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Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Here is the self-titled debut album for singer/actress Jennifer Hudson, set for release on September 30.

If you haven’t already, check out her album’s first single, “Spotlight”, which was written and produced by Ne-Yo and Stargate.

Other rumored collaborators for the 26-year-old former American Idol contestant’s album include: Akon, R. Kelly, John Legend, Jack Splash, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Robin Thicke, Timbaland, T-Pain, The Underdogs and Diane Warren. That’s a lot of big name contributors!!

DO YOU THINK they Photoshop-ed Jennifer Hudson too much?

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87 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK”

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  1. 26
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    ….and the photoshop award…. does…. not! go to jennifer hudson. fatso looks ridiculous.

  2. 27
    Ken Says:

    When are our young women learn to be proud of their own body size? With the kind of comments I saw earlier the answer will be ‘not soon’.
    Especially someone as mightily talented as J Hudson should send the message that she is proud of her plus size body. But on the other hand she/lable has to sell the album to shallow people like some of the commenters before me.

  3. 28
    thao Says:

    totally photosoped. sad she isn’t proud of her real self.

  4. 29
    paupau Says:

    yeah, this is how the record company want her to look like? 30 lbs thinner?

  5. 30
    adam Says:

    i agree some photoshopping was done… but no1′s seen her in person for a while, how do we know? i think @ the end of the music video she looks that thin, and while u can photoshop a body and make it look natural kinda, u cant do it to a face, and her face was super thin @ the end of the video.

    Just sayin maybe it’s not as far of a stretch as every1 thinks.

  6. 31
    lalalove Says:

    Now, that’s what you call “good photoshop.”

  7. 32
    Dach Says:

    I see some airbrush was done to the breast area. Overall it is a nice cover. Now lets hope the tracks are just as good.

  8. 33
    Marsha Says:


  9. 34
    LuckyL Says:

    Anonymous @ 07/10/2008 at 1:12 am

    lol she should be offended

    Totally, lol

  10. 35
    ♥Delicious Dimples♥ Says:

    My Girl Jennifer Looks FABULOUS!! God I Love Her…Can’t Wait Til Her Album Drops :o)

    And Who Gives A **** If They Airbushed Her Pic….Who Hasn’t Had Their Pics Airbushed?

  11. 36
    ruby Says:

    You guys are a bunch of ********… she looks ******’ awesome and no one ever talks **** when jessica simpson and paris hilton and other skinny white ******* get the all the *** stains and track marks airbrushed off their anorexic disgusting bodies….

  12. 37
    Ginger Says:

    I know she wants to be skinny and just saying she is proud of her body so people won’t cal her fat… Whatever! I’m fat and want to lose weight but too freaken lazy.
    I don’t photoshop my pictures but I do choose the best one that makes me look skinnier. hahahaha…

    I agree with kccody… her arms looks almost bigger than her waist. Totally not in proportion.

    I don’t like this girl since the day she said she doesn’t need to thank American Idol for her winning the Oscar or whatever award she won. She said she worked at Burger King does she need to thank them too? B|tch, Burger King didn’t exposed your big **** for America to see… So yeah, you should be thanking American Idol for putting your big a$s on the the dayem map!

  13. 38
    anonymouse Says:

    #27 – when men start protecting and honoring women and not using us for sexual gratification. That is when we can be complete and whole. If I were her, I would be grossly offended and would fire whomever approved this cover. We need to teach our young women unconditional acceptance. There will always be another woman more attractive, more intelligent, or more sexy. It is better to embrace ourselves as we are and practice self-acceptance and self-respect. If women do not demand self-respect from themselves, there is no reason for anyone to respect them in return. People get from the world what they give into it.

  14. 39
    scotty p Says:

    it does not matter her weight, or whether or not the photoshopped the picture “too much”!!!!… she has a beautiful voice and that’s all ya’ll should be worrying about… stop hatin.

  15. 40
    Heather Says:

    Isn’t it possible that she lost weight? I don’t know because I haven’t seen her for awhile. These Hollywood types have so many of those crazy diets where one probably could lose 20-30 lbs. in a month. I totally think it could be her if she were that thin.

  16. 41
    abha Says:

    woooooooooooooow photoshop is working good on her!!!

  17. 42
    Dee Says:

    No, you are all wrong. This is her. Look at her video. She really lost the weight, haters!!

  18. 43
    jessica Says:

    hell no her but ain’t skinnier then me..and where’s her…muffin top!!

  19. 44
    Chaneace Says:

    Real talk!! A lot of yall are some haters. I am from Chicago & I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Hudson. But I had to post a comment for the luv of “Chi City” artists. I just seen J. Hud in person on 07/02/08 at the “Taste Of Chicago” guest starring w/ Fantasia. & the girl has lost a lot of weight-& look good wit it. She is a bit smaller than Fantasia now. I took Kodak pictures and video Footage of the performance. Factly stating that’s her on the cover, if they touched it up it was only a little. Just because she decided to loose some of that extra baggage doesn’t mean she is not keeping it real. Keeping it real is having good health, feeling good in your clothes, & enjoying how u look. Who wants all that extra baggage while on stage performing…out of breath & ish trying to sing. Haters yall try it! I understand girl, J Hud do you baby and keep doing it for the “Chi” let the haters hate. Like Kanye said hate on haters. Katt Williams put it best “if you got haters you doing something right, find out how to get 10 more”

  20. 45
    Chaneace Says:

    And one more comment some of yall need anger management….its not that serious to be cussin the chick out cause she lost weight and you still out of shape and lazy. Lol!! Aint none of us gettin’ paid for this or what she is doing. So what she didn’t give Americian Idol credit – they dogged her. And Fantasia should have won that season, that girl is real talk- to the fullest. So God worked it out for a reason. I bet J Hud thanked God, lol

  21. 46
    sweet girl Says:

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  22. 47

    Jennifer looks great in that cover. (photoshop and all)……now, only if she could reaaaaally look like that. Wishful thinking on her part. All she needs to do now is to stop eating soooooo much and she would really look like that.

  23. 48 Says:

    Everyone that is commenting on her picture are all HATERS. Jennifer deserves better comments then these you all know she came all the way down from women 22 to a 7/8 you all she be pround instead of critizing. The question anyways is not her body it’s her awsome voice so let’s don’t get it twisted. Jennifer the first time I saw you I knew you were a star. Keep up the AWESOME work . Trully you are OCSAR GIRL. Love 12jesus7

  24. 49
    amaerd Says:

    I actually went to her myspace page. She REALLY is this small….

  25. 50
    amaerd Says:

    This pic is not photoshopped

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