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Courteney Cox Scrubs In

Courteney Cox Scrubs In

Courteney Cox has reportedly agreed to guest star on Scrubs for a three-episode arc.

The former Friends star will play the new chief of medicine at Sacred Heart, reports EW. Cox‘s character on the NBC sitcom will supposedly, “ruffle feathers.”

This follows an announcement that Courteney‘s own show Dirt had been recently been canceled by FX. The series was executive produced by the 44-year-old actress and her hubby, David Arquette.

The second season came to a halt due to the Writers Guild of America strike, and its ratings did not improve much from the first season.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Courteney Cox on Scrubs?

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  • doodle

    This is so cool!
    I cannot wait – I bet she will do a great job.
    At least it will give her fans something to watch now that Dirt has been cancelled

  • Lyn

    yeeea.. scrubs is so kool !!!!

  • Lyn

    yeea, scrubs is soo kool…cant wait to watch it

  • kyle

    who cares!

  • numlock

    I see no movie deals like her bff.

  • Janie

    She is so pretty!

  • Kris

    CCA is gorgeous and talented. She’ll be a great guest star on Scrubs.

  • Rory

    This is sooo great im really excited!!!

    Yay for Courteney and to Numlock…. Jennifer is only so popular because she was married to Brad and then he left her for a bigger movie star…Courteney isn’t as popular because she stays tucked in a stable-seeming mariage and never makes dramatic headlines. Think about it. And by no means whatsoever am i bagging Jen. Just sticking up for Court.

  • Yolanda may


  • terissa

    I like Courteney she seems to have her sh*t together. She also has that natural beauty and doesn”t need alot of makeup.

  • heyU

    Great, she needs something on TV. She has a new movie out, “Bedtime Stories” at the end of the year which i’m sure will be a box-office hit.

  • jaye

    Few people have over come the sit-com jinx as they call it. Coming to mind is the cast of Seinfeld. She doesn’t have to worry about carrying Bedtime stories because she is not the star of the movie. However, it might be a good vehicle to ‘test the waters’ to see if she might have a movie career. She should avoid bringing her character , Monica, over to the movies at all costs. That ship has sailed and that character should be left in the past.

  • andrew

    Rory you said it just about right, who want’s to be famous like that? Courteney did it all by herself, and i’m sure she will be brilliant in Scrubs too, way to go lady cc! and Terissa yeah she is still a knock out look at that picture perfect.

  • queenkimba

    are ya kidding me? leave aniston out of this puleass, moviedeals??, yeah only romantic comedies, what else is new? i will sure watch courtney on this, seems like fun!

  • Better than maniston

    She is far better actress than Maniston. Good Luck!

  • queenkimba

    ^^definitely, it’s better to have less moviedeals which are actually worth to watch, and something totally different we see from her acting and what she likes to do, then having 10 new movies coming out from ja which are all the same as always, and it’s not even fun for her anymore come on, its just for publicity.

  • rosie

    Courteney Cox rocks, can’t wait to see her!

  • what ever

    Why would she stoop to that dumb ass show she can’t need the money

  • nina

    I cant wait to see!
    Courteney Cox is perfect i love her so much.

  • joy

    Why must people bring up Aniston, in somewhat related posts, just to insult her. First of all, she only has two romantic-comedies coming out (He’s just not that into you and Management); secondly, the other two are a romantic-ish drama “Travaling” and a true story dramedy “Marley and Me;” and thirdly, her other 8+ movies are an arrangement of different genres.
    This post, however, is: How the commentors feel Cox will do in her future role being cast on “Scrubs” (which I think she will play a wonderful Doctor in)? It is not a post, however, questioning Aniston or her past, current, or future career.
    By the way, she is only a chosen subect in tabloids (negatively) because of her marriage to brad. She is a sucess because of her talent in the tv show “Friends” and her movie roles. People she has work with only rave about her!!
    It was also because of Aniston that Cox’s show “Dirt” made its record number ratings, as well. The same way as it was only Aniston who won an Emmy or a Golden Globe for a Lead Actress in “Friends.” If you want to shell out facts.

  • t.

    I’m sure it will be fantastic.
    I just wish Dirt hadn’t been cancelled. Two seasons was not enough for me.

  • queenkimba

    ^duh! because everyone thought there was gonna be a huge make out scene, which guy in the world wouldn’t watch that lol! But most people on forums/youtube agrees Courtney was brilliant in Dirt for the whole first season, while alot of people say they still saw Rachel in JA’s guestrole. While CC played Lucy like she played her like forever, aniston was really uptight playing Tina Harrod with the totally overdone voice.
    Check out Youtube, check out IMDB, so many people agree JA can only play Rachel green, while so many people have new respect for Courtney since she played Lucy. I don’t care about ratings, doesn’t say a thing, also JA’s magazines are sold the best, because she is most popular or talented? No, because everyone still is obsessing about the whole Brad thing, and because they write about her complex lovelife every day. They just can’t write a thing about people who are having a stabile family like the arquettes. Does that mean they are less loved, i don’t think so. Britney spears isn’t exactly very popular now too, but still she is one the people who get the most searched on the internet.

  • queenkimba

    Oh and the people who said JA can only play Rachel while they have new respect voor CC are at least objective, they aren’t fans of either one of them, so they can be honest. But ofcourse JA’s fans love to see her in anything, even if she acts the same.

  • Missy

    Joy, this post is indeed about Courteney in Scrubs, but Numlock (see one of the first posts) starts about Jennifer, and comparing the two. So you can’t find it weird people also start talking about how they think Courteney is the greatest actress. I think they are both good, but i have a little more with Courteney, and it doesn’t matter she has less movies coming up, she also has a beautiful family which she loves, and all her new projects, 2 new movies and a new show she is developing for herself (+ ofcourse this guestrole on Scrubs) is more then enough if you ask me, and all seem like the most fun. Go Courteney.

  • Lolly

    I loved Courtney on Dirt, and ofcourse all the credit goes to her on this one, she brought up the idea, which was really unique, she produced it and played the main character for the entire season. In my country it was a reall success.

  • ccfan

    aw courteney is the best, i never watched Scrubs before but now thanks to Courteney i definitely will. I just can’t wait anymore, Luv ya courtt!

  • brittanyblogs

    I could see her as a guest star in a different capacity, but being in the medical field I would have a hard time buying her as Chief of Medicine.

  • ccfan

    she played so much before, she also totally could do this im sure!

  • sweet girl

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  • Lisa

    I think she will do great on Scrubs, it is quite a funny show. Best of luck girl.


    Why bring in this has-been to a super hit show like “Scrubs”……she and her loser friend Jennifer ought to get together and produce a show titled “Once a loser, always a loser”. (ha, ha)

  • zacfan

    ^shut up bitchetta, your name really suits you btw! freaking pothead!

  • rober

    courtney sucks!!! this is a terrible idea.