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Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Here is the self-titled debut album for singer/actress Jennifer Hudson, set for release on September 30.

If you haven’t already, check out her album’s first single, “Spotlight”, which was written and produced by Ne-Yo and Stargate.

Other rumored collaborators for the 26-year-old former American Idol contestant’s album include: Akon, R. Kelly, John Legend, Jack Splash, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Robin Thicke, Timbaland, T-Pain, The Underdogs and Diane Warren. That’s a lot of big name contributors!!

DO YOU THINK they Photoshop-ed Jennifer Hudson too much?

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87 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK”

  1. 1
    Yum! Says:

    Where’s her jelly belly? Nice photoshop!!

  2. 2
    shir Says:

    With those big names her CD should be wonderful. Well I wish her the best of luck!

  3. 3
    gossipgirl Says:

    is that american apparel shes wearing?

  4. 4
    jasmine Says:

    she lost weight but not that much they definitely air brushed that picture

  5. 5
    stella Says:

    That photoshop isn’t fooling anyone…

    And from a designer’s point of view, was that font/style for her name really the best they could come up with? The cover is so.. blah.

  6. 6
    yuck Says:

    she’s a lot fatter than that. the pic is obviously photoshopped. where are the lunch lady arms with the stretch marks?

  7. 7
    Anonymous Says:

    lol she should be offended

  8. 8
    teena Says:

    Must’ve used Mariah’s retoucher.

  9. 9
    George Says:

    She looks smokin’. I hope that they didn’t photoshop the snot out of her.

  10. 10
    stellar sophie Says:

    what the hell…it’s one thing to airbrush or photoshop little flaws like birthmarks etc…but to photoshop a whole new body type is unbelievable. i’m upset that she even let that bypass to the printer! was your REAL body not good enough? why not be proud of it?! it’s a disgrace to convey such a message to plus-sized women everywhere.

  11. 11
    socautious1 Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. They also did the same thing in her spotlight video. We know Jennifer Hudson and love her voice and are not so shallow that we can’t accept the real J-Hud. She needs to stand up and let her real voice be heard. She talked in the past of being proud of who she is, why? Why? Why? Come on lets get it right and keep it real. She will be more embraced and respected. Right now I’m pissed. What are you saying the real you is not good enough? It’s okay the photoshop small problem areas, this is straight retarded. I hope they change that. Come to Jen, we love you just he way you are. Your a beautiful, curvatious straight talented woman. We should be writing about your music, not this foolishness. Keep it real!

  12. 12
    louie Says:

    we all know she’s fat!

  13. 13
    doooo Says:

    Noooooo that is what she really looks like….. Just kidding…too fake!

  14. 14
    WTF Says:

    It’s 2008, everyone knows PHOTOSHOP.

  15. 15
    chilly_powder Says:

    oh please her hip start like ten miles noorth of there…

  16. 16
    mick Says:

    hmm. i think she’d look better is she was herself:

    (rephotoshopped to her regular size)

  17. 17
    remember da truth Says:

    Stellar Sophie, there’s a difference between plus-sized (full breasts and hips, large bone structure, thick but in shape) and fat.
    Jennifer Hudson was fat, and no a fat body is not good enough. THAT is sending the wrong message to EVERYONE, especially in a country where heart disease is the number one killer.

  18. 18
    remember da truth Says:

    I think she looks great here — THIS is plus-sized. And she was working on getting in shape. Everyone thinks photoshop means you can completely manipulate photos into being what they aren’t, and that’s not true. She might be a little slimmer, but this isn’t that far off what she looked like back when she took the photo.
    She’s gained weight back since she was on her weight-loss program.

  19. 19
    CC Says:

    Yes, she’s way too noticeably photoshopped. They should have been more subtle with it.

  20. 20
    faye Says:

    i’ve got that same American Apparel dress!!!

  21. 21
    sillyme Says:

    That link with the “rephotoshopped” image to her regular size still isn’t right. they put some of her waist back, but what about the meaty, as my grandmother used to say, arms, neck…and face? I think they should have used her at her regular size, too. Who are they trying to fool? Everyone knows that Jennifer is a big girl.

  22. 22
    kccody Says:

    Her arms are way bigger in proportion to her waist so I think they did some pretty major photshopping there. Still a pretty woman though.

  23. 23
    legs Says:


  24. 24
    Suzy q Says:

    #16 Mick – you’re right – she does look better as her normal size!

