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Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon Would Be A Great Dad

Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon Would Be A Great Dad

Mariah Carey grabs hold of her husband Nick Cannon in the latest cover photo spread in Elle. Here are a few more interesting quotes pulled from the article:

On Nick, who’s ‘motivated by faith’: “We really do share a similar spiritual outlook on life… Even though people have their own fears about ‘Was I in a relationship before this, was I not in a relationship before this,’ to me, I wasn’t in a real relationship; it was more of a friendship and a working situation.”

On the importance of her future kids living in ‘reality’: “You can get caught up in Hollywood-land or celebrity-land, and that’s maybe not the best thing for kids, ’cause they didn’t ask for it. Speaking for myself, I don’t know that I always felt safe and secure [as a child] — and that’s nobody’s fault; we’re not mudslinging or trying to slay anybody — but truly I really feel like it’s very important to be responsible and to think, Well, maybe if I do this it’s not the best thing for my child. You have to take a backseat a little bit, and as someone in the public eye, you’re not used to doing that…. I couldn’t imagine anybody that I’ve ever met being a better dad [than Nick].”

To read the full article, visit And if you missed it, check out Mariah on the cover of August’s Elle.

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  • AJ™

    She looks happy and her body looks amazing!

    Buy her new song “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” on iTunes!

  • Anonymous

    come on, her body looks amazing and so would yours after the art department finishes airbrushing your bikini clad pic.

  • MM


  • soopx

    I am happy for Mariah.She looks great.

  • equality anyone?

    if they are equals why the compromsing photoshoot? why isnt he in his knickers?

  • shawneebear

    I swear Elle makes anybody look good.

  • Shifuku


  • beachgirl

    Hmm…. I give this marriage another six months, tops.

  • jui

    fuck mariah.i hate her.she is a fucking ugly bitch.she looks lik plastic doll.madonna is 50 and looks better than mariah.mariah is fat

  • aisha

    They look happy together!

  • janny

    she’s skinny, smily and in love… is it real?

  • creativegirl

    well – at least Nick’s “good side” is the opposite of Mariah’s “good side” otherwise they could never be photographed this way. Mariah only likes the right side of her face photographed. Google images of Mariah and you will see most of them all are showing the right side of her face or at an angle – very rarely head on. It’s SOOOOOOO annoying.

  • Lucy

    I do not like her, she is so fake from her body to her personality. She has changed a lot from the Mariah back then when she was beautiful and I loved her music. I can not stand hearing her voice in music or interviews.

  • ciara

    i give the marriage 4 more months or less

  • Maria (Shorty)

    She’s happy. He’s happy — THAT’S ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER!

  • bridget

    Mariah is a boring blob.

  • cheryll

    i don’t like her. she’s a wanna be and a b!tch

  • cheryll

    she’s a wanna be. i don’t like her. mariah get a life!

  • Sue

    She looks great but I wish she’d choose to pose with more clothing on in such photos. She has a great body but that doesn’t mean she has to put it out there all the time. I know sex sells, but her voice gives her the option to rely on talent alone.

    I hope they are both happy and I wish them the best of luck.

  • lovelife

    man why so many haters! If u dont like her, fine keep it to yourself. We dont know her!!! So gosh just let the chick live her life… I mean man she looks happy

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She’s a great music artist. Respect her =).

  • Carrie

    She could have done worst after letting go of a mature relationship with the man who helped her gain fame years ago!

  • chantall

    omg of course she had to b in a bikini no offense i like her shes pretty and a amazing singer…. but seriously when is she gonna wear clothes that fit her!!!

