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Ashley Tisdale: Hello Yellow!

Ashley Tisdale: Hello Yellow!

Ashley Tisdale looks yummy in yellow as she makes a stop at her Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles on Wednesday after arriving back from Hawaii where she spent her birthday with her parents and boyfriend.

Tizz, 23, looked much more affable than when she first arrived at the airport, as she covered herself with her bag.

Sunglasses by D&G.

10+ pictures of Ashley Tisdale saying hello yellow…

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ashley tisdale hello yellow 01
ashley tisdale hello yellow 02
ashley tisdale hello yellow 03
ashley tisdale hello yellow 04
ashley tisdale hello yellow 05
ashley tisdale hello yellow 06
ashley tisdale hello yellow 07
ashley tisdale hello yellow 08
ashley tisdale hello yellow 09
ashley tisdale hello yellow 10
ashley tisdale hello yellow 11
ashley tisdale hello yellow 12
ashley tisdale hello yellow 13

Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, WENN
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  • Danielle

    I think she feels more confident here

  • Danielle

    And I live like 30 mins from them so I’m glad they’re all back in LA.

  • jasmine

    pretty shirt


    I like her sunglasses :)

  • rowyourboat


  • Megan

    Shes ugly and stupid i hate ugly cloths too.

  • made in paris

    omg i think she really needs so get a stylist she has NOOOOOOO sense of style i mean look at those sunglasses DOLCE(hideous) ohhhhhhh honey you don’t need to wear d&g to be IN style ,honney you may got the cash you may buy everything everything but the style NOPE ……….

  • terd mcgee


  • amen

    money can’t buy the style that’s for sure

  • liz

    love ashley!
    cant wait for hsm 3!!!!

  • aReLi

    beautiful forever ;D

  • jaime

    Man shes freaking ugly

  • aReLi

    i’m pretty sure that megan and made in aris are the same person leave ashley u’re just jealous

  • sara

    ashley you are beautiful i support you

  • Matingas

    ohh GREAT now u give it away ashley
    :( dammit

  • gigi


  • luz

    Yeaah Ashley you really rockk,
    just please don’t make some stupid mistakes like your friend did…

  • Megan

    aReli No were not so shut up and i’m sure you’re ugly so thats why you always come on here defending this ugly girl oh how cute(NOT)…
    Oh and made in paris i don’t know about you but your spelling is horrible sorry,pretty much everyones on here is spelling is horrible but me.Oh and ashley is looking ugly as she always does wow good job miss assley pissdale.

  • http://hmm brittney

    Oh shut up she isn’t ugly and she can afford better close then any of you jealous whores.

  • http://hmm brittney

    Oh shut up she isn’t ugly and she can afford better close then any of you jealous whores.

  • made in paris

    i’am not megan and i don’t need to change my username to EXPRESS my point of view .
    i’am not jealous of her cuz i do have a sense of style and i’am prettier but let’s get clear i have nothing against her actually i’am not a fan of hsm and i’am not a fan of ashley and i just think she has a very BAD sense of style and she should get a stylist that’s all

  • juliet

    omfg! Guys shut up Ashley is gorgeous u ppl are just jealous!! Wow get a friggn life!!
    love u ash u rock!!!
    dumb ass haters one word pathetic :/

  • made in paris

    dear megan
    my spelling is horrible??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do you wanna speak french ????????? noooooooo i don’t think soo
    my spelling may be horrible but at least you can UNDERSTAND ME .
    soooooooo please just keep your mean comments for yourself cuz if my spelling is horrible there’s a reason I’AM FRENCH

  • from_brazil


  • natalie

    love her!! She looks much happier than from last night, LOL. Love her, she looks great, and I love her style. She is pretty laid back style most of the time but that doesnt mean that it is bad.

  • vanessa


  • nina

    She looks better than earlier.
    Love her still.
    I think she looks beautiful…..

  • mike

    Gorgeous!!! <3

  • Megan

    You are the dumbass and i’m not jealous i mean like look at her if you can,and you’re petheic and you’re probably ugly yourself so you think ugly freaks like her are OMG!!! gorgeous which is just stupid because this girl is not even close to that shes UGLYYYYYYYYYY…So you stupid
    stupid air head fans need to start seeing that.Oh and,made in paris, well since you know english then you know two languages so you can perfectly understand how to spell and you being french has nothing to do with your spelling ways,unless you are completely french which comes to the point that you can not speak english at all.

