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Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron is Doing Okay!

Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron is Doing Okay!

Vanessa Hudgens dishes on music, movies and boyfriend Zac Efron to ABC’s Good Morning America Radio. Here are some of the highlights from her interview:

On her fans backing her up after the nude photo scandal hit: “My fans were amazing because they have stood by my side. They really are my core group. My family’s always there for me. I just surround myself with good people and try to think of good things.”

On how she felt when the photos first hit the Internet: “I think people thought I took it lighter than I really did. For me, it was really tough because I’m a private person and for something like that at to happen, it’s so mean. It’s just a horrible thing. It sucks. But thankfully it’s over and it’s in the past.”

On who leaked her nude photos: “Stupid people.”

On how her relationship is with Zac Efron: “It’s good, thank you.”

You can watch Vanessa‘s interview below or at

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  • Mejx14

    shess awesoomee.
    i want zanessa pictures!!
    but they need there privacy too.
    well she did a great job in her interview!

  • elliee

    awhhhhhh hah.

  • marisol

    queremo nuevas fotos de zanessa ya estos videos lo vio todo el mundo
    we want pictures fron zanessa

  • sweets

    shes not a private person
    shes just a liar

  • Libby

    When was this? I thought she was on vacation with Zac?

  • http://justjared zerfonluver

    aww!!! i luv her!! she ahh-mazing! shez luky shez d8n zac! =)

    i wish her & dem da bery very best!!


  • ..vanessa♥

    so beautiful
    so intelligent


    Fotos novas de Zanessa no Hawaii!!!! *.*

  • tia

    lol her cd has done so freakin bad! iots barely sold anything

  • tia

    im such a private person my ass! a private person doesnt take naked photos of themself and send them to someone

  • mary

    awww shes cute and so reserved ahaha i wish we could see more pics of then at 4th july! im soo anxious to know where they were! what about ashley and jared? anyone knows anything about them meeting zanessa or stuff like that?

  • gerren

    ahhh i cant stand her!!! more ashley tisdale please.

  • emmi

    great interview. she handled all the questions very well.

  • oh snap!


  • I’m betting on Alice.

    I love her.
    ‘On who leaked her nude photos: â��Stupid people.â��’

    Haha x)

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa is amazing and this was on good morning america july 2nd 2008.

  • Gossip girl

    I think she could say “you know” a little more though……

  • Julian

    Seriouslly… i think she’s OK. BUT, she’s only famous, because EVERYBODY saw her naked!
    so HELLO vanessa hudgens, don’t say that you’re private person, cause you’re not!

    and sorry, START talking about your relation ship with zac efron, than you can ‘fake’ it a little bit.. when both of you -zac and V- dont say a thing, it shows that THIS IS THE FAKEST COUPLE IN HOLLYWOOD!

  • mary

    Seriouslly… i think she’s OK. BUT, she’s only famous, because EVERYBODY saw her naked!
    so HELLO vanessa hudgens, don’t say that you’re private person, cause you’re not!

    and sorry, START talking about your relation ship with zac efron, than you can ‘fake’ it a little bit.. when both of you -zac and V- dont say a thing, it shows that THIS IS THE FAKEST COUPLE IN HOLLYWOOD!

  • van

    i dont like her one bit… how she goes around acting cutey-toosy and innocent and she emails a boy pictures of her COMPLETELY naked. yeah yeah it’s none of my business and whatnot, but honestly don’t go around acting like a role model for little girls to look up to you and “learn” from your mistake because what did you teach girls from that event? not to pose naked for a boy? disappointing, really that she represents a group from Disney that is suppose to be an ideal group of the younger generation to look up to.

  • shay

    gO v.

  • Calpal

    VaneXXXa will always be a sleazy skank. Disney produces the biggest skanks. WHY?

  • http://deleted andrea v

    she’s beautiful.

  • hillary

    go baby v
    love ya

  • Paul
  • haley

    fake fake fake
    all her answers seem

  • mary

    awww zanessa ♥

  • rockstar

    “Stupid people.”
    Nice Vanessa.

    She’s amazing.

  • holly marie

    zanessa <3 i wanna see pics of them on vacations! xx

  • tom

    shes gorjuzz, but shes a skank. even her mom looks trashy.


    Gosh! she has a silly face.. come on! she smiles all the time.. come on!