  • parisgirl

    I like the pic with Nick but Mariah rubs me the wrong way for some reason

  • castaway

    Mariah Carey is or should i say WAS a very talented artist.. She USED TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!! back in the day. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER NOW??? All she does in her videos is twist and turn her body and making these stupid faces thinking she’s cute. Fat bitch needs to get over herself!!! of course she looks great in photos…That’s what photo editors are for!!!!!!!! Sure she worked out and slimmed down, but she didn’t do it without a trainer. she also claims to be a size 2. There is NO WAY in hell she’ s a two!!!! I’ve been athletic all my life and played various sports including boxing, basket ball and track and I am not even a two. She may have lost some fat, but her body build is naturally that of a thick girl and that’s ok because thick is beautiful but she cant trick herself into thinking she’s this dainty little thing. there are soooo many celebs claiming to be a size two and they all look like they differ in waist size. Mariah Carey was an amazing artist back in the day… Now she’s gone horribly wrong!!! she can’t even sing anymore, and she looks like shit!!! what happened to the old Mariah when she used to sing that song “without you” she was so natural and beautiful back then. She is too old to be pulling that shit now. get over yourself you fat old bitch!!!! The only good thing she’s done recently is to cast Wentworth Miller in her music videos.

  • castaway

    i’d rather take a look at this

  • melmel

    Can’t she just disappear?…ough…

  • Randal

    From the look of things, the pic with MC and Nick was very impromptu & once Elle saw how beautiful the pic came out they put it in the magazine. I do not understand why people still complain about how she dresses. GET OVER IT!!!!! She is not selling sex to sell music. She has explained millions of times that her job gives her the opportunity to play “dressup.” I think female haters, hate because they are immensely jealous of her. To all those who claim photoshop on every single cover MC is on, I have this question: Does Vibe, Elle, Blender, Cosmo & all the other magazines employ the same photoshop team? She looks the same size in every photo since she lost some weight to get ready for this cd. So, is there only 1 photoshop team for all of Hollywood? Besides, you can only phototshop so much. At some point, you need to put your hate aside & realize that MC is working her butt off to stay super slim & trim. Another thing that bothers me about the haters of Mariah is that they will go to crazy extremes to let people know how much they hate her. They are on blogs & youtube proclaiming their hatred for Mariah. I do not care for Madonna & Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba & many other no talent hacks in hollywood, but I don’t spread my hatred on any blog. If you do not like Mariah then do not click on her articles, do not look up her videos & performances on youtube. Also, I hate the people who hate her because they think she is fake. MC is about as real as it comes in Hollywood. She does not proclaim from the hilltop all the charity work she does. She has long said she will not even think about having kids, if she is not married. She never cut all her hair off just because the wind was blowing. She has not jumped on the Kabblah or Scientology bandwagons. She believes in & worships Jesus. She has not adopted foreign kids because it’s the “in” thing to do these days. The woman is a huge success story. She is pretty much the only female artist who can have Snoop Dogg & a moving gospel song on 1 cd. She can give you R&B, pop, hip hop & hip pop and pull it off with great results. Her net worth is way more than Madonna & Janet Jackson, who have been in the business at least 10 years before MC, according to Forbes magazine. Hate never leads to anything good. To end I will use a quote MC said a few years ago: “You can’t please everyone, so you might as well do you.” I think this is a great mantra for her.

  • Katie n

    Cheryll @ # 18

    she’s a wanna be. i don’t like her. mariah get a life!

    Were you living under a rock or something. She is not a wannabe. She is it. Highly talented, record breaking # of bill board topping songs. She is it and she has it all too. Look at her at 39- smoking hot body, hot, young hubby and millions in the bank.
    You get an education Cheryll…

  • Katie n

    cheryll @ # 18

    she’s a wanna be. i don’t like her. mariah get a life!

    Were you living under a rock or something? How come she is a wannabe… she is it. Highly talented and record breaking # of chart topping singles, platinum records. She is it and she has it all too. Look at her, at 39- smoking hot body, hot young hubby and milliona and millions in the bank.

    You get some education Cheryll…

  • LuckyL

    Dumb bi***, airbrushed to the max

  • liya

    haha, photoshop much? she wishes her body looked like this. only gisele bundchen has a body like that.

  • sf

    i like this couple, nick is hot with lots of personality. you people get a life.

