  • Kate

    Lowly worm comes to my mind when I see a picture of him. He must be grabbing on to Jen because of money.

  • Hello

    #22 Why is it that everytime someone says something negative about Jen , everyone assumes they have to be Jolie fans. Not true! I have my reasons for not liking this celebrity and it has nothing to do with Jolie. If I had the time I would point out all 100 reasons why I don’t like her ,

  • Blackworm

    Is Jen traveling with him?

  • Jaye

    queenbee @ 07/08/2008 at 8:39 am

    …John Mayer is soooooo lucky…..look below at the beauty he gets to wake up to when he wakes up in the morning….
    Damn! Don’t do that, I think i threw up a little bit. I’m so ashamed. Hangs head and go sit in bad girl corner.

  • Amerie

    Wow! thats a terrible pic

  • Clair

    I’m not a Jolie fan.
    I have a problem with the women being older in a relationship because women matures faster than men. Mayer acts like he is 15. Which do not help matters.

  • duckie

    Believe me! John has pleanty of fans…because of his awesome talent. All the other stuff is a matter of taste, but the talent is undeniable. He will be remembered for this not his conquests!
    I love him!!!!!

  • zzz

    His head is so huge . It looks better with this kind hair cut though.

  • zzz

    Jennyho will show up when the twins arrive. We gona see her a lot then.

  • Mike

    He should have relied on his talent to sell tickets instead women. What he will be remembered for are the women. His music is already decreasing.

  • Amie

    John Mayer’s Stunt Life”
    Every day he will say so himself, “Why did I agree to this publicity stunt”

  • Seriously

    Yeah, what a douchebag. I mean, only a douche who suppose to urinate on girls would dare spend time being nice to a 4 year old boy.

    Oh, but it’s only for publicity, right? I’ve met John many, many times. He’s a sweet heart.

  • onmyown

    # 5 queenbee @ 07/08/2008 at 8:39 am …John Mayer is soooooo lucky…..look below at the beauty he gets to wake up to when he wakes up in the morning….

    # 6 queenbee @ 07/08/2008 at 8:40 am ….Frankensteins nephew escaped…
    Jesus Mary !!!!!!!!!!
    Those botox injections (false beauty regimen are talking its toll.
    Toxins are being released in the bloodstream, and because Jenn is a chain smoker, the complications are worse. Those droops and bags in her face suggest she have been taking this injections for at 10 years.

    At 40, those muscle will continue to droop, and look closely at other pix – left lid drooped, and now the right as well, hallowed cheeks and bags under her eyes. She’s looking more like a BED PAN pan these days.

    Yup – this Halloween – all she needs is a BROOM, and she’ll fly !

  • bet

    John mayer the talented and the lover.

  • Marisol

    He looks horible. What a douche bag.