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Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie, Madonna‘s husband.

The Iron Man star’s interpretation of the the classic character will be based on an upcoming comicbook from producer Lionel Wigram which portrays Holmes as more adventurous, combining his intellectual and physical abilities.

Sherlock Holmes is set to start production this fall. Another Sherlock Holmes movie is set to star Sacha Baron Cohen as the pipe-smoking sleuth and Will Ferrell as his assistant, Watson.

Downey reportedly came onto the project via his wife, Susan, who works for one of the film’s producers, Joel Silver.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert Downey Jr. as the new Sherlock Holmes?

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  • Shoops

    Woo hoo FIRST

  • Swedish Gal

    The only Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett!!!!

  • Suzy q

    In the post you say SBC will be the new Sherlock and then at the end you ask what you do you think of RDJr as the new sleuth. Which one is going to be Sherlock Holmes and if it’s SBC what role will RDJr play? I’m confused!

  • Suzy q

    OK wait I get it now…I thought the name of the movie was going to be “Another Sherlock Holmes Movies” because of the way it was highlighted…but I realized you literally meant a different movie altogether! My bad – sorry Jared!

  • Erin

    I think his movie will do a whole heck of a lot better than the one with Will Ferrel.

  • troy

    Well since this is going to be a more adventerious take on take on the character, and “Iron Man” proved how terrific Robert Downey Jr, is in those kinds of movies I think this is great casting. I will definitely see it. I wonder if like the summer of 98 when we had two asterorod movies (“Armageddon” and “Deep Impact:”) competing against each other I wonder iff we’ll have two Sherlock Holmes movies dueling for our dollars. If so what to choice, what to choice? LOL

  • Kris

    RD, Jr will be great – he was incredible as Iron Man. Let’s not forget his earlier works…he is just having a tremendous “comeback.” Love him!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    OMG! He’s going to make a great SH! Will’s will be a comedy I’m sure, but I don’t think Robert’s will be — at least I hope not. I’m a total SH’s freak!

    Sooo happy for RD!! Good for him!!

  • Mitra

    OMG, RDjr is great but Jeremy Brett is the only Sherlock Holmes that I can imagine.But Will Ferrell is the best choice for Watson’s character.

  • mina

    better than Sacha Baron Cohen

  • get a life

    I so don’t care.

  • Anon

    I adore Robert!!!!! He can do anything he wants to!!! Whatever he decides is fine with me, I just love it that he is working and he is busy.
    Robert is a brilliant actor. Did I say I adore him??? LOLOL!!!!

  • jaye

    Robert Downey Jr.has always been a versatile actor, even before Iron man. Don’t expect him to be copying anyone else in his role of Sherlock Holmes. No one can mistake him for anyone else. He brings his own intensity and interpretation to any role he plays. He is, in my opinion, one of the best actors of any time. He is versatile still in that he not only acts, he dances, plays the piano, sings and writes music. I particularly like his song BROKEN. It’s on I’m glad to see that he apparently finally has control of his demons. I wish him much success in his creative and personal life

  • Traci

    Perfection! I can’t wait to see what he does with the part!!!

  • becks

    the man can play any role.

    tropic thunder just went to the screening last night.

    robert downey jr. = brilliantly hilarious.

  • wanderer

    RDjr – as a cocaine addicted, violin playing Sherlock Holmes – yeah that works

  • fakename

    I’m with you Suzy Q. This item lacks clarity. I shouldn’t have to provide that info myself, but the answer is that two Holmes movies are being done–the Richie one with RDjr and a Judd Apatow-produced one with Ferrell and Cohen. Hope that helps.

  • Ruth

    He is a wonderful actor and will be a great Sherlock Holmes. Can’t see Sasha Baron Cohen in this role at all but who knows…

    I loved Rupert Everett’s protrayal of Holmes in the last BBC TV production – absolutely fabulous.

  • Go downey

    This type of role was made for Downey. He’ll own it. I’ll watch it on the big screen.