  • Stephie

    I’m still can’t believe what the haters say, I mean they take their precious time to comment rude things about someone they DON’T even know instead of doing something more useful in life.
    I support Vanessa because she’s not trying to cover up anything, she’s being upfront and accepting the consequences. She didn’t leak those pictures on the internet but someone stupid did, someone that has no heart and respect for them selves and do not understand the values of friendship. If you don’t like her that’s fine you don’t have to but don’t go around saying negative things it just makes you look bad and you do hurt the people that support her. Just wonder what the young readers of this blog think when you say whore or slut or mean things about someone. You wouldn’t like to be called a slut or a whore by someone you don’t even know just because you made a mistake. Just think before you type anything arrogant about someone.
    Thanks for posting jared! I can’t wait to read more news on Vanessa! and I can’t wait till HSM3!

  • ssonfire

    i think you guys need to get off your high horses, f’in prudes.

    what’s sad is that instead of people shaming the person who leaked the pictures and made money off of them, they looked at her and accused her of being a whore and slut.

    she was 16! get over it! she did it privately, and no one deserves to be betrayed like she did.

  • ssonfire

    and i don’t know about you, but i’d rather look up to a person who’s character has been tested and has come through trials with poise like she did. i don’t want so-called role models that look down on other people like they aren’t human.

  • elliott

    i think she did amazing! She handled every wuestion with eaise and was a champ.

  • charlene

    shes so cute i love her. whats with all the haters? geez she is not a whore just b.c her photos hit the net. she took them privately not to be displayed on the internet she is still a private person b/c again they were private photos. some jerk leaked them

  • charlene

    and by them not talking about there relaationship it doesnt make it fake it makes them provate geez

  • ssonfire

    you know she could have easily denied those pictures, everybody thought they were fake when they first came out. but like a real role model, she admitted to it, apologized (even if she didn’t need to), and avoided the media after without drawing anymore publicity to herself like other celebrities would have done.

    she took responsibility for it and that takes a lot.

  • jess!

    # 18 and #19 the same person!!!!!!!!

  • bekkah

    YAY!!! Vanessa is awesome!! o also vanessa is famous for hsm not because of the nude thing , so you really need to shut the fuck up and GET OVER IT!

  • narzoox3

    love her! baby v forever.

  • Luísa

    So proud of her :)

  • LOLA

    Vanessa did a great job on this interview!

    ALL YOU HATERS ARE JEALOUS that she STILL succeeded after the pic scandal. AND GUESS WHAT! It’s normal for a girl to take pics for their boyfriends! Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t make her different

  • Sarah

    I hate all the new celebritys who think that they are all famous and shit cause of Disney (cough gouch, Miley Ashley and Vanessa) Miley and Ashley cant sing, Vanessa voice is descent. Why are ppl so caught up in the lives of these people who sang a lousy song and got famous instead of ppl who worked their way up to fame like britney (yes i know she was with disney but she created a name for herself by working hard), and Janet and Beyonce those three are real celebrities

  • Jamie

    all you haters are jealous jut leave
    I am glad that she is coming out with her relationship with zac
    I love you Baby V

  • Jessica Q

    awwwww thanks J the interview was awesome and cute (: I love her ahahah hater bitches!!

  • Jessica Q


  • zanessa/jashley

    Vanessa is Amazing !! She totally handled that interview very well.

    Wait…wait, wait how the hell is she famous because of her nude pics ? Gawd, you have to get over it !! It was sooooooooooo over a long time ago !! It was over before the pics even came out !! (if that makes sense..) She’s famous because she actually has talent, she can sing, dance, and act better than you haters can.

    And her relationship with Zac is NOT fake !! Your just too blind to see that their actually in love. Gawd, haters do us a favor and get out of this thread.

  • jo

    great answers! where are they now?!

  • troy

    #4 I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because quite frankly I’m tired of you. I believe the person who posts as “Sweets” used to post on a Vanessa fansite as “Person.” “Person” claimed that Vanessa beat out a “friend” of hers for the role of Tin-Tin in “Thunderbirds.”

    This person clearly has not grown up or gotten over it yet. This person doesn’t know what they’re talking about *which should be clear from all of their posts” and has an agenda. I think everybody should know that.

    #5 This was recirded the same day she was on :”Good Morning America.” which was last Wednesday.