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Sarah Larson & George Clooney: Still Friends!

Sarah Larson & George Clooney: Still Friends!

Sarah Larson is still on good terms with her ex, George Clooney. She opens up to Britian’s Hello! magazine about her relationship, which ended back in May. Here are the highlights from Larson‘s interview:

On not having any regrets in her relationship with Clooney: “George is a great guy, a wonderful person. I don’t regret spending time with him. We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago.”

On what she’s taken away from the one-year relationship with him: “Most people know George has a great sense of humor and is an adept storyteller. But I will always love his extraordinary dance moves.”

On her current relationship status: “I have two men in my life right now. They’re very dark and have lots of hair and weigh 15 lbs.”

On Clooney opening up a lot of doors for her: “I have a lot of great opportunities, doors that have opened, and I have no complaints. I make good money. I have a house. I have all the things I’ve always wanted. I’m in a good place. I’ve had some amazing offers come in, including one modeling campaign that may bring me to England soon. I can’t talk about it yet because it’s not a done deal. I hope it happens because I’ve never been to England and I’d love to spend some time there. If I do end up there I could find a nice British boy. I’d be open to the idea. I hear they have a good sense of humor.”

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  • katie

    british boys are pretty great

  • melanie

    who cares

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh, why doesn’t this wannabe just stfu.

  • lola

    golddigger. Keep her away from the cute British boys!

  • zahltjetzt

    Hey Sarah,

    how very pay George “GAI” C. for this interview?????????????

  • Nanea

    Why is are ex-escorts relevant all of a sudden?

  • mery

    I hope Sarah stand in USA.

    Why this interview? Who is she? What is she do? The world is fool!

  • nora

    I make good money. I have a house. I have all the things I’VE WANTED WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m in a good place.
    (the way she speaks…….) what a b*tch !!!!i’am glad he dumped her

  • evans

    It’s very sad that girl in her late 20th thinks that her life can be done by affair with GC…..and I thought Julia Roberts was rude not looking at her on Gala two months ago….oh how stupid I was, Julia must be in shame because of George.
    Cloony still can understand that life is much more than fun,sex and money….why didn’t he ask Roberts. It looks like she finaly got it

  • http://. irene

    I, I, I , I , I the whole paragraph just talks about herself herself herself…

  • crap

    who the hell cares abt this girl? she sounds totally materialistic. George is prob just being nice by still talking to her.
    She couldnt wait to give interviews could she? nt a great fan of george either but sound slike he mase a good move by leaving her.

  • Keyla

    One night with GC , tha is all I need to be happy, one year is too much to ask

  • TiredofthisCrap

    She has her 15 minutes of fame on life support. Every time we think she’s done and gone, she applies the paddles, it gets a jolt and here it is resurrected. How long can this go on.

  • fake

    this interview sounds completely fake. do you believe everything you read??

  • Jammy Sod

    As a Brit, I’d rather cut my c**k off than go out with her

  • Bubbaness

    Ugh, who gives a sweet fart? He probably dumped her when she started acting like she was famous.

  • gizmatage

    Why is she still talking? Her 15 mins is OVER!! Please go away!

  • mike

    love him!!!!!

  • bla blah

    LOL!! And this gold digger made it to People’s Most Beautiful List because they thought they would actually last. LMAO!

  • Shannon

    i always liked george, but ever since he started dating that girl i disliked him more and more

  • JuneBelle

    good gracious. she s just a mess. i want to do something good with my fame, really? it wasnt your fame. you didnt earn it. you f*@%k it off of George. I read an article about him, and the person interviewing him asked him about his relationshit (yeah Shit) and he said that it was time and he had to make it up. wtf? i think he was horny and bored and didnt want to be alone. so this slutty thing came up and was it was like well, you were the first to walk in the door. okay. i know he works alot (which is why he sometimes dates actresses) and goes to bars* (which is why he dates sh*t like her) but i seriously think he needs to get out more-to the right places.

    * i’m not saying that all people who go to bars are sh*t. so please dont be offended

  • Paige

    She’s a joke and a wannabe. Lemme guess her only campaign would be that Ed Hardy garbage she was s*anking it up for a little while ago *rolls eyes*

    If she wants to go to London so bad, maybe she should stop being a freeloader who milks her 15minutes and get her own money to go to London.

  • mike

    Hope this girl is not spreading around anything nasty. From the sound of it, was she a hooker? That is legal in vegas afterall.
    Her modelling gig with that French designer, what a joke. Who the hell wears that shit anyways. A 30 yr old wearing clothes that looks like it is made for teenagers. He probably hired her bc he knew she was EASY, he is only a couple years older than George. HAHA.
    This girl is full of BS. I bet she is NOT talking to George and noone will believe it til she can prove it. he has not said one word about her meaning he does not care!! what a blabbermouth fool.

  • Blackworm

    #20 Shannon:

    Yeah, I agree. My opinion of George plummeted downward when he started dating this girl. I’m glad he finally dumped her.

  • People and GossIp

    Georges is a good guy:))