  25. 25
    Sinna Says:

    #10 andd 11 I agree with you completly. If I were her I would be mad as hell

  26. 26
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    ….and the photoshop award…. does…. not! go to jennifer hudson. fatso looks ridiculous.

  27. 27
    Ken Says:

    When are our young women learn to be proud of their own body size? With the kind of comments I saw earlier the answer will be ‘not soon’.
    Especially someone as mightily talented as J Hudson should send the message that she is proud of her plus size body. But on the other hand she/lable has to sell the album to shallow people like some of the commenters before me.

  28. 28
    thao Says:

    totally photosoped. sad she isn’t proud of her real self.

  29. 29
    paupau Says:

    yeah, this is how the record company want her to look like? 30 lbs thinner?

  30. 30
    adam Says:

    i agree some photoshopping was done… but no1′s seen her in person for a while, how do we know? i think @ the end of the music video she looks that thin, and while u can photoshop a body and make it look natural kinda, u cant do it to a face, and her face was super thin @ the end of the video.

    Just sayin maybe it’s not as far of a stretch as every1 thinks.

  31. 31
    lalalove Says:

    Now, that’s what you call “good photoshop.”

  32. 32
    Dach Says:

    I see some airbrush was done to the breast area. Overall it is a nice cover. Now lets hope the tracks are just as good.

  33. 33
    Marsha Says:


  34. 34
    LuckyL Says:

    Anonymous @ 07/10/2008 at 1:12 am

    lol she should be offended

    Totally, lol

  35. 35
    ♥Delicious Dimples♥ Says:

    My Girl Jennifer Looks FABULOUS!! God I Love Her…Can’t Wait Til Her Album Drops :o)

    And Who Gives A **** If They Airbushed Her Pic….Who Hasn’t Had Their Pics Airbushed?

  36. 36
    ruby Says:

    You guys are a bunch of ********… she looks ******’ awesome and no one ever talks **** when jessica simpson and paris hilton and other skinny white ******* get the all the *** stains and track marks airbrushed off their anorexic disgusting bodies….

  37. 37
    Ginger Says:

    I know she wants to be skinny and just saying she is proud of her body so people won’t cal her fat… Whatever! I’m fat and want to lose weight but too freaken lazy.
    I don’t photoshop my pictures but I do choose the best one that makes me look skinnier. hahahaha…

    I agree with kccody… her arms looks almost bigger than her waist. Totally not in proportion.

    I don’t like this girl since the day she said she doesn’t need to thank American Idol for her winning the Oscar or whatever award she won. She said she worked at Burger King does she need to thank them too? B|tch, Burger King didn’t exposed your big **** for America to see… So yeah, you should be thanking American Idol for putting your big a$s on the the dayem map!

  38. 38
    anonymouse Says:

    #27 – when men start protecting and honoring women and not using us for sexual gratification. That is when we can be complete and whole. If I were her, I would be grossly offended and would fire whomever approved this cover. We need to teach our young women unconditional acceptance. There will always be another woman more attractive, more intelligent, or more sexy. It is better to embrace ourselves as we are and practice self-acceptance and self-respect. If women do not demand self-respect from themselves, there is no reason for anyone to respect them in return. People get from the world what they give into it.

  39. 39
    scotty p Says:

    it does not matter her weight, or whether or not the photoshopped the picture “too much”!!!!… she has a beautiful voice and that’s all ya’ll should be worrying about… stop hatin.

  40. 40
    Heather Says:

    Isn’t it possible that she lost weight? I don’t know because I haven’t seen her for awhile. These Hollywood types have so many of those crazy diets where one probably could lose 20-30 lbs. in a month. I totally think it could be her if she were that thin.

  41. 41
    abha Says:

    woooooooooooooow photoshop is working good on her!!!

  42. 42
    Dee Says:

    No, you are all wrong. This is her. Look at her video. She really lost the weight, haters!!

  43. 43
    jessica Says:

    hell no her but ain’t skinnier then me..and where’s her…muffin top!!