  • Adoring Fan

    Randal #28 you rock. I hear you. Speaking the truth honey.

  • Seth

    She is the best

  • Demi Moore

    She looks like a child molester, she doesn’t seem old until she stands next to him

  • yuck

    She’s a fake and way into herself. I feel sorry for any kids this stupid diva reproduces. She’s better of being sterilized. Children are not fashion accessories…..(ahem, talking to you JLO)

    The Photoshop award of the year goes to MOOriah.

  • Jose


    You can make an ugly girl like Mariah look decent!

  • cory

    Everybody ought to be happy to have this talented woman still in the biz. Mariah had a nervous breakdown, as stated in Parade mag. That doesn’t make her a bad person.

    I don’t always like the way she acts, but I now believe it’s because she is nervous and not because she is a bad person. I think she is very fragile and tries to appear to be strong and confident.

    No matter, I think she’s a loyal friend to her loved people. And also, with Britney Spears doing so many stupid things and Whitney Houston becoming a crack head, it’s nice to know that Mariah is still here, creating some of the best songs out there. Her songs have meaning. She sings from the heart and writes all her stuff. God, she is just super talented.

    Madonna is great too and thank goodness for her, but she’s older and her time is coming. Mariah still looks good. She’s not chunky anymore and looks very good physically.

    Mariah is simply great. I hope she wins Grammys for her new CD that is the bomb.

  • mary

    Just love mariah’s music.

  • Maya

    THANK YOU KATIE N #30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sick of all these haters! why do u guys care what mariah does or how she looks or just crap like that cuz frankly u guys are wasting your energy. she looks soo good! and she and nick are happy so get the fuck over it!

  • matey

    Kudos to all the Mariah supporters. Her and Nick are as authentic as they come – in celebrity land! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

  • matey

    Right on #28. According to Elle, the pic w/ Nick was very improptu indeed -


    Madame Butterfly

    At 8:30 on a Saturday night, Mariah Carey slipped into Milk Studios with her 10-plus entourage, wearing a teal dress she’s owned for “eight years,” Valentino bow heels, and her signature oversize sunglasses. She was immediately drawn to anything pink–her favorite color–specifically, body-hugging dresses by Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. By 3:30 A.M., the shoot was still going strong, thanks to M.C.’s latest album blasting on the stereo, a stack of pizzas, and a surprise appearance by Carey’s new husband, Nick Cannon, who helped her squeeze into the blue Versace dress she’s wearing on the cover. When the crew wrapped at 7 A.M. (!!), the newlyweds cuddled on the couch, looking at photos from a recent trip, where Cannon surprised his bride with a private evening at an amusement park, and giggled about how their love affair has been one wild and exciting ride. ”
    Source: ELLE | Text & Scans: MariahDailyJournal

  • O.M.G.



  • Steph

    she looks good but I’m so tired of seeing this trashy look with her. Yes Mariah we know you have t*ts and A#s. Do we have to see it on EVERY magazine cover, EVERY video, EVERY performance. It gets old

  • It’s about the music ppl

    Mariah Carey’s clothes and the way she acts is not enough to make me hate her. She’s too talented. Her music is still fantastic. I love her music and it will live on forever.

  • amanda

    MARIAH CAREY!!!! she is my idol i love her to death ive always wanted to be like her she is so amaziiiinnnnggg!!!
    Her voice is like an angels!!!
    I think her and nick make a great couple and there both very happy together!!!!

  • SAna

    OMG!! I AM SO JEALOUS OF MARIAH CAREY!! LOL! =D Wow do u guys wach Nick cannons Wild’n'out I LOVE THAT SHOW!

  • ojado

    Thank you Randal #28.

    Why so much hate? If you don’t like her, keep your comments to yourself. And who does it benefit? If you need to vent, go see your shrink. Anybody who can hate so much needs to see a shrink anyway. The haters sound like real psychos.

    Stop hating!


    To the hater JUI!!!!
    Y U HATEN ON MC she is not ugly and is not fat u must be