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John Mayer Finds a New Friend -- Issac!

John Mayer Finds a New Friend -- Issac!

John Mayer is spotted out and about in the Soho section of New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

In John Mayer‘s latest blog entry, he introduces his friend Issac, who has MPS, a rare inherited mucopolysaccharide diseases. He brings awareness to the disease and also links to a foundation created to provide treatment and support for those affected by it.

It has been estimated that about 1 in 215,000 births are affected with MPS VI (Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome). There is an estimate in the United States that 1 in 25,000 births will result in some form of MPS.

Read John Mayer‘s entire blog entry here.

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  • ILOVEJOEjonas

    ew i hate him

  • ILOVEJOEjonas

    awesome im 1st!

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  • Ashley

    First comment he is hott!

  • mike

    I love him!!!!! so HOT! <3 although ALOT of people hate him!!! lol

  • ms. blablaw

    Underneath all that talent, machismo and ink is a wonderful human being.

  • duckie

    Def hott!!!!!

  • Kelly D.

    Who cares if you’re first? Grow up.

    And screw anyone who hates John Mayer. He’s a nice guy. He’s living his life and he’s happy. Stop being jealous and get a life. Get out from behind your computer screens!!!

  • gina

    love him and jen together, I think its great hes into something with children charitable, the pics are beautiful, i get to know more & more about john everyday, and really think hes a decent guy. you would never know it how other people portey him…………you go john

  • deb

    wow john your not only a great musician, you have a heart of gold.

  • Mara

    This is how you know Douchifer reads the Internet every chanch they get. Then post sh!t. They read the last post now here they come ready. This is damage control so this jerk can sell more of his cr@p. I don’t want any of your Cr@p.

  • deb

    John Mayer you are hot….. Thanks for intoducing me to Issac, beautiful pics. Your really a nice guy.

  • Mary

    What a douche bag. He is so gay.

  • lynn

    well mara get the heck off……….

  • dawn

    Some of your reactions to Mayer is just like the reactions to Vince Vaughn when he was dating Aniston. I don’t know why you all feel the need to build up every man she dates.

  • Sara

    Dumb a&& junk must not be selling. Here is some advertising garbage to help with the sale of his merch.

  • Dav

    Jen is so rich let her buy your products.

  • Mike

    Dude you seriously look gay in those pants.

  • Ter

    Does the two douche bags not have nothing better to do. Such a publicity who re. Just could not stand not being in the media.

  • Grace

    #15 b/c jen is just so perfect, no one needs to build up her relationships. I’ve always liked john mayer and jen and john are the best couple around now, also the most spoken about………you do it to

  • tess

    I don’t know you just gotta love him. DON’T YOU THINK!!!!!

  • SUE

    Ss sweet so kind. love your pics. gorgeous

  • Rob

    Really it doesnt take but a few minutes to fake concern and fool millions.

  • ?

    ^So he is a douchebag for granting a sick child his wish?

  • donna

    #11 how would you know that. I’m a woman and i think hes fine,but its fine with me if your gay!!!!

  • Ella

    I’m so not liking this dude at all any more. I believe he is all up Hollywood’s bu#.

  • Mara

    He is an a s shole for sure. This is damage control to help him sell his junk. I like posting here I think I will stay awhile and post more about the douche bag in the picture above.

  • joy

    Mary @ 07/08/2008 at 8:59 pm What a douche bag. He is so gay.
    So because a human being has true compassion and concern for other people besides himself he is gay. The number of people who comment on this blog all hate and abuse are truly disgusting and a waste of a life in this world.

    Mayer is a caring and talented human being and I wish him the best for his life and love life. They make a warm and beautiful couple. God bless…

  • Mara

    He was so ugly in the other picture so they thought they would run back and post what they think is a better picture of this douche bag. Sorry still ugly as a vulture.

  • ellie

    You people just don’t like him b/c hes with americas sweetheart…
    you and jen are amazing looking together, and john now you have a heart of gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rach

    John mayer and jennifer aniston you rock

  • donna

    just love your music, and now i think your special………

  • Diana

    They have manipulated the media for so long and think all they have to do is put up a picture, get his paid clones to post in his favor and the media go ahh. Nope I don’t care what he stand by and pose for a picture he is still a douche bag with a giant size ego problem.
    I don’t care who is with that has nothing to do with it. Some people are only concern because he is with their desperate Jen. These same posters will change their tune the day they break up. I don’t see any of the same posters cheering for Vince V-Paul S-Orlando B and the others now. John will be the same way soon as they end it they will be done with John Mayer.

  • bet

    Utlist consider about the sick kid on this post, before you rubbing your hate on john and Jen.

  • conny

    Angie is influencing everyone. This comes from a woman’s boyfirend who said “charity is not my thing” go figure.
    by the way Pee you better with Glasses on.

