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Celine Dion Gets New Nautical Bikini

Celine Dion Gets New Nautical Bikini

Celine Dion returns to her balcony in Antibes, France, this time wearing a nautical-inspired bikini on Tuesday.

Looks like Celine, 40, is playing with the water hose and getting her son Rene wet! Rene Charles is now 7 1/2.

Recently performing in Poland, Ms. Dion was presented with a star on Poland’s Walk of Fame! She has previously received stars on Canada’s Walk of Fame as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

10+ pictures of Celine Dion and her new nautical bikini…

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celine dion nautical bikini 01
celine dion nautical bikini 02
celine dion nautical bikini 03
celine dion nautical bikini 04
celine dion nautical bikini 05
celine dion nautical bikini 06
celine dion nautical bikini 07
celine dion nautical bikini 08
celine dion nautical bikini 09
celine dion nautical bikini 10

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ..vanessa♥

    who cares?

  • Val

    I want to have a body like this at 40, the face… not so much.

  • rbCelebrity

    She still rocks

  • mike

    i love her and i love that she is one of the few celebrities that really takes interest in their children…

  • I love it

    I find people who say “who cares” so amusing, and a tad strange. if you don’t care why waste your time to even post at all? if you don’t care why even bother to look at the pictures, read the story, etc ? it seems like such a waste of precious time, not to mention pretty damned idiotic.

    anyway, she looks good especially for 40! her son could use a haircut though but if he likes it, that’s all that matters.

  • Amanda

    aww thank you for Celine!!she is such a good mom to RC and looks great and he is just ADORABLE!!!


    oh look, it’s Jen Aniston’s twin, the one with talent.

  • Frank

    hello justjared Rene Angelil dont have 7 years old the son of celine whit the long hair its Rene-Charles and the women with the blond hair it the sister of Celine WAKE-UP when we publish a article!!

  • Cyndi

    for a woman of 40…..she has an amazing body better than celeb 1/2 her age.

  • jee

    why is her son’s hair so long?

    did she secretly want a daughter?

  • LuckyL

    Good for her. She got where she was through talent.

  • Shifuku

    who’s this man?

  • CMT

    She takes poor care of her son. ESPECIALLY since shes in the public eye, and shes blessed with so much money, She should make sure her son is groomed/dressed descently for the sake of his self esteem. He could get mentally damaged from the scrutiny. It could all go downhill from there. Shame on her. He’s worth the extra money spent.

  • Stefanie

    is it just me or does she look like Ingrid Betancourt?
    I think her son is cute :)

  • Stefanie

    is it just me or does she look like Ingrid Betancourt?
    I think her son is cute :)

  • The incredible edward!

    LuckyL @ 07/10/2008 at 12:22 am Good for her. She got where she was through talent.


    And an immensely rich man as a husband!

  • chrissy

    yes as said the son is rené charles the husband is rené angélil and the other blonde woman is her Sister Manon. she said on ellen and oprah that she hasn’t cut her son’s hair because he doesn’t want her to. she keeps asking him and he says no. whats the big deal anyways tho seriously. Go celine. i saw her in concert last night and she was as gr8 as ever !!

  • vanessa’s a beeeeatch!

    Vanessa… who cares about you! Why the hell are you even posting when you don’t care?

    Even in 100 lifetimes would you amount to the person Celine Dion is. You loser. LOSER. LOSER.

    Celine rocks! =)

  • LOVE

    She has a gorgeous body.

    Unlike the other women of Hollywood with cellulite, implants, and gross things on them… Celine’s fit, fabulous, and fun.

    Come back out on that balcony any time CELINE!

    We love you!

  • The incredible edward!

    # 18 vanessa’s a beeeeatch! @ 07/10/2008 at 4:55 am

    Chill out woman, go have a walk or something… It’s not healthy…

  • Tiffany

    Celine, Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Aniston should form a band together, the three look like triplet.

  • mya

    For your answer “Jee” , it has been said once, that as long as René-Charles wouldn’t ask to cut his hair she won’t push him to the barber!

    Here in Quebec, people have enough of the press telling that she has a hand on the heart. She never tells a lot about how she gives money for helping people anywhere around the world. And I was laughing a lot when they show us her humanity involvement in Africa. That was the real first time that she did something like that and it’s because it’s kind of a mode…

  • Kellie

    Did she take a huge dump or something? The other day she looked like she had a baby bump and now it’s gone…WTF?

  • Janie

    Celine is so ugly. Her kid is a freak. Cut that hair!

  • Aimee

    They are a bizarre family – so weird!

