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Mariah Carey - "Elle" August 2008

Mariah Carey -

Mariah Carey talks about her new body, new record and hot new man in the August 2008 issue of Elle magazine. Here are some of the key points Mariah drove home:

On her unhappy past: “When I was in an unhappy place in my life, I always wanted to be kidnapped. I just wanted a way out, but didn’t have one.”

On Nick Cannon saving her: “He sort of kidnapped me and took me on a helicopter ride. Then he re-proposed. (His first proposal had taken place on Mariah’s roof in Manhattan a couple of evenings prior and involved the hiding of a 17-carat diamond ring inside a candy ring pop.) They’ve been calling me Cinderella since I first started out, so, of course, being Cinderella… Most people would think, Okay, please! This doesn’t happen in real life.”

On keeping her and Nicks’ romantic involvement on the down low: “We really kept the whole relationship aspect of it quiet. Therefore, we didn’t really ‘date,’ you know what I mean? Because that would have been not quiet or private. I think we didn’t want to give people a chance to be like, ‘What are you doing? What are you talking about? This is so quick… are you sure?”

On her racial ambiguity naturally attracting her to Barack Obama as a presidential candidate: “I can relate a lot to so many of the stories he tells. Clearly I am not the political analyst of the ages, but this is something that hits me on a deeper level than anything I’ve ever experienced growing up… I would be honored if he wanted me to be involved in any way. Right now I’m kind of watching from the sidelines.”

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  • Aleksandra


    That is one ugly cover…and I actually like Mariah and her music.

  • Ekaterina

    Holy, photoshop, batman! That is NOT her natural waist. Talk about a blatant lie. And they wonder why girls in this country have body image issues?

  • teena

    Her head and body pose don’t seem to match.

  • Patricia

    Hidden in a candy ring? Now, that is soooooo Mariah. maybe she really found her true match after all. Best wishes to the happy couple!

  • mike

    i love Mariah but that is not a very nice picture of her…

  • shelly

    this girl is delusional…anyone knows, who is married, things get REAL…with money and without. Get out of your fairytail girlfriend, Cinderella, you aint!!!!! the honeymoon stage only last for a while, and with the clout that she has, they have plenty of challenges ahead of them

  • Bitch

    Her music can be uplifting thats what I like about it. She has a strong personality. Good Luck to Her in whatever she does. I will drink Pinot Grigio and sing her no.1s album.

  • z+v=zanessa

    she is nasty!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    God photoshop
    The head is wrong, and the body is so not her
    Awful cover!

  • julie

    I wish her happiness. :)

  • jgp

    lol @ the fact that she thinks she’s cinderella
    she’s totally out of her mind

  • jo

    hot new man?!? puhleaze.. nick cannon looks like a little boy standing next to her

  • kitty


    fire the person who did the cover!!

    worst job ever

    looks like they put her head on someelses body



  • annie_luv

    Who ever did the airbrushing on this pic of her deserves an honorary award.She wishes she was that tin and perfect and Im so sick of seeing her in videos or everywhere else in skimpy tight dresses with that oh look at me Im so hot attitude of hers.Puke!

  • annie_luv

    Who ever did the airbrushing on this pic of her deserves an honorary award.She wishes she was that tin and perfect and Im so sick of seeing her in videos or everywhere else in skimpy tight dresses with that oh look at me Im so hot attitude of hers.Puke!

  • Shannon

    whats up with magazine’s overdoing the photoshopping? that looks nothing like mariah especially the body which looks like it belongs to someone else

  • Tiffany

    And the photoshop award goes to…

    What is up with all these freaky looking magazine covers lately? The kids in the computer lab have either lost their minds or are trying to get back at their employers for something. Sad.

    The only good thing I can say about Miss Mariah is that getting married seems to have made her smarter, but only a little.

  • Nope

    What is with the “racial ambiguity”? I knew she was black when I first saw her. Same with Obama. She’s had plastic surgery to “whiten” her features more and is starting to morph from the black Kathy Lee Gifford to a Jackson! Half-breeds are never happy with having ANY black in them at all! If they could have it extracted from their DNA, they would!

  • kathyb

    1st to all the haters I got news for you:Everybody male & female gets photo shopped not just Mariah!!!!!! I’ve seen Mariah in person & I have news for all you haters she actually looks better in person then in the magazines. I would like everyone that says shes ugly to post pictures of themselves on here & lets see who’s really ugly. I love the pic of her & Nick that they didn’t post on here. I hope for the best for them.
    As for the Cinderella reference people have said since day 1 that she had a Cinderella type story I’m pretty sure she was half joking.

  • josh harenet

    they had the scan of the article at if you want to read it.

  • Allie

    Ummm…why is she trying to take off her head?

  • oh snap!

    mariah needs to sit down she getting old and photoshopped to the MAX

  • MM





  • LuckyL


  • laurie

    EWWW looking like hooker as usual and a tacky one at that.

  • matey

    Haters, take a deep breath!!! No reason at all to hate, period.

    Loads of blessings to Nick and Mariah!

  • Digg

    That is not Mariah’s body. Mimi’s retoucher strikes again!

  • i like her

    I have made fun of Mariah in the past, but now it’s not so funny anymore. She was really hurting and it’s not good to bash people when they are already down.

    I luv her music. I luv her new CD. It’s really incrediblly good. That’s all that matters. Oh, and I hope she will be very happy with Nick Cannon too.

  • maggie

    I love her.
    Haters please leave her alone and I’m sure that you will never get better than Mariah, so don’t jealoussss ya!!!!

  • julie

    I don’t know how many of you *really* work in publishing but I do and I know photoshop. Of course the picture is photoshopped, they ALL are because if they weren’t, people wouldn’t buy. You all included come here to look for perfection. Even Angelina gets airbrushed and believe me, I love her too. To clear this shit up, it IS Mariah’s body, her face isn’t stuck on someone else’s. The body is most likely made thinner but it isn’t a head stuck on someone else. and OH MY GOD get over the hate.

  • binky

    “the more you curse me, the more you’re blessing me…”
    Lambs 4 life ;-)

  • Ana

    wow… that is one good FAKED cover

  • soopx

    Wishing the very best for you.

  • cheryll

    MARIAH is an UGLY BITCH! She doesn’t even look hot. EWW!

  • suri

    Come on, have you seen the new photos of MC from TRL??? She has THIS body!! Nowadays, she is really in great shape. So many haters here and that’s PATHETIC people.

  • babyy

    fuck mariah.what a fake lady.she is no nasty.i hate her.she doesnt have nothing to offer.madonna is much more fun.always doing differnt things.thats why she is a genious.i love madonna what a graet show in lisbon.she burns down the house