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Victoria Beckham: The Musical?

Victoria Beckham: The Musical?

Victoria Beckham holds hands with her youngest son, Cruz, 3, while passing through London’s Heathrow airport after a flight from Los Angeles on Tuesday. Accompanying the mother-son pair was one of her other sons, Romeo, 5.

Posh, 34, wore a chic Graeme Black skirt, V-neck sweater and oversized shades from her own dVb line.

It’s been reported that a theater company in Dublin, Ireland is developing a musical about the life of Victoria and her soccer star husband David Beckham.

The show is tentatively titled MacBecks and the show director calls it “wild comedy romp,” poking fun at the Beckhams. According to reports, Posh will be portrayed as an ambitious Lady Macbeth for whom husband Becks sacrifices his career.

“We’re very excited by the script,” says Ronan Smith of Long Road Productions, which is behind the staging of the satirical sing-song affair. “It borrows from Shakespeare‘s Macbeth, King Lear and Romeo & Juliet.”

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  • da

    cute kids

  • anna

    omg romeo looks just like david!! he is the only one that looks like him bc the other two look just like victoria!

  • rory

    oh, adorable kids…especially Romeo!

  • Mrs.chrisbrown

    OMG! Her kids are absolutley adorable! I can’t believe her five year old son has an ipod!

  • Brett

    Whyyyyyy is she sooo skinny, it’s not very pretty, and her face is wayy too white for her body, but owell, she still rocks!

  • eva

    i love her she’s a role model she’s talented she’s such a sweetheart she does always look fab she has 3 adorable kids and a wonderful husband

  • bilbo

    Copying article from Gossip Girls again, eh?

    This site sucks

  • Mrs.chrisbrown

    OMG! Her kids are all so ADORABLE! I can’t believe her five year old son has an ipod!!! Ha Ha so cute!

  • julia

    mrs chris brown, i couldn’t believe it either haha. wonder what he’s listening to? :P

  • me

    how many people step off an 11 hour flight looking like that! she always looks good whatever the circumstances … i dont think she’s that thin – she’s given birth to 3 healthy kids so her body must be fine – she’s a strict vegetarian / non-dairy eater …. only eats fish so i guess a fish eating vegan?

  • viviane

    are you serious?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my son is 5 he’s got an ipod and he listen to depeche mode

  • bridget

    I love Vic and her biys..they are adorable!!

  • bridget

    (boys) sorry..typo

  • Collleen

    Cute boys!

  • Whatever…

    She’s a S-K-A-N-K! Always so OVERLY concerned with her SKANK ‘image” than being a “proper mum” to her boys’… can’t wait for there “Mummie Dearest” book to come out yrs. from now…

    And only the older of those 2 are cute… so NOT the little one!

  • EVA

    how could you be so mean both romeo and cruiz are cute they’re just kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can’t believe you people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and victoria is better than you will never be she’s a great mommy a great wife a talented singer a fashion icon a sweetheart in fact everything you’ll never BE
    god bless the beck’s

  • Whatever…

    EVA: YOU KNOW NOTHING about me so please STFU!

    So I don’t like Mrs. Fug-I’m so much better than everyone else Beckham” SO The F What? What’s it ANY CONCERN of yours?

    You are obviously a Beckham worshipper who has her rose colored glasses on so far up your rear end you are distorting fantasy with reality. If you possible think or believe that VB is a “great” mom or a (cough-cough) “talented” singer, or better yet a “fashionista” in any sense of the word- then sorry to burst your little bubble but it is YOU who is DELUDED and living in ‘FANTASY world” not I.

    So, please just STFU!

  • Mandy

    Romeo is so beautiful! He’s just like his dad!
    And my baby is 6 and he’s with the ipod almost 24/7

  • daisy

    She is so cute. I love her style, it’s always clean cut and unique.

  • Oompa

    The “musical” seems pretty true to form considering VB is looked upon as football’s “Yoko Ono”. She truly is one miserable and completely OVER-RATED cow!

    She epitomizes that old saying… “$$$ cannot buy you happiness”.

    I’ve ALWAYS wondered what the press fascination with her is? She is so unattractive, she’s miserable-looking 24/7, her whole body language screams “SNOBBY COW”, she only “parades” around her children for photo ops to “appear” to the public as being a “stand-up” mum… the way I see it, there is NOT 1 redeeming/”nice” quality about her… Why the fascination?

    She’s ugly, talentless, snobby, shallow, selfish, narcissistic, etc… she DOES NOTHING to contribute to society in any worthwhile way… Why? Why? Why?

  • eva

    NO YOU STFU i may don’t know you but you seem like a bitter nasty mean jealous FAT AZZ
    GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!! and stop criticizing someone who is SOMEONE because you are nothing or maybe just ” bitternastymeanjealousFATAZZ

  • eva

    gosh you haters are so pathetics i mean NO ONE GOOD ARGUMENTS posh is fantastic she’s a perfection sooooooooo just SHUT UP please

  • Whatever…

    Hmmm me thinks that you Ms. Eva are the fatty who is so fascinated with the fugness that is VB- makes me wonder how particularly “good-looking” you are if you think that the fugly Ms. Beckham is so GREATTTT!