  • Marieve

    To Incredible Edward… NO, René was not rich at all when they met.
    I come from Montreal, Quebec and I’ve followed Celine since she was 12.
    I saw her shows many times, she is incredibly talented. She is a singer so don’t ask her to sing songs that carry a message or are more ”profound”, she is a SINGER and the best. I fully love her, I admire her and we are so proud here in Quebec.
    Show them, Celine, show them who is the best!

  • John

    What a body!! And those legs!! Gee, younger women should be jealous of her hot bod!! The good thing is that she’s all natural, unlike other divas we won’t mention…

    And from that balcony by the way, the view is just unreal. I’d stay on that balcony for days!! That hotel in Antibes is UNREAL!! Celine is a natural beauty and star!!

    And to JanieCunt who posted above – what a bitch you are to say that Celine is ugly (and what? is she a model now???). I bet you are fat and ugly and no bod like Celine does. And no voice that’s for sure!! You’re just a jealous freak. And if her son wants long hair – then it’s his business and it’s good for his decision making skills!!! And you should mind your own business. What a looser you are!

  • valy872

    wow… she’s amazing!!!!
    i love her so much!!

  • Amanda

    CMT #13 you need to get a life Celine takes AMAZING care of Rene Charles he is HER LIFE!!!She would stop singing tomorrow if he asked her to and stay home with him the rest of her life,it’s not like she doesn’t have the money to live comfortably on

    and to those who said she has a rich husband,no Rene is not the one with the money Celine is and he mortaged his house to fiance her first album the man has nothing to but good intetions for Celine so back off okay and let her live her life and raise HER SON NOT YOURS THE WAY SHE WANTS AND STOP TELLING HER HOW TO BE A MOM!!!!!

  • Kathryn

    Janie #24

    So what are you, some kind of raving beauty? So post a picture of your lovely self so we can all see and comment. Let’s see who wins, Celine or Janie #24.

    The child is not a freak. he is actually quite cute. He happens to like long hair. So what?? He will get it cut when he is ready.

    Get a life sweetie and stop being so jealous of Celine.

  • Kathryn

    Aimee #26

    So, did your family win “Family of the Year”

    What is so wierd and bazarre about them. Renne Charles has long hair, so what, he likes it. So Renne has no hair, so what, Celine likes him that way.

    They are a happy family and they love each other. Can you say the same?

  • Kathryn

    Vanessa #1

    Apparently you care. You made the first comment. Just a little jealous huh. That is understandable. Anyone would be jealous of Celine. Try to get over it, it isn’t healthy.

  • nat

    I love her…..she is the best and she so beautiful ….her son is so cute and he will be the next best rock star…like her morther …why someone care about his hair….why u tell a child is freak…..stupid word….. celine’s song made people in this world happy and give some strength …..I love her

  • cathy

    she looks beautiful.

  • I love celine

    She’s gorgeous!

    These stupid photographers snapping photographs of her while she’s enjoying time with her family…

  • happyfeet

    hope i’ll have that body in my 40s!
    without make up she doesnt look that pretty but what a voice and what a talent and what a woman! gosh she is so blessed…
    im happy im not the only one to think she really looks like Jen (:

  • happyfeet

    i changed my mind. she is pretty dont forget she’s 40.
    i take the make-up thing back. but i still think she puts on too much make up during concerts.

  • sweet girl

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  • MARY

    Ya, Celine’s body is the best body in show business, it’s true, because no one has such a graceful, shape body, ohhh Celine you are the best!

  • mike

    If her son wants long hair , let him keep it… Celine clearly knows what to do…!!!.god people , how wud u like if people tell u 24/7 how to raise ur child..she made it as the top singer based alot on common sense and abilty.

    and think about it … if ur parents raised u right then ‘long hair’ would not annoy u …. so ignorant towards foolish little things..

    and to all the people who hate Celine…think about it..she accomplished so much more than u or anyone ur related to ever did and would…. She had a dream, she lived it … achieved it, and owned it!
    so dont hate …..Fukin Respect !!!!!!!!

    Celine continue looking amazing, ignore the jealous freaks ..i mean haters as you always do….. continue rockin!

  • K C

    She said she doesn’t cut her son’s hair because, he doesn’t want to get it cut? Who the heck is the parent here???? Geez, she’s in for a rough ride if she’s going to let a 7 year old tell his own mother what he is and isn’t going to do. Granted, it’s just hair, but….people do make judgements on what you look like, like it or not and he looks, like a girl. Ick! Just strange is all I can say.

  • http://facebook yusupha sohna

    I will always loved Celine Dion in my entire world,her loved was in me since i was a little baby at 8years of age.I missed to see her about twenty two years now.When u come to see me again Celine Dion.Praying that u have long life,good health so i can see u soon on stage.