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John Mayer Drinks Jen's Water

John Mayer Drinks Jen's Water

The couple that drinks water together, stays together!

John Mayer chats with photographers after leaving his downtown apartment on the way to play a show on Long Island, New York on Wednesday.

John was carrying a bottle of Smartwater, the brand promoted by girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

In unrelated news, John admitted to hooking up with a fan in the past! “Do you respect me for my honesty? The answer is yes I have,” Mayer said, before laughing and adding, “Not since the camera phone!”

10+ pictures of John Mayer drinking Jen‘s water…

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john mayer drinks jen water 05
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82 Responses to “John Mayer Drinks Jen's Water”

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  1. 26
    Ressi Says:

    John is a ugly gold digger and Jen is just desperate. She get what she gets with this douche bag using fans.Then still trying to lie about it.

  2. 27
    whew Says:

    Her fans surprise me calling angie that all names while their woman choosing this kind of a low life guy. How hypocrate they are! But what was I expecting????

  3. 28
    sue Says:

    #25 i’ll say your really heated. still don’t get why you wrote all that crap.

  4. 29
    sue Says:

    #28 show me what names where, are you reading something i’m notare you on another page and decided to write on this one???

  5. 30
    Jill Says:

    ellie @ 07/09/2008 at 11:30 pm

    You overstate the case as usual, Ellie. I don’t hate Aniston. Most J-P fans, unlike Aniston’s fans who hate on Angelina and wish her death, don’t reciprocate on Aniston. What she arouses in me is mainly disgust, some pity and a good deal of contempt. She is not the first person on the planet, nor will she be the last, to go through a traumatic break-up. A hundred million other women all over the world have been through worse and handled it with more grace and class than she has. Running off whining to the media and throwing a three-year pity party is kind of overdoing it, don’t you think? She should have looked to Nicole Kidman as an example of how to handle a traumatic divorce. Nicole came out of it looking like a winner. Aniston came out of it looking like a loser. It’s all in how well you are able to deal with adversity. Kidman can, Aniston can’t. End of story.

  6. 31
    ghost Says:

    Hi Deb. I’m #14. Pee on the ones you love. This is your message. You just outed yourself as the biggest idiot on this blog. Thank-you. You have also said that he is a groupie ******** idiot. How can anyone in his position take their money and then sleep with them too. Deb . you are with-out a doubt one of the biggest twits on this blog…….

  7. 32
    Magnolia Says:

    Ellie, whats up?
    you know I don’t agree with the hatred that spewed out at JA,

    I mean she is just another person on this earth trying to make the best of her little life, but the fact that the media tried to make her out to be some freakind godess angel when that is so not the case with this average, mundane girl is what has frusterated people.
    I was a big fan of friends and whenever they used constantly single out JA as the star, I just didn’t get it, I thought Cox was hotter, kudrow more talented, and when people started to poke a whole in this media inflated, marketed to the empth degree idea that she was all that the whole idea just went flat.
    Its kind of like live by the sword die by the sword, I mean she is a huge personality, but alot of people are still try to figure why,
    I tell you why she just got lucky, lucky , lucky and now her luck has run out.
    she landed a hit tv show which used her limited talent to the max and then her agent hooked her up with the hottest kindest man in hollywood.
    But now thats all over and theres just a long way to fall, and now with the birth of blogs people are starting to relize, hey I am not the only one that didn’t think she was all that, suprise suprise.

  8. 33
    CLINIQUA Says:

    OMG…I never thought I’d say this but, Vince Vaughn is way better looking than this guy. He’s getting fuglier by the day — or maybe her homeliness is rubbing off on him…either way, man, dude is nastaaaay.

  9. 34
    pathetic Says:

    wow what is up with angelina fans coming here what the **** you people are really that sad and with no life at all ? explain to me what the hell are you mentioning angelina freaking jolie on a thread about john mayer ?

  10. 35
    Pat Says:

    The fans he had sex with bet they were male and female. I heard he would point the fan out while on stage then send his people in the audience to bring the fan back stage. I would say he is garbage alright.

  11. 36
    ellie Says:

    #31 jen did handle her divorce with dignity.Stop exacterating the pity party also Jen came out a best winner ever. You Jill are not a nobody to be humilated around the world. I know brad is the one i can’t stand i just cringed by just saying his name. He is definetly not a good man. Brad was never honest , i happen to think John is the better man. Wether it lasts or not Jen is so happy, Jill and its you people that can’t end the story, your the one that keeps putting her down…Don’t you think? Also come up with your own sayings don’t copy mine. Angie hope your doing well God bless you and your babies…….

  12. 37
    ellie Says:

    Hey have a good night, sweet dreams… Ps anyone who says horrible things about angie and the babies are horrible people and i’ve always said so

  13. 38
    ellie Says:

    Hey jill #38 was for you. Goodnight I don’t want to fight……….

