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Reese Witherspoon is a Museum Mommy

Reese Witherspoon is a Museum Mommy

Reese Witherspoon takes her kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, to visit the exhibits at the Tate Modern museum in London on Tuesday afternoon. Check out the kids zone that Reese checked out with her children.

How cute is Ava with her colored glasses?

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old Legally Blonde star was seen shopping up a storm in Notting Hill.

Reese is currently shacking up in London with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal as he shoots his new film Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

10+ pictures inside of museum mommy Reese Witherspoon

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  • mike

    I love her! <3

  • Shar

    Wow, Ava looks like a spitting image of her mommy!!

  • jeronimo

    Ava looks amazingly like her mom.

  • Ivana

    OMG so many pics of her. Does she ever sleep…..
    She make perfect balance between Jake and her kids… :-))))

  • alice


  • t.

    those children are so freakin cute !!!!!!!!

  • denise

    Those are some cute kids!

    Deacon looks like his dad and Ava looks EXACTLY like Reese. I have never seen a daughter that looks so much like their mother before.

    Love Reese!

  • LOL


  • z+v=zanessa

    those kids are gorgeous!

  • Susanne

    OMG!!! I looooooveeeee her! She’s such a good mum

  • Anne

    She’s wonderful!!!!

  • rory

    well, I see a little Ryan in Ava…she is a beautiful mixture of Ryan and Reese.

  • P

    Aww, Ava is so cute with her little glasses. She looks like Reese and the boy looks like Ryan. They got a split down the middle.

  • violet

    so cute

  • violet

    so cute

  • parisgirl

    I like parents who act like parents. It’s so rare in Hollywood ;)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    damn, her face is unfortunate. disgusting body also.

    sadly, that forehead runs in the family.

  • kasia

    Deacon is freakin cute and Ava looks just like Reese ;)
    sooooo cute!

  • denise

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆]
    Reese is beautiful and so is her daughter. Pull your head out of your ass and shut the hell up.

  • Jaye

    awwwwww mimi reese is so cute.

  • Jaye

    dang, couldn’t catch that in time. It’s MINI reese lol.

  • feeling bad for the kids

    Wow, her kids must be so thrilled to be in London, stuck with a nanny most of the time, with no friends, no pool, no beach, no daddy and not much else to do. Yeah, Reese is a great parent. She schleped her kids to another country so she could play house with her boyfriend and get the most amount of PR from it. Her career must be falling fast if the only thing she has to cling to is Phonyspoon.

  • La Vallonga

    Elsa Quevedo Cervantes, siempre guapísima cuidando a sus primos. Tenías que haber salido de Bellea del Foc.

  • jj

    Poor Deacon. I wonder if she ignores him because he reminds her so much of Ryan. He always seems like the odd man out when she has the kids.

  • soso

    Ava looks just like her mom
    little mini reese witherspoon

  • kelli K


  • Blackworm

    Reese is a good mom.

  • anon

    Is she a drinker? Why does she have such severe under eye baggage? She’s not working and she looks haggard.

  • fake b!tch

    Reese Witherspoon is a true PR wh*re!

    Kids are lucky to have Ryan for a father – at least one good parent in the family.

  • Rp and rw fan

    It’s not a competition. Don’t drag Ryan into it if you hate Reese. They both must be good parents or they would have had a battle over the kids.

  • Amanda

    awwwww ava and deacon have gotten soo biggg!!! they are both extremely good looking, i love ava in her pigtails and messenger bag and glasses, she has great style and deacon is cute/adorable beyond words. reese is looking good w/ her hair like that too. she doesnt look that happy tho, probably the paps haha

  • setrt

    Omg her daughter looks just like her o_o

  • Anne

    Excuse me? why would she be a pr whore? because she does normal everyday things? get over it, she’s nice

  • Seriously

    I think Reese and her kids are adorable.

  • cHRIS

    She is not wearing much if any makeup as in the restaurant pictures and she is a pretty good looking woman, though not the “beauty” she is when completely made up. Again what is most interesting here is that the kids never laugh or smile. Neither looks at all happy. I doubt these kids are taking the divorce well. Anyhoo she is outclassing Ryan by taking them to Europe and giving them all sort of “advantages” that he cannot. I might even think she aims to get back at him through the children. Oh, my God.

  • Flippo

    To #22:

    London is probably one of the best places for a kid to visit, so many different cultural aspects to it, fascinating history, a variety of galleries & theatres, great shopping, wonderful parks, free museums (seriously if you go to London, you absolutely MUST go to the Natural History Museum & the Science Museum, the 2 best museums in the world if you ask me). I could go on & on about how great London is for kids but I’ll stop there before I run out of words to use in my post.

  • laurie

    Luv her what a good mom, her kids are so cute.

  • not even

    Why is Reese making that stupid face. She seems like she thinks she is so cutesy. She really needs to stop with the faces.

  • cHRIS

    London is a feast for culture vultures, but Reese is not very cultured nor well educated. She can pretend to take her children places but I doubt they have any context at all into which to place things. This is probably all for publicity for herself. I repeat that the children are probably too unhappy to learn much of anything.

  • Anon

    Reese spends a LOT of time with her kids. Those kids are about the most normal kids in H’wood. They go to school, they have real non-Hollywood friends, they have activities and outings and they have lessons. How do you know whther or not they have a swimming pool or horseback riding, or any other stuff kids love to do. They look very well behaved and very normal. Jake is at work and she is busy being a mom. She takes the summers off every year for her kids. This year, they are spending part of it in London. WTF do you care. Don’t be so judgemental.

  • nr

    Reese relax don’t take it so personally.

  • Sammy

    Ava is the cutest thing!!
    Love her little pigtails.

  • may

    Oh boy the girl looks like the spitting image of her mother. Too bad!

  • cynthia

    #22 – Feeling Bad For the Kids: I agree with you 100%. I couldn’t have said it any better! Reese is a whore who only cares about herself and her needs.

  • cynthia

    Prince of Persia movie will be another one of Jakey boy’s flop movies at the box office. His career is going down hill fast!

  • tiffi

    The Kids loves their Daddy more as their mother. Ryan and the kids are cuddling very often. Reese and the kids cuddling not

  • Silja

    Awww I never realized until now that Ava looks just like her mum. Adorable!

  • legs

    aww… Ava is so adorable. she looks exactly like her mommy. :)

  • cHRIS

    Answer me this, smitten idiots: why don’t these kids EVER smile or laugh? Indicate to me a picture of them smiling or laughing. No such picture exists. Conclusion, they never smile or laugh because they are NOT happy. She totes them around here and there for fotos, to show “what a good mom” she is, but she can’t make them happy. If you notice things and don’t just go brain dead when you see her, you will understand.

  • Solaris

    Chris & tiffi

    And you can tell it from the pictures you saw that they are unhappy?

    Then people who have problems simply have to send their pictures to both of you, then you can solve their problems!

    Don’t be so easy to judge people. Reese is their mother, she spends time with her children. PPZ recorded not even 0.05% of their daily life! And you think you already knew what was going on?

    I am glad that there is still a HW mom who takes their children to museum! It shows the understanding of how important an education is.

    BTW, if she left them at home meanwhile she was with Jake, you would say differently, wouldn’t you?