  44. 44
    Chaneace Says:

    Real talk!! A lot of yall are some haters. I am from Chicago & I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Hudson. But I had to post a comment for the luv of “Chi City” artists. I just seen J. Hud in person on 07/02/08 at the “Taste Of Chicago” guest starring w/ Fantasia. & the girl has lost a lot of weight-& look good wit it. She is a bit smaller than Fantasia now. I took Kodak pictures and video Footage of the performance. Factly stating that’s her on the cover, if they touched it up it was only a little. Just because she decided to loose some of that extra baggage doesn’t mean she is not keeping it real. Keeping it real is having good health, feeling good in your clothes, & enjoying how u look. Who wants all that extra baggage while on stage performing…out of breath & ish trying to sing. Haters yall try it! I understand girl, J Hud do you baby and keep doing it for the “Chi” let the haters hate. Like Kanye said hate on haters. Katt Williams put it best “if you got haters you doing something right, find out how to get 10 more”

  45. 45
    Chaneace Says:

    And one more comment some of yall need anger management….its not that serious to be cussin the chick out cause she lost weight and you still out of shape and lazy. Lol!! Aint none of us gettin’ paid for this or what she is doing. So what she didn’t give Americian Idol credit – they dogged her. And Fantasia should have won that season, that girl is real talk- to the fullest. So God worked it out for a reason. I bet J Hud thanked God, lol

  46. 46
    sweet girl Says:

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  47. 47

    Jennifer looks great in that cover. (photoshop and all)……now, only if she could reaaaaally look like that. Wishful thinking on her part. All she needs to do now is to stop eating soooooo much and she would really look like that.

  48. 48 Says:

    Everyone that is commenting on her picture are all HATERS. Jennifer deserves better comments then these you all know she came all the way down from women 22 to a 7/8 you all she be pround instead of critizing. The question anyways is not her body it’s her awsome voice so let’s don’t get it twisted. Jennifer the first time I saw you I knew you were a star. Keep up the AWESOME work . Trully you are OCSAR GIRL. Love 12jesus7

  49. 49
    amaerd Says:

    I actually went to her myspace page. She REALLY is this small….

  50. 50
    amaerd Says:

    This pic is not photoshopped

  51. 51
    amaerd Says:

    Sorry, the first link didn’t work but this one should…..

    I just don’t like false accusations.

  52. 52
    JEANINE Says:

    Please, the insults and hatin’ has to stop. Actually, what is your album cover looking like these days. You all are way too critical. Apparently, some of you are professional photogs. Have a coke and a smile……….

    If this industry wasn’t so visual, thickness would not matter.

  53. 53
    deborah [not deb] Says:

    Get real! How about a “LIVE” appearance sometime very, very soon — like yesterday? We’d be happy with a “LIVE” appearance even if she were singing an old song as it would help to dispel the photoshop [or not] rumor regarding the album cover. We’d be better able to SEE for ourselves. Now tell me, has anyone seen Ms. Thang in the flesh lately?

  54. 54
    Lea Says:

    Atleast they photoshopped the photo. She should be ashamed of her size. Being obese is disgusting, it shows an obvious lack of discipline and self-respect. Corpulence is walking death. Clothing larger than a size 12 should come with a warning label. It’s great that god blessed her with a beautiful voice- pure talent. God also blessed her with a body- she should tend to it.

  55. 55
    big Mar Says:

    WOW!!! Looks like all the haters are out again, the ones that are completely jealous as F%ck because she is HOT now and they’re not. Especially the FAT B!TCH that says she tries to lose weight BUT can’t because she is too LAZY…..HAHAHAHHAHA. That just goes to show the rest of you only BAD TALK because she IS DOING something and your not. LOOK at her face in the video on YOUTUBE, you see her bone structure and she lost the BIG CHEEKS. That means she has lost considerable BODY FAT and it usually shows in the face and arms as well. Even her waist looks smaller in the video. She probably looks thinner on the album because shw is wearing black and it is some sort of spandex/poly mix that smooths the body curves out. It seems like the people that are bad mouthing on this site put their faith in FAKE artists that can’t sing, and I am not gonna go into that list. Have some respect for yourselves and instead of sitting on this BLOG with a doughnut in your FAT mouth try and get up and do something for yourself instead of brining others down. Jennifer really doesn’t care if you are not her fan because she has millions more that will lover her for once small minisucle IDIOT LIKE YOU!! C-YA

  56. 56
    Clara Says:

    This is ridiculous… i hate it. I love her voice and i loved her for not caring what ppl thought about her weight but this is just disgusting. Its not her and she should b offended by this. Photoshop J-Hud??? SHAME ON U!!!

