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Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK

Here is the self-titled debut album for singer/actress Jennifer Hudson, set for release on September 30.

If you haven’t already, check out her album’s first single, “Spotlight”, which was written and produced by Ne-Yo and Stargate.

Other rumored collaborators for the 26-year-old former American Idol contestant’s album include: Akon, R. Kelly, John Legend, Jack Splash, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Robin Thicke, Timbaland, T-Pain, The Underdogs and Diane Warren. That’s a lot of big name contributors!!

DO YOU THINK they Photoshop-ed Jennifer Hudson too much?

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87 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson's New Album Cover -- FIRST LOOK”

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  1. 76
    Delphane y wytch Says:


  2. 77
    nichole Says:

    well i think that it is a nice pic, and frankly the pic shouldn’t matter, it should not matter if she looks a size 2 or 12. and anyways for those who didn’t know, J-H most likely didn’t any words in what her album cover pic looked like, cause her manager (whom ever that is) wanted what he/she thought would be best, you kno thatwould sell the most albums…. so shut up with all the negative comments about her album cover looks like cause neither one of you have one…. and by the way, her album is the best that i have heared this year


  3. 78
    just a person (: Says:

    i actullay think all you putting her down should SHUT UP!
    do you know her, didnt think so
    get over it,
    if someone said that about tou, you would be offended
    i give ehr props for wanting her voice to be heard
    and i have this album
    it’s amazing
    so think before you go saying stuff
    your a no-body
    your nothing
    no-one cares about your opinion, so it may as well be nice, no-ones gonna take any notice !!

    sort it out, give her a break
    she’s doing well for herself
    she may not have had a choice in the way she looked
    she does what it takes !

  4. 79
    rachel bloomer Says:

    your all bloody evil just leave her alone! can any of u sing like her? well shut the hell up!

  5. 80
    vee norfleet Says:

    I think that you all sound really silly and childish. Who cares who photoshopped what…. The girl is talented and no matter how petty you people show yourself to be shes going to have a very successful career. STOP HATING

  6. 81
    Annais Benningfield Says:

    WTF, guys, I mean, seriously! Get over it. Yes, I agree that fat is unhealthy and I am glad she’s getting it togther, but does that have ANYTHING to do with her damn talent??? HELL NO. The girl can SANG and that’s the whole damn point! Besides, she’s beautiful either way. This is America’s problem, this is the exact damn reason why little girls and young women starve themselves and/or purge! To “fit in” and not be hated by their idiot peers. Get the **** over it, jeez.

  7. 82
    Liberace Says:

    Does anyone else think they tried to make her look like Lauryn Hill?

    Cuz that’s what I am seeing.

  8. 83
    tatiana Says:

    girl i just love ur music

  9. 84
    hey hazel Says:

    stop hatin she look good she got money u know how easy it is to lose weight…. get a trainer n a good diet…… she cud have lost all that in no time it aint that hard if u keep up wit it

  10. 85
    debrito Says:

    I love Jannifer Hudson she is my heart for real.
    Iam in love for her. if i could i would ask her to marry me .

  11. 86
    ipissrainbowzz Says:

    @Chaneace: This is why I hate living in Chicago – because of all the ignorant, obnoxious ***** with attitudes like yours. Anger manage yourself, ***** & take some English/grammar classes, no reason to have the vocabulary of a 4th grader like the rest of you ppl.

  12. 87
    poppyjones Says:

    will you all get a life, and let the woman be happy. At least let her enjoy her life no matter how she looks.

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