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Jessica Biel - "Harper's Bazaar" August 2008

Jessica Biel -

Jessica Biel talks paparazzi, marriage,and fried green tomatoes in the August 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Here are some of the great quotes from the interview:

On being shocked by the paparazzi’s guerrilla tactics: “It’s terribly scary to be followed by men in cars with cameras. It’s terrifying, you know? They’re breaking traffic laws and putting you and other people in danger. I try to follow the speed limit and be Zen about it. It’s not like I’m doing anything exciting — going to the dry cleaners or to Whole Foods to shop for groceries.”

On what she loves about Columbia, South Carolina, where she shot her new movie, Nailed: “I love the food. I really have to hold myself back because if I had my choice, I would eat fried green tomatoes and goat cheese all day, every day.”

On marriage (but no mention of Justin Timberlake): “I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it.’ But the idea of being with somebody I care about, who’s my soul mate, that sounds groovy.”

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  • Lilit

    1 !

  • b


  • N_N

    pimping her relationship… again… gerat.

  • N_N

    pimping her relationship… again… great.

  • zanessa rocks!

    Just not that into her. Don’t get all the attention she gets, her mouth is wide and she almost has manly qualities. Not worthy of the attention she receives.

  • Turkiye

    her lips like angie’s

  • Oh Canada

    I think Jessica is absolutely gorgeous…and natural. When I saw her on that crappy show 7th Heaven years ago I thought she was beautiful. She has potential to become a good actress, not just a Starlet.

    My advice. Dump Justin TimberFlake, I seriously don’t know what all the fuss is about with that skinny white boy….he doesn’t have a great voice, (like Prince, Elton John, or even George Michael); he’s been lucky like Madonna, he’s probably a good entertainer.

    If I were a matchmaker I’d put Jessica Biel with Josh Hartnett. They would be sizzling.

  • Erica

    She is way to plastic! nose job, lip injections ew! I know cause my dad is a plastic surgeon!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    i want someone to make her angry so i can see her transform.

  • anonymous

    She is Just dating Justin to get a jump start on her status in Hollywood
    I think they’ll break-up before or a little after Jessica movie easy virtue comes out on November 7th

  • Kara

    she is so phony “zen” and “groovy” i don’t see the big stink surrounding her.

  • Jen

    Here she goes b*tching about the paparazzi again. Yet Jessica and her publicist tip them off.

    I see her PR team landed her on the cover because she isn’t promoting anything and has no reason to be on the cover.

  • diane

    Hey jessica where would you get your publicity if it was’t for the paparazzi you are not that famous

  • jj

    looks like a man in a wig

  • mark

    Lame and ugly.

  • Lee

    is she trying to copy Cameron with the “I don’t need or want marriage” story.

    If Justin proposed to her, she would be all over him and saying different things!

  • bla bla

    I see a bunch of jealous women/gay guys. She looks gorgeous and she has JT. Suck IT!

  • jaye

    Did she really say ” I try to follow the speed limit and be Zen about it.”. Who talks like that?
    Lee @ 07/10/2008 at 11:30 am
    I agree with you.
    She should marry Justin, they deserve each other.

  • tom c

    I don’t find her attractive or pretty at all. I think it’s the cheek bones that make her look Indian.

  • Lu

    I don’t get the hype. I think she is ugly!

  • Justinsmom

    bleech – over rated.

    only reason she gets media attention has to do with her publicist. Perhaps she can star in the Bride of the Hulk

    She’s nothing more than an irresponsible Dog Killer.

  • mickey

    She needs to stop complaining about the paps. If you want anonymity then don’t go into a public profession, date another media whore and have your PR people constantly tip off the press about where you are going to be. She is a hypocrite. Her acting isn’t so stellar and her movie choices to date aren’t so superb that she would be famous for her talent–it’s the paps that give her fame, that she can then parlay into real film work. She needs to be thankful she doesn’t have to dig a ditch for a living (although with those arms, she is certainly built for it).

  • Trisha

    I usually buy this magazine but I won’t be buying this one, she always seems like such a stuck up snob when the paparazzi shoot her, like she’s too good unless she’s got something to sell..well i ain’t buying.

  • ha

    she is an absolutely horrible actress, man body, hideous without makeup, what is everything so in love with her for? i mean yeah when shes airbrushed in mags she looks really pretty but have u seen her with nothing, looks just like an average girl, shell be forgottten soon.

  • Ida

    She is so ugly. NOT nautural. Total fake. BAD actress.

  • Nicole

    she is one of those actresses that only look good with makeup on.

  • Nia

    Not only is she a bad actress but it shows through her interviews too. She just comes off as being fake and rehearsed. Like she is putting on a show, a bad show at that.

    And she’s ugly and has no personality.

  • Elizabeth

    hmm..why is she scared of the paps-”she” looks like a man and can probably kick most of their asses! Don’t see the attraction with her either, Justin must be bi to want to be with her, why else would a man want to be with a woman that looks and acts like a man?!

  • Joseph

    The only smart people are bla bla, Oh Canada. Everybody else here is Jealous of Jessica Biel because She azaming talented actress and beauitful gorgeous woman and that She make alot of money and that She had alot of friends and that She famous A list actress. Jessica Biel is going win Oscar very soon because azaming talented actress. Jessica Biel is down to earth Hollywood actress with kind caring heart .Jessica Biel will always be My favorite actress of all time. I am big number One Jessica Biel fan for life . Jessica Biel always Rocks !

  • LuckyL

    I’m buying it =)

  • sweet girl

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  • Izzie r.

    she’s ridiculous +_+

  • Mah

    I think she is beautiful.And seems to be a good person.