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Rafael Nadal Has a Bikini Babe

Rafael Nadal Has a Bikini Babe

Spanish tennis player and 2008 Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal takes a breather with his girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello on the beach of Mallorca on Monday.

Raf, 22, now has five career Grand Slam titles, including his four consecutive French Open wins.

With his recent win at Wimbledon, and given Federer‘s recent court struggles, many people feel that the reign of Roger Federer is over.

DO YOU THINK that Rafa is now the king of tennis — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures of Rafael Nadal and his bikini babe…

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rafael nadal bikini babe 01
rafael nadal bikini babe 02
rafael nadal bikini babe 03
rafael nadal bikini babe 04
rafael nadal bikini babe 05
rafael nadal bikini babe 06
rafael nadal bikini babe 07
rafael nadal bikini babe 08
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86 Responses to “Rafael Nadal Has a Bikini Babe”

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  1. 26
    Mm Says:

    wow. her face is busted so it doesn’t even matter that she has a fabulous body.

  2. 27
    jmc Says:

    Tennis is always changing, old athletes go and new ones emerge. It is the same old story just like it was with Sampras and Agassi, they were both awesome in their heydays, but younger, stronger, athletes emerge and the old ones fade away. It is too early to call Rafael the king of anything, but he is well on his way to becoming the next tennis great.

  3. 28
    Yolanda may Says:

    love them
    beautiful couple.

  4. 29
    Dania Says:

    i love RAFA a lot
    te quiero rafa

  5. 30
    anna Says:

    roger federer is the king of tennis!

  6. 31
    robyn Says:

    sorry but how can any call rafa ugly? he is beautiful! and a great tennis player, he isn’t all fortune and fame he lives the quiet life and does what he enjoys as a job. great guy and i’m sure he will go far only a matter of time before he becomes number one.
    i love him by the way.

  7. 32
    truvy Says:

    Love Rafa. And trust me he’s in shape and one arm being bigger than the other is not abnormal.

    The girl however isn’t that attractive and her bathing suit bottom is ill-fitting.

  8. 33
    me Says:

    VIVA RAFA NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 34
    anna Says:

    I love you Rafa
    Nadal the kingggggggg

  10. 35
    karen Says:

    Federer is King if he stops now nobody can accomlish the winning streak he had. Nadal seems nice though, but I do think federer will have an amazing comeback, he has nothing to be ashamed of, that match was so close. As long as andy roddick doesn’t win I’m happy he treats the chair people horribly and is an obnoxious brat.

  11. 36
    rafagirl1 Says:

    The reign of Federer is OVER. Not that Roger won’t continue to win, but he won’t dominate any longer. Rafa and Novak Djokovic will ensure Federer is kept in line. McEnroe (both brothers) and other Tennis commentators have said that Federer is a statistical number 1, but it’s the year of Rafa and he’s the REAL number one.

    GO Rafa

  12. 37
    rafagirl1 Says:

    Ananyaban, RAFA is 22 and has 5 grandslams. When Roger was 22, he had just 1 grandslam. Furthermore, Rafa conquered Grass faster than anyone expected him to. He has years ahead of him to conquer Tennis. Don’t be bitter.

  13. 38
    cara Says:

    the fact that Federer came back from a 2 sets to none deficit against nadal and almost won proves even when everything was going wrong for him proves he’s still the best to me

  14. 39
    anna Says:

    thanks jared , i like rafa is the best of tennis is great is belloooooooooooooo rafa i love you

  15. 40
    Laura from Argentina Says:

    Rafa is so HOT!!

    This is not the first time they spend a hot summer day in the beach. There are many pics of them getting more close the last years,

    Rafael estas tan rico papi!! Es dificil verte porque estas tan bueno. Xisca es una chica con mucha suerte. Les deseo lo mejor!

  16. 41
    Flippo Says:

    He’s the king right now…I think overall in the long term Roger will be judged to be a better player across the surfaces but Rafa has been pretty unstoppable this year & deserves the no.1 ranking (though he doesn’t officially have it yet).

    I fully expect Roger to win the US Open this year & probably regain his Wimbledon crown next year. Rafa will keep the French though. But Roger is in my opinion the best player of all time (and I judge that based on how pleasing it is to watch him play…his game is so varied & he can beat anyone on any given day on any surface, regardless of whether he beats Sampras’ record no. of grand slams, he’s the best player ever for me personally) I do hope he wins the French one year though, just so people will shut up about the fact he’s never won it, I mean come on! 3 consecutive finals ain’t bad, & then he has Rafa to deal with (who is certainly the best clay court player I’ve ever seen, no doubt about it.) Roger & Rafa rock but I adore Roger so cheer him on more!

  17. 42
    luz Says:

    yeeaaah sure, he is the king of tennis.. of table tennis, I mean!


  18. 43
    Sp4wn Says:

    Ok who cares!!! I just want more pics of this chic, u homos can keep fighting about who is the better player

  19. 44
    naj Says:

    Roger is 26, not 27!

  20. 45
    luz Says:

    come on peoplee, how can you say that Nadal isn’t arrogant? And, for me, he’s not a good player. He runs a lot, but he doesn’t have a solid technic like Federer does. And if somebody is going to be the next king of tennis, it’s going to be Novak (and for Jesus, he’s not arrogant!). I seriously think that Nadal won’t continue playing for long. He’s body won’t resist it. But well, opinions are opinions..

    (anonymous, I completely agree, we call him “monkey face” here too. And, pleasee, you just can’t say Roger is ugly. He’s really handsome!!)

  21. 46
    Joyce Says:

    is there a reason why my post was deleted?
    its quite funny.

    anyways, im always going to root for Roger Federer.
    he’s a good example of an excellent athlete and he’s setting a huge standard for the tennis games.

    Nadal might be good, but Federer is great.
    Many people know that, they just dont want to admit it.

  22. 47
    anna Says:

    roger federer’s tiem is over. Rafa will win more anyways.. he is young and awesome

  23. 48
    ñññ Says:

    # 44 naj @ 07/09/2008 at 6:01 pm Roger is 26, not 27!

    federer was born in 1981. he will be 27 years old in august
    nadal was born in 1986

  24. 49
    ñññ Says:

    luz @ 07/09/2008 at 6:03 pm come on peoplee, how can you say that Nadal isn’t arrogant?
    nadal is not arrogant he is the most down earth person in the planet. read and watch nadal interview and then speak

  25. 50
    ñññ Says:

    luz @ 07/09/2008 at 6:03 pm come on peoplee, how can you say that Nadal isn’t arrogant?
    nadal is not arrogant he is the most down earth person in the planet. read and watch nadal interview and then speak

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