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Violet Affleck Gives Giggles and Hugs

Violet Affleck Gives Giggles and Hugs

Jennifer Garner lunches with daughter Violet at Giggles and Hugs restaurant in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday.

Seems like everywhere mommy Jen goes these days, Violet goes too! These two are joined at the hip!

Rumors are swirling yet again that Jen may be pregnant with her second child.

DO YOU THINK Jen has another bun in the oven?

20+ pictures of Violet Affleck giving giggles and hugs…

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violet affleck giggles hugs 01
violet affleck giggles hugs 02
violet affleck giggles hugs 03
violet affleck giggles hugs 04
violet affleck giggles hugs 05
violet affleck giggles hugs 06
violet affleck giggles hugs 07
violet affleck giggles hugs 08
violet affleck giggles hugs 09
violet affleck giggles hugs 10
violet affleck giggles hugs 11
violet affleck giggles hugs 12
violet affleck giggles hugs 13
violet affleck giggles hugs 14
violet affleck giggles hugs 15
violet affleck giggles hugs 16
violet affleck giggles hugs 17
violet affleck giggles hugs 18
violet affleck giggles hugs 19
violet affleck giggles hugs 20

Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • lalalove

    That baby is just too adorable!

  • Colleen

    I hope that she has another baby!! They seem like a happy family and one more kid would make it even better!!

  • stellartes

    She looks like such a good girl.She is always happy.Jen and Ben do a great job raising her.

  • mike

    shut up she is a adorable!!!!!

  • zanessa rocks!

    Violet is cute and all, but I am tired of posts of Jen and Vi —

  • twokids2

    I like Jen and Violet a lot but why in the world do all this celebs don’t let their kids do the walking?
    She is just along side of her, watching her, why don’t she let Violet walk?

  • jess0

    This format is mad JJ!

  • Rita

    I never thought she was one of those cute cele-babies, but more pics I see, more I LOVE VIOLET! She’s so pure! Well, of course all kids are pure but VIOLET! WHAT A CUTIE!

  • me

    Violet is just too, too adorable! I love her little pigtails.
    Its funny but I don’t think I’ve seen a picture recently of Jen without Violet hiding her tummy, or a bag, or flowers…. I think shes trying to hide something myself! I hope so!!!

  • Ben/jen fan

    #8, I have an idea for you. Don’t click on the pics, bypass and go to the next set of pics, or move on to another celeb.

    Why such hate towards a child?

    Cute pics.

    JJ, so not liking the new format thing.

  • jaymie

    i hope she has more. i love these cute celeb kids…and jen and ben make cutsie babies! Angie && brad too so….yaah i hope they make some more

  • Virginia

    The best thing about Jennifer Garner is that cutie Violet. From the looks of these pictures I’d say there is no bun in the oven.

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet is so cute in her little big girl panties. She is beyond adorable. Jen is not showing a baby bump in these pics but I definitely think she is pregnant. She is trying to hide her bump by putting Vi’s leg in front of her stomach.

  • legs

    she is so adorable. her colorful pigtails looks cute too. :)

  • zoe

    i hope she is pregnant! they’re such a great family. violet looks adorable in the second picture. btw, the name of the restaurant is funny.

  • sue

    Jennifer needs to stop exploiting Violet for coverage by the Paps. Her movie/tv career must not be happening right now.

  • aE

    At least Violet is out of diapers…unlike ummmmm SURI.

  • shammy

    If the RUMORS are true about expecting baby #2, that is wonderful and I wish them the very best. Violet will be a BIG sister. Darling family and it is refreshing to see a Hollywood couple keeping things in check. Children are the sweetest and most heavenly gifts ever.

    Sunshine Smiles and Best Wishes!

  • Mae

    Awww – gorgeous!

  • camilla

    ahh jennifer is soooo beautiful!!! love the glasses, but besides that she isn’t really much of a styleicon, when it comes to dressing..

  • Anon

    We still haven’t seen Suri smile.

  • mya

    I really think that Jen and Ben are good parents to their daughter. We just have to take a look, she’s always happy! Have you ever see Suri or Shiloh happy as Violet?

  • My god they are so cute!!!!!!!

    I just love Jen Garner!
    I really hope she’s pregnant Violet will be an awsome sister ;)

  • to idiot [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you really need to die a very lonely death mother fucker :P

  • to #9

    I think so too!
    she is so pregnant hehe

  • mimi

    Poor poor ben whenever he thinks he has a chance to exit manly jen gets preggers, stuck again , now that is what i call a bitch, but karma will get her and ben will exit eventually, give him a couple of yrs and he will be on his way out. another ugly spawn, her genes are too strong. This woman will try to hold on to this man no matter what, of course he will say he is happy he has no choice, i’ve heard that he loves woman and jen is not one of them , the fam. has ad to intervevene on her behalf , and poor benny boy is stuck yet again.
    Karma is going to get her big big time and two kids will not be able to hold him eventually. I kind of fell sad for her sheis so ugly and looks like a man. Poor violet always on display for the paps, she already smiles for them that is why she is always laughing., what a media whore.