  14. 39
    yippers Says:

    I do not believe for a sec that this guy pees on women. If he did he wouldn’t blog about it. He just has a weird sense of humor. I do believe he’s bi though. The PH thing, you know?

  15. 40
    sharry h Says:

    I believe both John and Jen ride the Internet to watch the reaction of posters. The media is being played by these two jerks. He is a pathetic low life that used his fans for sex and money. So tomorrow they will know what little game to play. Some how they can sit back and feel good about them self while they jerk the media around. Tomorrow will be the proper pictures posted. These two make me sick to my stomach.

  16. 41
    shay Says:

    Gay for sure and keeping it on the dl. Jen is just glad she has a man to fight the other couple for her. She don’t care if he is garbage. This is all coming to bite her in the a$$ one day. The sleeping with fans is nothing to over look.

  17. 42
    the truth is this Says:

    ellie @ 07/10/2008

    Magnolia was right. Brad was and is one of the kindest and hottest and most honest guys in celeb land and you know that is true. Just look at how devoted he is to Angie and their kids. Jen and Courtenay both said he was honest, they knew him and you didn’t, so why do you say he was not? Brad is a good guy and nothing you say changes that reality.

    For whatever reason Jen did not appreciate him or value him as Angie does. Jen was being honest when she said Brad was a love in her life, BUT that he was NOT THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. She said this in an interview early in their marriage. I find that so sad and a clear indicator that the marriage was in trouble very early on.

    It is pretty obvious that Brad is THE LOVE OF ANGIE’S LIFE. What is important to him is also important to her.

    Jen did not handle her divorce with dignity, that attribute belongs to Nicole Kidman who did handle her divorce with great dignity. Jen was not humiliated, that is how you personally feel, but Brad and Angie kept a low profile and said nothing for a year. Brad was 41, he really wanted a family, and had expressed his desire for at least 6 kids since he was in his 20′s. I think he felt time was of the essence.

    Jen was also no winner, there are no winners in a divorce, just survivors. Jen miscalculated the impact of attempting to heap all the blame for the marriage failure on Brad and by association on Angie. Pity wears thin in most people who have much less than she does and are struggling day to day.

    I don’t profess to know much about John. I find him a bit full of himself but what celeb isn’t at times. Jen seems happier and more demonstrative and more willing to compromise with him than she ever was with Brad, so maybe John is the one for her.

    I confess that I don’t understand Jen fans who have wished harm on Angie, Brad, and their kids. Those who have done and continue to do so are repugnant vile people who do not reflect well on Jen. They have caused more people to think poorly of her. That is a fact.

  18. 43
    Tiffany Says:

    ellie @ 07/10/2008 at 12:15 am
    John is a better man than Brad ??? WTF ! Any celebrity picking fan from the audience and slept with them right away is a douchbag, a garbage.! a total disrespect to human being.
    Your idol Jen has been picking one garbage from another post divorce, hope she is happy with it , afterall this is what she chooses in life. Career, maintaining a hot bod, getttin a new 4th nose, monthly botox and restylane, continue her passion for tanning at Mexico , child free easy going life style, COLLECTING LOVERS. ITS OK !!!!!. but she should be honest not pretending or faking a goody goody image.

    Stop comparing every lovers of Jen with Brad . it’s almost 4 years post divorce, Jen had slept with at least 6 guys in all these year. I think Vince is must better among the group,not goodlooking, but talented , John was probably better than the camera man and the crane grip guy cos he is richer , the model gigolo exbf Paul, who is now the new boytoy of Cameron , was hunkier than John but that guy was no different from John, douchbag. It must be painful accepting the reality that Brad is better than all this guys she slept with.

  19. 44
    Nina Says:

    After he was so ugly when he was getting on the bus picture, So now here are the shades to hide some of his ugly face. To bad you are still ugly and so not cool.

  20. 45
    Tiffany Says:

    the truth is this @ 07/10/2008 at 1:05 am

    WELL SAID. Bravo. !!!!

  21. 46
    stellar sophie Says:

    DAMN who writes an essay up in here?! all i wanna know is…can anyone tell me what brand his sunglasses are???? that’s hotter than the person wearing it. lol.

  22. 47
    George Says:

    I think John Mayer’s a good guy and I like that he publicly supports his lady by drinking Smartwater.

  23. 48
    still cocktaling Says:

    They all are riding the brad pit wagon even after 4 years. Brad must have regrated that woman! what man dont’!

  24. 49
    Glenda Says:

    Jen = yawn, Joh = double yawn …

  25. 50
    pathetic Says:

    neither brad ,jennifer or angelina are in the pictures the thread is not about the you freaks with no life why the hell you are here for?

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