  57. 57
    Kiesha martain Says:

    why does everyone think in order to be succesful in america you have to be a size 2, i really hope jennifer reconsider this thought of her 1st album cover…. just remeber i would have bought your album if you were a size 24 woman plus or a size 2 because you are talented.

  58. 58
    AKRON, OH Says:

    HATERS! They wish they could be photo-”hyped” – no butts, no breasts, no lips, and all! LOL!

    I don’t care what size she is – SING GIRL SING!

    Jennifer – Unlike Amy Winehouse, all doped up and pencil thin and singing about NOT going to rehab (I guess she’s keeping it real for THEM), they can’t find anything about you to talk about!

  59. 59
    AKRON, OH Says:


    You idiot! Jennifer Hudson has NEVER been obese. That just goes to show how warped-minded Americans have become when it comes to weight. Being a size 12, 14, 16, or 18 does not mean you’re obese. On top of that Jenifer is 5’7″ tall. She can choose or not choose to carry the weight…she has the frame and will look good no matter.

    And there’s nothing wrong with changing your image if one chooses to. She’s in the entertainment business. It’s her money, her talent…if she wants to make herself over…that’s her business.



  60. 60
    wetphatkat326 Says:

    All yall who are on here HATTIN on Jennifer can kiss her PHAT ASS! She representing the CHI, and all I can say is go head Jennifer do your thang! And plus Men Like nice juicy thick women! Even if her pic is photshopped whose isnt! HATERS need to get them some business! Yall living in her SPOTLIGHT! Get your own

  61. 61
    J-dae Says:

    wats rong witchu pepl
    in case u didnt know…she lost a whole bunch of weight
    but not as much as in this cd cover…stop calling her fat cause shes not, shes plus sized and still gorgeous as ever…stop being so f-ing everyone suppose to be stick figure…cause last time i checked those skinny ass models alota dem died from anorexia…shes healthy and if thats the way God wants her to look then let it be…i dont see u pepl on the cover of f-ing vouge

  62. 62
    Infiniti Says:

    ya really need 2 stop haten on my gurl jenny…..she did lose weight nd even if she didnt so wat her albumis going 2 b fire dats all dat matters….would u rather her look like beyounce nd have dat weak voice ….excuatly….she might not look like beyounce but she sure as hell can sing better… stop haten haters…..i love u jennifer….keep doin it big mamas i will b getting ur album diva

  63. 63
    Austin Says:

    This was photoshoped a little bit, but I interned for the company this was taken months ago when she lots the weight but she put it back on this was the time around the grammy awards. Proof…

  64. 64

    OMG! Is it any wonder she is hesitant to display her natural image? She has to sell to a public that is making such shallow comments even when she looks incredible! “Jelly Belly,” Lunch Lady Arms and stretchmarks,” “Fatso.” Unbelievable. If she’s getting comments like that after a good Photoshopping, what the hell would you guys say if her real body was featured on the album cover? Jen looks and sounds great. No one is focusing on real talent anymore. This is why the industry perpetuates unrealistic and destructive standards of beauty particularly for women, and why artists have been releasing absolute and utter garbage trying to pass it off as music. From what I’ve heard, Jen’s lost a good bit of weight. Though there’s been some retouching to this photo, it’s possible that her photo is not as retouched as everyone thinks. I’d love to see her in a live performance.

  65. 65
    Lilwun Says:

    its airbrushed… shes just lost alot of weight

    cant wait for the album

  66. 66
    Shae Says:

    ya’ll a bunch of f~~king idiots!!!!!!
    She lost weight for her new movie with Queen Latifiah

  67. 67
    wooooow Says:

    WOW I guess her weight was a main concern for album sales because she is NOT skinny in real life. Shes fine the way she is but it just goes to show her major insecurity. Too bad this backfired on her and everyone thinks shes a moron now. Flaunt what you got or go excercise!!!!

  68. 68
    shelley Says:

    who cares. it’s juat a picture. get over it. i absolutely love her.

  69. 69
    blackbarbie Says:

    umm ya she is cute in all and she is thick….that is not her waste the photoshop is excellent. she was fine the way she was she doesnt need to be ashamed. She had a nice full shape, come on jennifer

  70. 70
    nbaker Says:

    wow…. instead of celebrating her accomplishment, why must we always go to what we perceive as negative and put so much energy into that…. CONGRATS, J HUD!!!!!!