    As for Sacha, he’s okay enough, but I hate Ferrell, so that movie version goes straight to my Netflix queue.

  • Corinne

    RDJ is a good choice and I think he deserves all this attention now.
    I’m a little bit concerned about the director : Guy Ritchie has done 2 good movies (his early career) and nothing but s**** since he married Madonna
    I ‘ve read that his new movie RocknRolla is also a piece of crap…
    Let’s hope he’ll have a good scenario, or that RDJ will change it everyday ;-)

  • jaye

    becks @ 07/10/2008 at 12:33 pm

    He put me in stitches . ‘ I’m coming man. Don’t you die on me foley! You people, what do you mean YOU people? Just cause it’s a theme song doesn’t mean it’s not true. I know who I am!. I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude lmao. . Hey i actually thought that was a black man playing RJD playing a black man the first time i saw the trailer. Say what?? i confused myself lol.

  • Yas

    I love RDJ and I love SH, but somehow I don’t think it’ll work. RDJ is not even close to look like SH, on this point I think Sacha will be better.
    The other think I’m very afraid of is that Guy said this will be more like an action movie and tho SH has his moments of action, it’s more brains that physical.
    Even if RDJ can pull this off, wich I think he could, I don’t think Guy will.

  • Sam

    RDJ could be on film burping for 20 minutes and I would watch it at least 100 times. He is just amazing on screen and I lurve him too much. So happy he’s finally got his shit together now.

  • moviewatchingfamily

    I’m not really a fan of Guy Ritchie’s work. Hope it turns out okay

  • frnz

    he needs to have a serious facelift if he wants to look anything like sherlock holmes. i’m a big fan of sherlock holmes. downey isn’t right for that part. he’s as far as looking british than the moon is to earth.

  • Jaye

    frnz @ 07/10/2008 at 5:45 pm

    He didn’t look black until he did Tropic Thunder. OMG that’s going to be a hoot. He’ll be great in the Sherlock Holmes movie. Just look at his past work.

  • Lindsay

    I think he will be great, he has such a witty sense of humor; i can see him really bringing out the character

  • sweet girl

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  • Olivia Silva

    I think its better than Will Ferrel and Sacha Baron Cohen!!! The movie with these two actors is a discrace to Sir Arthur. It seems like they will be making fun of the character and his stories.

    Robert Downing Jr. will not be the best Sherlock Holmes, because the best is the original, but I am looking forward to seeing how he does and I belive he will do a fine Sherlock Homles.

  • beth

    will for sure rock! i love robert downey jr… in iron man he was fantastics plus hes not bad looking AT ALLL! hah

  • Meg

    As Holmes would say, “What the deuce?” Sorry if I’m a little skeptical, but I just figured, if they ever made another Sherlock Holmes movie – and it was only a matter of time before they did – they would get a Brit to play Holmes. It’s going to be a little weird to see Robert Downey Jr as the Great Detective.

    Still, you never know. He could be the best Holmes ever. Personally, I have yet to see an actor live up to my Sherlockian expectations. I know a lot of people loved Jeremy Brett, but he was just too… creepy for me. Holmes isn’t supposed to be creepy.

  • Elleanna

    I’ll admit, I LOVE Robert Downey Jr, but I just can’t see it!!!! I’m sure he’ll do a phenomenal job acting, but he just doesn’t LOOK like Sherlock!!!
    Also I read in a different article that they made Irene Adler his LOVE INTEREST!!! I mean REALLY!!!

    I hope I’m wrong though, I would LOVE to see a good Sherlock Holmes movie!!! :D

  • Melanie

    Basil Rathbone is my idea of the perfect Sherlock Holmes, but I think Robert Downing Jr. is a great talent and could change my mind.

  • Mauw

    I have seen this movie last night and i really loved it ;D
    Robert Downey Jr is my fav actor anyways but well…I just loved the preformance XD
    Jude Law as Watson was just funny! seriously those two cracked me up ^-^