    PLEASE! Get over YOURSELF you Beckham-Worshipper! Me thinks, you are the ONE who needs to “get a life”…

    So F-ing funny! “Defending” a woman you don’t even know and would rather spit on you than recognize you as a “fan”.

    You are the L-O-S-E-R… not, I.

    Oh, and my life is just about as “perfect” as one can be… but thanks sooo much for being so “concerned”.

    Again- what does it MATTER to you if I like or dislike this VILE family or not? What are you a relative, do you know them personally?

    NO! You are just a sad, deluded “fan” who probably sits back and fantasizes about being a “Beckham for a day”… what a worthless, emopty existence YOU happen to live in, to have to come on a gossip site and DEFEND someone who is a stranger to you and whom you obviously WORSHIP from afar…

    Sad, Sad, Sad….

  • daisy

    mmmm…*Whatever* and *Oompa* sure do have the same exact writing style. It is pretty uncanning, from the way they space out their paragraphs to randomly capitalizing words within their sentences. That is just sad on so many levels

    FYI: If you’re going to switch user names, you should at least change the way you write.

  • daisy

    EVA…don’t argue with trolls, especially those that are so obsessed they can’t even see past their own hatred to reach logical thought or reasoning.

  • eva


    I know that so many people hate her, but its only because they have never spent the time to really learn what she is like. Or maybe because they read stupid gossip sites that critisize her for not smiling- there is an explination for that and I actually understand it completely.
    She is absolutely HILARIOUS if you actually ever meet her and spend time with her, and she genuinly cares about her fans. All of you haters, you don’t know the real, loving, beautiful victoria.

    sSOOOOOOOOOO NOOO I’AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PATHETIC CRAZY fan i know her and i love her and i defend her

  • eva

    daisy @ 07/08/2008 at 5:55 pm

    mmmm…*Whatever* and *Oompa* sure do have the same exact writing style. It is pretty uncanning, from the way they space out their paragraphs to randomly capitalizing words within their sentences. That is just sad on so many levels

    FYI: If you’re going to switch user names, you should at least change the way you write.
    you’re right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG she’s soooooooo dump and sooooooooo busted knoww and yes she IS just ” bitternastymeanjealousFATAZZ” if i were her actually i would be soooooo humiliated

  • sam

    I swear you can see her nipples in the close ups!!!

  • Whatever…

    Thanks for that clarification. Not sure if I “believe” that you actually “know” her, but then again, I don’t know you so I can give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Sorry, but I would not WANT to know her… she comes across as a miserable bitch and someone who is so “into” their own “image” of themselves that they have let this thing called “celebrity” overtake their whole being… sorry, but she does not come across as a remotely “nice’, “humble”, easy-going” person in the least… take it for what it is worth- that’s just my opinion… I have NEVER been a fan, I don’t like her, and I don’t care to waste my energy on getting to know about her… she’s just not that “important” to me in a “celebrity-fan” sense… sure, there are celebrities that I admire for their work, yes, but mostly for who they are as human beings and what they contribute to our world- not ppl. like the Beckhams’ who are so far up their own-asses that they have forgotten what it means to be “human” and posess a sense of humilty about them…. this family just screams greed, greed, greed. Not a very welcoming quality I might say.

  • Whatever…

    daisy: WOW! Never knew there was a “Sherlock Holmes” amongst the Beckham “fans”… goondess me, your “talent” for scoping out posters who “change” screen names is as you say “uncanny”…

    Word of advice though for you… Please, do NOT change your “day job” if in fact you actually HAVE a job!

    LOL! :) Thanks for the laugh, though…

  • Polly

    sorry. But she is soooo not normal.

  • Maxim

    Ooomplop, and what is your big claim to fame other than hating on people who will never know you or give one fig what your opinion is?

  • elizabeth

    I can see her NIPPLES….

  • m

    Beautiful little boys! I love the way they are all holding hands.

  • Diana

    They all look gorgeous!!!

  • Diana

    FYI, the holding hands are so adorable.

  • Lisa

    I think that the youngest boy Cruz is quite prococious the way he is sticking out his tongue at the camera, if that sort of behaviour is allowed from a three year then they will have trouble with him as he gets older.

  • ellie

    Haha Lisa… loads of 3 year olds stick their tongue out when pictures are being taken, are you stupid?

  • flae45

    romeo and cruz are sooo cute! i love this family!

  • lisa

    No, actually I have principles, I would explain to my child why that sort of behaviour is inappropriate, maybe I’m a little old fashioned and think that children need to be disciplined, by that I don’t mean smacked but taught right from wrong at an early age.
    Sticking their tongue out at a camera may be thought of as cute at this age but what happens when he is 7 and still doing something like that, his parents should tell him that it is’nt very nice to stick his tongue out, because a three year old understands that.