  • Jill

    ellie @ 07/08/2008 at 9:28 pm
    You people just don’t like him b/c hes with americas sweetheart…

    ROTFLMBAO!!! Ellie, hon, how old are you — fourteen and a half?

    You’re calling a woman pushing 40 “america’s sweetheart”?! How freaking lame is that?

    I don’t like him because he’s a cad who kisses and tells — or rather, pisses and tells — and he’s a user and a loser who will dump poor Jennifer like a hot potato when he’s tired of the game. It’s always a game with him, didn’t you know?

    But I don’t want to destroy all your fairy-tale illusions, so you just keep on typing “Jen & John 4-eva” or however you kids spell nowadays, and maybe one day you’ll grow up.

  • donna

    You people say such the horrible things, i do believe i’m speaking with children. Anyone jen is with you all hate… is b/c as a woman it didn’t work out or maybe she decided not to have a baby with a cheat… so god bless jen and john, if you make it great if you don’t , at least you had so much fun , all i know is jen has class and handle anything…..don’t you think????

  • John fan

    Those pants are hideous. They look like star track rejects and I know John was never into star track. His clothes do kinda look gay. John please get better clothes. She is right about one thing, Soon as John and Jennifer are over those Jennifer fans compliments are going to turn ugly. That happened after the Jessica/John break up. Then Minka even though Minka fans wasn’t so bad.

  • Ellie

    JILL honey no I’m 4 yrs old. and write better then you. All of you are just jealous of jennifer aniston. This isn’t about John its all again about jennifer, And i’ll be 5 yrs old in 2 months. Where would you come up with 14 and a half thankyou for that compliment…..

  • Leni

    I’m not the biggest fan of John but what he did was really sweet. If making a little boy’s wish come true makes him a douche then he’s the best douche ever. It seems to me that the haters just skimmed over John’s blog. Did you even bother going to Isaac’s website? Check this out:

  • tess

    #33 jens desperate you’ve gotta be kidding me. Why would jen be deperate,I don’t feel sorry for her, shes rich powerful, beautiful, a great actress. God bless Jen you can pull out of anyhing for what your ex has done to you.

  • Jill

    Ellie @ 07/08/2008 at 10:04 pm
    JILL honey no I’m 4 yrs old. and write better then you. All of you are just jealous of jennifer aniston.

    OMFG! You can’t be serious. Jealous of Jennifer Aniston? Jealous of horse-face-no-life-having-career-in-the-toilet-can’t-hold-a-man-patron-saint-of-scorned-women Aniston?? Have you lost all your marbles or what?

  • Linds

    It’s John Mayer I can’t take nothing he say serious. He is not the right guy to shine the awareness spotlight on any subject.
    I’m so glad Jen did not have a baby. It’s the one thing she has done right. I use to like Jen when she was her own person. She showed independence. Now to me she is showing vulnerability and weakness. She is running scared because she is turning 40 very soon. I hate weakness in women. All of the men she has paraded through lately shows her weakness in being along. So she picks some douche bag jerk to stand by her so she can fake like she has a boyfriend. I don’t mind her dating but she has been showing weakness lately by riding a tour bus like she don’t have a life of her own and asking can she sign autographs. That says she is some where she does not belong like a loser. Look at his track record with women. This guy is nothing to trust.

  • Ellie

    #42 Your funny Jill Your getting so angry for no reason.. calm down go chill. Oh and by the way when people donate money its sacred and personal, and the that is donated is for exploiting their children. Jen is a beautiful woman And so is Angie so what do you care what Jen and john are doing? I prefer comedy you probably prefer violence> To eaches own don’t you think????

  • Sandi

    Yeah I think it was the plan put up a blog. The women will go gaga over me and buy my stuff. I think he use people for his own gain. John do the little guy a favor give him some of you and Jenns millions.

  • Dav

    John has to find new friends because he has messed over all his old friends.

  • tess

    #43 Linda what makes you think jen is deperate since when does a woman have to have a baby, isn’t our choice. Where do you get off saying jen would pick anyone , shows her weakness by riding in a bus with a man she seems to so happy with, Jens a strong person, if she handled what her a** of a husband did , had 3 children within 5 months humilated by her wonderful husband in public. Now just imagine thats you ok… Jen is genuine stong classy and a fine person, so who are you to tell her to date or to be with, Jen only knows whats good for her. Now that this is all over I wish brad angie happiness with there family, God there comes a time to move on already and stop juding….

  • Seriously

    I don’t care for Jen either but seriously, why bring her into every post about Mayer. He did a nice thing. If some of you who don’t like him so damn much, why are you even here? Go get a life, you obviously need one.

  • tess

    and a goodnight to all SWEET DREAMS

  • Linds

    Tess slow down and go back and read with deep breaths.
    Always back to Brad/Ange. I see nothing classy about Jen. Groupies ride tour buses….. if the shoe fits the ho. That is all now.