  • Just


  • sigh…

    she looks like a perfect little girl. Giggles and Hugs sounds like a great place for kids!

  • Janie

    they are both adorable!

  • Trisha

    mimi the goss was Jen was leaving Ben
    not the other way around You need to get a Life

  • Sonia

    Vi doesn’t need million dollar wardrobes to out cute Suri the stunned.
    She’s so full of life and fun. What a care free child.
    The more I look at her pix, the more I believe Suri is developmentally challenged.
    Congrats to Jen and Ben, this beautiful child is definitely not by accident.
    Vi is my number one celeb baby and I wish all the best.

  • Sonia

    One more thing.
    I also wish Jen is having the little brother or sister for Vi.
    Jen and Ben can make wonderful babies.

  • Sonia

    By the way, Jen carries Vi in those pix, because she’s about to put Vi IN THE SAFETY CAR SEAT!
    And she does that all the time!
    Not just putting the child on her laps.

  • Who knows

    A.K.A. JLo…lol…from all the hatred you’re spitting out you may as well be Jennifer Lopez.. You come across as a jealous, hateful, and bitter bitch!! STFU already!! If they are happy then that’s great. If he wanted to leave nothing would stop him. Even a new baby. As for if Garner is pregnant again, who knows. It’s hard to tell anymore with celebrities. It’s none of our business one way or another.

  • Me

    Sonia, I think with all the crap Britney got, even “country folk” don’t use laps any more!

  • julie

    She is so stinkin’ cute!!!!

  • minime

    Do not understand this woman’s appeal as an actress. Please tell me what is her appeal??? She has Mick Jagger’s lips now. They were not that BIG in her tv show. Its the first thing you notice on her, rubber duck lips on her increasingly thinning face. Do men find that hot? She looks like a cousin of Andrea Yates too…stringy hair and plain clothing…Where is the star appeal? boring boring boring If it weren’t for Ben Affleck and her star spawn, she’d be forgettable at this point. Lucky girl!

  • grommet

    Does anyone know what brand those sunglasses are? I love them.

  • bla bla

    You noticed this child is photographed every week with Jennifer Garner???

  • ^^^^

    I wanna know too!
    to minime: Alias was the best show on tv she was the show she made it what it was!
    also I saw cyrano and loved it she was wonderful and all her movies are great (I LOVED13 going on 30).
    she always had big lips it depends on the lightning and the way you film too but I love the way she looks and the way she acts she’s my favorite actress.
    you don’t have to love her but why hate??? I don’t get it!

  • to bla bla

    she’s with her mom whats wrong with that now?

  • Dana

    #16 is a dipstick. Jennifer is not “exploiting” Violet. Who’s following who here? She has to get out with her family onto public areas where paps are. How stupid to say Jennifer is asking for the paps to take pictures of Violet.

  • Adoring Fan

    To #26 Mimi and #37 Mimime you sound like the same unhappy person. You are so pathetic if you think Ben is unhappy. You are the miserable one because this couple is not to your liking. Guess what, it is not up to you to choose a mate for them. They chose each other and are a lovely couple. Ben and Jen are two talented people with an adorable little girl and hopefully another baby on the way. Get used to it and put some of your hatred and energy into finding your own happiness.

    BTW Violet gets more delightful every day and I love seeing pics of her. She is sooooo cute.

  • minime

    Mimi is not me. Hah Hah…Why you waste your time coming on here to defend them is beyond me??? Talk about a waste of time and energy. Perhaps it is you who needs to get over it. This is just a blog and we have the freedom to comment on Jared’s side any which way we want. If you don’t like it then simply don’t read it.

  • Ally

    Here’s Jen Garner, exploiting her child YET again. People would have forgotten about her a long time ago if she didn’t have this kid. Not only did this baby catch her a husband and give her a good excuse to leave Alias, but this baby is keeping her career alive! Hopefully Violet gets her cut when she’s older…

    And Mimi, what do you mean, Ben’s family needs to “intervene” on her behalf?

  • to Ally

    i haVe news for you. Before Violet came along Paps were constantly following Jen. Look at old mags around 2004-2005. Nothing has changed.

  • minime is Mimi

    now fuck off!

  • oh wait I got it wrong

    minime is Mimi aaaaand Ally as well lol now “all” of you need to fuck the hell off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jenny is pregnant for sure and Violet is a cutie

  • minime

    Minime is an original. I’m not anyone else so bite me you miserable wanker. lol I have no idea who mimi is and I don’t care. I’m just commenting tis all so get over it. I don’t care what Ben and Jen do and I never comment on her daughter, only that she looks more like Victor Garber than Ben. I just don’t get Jen’s star quality. She’s so blah blah blah….I will add her ex Scott Foley is getting hotter as he’s getting older while Ben is looking more and more manorexic which is not a good look on a 36 year old guy.

  • Ally

    #48- yeah, only one person could possibly dislike Jennifer Garner, right? LOL. Keep on with your delusions. I don’t know mimi or minime or anyone other commenters.