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Miley Cyrus Surfs Up!

Miley Cyrus Surfs Up!

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus films a new segment for Hannah Montana on the beaches of Malibu on Wednesday.

The 15-year-old teen star shot scenes of her falling from the life guard stand into the arms of adoring men and was carried around on a surf board. Miley was picked up and and surrounded with an entourage with guys holding up surfboards all around her.

The Teen Choice Awards, which will take place on Aug. 4, will feature Miley, and says on their website “Make sure your voice is heard! Vote everyday!”

10+ more pics of Miley Cyrus surfing up…

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miley cyrus beach hannah montana 01
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 02
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 03
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 04
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 05
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 06
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 07
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 08
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 09
miley cyrus beach hannah montana 10

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  • anne c


  • EJ

    Okay.Good for Miley

  • Turkiye

    i don’t like her


    4th! i like her!!! go miley!! plz go to my youtube and add me and watch my vids


  • Megan fox rocks

    love miley she’s so pretty a

  • Chelsea anne

    nice,…miley,…you rockz :}

  • bpomgirl

    interesting…………………. haha but i like her outfit !

  • victoria

    c00l. :)



  • legs

    i like her shirt.

  • legs

    i like her shirt!

  • mae`


  • krung krung

    i don’t like this lil S L U T nemore but infairness she’s got nice set of legs.

  • Rayt


  • CAT’S

    she’s crazy

  • CAT’S

    but we love she ♥

  • francesca

    miley’s back, o yeAH

  • Sarah

    haha at first I wonder why she was standing like that in the 5th picture and I just realized she was afraid to juno lol. In slow today!

  • Sonya

    oh yah! hahah, cant wait, LOVE YAA!

  • if it works for them

    She is only 15 years old but acts like a woman in late 20s. I can’t believe how Hollywood kids age so quickly like Jamie Lynn ( Britney’s sister)
    She is not a teen star. She could be in Sex and the City cast crew with the women in it.

  • cccciii


  • cccciii


  • devie

    with all the surfboards do you think this maybe for the teen choice awards and not her tv show.

  • enoughalready

    Wealthy country-bumpkin daughter of country bumpkins! You can take the folks out of the country but can’t take the country out of the folks.

  • Biggestfan16

    Yay! She’s so pretty! I cannot wait until July 22 and when she announces her new tour and I can’t wait for this dang movie! :)
    Love you Miley!

  • kaytee

    i think that shes prob dreaming she does seem to have odd dreams on tht show

  • get a life

    I think she’s headed straight for Lindsay Lohan-type s k a n k i n e s s

  • siv

    love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • olg

    shes so pretty cant wait for the movie

  • michelle

    uch shes so pretty , love her

  • shawty

    love her! Keep on rockin miley!

  • mileyfan4yi

    she’s crazy but i love her. plus that outfit so cute!

  • miley rox!
  • miley fan

    so pretty

  • mileys lover

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  • Catarina

    ass off.

    she looks lke shes going to piss or like
    give a lap dance to all of those guys
    hate her !

  • rebecca


  • allie

    love her hairrr.
    just wish she’d stop trying to act so old.
    we’re teens, we should enjoy it while we can.

  • LINA

    i love miley and she looks so gorgeous

  • Vanessa

    I hate her!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I hate her!!!!!

  • ******

    Love her outfit hate her

  • http://downnet@aol leftykc

    I wish she would just go away for good…

  • ..

    its probably a scene where she’s dreaming because they wouldn’t have that as a regular scene on HM

  • .

    she has a hot body.
    lucky her (:
    shes prety to.
    cant wait for the moviee

  • andrea

    omgggg she’s freaking gorgeousss.. i love her outfit :)))
    this movie is gonna be really good i can tell

  • maddie

    if you dont like her
    dont fucking comment
    k thanks
    love miley

  • maddison

    i want her legs, haha
    love you miley

  • Kitty

    She acts way to old for her age. She needs to act her age. she hasn’t even hit sweet 16 yet! Shes getting into things young girls shouldn’t be getting into, disney better watch its back. she gives off that impression that shes better then us as well. i didn’t use to have a problem with her but shes gone overrated.

  • jojo

    what a living doll she is!!