  • Paola

    OMG could you please shut up? u.u we are here to talk about ashley
    please if u dont like blondie; just stop writting here but dont say like whore or anything cause she hasnt done anything to ya…

    she looks stunning & beautiful btw :)


    she ‘s ugly is the trust

  • yanina

    she looks awsome! i love her! :)

  • Amy

    ASHLEY RULES!!!!!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    wow…haters are early today :D Yes, I agree with Paola, we’re here to talk about Ashley not start a war. Here’s a really simple task for all you haters.

    3 Ways To Stop A War From Happening.

    1. Don’t Come On Here, it’s For Ashley Fans ONLY.
    2. Skip This Thread, don’t even look at it.
    3. Or you can just sit there and wonder why you haters hate Ashley so much. (don’t be jealous)

    Everyone has an opinion but the people who don’t like her shouldn’t say anything, I think it would be easier if you haters stay out of ALL Ashley thread. That will be so much easier.

    Aw, she looks really cute in yellow. FA-BU-LOUS :D Did anyone see the HSM3 first look ? She looks stunning. I can’t wait for HSM3 to come out :D Go Ash !!

  • daniiela


  • Ashleytisdalefan


  • Megan

    Zanessa/jashley 35
    Jealous of her,are you kidding me i’m wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better looking then her and her face looks like michael jackson and she also has chicken legs.So why would i be jealous of her,like seriously as i told the others and now i’m goanna tell you,you’re probably ugly yourself that you acually think shes pretty which she is SOOOOOOOOO not.I don’t like her cause i’m a hater and i don’t have to explain my ways on not liking this girl i’m a HATER that explains all of it so if you and the other dummies can spell it out and acually know what that means.Oh and also you fans really really really REALLY need to get your eyes checked or you people could be worse looking then her,if thats possible..I’m an ashley tisdale hater for life so.HA………………………….PS zanessa/jashley heres some advice telling the haters to not come on here is goanna bring more and thats just goanna make it worse for your little star..

  • ..vanessa‚ô•

    ew i dont like her face neither her hair

  • katie

    She has a very annoying face,shes not ugly but shes NOT pretty eather.

  • haley

    Ashley is amazing and knows how to dress
    she does have a style and she looks amazing
    in anything she wears. half of you that say
    she is ugly and can’t dress are probably fat
    anf ugly so you know what shove it and if you
    don’t like her save your comments for someone
    else. really your stupid and immature when you
    come on here and post about her when you don’t
    like her I mean think about it your just showing the
    whole world you have no life. she looks great and
    her sunglasses are super cute, dolce is an amazing
    designer brand and believe me when I say she doesn’t
    need to be wearing them to be in whoever said that
    is stupid an ignorent. anyways love her shirt and she
    can do whatever she wants with the way she dresses
    and styles herself because its up to her and not everyone
    else so for all the stupid people that waste time critizing her
    GET A LIFE :]

  • kendra

    Shes uglyyyy

  • nichole

    Look seriously you’re showing the whole world you’re a kiss up and kiss ups never have a life so try getting yourself one.

  • Lindsay


    why do you come on here??
    if you dont like her, fine.
    dont come on here and say mean things about her and her fans
    i think its stupid to just bash on people

  • charlene

    I love to girl so glad to see her more happy and all i hope theres a pap vid of this. t made me sad to see her all sad like before. and for you haters just leave her alone. ashley does have great sense of style. i myself went out and bought some of the things she has because i love them so much. and shes gorgeous besudes why is it the only thing you can find to bash her on is her looks which dont matter that much anyway? m,aybe because she is notr a horrible person why hate her anyway? she did nothing to you how can you hate someone you dont even know? for what reason?

  • zanessa/jashley

    wow Megan, i’m surprised that you even come on here. And I wasn’t talking directly to you. Do you see your name in my LAST post ? NO !! So why are you making people feel bad, this is really stupid, I’m not gonna waste my time arguing with you because I actually have a life and I don’t make people feel bad about themselves.

    Plus she never did anything to you, you don’t even know her, why do you hate her so much anyway…? It seems like you hate everybody in the world…

  • Megan

    Alright sorry i hurt feelings zanessa/jashley.And no i don’t hate everybody in the world i just don’t like her.

  • girlleader1

    she looks stunning & beautiful
    Love her

  • ashley fan

    awwh she rocks I love her and HATERS JUST FUK OFF!>:(

  • ashnessa_rox

    ya i kinda like cofee bean and i heard her say that on youtube that she loves cofee bean but ya….she looks nice and her sunglasses are very nice!

  • pahah!

    cutie. <3
    lalalalove da shirt;
    haters need to go suck a c0ck;