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Megan Fox Frequents Fred Segal

Megan Fox Frequents Fred Segal

Megan Fox stops at Fred Segal for a short time in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.

Although there were reports the Transformers star broke up her engagement, she may not be single after all. Megan was spotted with Brian Austin Green in Vegas together to catch Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show at the Bellagio.

In Brian Austin Green‘s recent interview with TV Guide, he said, “No, we’re solid. We met on Hope and Faith. We’ve lived together for three years. We have tattoos of each other’s names. We have more time away from each other now than we’d like.”

DO YOU THINK Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still together?

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  • ihavenolife

    hot stuff… looks like she put on a few lbs..

  • Amerie

    is there something wrong with her top lip

  • Jessica

    She can do sooo much better than Brian.

    She’s gorgeous.

  • please

    white trashhhhhhhhh

  • Mejx14

    i hope there still together.
    hess hot she gorgeous.
    there perfect.

  • bla blah


  • stellartes

    she is such a pretty girl….i can’t get over it….and I am a girl too….

  • Nat

    Wow, new set of boobs…. Way to go, Megan >.<

  • anna

    she is stunning! she’s not trash she just dresses chill when she’s out doing normal things, she doesn’t have to dress like she’s going to a fashion show like all the other celebs do

  • woo hoo




  • jess

    yea she is a tad bit more beautiful then angelina jolie,

    and dont even say megan had work done

    cause angelina has too.

    nothing wrong with minimal plastic surgury,
    nothing wrong with plastic surgury at all,
    unless you do like a drastic change

    overall. leave them both alone, they are both similar, get over it !

  • theo

    new set of breast, nose, and botoxs fo the lips goes along a way

  • http://deleted andrea v

    god i want abs like hers.

  • Calpal

    She’s way too young and hot for HIM.

    She’s NOT the next Angie. More like the next Denise Richards…all physical appeal wih no talent or charm. She looks sleazy,too.

  • gshock


  • Jughed

    Yum! She looks good with a little meat on her bones :)

  • Lyn

    Megan is so pretty and shes not an angelina wanna be.. She looks so much better than her

  • Mari

    I agree w/ the white trash comment & it has nothing to do w/ what she is wearing. Aside from all her plastic surgery which is a turn off she acts like she has a 3rd grade education & is from the ghetto. The girl may have been able to pay to have herself morphed into something somewhat attractive but you can’t buy class. She is so arrogant & tries too hard to be a sex symbol. If she was a humble this post would be more positive.


    She has gained some serious weight on her “thunder thighs”…..AND by the way she does’t look anything like gorgeous ANGELINA JOLIE!….
    THIS BITCH NEEDS TO HIT THE GYM OR stop eattttttttttttttttttttting so much…….

  • jilly

    Thunder thighs??? Seriously? I don’t like this Angelina wanna be, but thunder thighs? No!

  • nikkita

    glad megan is getting more love now, but theres still haters there always will be.
    i hope she and brian are still together, after reports that they were seen together.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Megan is the hottest girl ever , Angelina who

    angie is old just look at her face now , Megan is the new sex simple

    and every girl with tattoo and black hair is Angelina wannabe

    I MEAN PLEAS !!!!


    She is pretty, and from my pt. of view, way prettier than Angelina Jolie. Jolie wasn’t even that good-looking at Megan’s age…she just got better looking with age

  • abby

    I hope they’re still together. I love BAG. He makes Terminator better and they are hot together IMO


    Megan looks WAY BETTER than what Angelina Jolie looked liked when she was her age(just look at old pictures). Angelina just got better looking with age. If you don’t like the girl then just say so, but the calling her an “Angeline wannabe”, ugly, and commenting on her plastic surgery(don’t tthink she had any) is old and tired…NEXT


    I just said that…

  • shawneebear

    She looks OLD and haggish.

  • ….

    She should stop with the plastic surgeries !

    She is barely 22 and she is taking the route of a freakshow already.

    Her lips have been inflated once again. Stop the madness.

    She was so cute 5 years from now with her real features, thin lips and face full of freckles. Now she looks too plastic !