  71. 71
    kj Says:

    Does it really matter if the pic was edited or not? I mean really, there are more prevalent issues facing society . Are people so SHALLOW that this is the only thing they can find to talk about. If so, perhaps you should consider getting a hobby or something to make YOUR life more fulfulling because clearly you have nothing going on. END OF DISCUSSION

  72. 72
    britt Says:

    LOL people were born haters and will die haters!

  73. 73
    RADCOM Says:

    Loads of people are photoshopped all the time why the negative and at time backward comments? Sheesh get a life. Great lady great singer end of……!

  74. 74
    keya Says:

    well i hope everyone chill with the comments. telling the truth is one thing but degrading someone is another. we all have flaws but if we have to put others down about their flaws then we have a problem as people. all body types have flaws but the great thing about it is that God looks past our flaws. She just lost her mother and brother and her little nephew is missing. How she looks on a cd cover is the last thing she is concerned about. I have her and my family in her prayers and my heart goes out to her. Please stop with the comments and lets learn as people to support each other instead of throwing words out there that hurts someone. If we are gentle with our words we do not have to worry about offending others. Half of what we say as people should not even be said. Do on to others as you would want them to do on to you. If he picture was photoshopped it is not anyone’s problem but hers.

  75. 75
    Delphane y wytch Says:

    I think she looks great. She seems to be an down to earth sistuh! Yall stop hating. You know she looks good. Give it to the sistuh. Dang!!!!

  76. 76
    Delphane y wytch Says:


  77. 77
    nichole Says:

    well i think that it is a nice pic, and frankly the pic shouldn’t matter, it should not matter if she looks a size 2 or 12. and anyways for those who didn’t know, J-H most likely didn’t any words in what her album cover pic looked like, cause her manager (whom ever that is) wanted what he/she thought would be best, you kno thatwould sell the most albums…. so shut up with all the negative comments about her album cover looks like cause neither one of you have one…. and by the way, her album is the best that i have heared this year


  78. 78
    just a person (: Says:

    i actullay think all you putting her down should SHUT UP!
    do you know her, didnt think so
    get over it,
    if someone said that about tou, you would be offended
    i give ehr props for wanting her voice to be heard
    and i have this album
    it’s amazing
    so think before you go saying stuff
    your a no-body
    your nothing
    no-one cares about your opinion, so it may as well be nice, no-ones gonna take any notice !!

    sort it out, give her a break
    she’s doing well for herself
    she may not have had a choice in the way she looked
    she does what it takes !

  79. 79
    rachel bloomer Says:

    your all bloody evil just leave her alone! can any of u sing like her? well shut the hell up!

  80. 80
    vee norfleet Says:

    I think that you all sound really silly and childish. Who cares who photoshopped what…. The girl is talented and no matter how petty you people show yourself to be shes going to have a very successful career. STOP HATING

  81. 81
    Annais Benningfield Says:

    WTF, guys, I mean, seriously! Get over it. Yes, I agree that fat is unhealthy and I am glad she’s getting it togther, but does that have ANYTHING to do with her damn talent??? HELL NO. The girl can SANG and that’s the whole damn point! Besides, she’s beautiful either way. This is America’s problem, this is the exact damn reason why little girls and young women starve themselves and/or purge! To “fit in” and not be hated by their idiot peers. Get the **** over it, jeez.

  82. 82
    Liberace Says:

    Does anyone else think they tried to make her look like Lauryn Hill?

    Cuz that’s what I am seeing.

  83. 83
    tatiana Says:

    girl i just love ur music

  84. 84
    hey hazel Says:

    stop hatin she look good she got money u know how easy it is to lose weight…. get a trainer n a good diet…… she cud have lost all that in no time it aint that hard if u keep up wit it

  85. 85
    debrito Says:

    I love Jannifer Hudson she is my heart for real.
    Iam in love for her. if i could i would ask her to marry me .

  86. 86
    ipissrainbowzz Says:

    @Chaneace: This is why I hate living in Chicago – because of all the ignorant, obnoxious ***** with attitudes like yours. Anger manage yourself, ***** & take some English/grammar classes, no reason to have the vocabulary of a 4th grader like the rest of you ppl.

  87. 87
    poppyjones Says:

    will you all get a life, and let the woman be happy. At least let her enjoy her life no matter how she looks.

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