  • http://JustJared WOW

    Thunder Thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow , WHITE GIRLS have serious weight issues.

  • ewww

    It’s so funny how she looks like Linsay Lohan. she’s got that freckled thin lipped greasy face of Lohan. . She’s a C actress and always will because she really can’t act for crap. But her “fans” could care less about the acting. It’s all about looking at her as a piece of meat. She’s the next big thing if you are talking about a piece of meat and the sleazy men that surround that.Oh well.

  • WTF?

    Are you people on crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

    She freaking looks like a cross between Rumor Willis and Carmen Electkra!!!!!!!!

    She’s the next Pam Anderson, you watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A 50 year old devasted Christie Brinkly look better than this chick.

  • Blah

    This woman is sugarfree vanilla upon whitebread upon sugarfree vanilla. So blah. NEXT——->

  • sshhii_baby

    Man, I’m so disappointed because this girl used to be naturally pretty.
    I loved her nose before the surgery. Now, she is HOT!! but in a dirty pornstar or playboy kinda way. She will be the next Pamela as a sex symbol. No comparison whatsoever to Angelina. I feel sorry for her man. He might not have much status in Hollywood but obviously he is doing something right. If she can love him enough to be engaged to him for 3yrs. Stop being so shallow people. Just as long as he is a good man to her than so be it. Don’t put him down just because he isn’t your cup of tea. I wish them well. Megan please stop with the surgeries while you’re ahead.

  • http://lol eek

    She needs to break up with BAG the sick pedo!!!! hes too old!!! >_<

  • sHE should lay the drastic ps

    Megan before drastic change , taken from “HOPE and FAITH”

  • anna

    omg are you people blind! she is beautiful ! and she doesn’t have fake boobs! angelina has a nose job and no one seems to be saying anything about that and just bc she has black hair and tattoos that means your an angelina wannabee?? seriously grow up

  • sHE should lay the drastic ps
  • sHE should lay the drastic ps

    Megan today :

    She did skin dermabrasion to erase all her freckles, a nose job to erase her little bump on the top, cheek implants, lips enlargment (several times) cause her original lips were very thin and a boob job lately. She put jet black color on her natural dirty blond with red high lights hair.

    Some even say that she has fake eye contact but her pictures when she was 17 shows that she actually had those eyes already.

  • sHE should lay the drastic ps

    in between her transforlation with her original nose (see the bump) and lips

  • mEGAN Sucks

    Megan used to look really pretty when she was on “Hope and Faith”. But now she looks like the worlds biggest porn star. I can’t believe that she actually did that to herself.

    This Angelina wannabe has had so many plastic surgeries to make herself look “hott”, that no one can keep track anymore.

    Its actually pretty sad because she is FAKE from head to toe. And to all those idiots that keep on saying that she hasn’t gotten any plastc surgery done…..OPEN YOUR EYES. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she has had massive work done to herself. I used to watch “Hope and Faith” and she has been through a DRASTIC change since then…..and none of it is natural. She’s a total fake.

  • Jay



  • alexziel

    She is not the next Angelina Jolie.

    Angelina Jolie has this aura around her, this appeal. She has been a very controversial and interesting lady since she was a teenager. She cant be ignored.

    Megan is beautiful, but there are many beautiful people in Hollywood.

    Is just that she doesn’t have a personality, that thing that makes the difference between the star and the legend.

  • ms anonymous

    yes i think they are still together…i think that megan is telling ppl she’s stingle just to put up a front since she’s the new hot girl in town it would be better for her to be seen as single rather then with BAG…..

  • corbin

    gorgeous, hot, sexy what else????? wow i still cant believe they are together, AHHHHH why????? why him???

  • tonya

    megan fox is straight up gorgeous…i like her tats minus the monroe on her forearm. not saying she’s an amazing actress from what we’ve seen so far but DAMN you can’t deny she’s probably one of the hottest girls right now in hollywood

  • Carol

    she can do better than brian?????
    Brian is so damn hot! i wish my boyfriend looks like him

  • Jalen McCollum

    Not only does this pic. make her lips look bad & has thunder thighs, it makes her feet look weird.